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Esprits Criminels
#116 : La voix des sages

Scénariste : Andrew Wilder
Réalisateur : Matt Earl Beesley

Les cadavres de plusieurs étudiants fréquentant une université au Nouveau-Mexique ont été retrouvés dans une maison inoccupée. L'étude des corps ne tarde pas à révéler qu'avant leur mort, ils ont été torturés. L'équipe de Hotchner tente d'établir le profil du tueur afin de trouver ce dangereux criminel avant qu'il ne recommence ses actes sur de nouvelles victimes.

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Titre VO
The Tribe

Titre VF
La voix des sages

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Hotch's handsome brother

Hotch's handsome brother


Criminal Minds - 1x16 - geronimo

Criminal Minds - 1x16 - geronimo


Hotch x Blackwolf - Criminal Minds - Season 1, Episode 16 (1x16)

Hotch x Blackwolf - Criminal Minds - Season 1, Episode 16 (1x16)


Criminal Minds - Season 1, Episode 16 (1x16) - Tracking Ability of the Indians

Criminal Minds - Season 1, Episode 16 (1x16) - Tracking Ability of the Indians


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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Mandy Patinkin ... Jason Gideon
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - Lola Glaudini ... Elle Greenaway
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jarreau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Gregory Cruz ... John Blackwolf
   - Chris Ellis ... Sheriff Rhodes
   - Robert Curtis Brown ... Peter Greisen
   - Eric Johnson ... Sean Hotchner
   - Chad Allen ... Jackson Cally
   - Skyler Shaye ... Ingrid Greien
   - Geoff Meed ... Eugene Leland
   - Sky Soleil ... Kyle Van Owen
   - Sonya Stephens ... Jane Bear
   - Josh Duhon ... Rammy
   - Dagger Salazar ... Samuel

It is a construction site. But there are lights in the unfinished house nearby.

A MAN grabs two beers. The main lighting in the house is candles. Two women are standing, talking, one BLONDE, one BRUNETTE.

BLONDE: It is so cool we got in here.

The MAN walks over and kisses the BRUNETTE. The BLONDE walks away.

BLONDE: OK. You two have fun.

The BLONDE walks into the next room and another MAN calls out to her. He is standing next to a window.

MAN #2: Where you been?

BLONDE: Where did you say the bathroom was?

MAN #2: Upstairs. Second door on the left.

The BLONDE picks up a lit candle to take with her.

BLONDE: I'll be right back.

The BLONDE makes her way upstairs.

We can see the light of the candles through the window and there is an S.U.V. parked in the street.

At the top of the stairs there is an open door and through it we see a couple kissing. The man shuts the door when he sees the BLONDE and she continues on her way.

The BLONDE walks right and looks out through a window and sees the car parked in the street. Her candle lights her face in the window.

MAN IN S.U.V. #1 (V.O.): There's our girl.
MAN IN S.U.V. #2 (V.O.): That's her.

The BLONDE continues walking through the house.

Now back on the ground floor, the BLONDE sets down her candle and slides open the glass door to the backyard. She exits and the wind extinguishes her candle.

She walks to the front of the house, looking for the S.U.V. but it's not there.

An ASSAILANT grabs her and she screams before it is muffled by his hand on her face.

The second MAN runs down the stairs. He looks around.

MAN #2: Ingrid.

Several people run away.

The second MAN continues looking around the ground floor of the house.

MAN #2: Ingrid!

The MAN stops to question the first couple.

MAN #2: Hey, you guys seen Ingrid?

The MAN goes over to the still open sliding door, and is stabbed by someone with a knife.

GARCIA walks down a hall carrying a spray bottle and some paper towels. She spots a MAN carrying a motorcycle helmet, then hands her cleaning supplies to another man. She follows the man.

ELLE walks toward her.

ELLE: What are you doing out of your bunker?

GARCIA: I was on my way to file the things that I... file.

GARCIA trails off as she stares at the man. ELLE stares, too.

The MAN notices and approaches them.

MAN: Excuse me.


MAN: I'm...

MORGAN: Sean, hey. Derek.

MORGAN approaches from behind the women and shakes hands with SEAN.

MORGAN: You must be looking for your brother.

SEAN: Yeah.

MORGAN: Right this way.

MORGAN and SEAN walk away together.

ELLE: Brother as in... that's Hotch's brother?

GARCIA: Maybe Hotch is adopted.

MORGAN: So, Georgetown Law? You're doing big things. Congratulations.

MORGAN pats SEAN on the back.

SEAN: Thanks.

MORGAN: Top of the stairs.

There is a knock on the door.

HOTCH (O.S.): Come in.

SEAN opens the door and walks in. HOTCH is on the phone.

HOTCH: Sean, hey. Let me call you back.

HOTCH hangs up the phone. SEAN closes the door behind him.

HOTCH: Hey. This is a surprise.

They shake hands.

HOTCH: Haven't cut your hair since Thanksgiving.

SEAN: That's what you said at Christmas.

HOTCH chuckles.

HOTCH: Sorry. Um... It's your first time here, let me give you the tour.

SEAN: Yeah, I can't stay long. I'm working the lunch shift.

HOTCH: Well, not for long. Congratulations. You must be pretty excited.

SEAN: I'm not going to Georgetown.

HOTCH: What?

SEAN: I changed my mind. I got this job offer to work at this restaurant in New York. It's not a chef, but it's under the right ones. I can learn from them.

HOTCH: What are you talking about?

SEAN: I made up my mind.

HOTCH: Sean, you've always wanted to be a lawyer. Just like dad, just like me.

SEAN: And look what it got dad, huh? Heart attack. 47.

HOTCH: I think I'm doing OK. Look, if it's about being in New York, N.Y.U.'s got a great law school. Columbia, Fordham.

SEAN: I don't think you're hearing me.

HOTCH: All I'm asking you to do is think it through, you know? The logical thing is for you to go to Georgetown.

SEAN: I have to trust my instincts.

HOTCH: Look, Sean, it's typical for someone who lost his father at a young age...

SEAN: And you know what? You're not him.

HOTCH: Then why are you here?

SEAN: That's a really good question.

SEAN opens the door and leaves the office.

GARCIA and J.J. are standing together, watching SEAN leave HOTCH's office.

GARCIA: Here he comes.

J.J.: That's Hotch's brother?

GARCIA: Uh-huh.

J.J.: I don't see it.

HOTCH follows SEAN.

HOTCH: Sean, listen to me. All I'm saying is you're 25 years old.

SEAN: You know what, don't profile me, Aaron.

SEAN points at HOTCH and walks away. J.J. watches him go.

J.J.: Now, I see it.

The team sit around the round table with pads of paper. J.J. walks around handing them files.

J.J.: Terra Mesa, New Mexico. 5 dead, and all from Mesa University. No signs of sexual assault, and no sign of theft.

MORGAN: Five 19-year-olds. Minimal defensive wounds. One of them was impaled on a 6-foot wooden pole.

ELLE: Who'd want to torture five college freshmen?

MORGAN: They weren't tied up and no one escaped?

REID: No single unsub could've exerted this much control over so many people.

ELLE: So you think there was more than two.

REID nods.

GIDEON: I think we're looking at a pack.

J.J.: A pack?

REID: Three or more that kill in unison, as in, nature of the group dynamic, dictates the pack's survival is dependent on their ability to hunt successfully.

HOTCH: And as in nature a pack will keep on killing until it runs out of prey or is stopped.

ELLE: Stopped by what?

GIDEON: A stronger pack.

GIDEON looks at a photograph of the six-foot pole, stuck in the ground, sharpened point in the air.


GIDEON (V.O.): Nietzsche wrote, "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe."

A black S.U.V. pulls up in front of the house. HOTCH gets out and walks toward the house and the SHERIFF, followed by GIDEON and REID.

HOTCH: Sheriff, I'm Special Agent Hotchner.

HOTCH shakes hands with the SHERIFF.

HOTCH: The are Agents Reid and Gideon.

REID nods.

SHERIFF: I was hoping there were more of you.

GIDEON looks down the street at the rest of the unfinished houses.

HOTCH: The other agents went straight to the station house to look at the victim's files. Has forensics had any luck?

SHERIFF: County C.S.U. went through for prints and trace evidence. They said with all the workmen trampling through here, looking at footprints would be a waste. Come on.

The SHERIFF leads them past the crime scene tape, through the front door.

A blood spatter marked with the number 8 is on the floor. HOTCH walks past.

HOTCH: The bodies were almost completely skinned, yet there's so little blood.

REID stands behind him, looking at pictures. The SHERIFF stands behind him.

REID: I think I know why. The unsub avoided areas of skin on the wrists and the throat. Areas where the veins and arteries are closest to the surface.

SHERIFF: Why would they do that?

GIDEON: They didn't want them to bleed out.

REID: These kids were skinned alive.

GIDEON, HOTCH, REID and the SHERIFF walk into the back room with the sliding door.

GIDEON: Two cases of beer, two sleeping bags.

SHERIFF: There's a third sleeping bag upstairs.

HOTCH: Everything you need for a night of teenage romance.

GIDEON: It's unlikely the two couples brought a fifth wheel to take notes.

HOTCH: Sheriff, it's possible there was a third girl here. A sixth victim.

SHERIFF: I'll get my deputies to canvass the area. See if anybody saw a girl.

HOTCH: You said there was another one outside?


In the backyard we see the stake Gideon was looking at earlier.

SHERIFF: He was like the others. Coroner said from the amount of blood, he was alive when they impaled him.

The SHERIFF walks toward it. GIDEON and REID are standing farther away.

REID: I know this is gonna sound strange, but the way the victims were flayed alive, mutilated, and now the impalement display of this last victim...

GIDEON: what?

REID: These were all war rituals of the Native American Plains Indians.

HOTCH: That mean something to you, Sheriff?

SHERIFF: I'll say, it does. Everything you see around us is Apache land. This whole basin is a sacred burial ground. And was the site of a number of massacres, as I understand.

HOTCH: So this development is on their land?

SHERIFF: It was their land. But they didn't have the money or the inclination to build on it, so the town seized half of.

REID: Yeah, last year, the supreme court ruled cities could use imminent domain authority to seize and repossess undeveloped private land for private development.

SHERIFF: And now the town is looking for investors to build on the other half. The Apache are fighting it, of course, in court.

GIDEON: Has there been any violence until now?

SHERIFF: Nothing like this.

GIDEON: You know anybody on the reservation capable of this?

SHERIFF: I don't know. Reservation's Federal jurisdiction.

GIDEON: Sounds like where we need to go.

GIDEON walks away.

HOTCH: Go call Garcia. See what she can find.

GARCIA leans over and looks at a sheet of paper before sitting back in her chair.

GARCIA: OK, one order of bad guys on the Apache reservation coming right up.

HOTCH is on the phone exiting the front of the house. Following him are GIDEON and REID.

HOTCH: Let's hear it.

GARCIA: Apparently there was a militant group there in the 70s called the I.R.M.

HOTCH: Any of them still around?


GARCIA: No. There's a guy on the reservation now who's been locked up more than a few times for demonstrations, resisting arrest. Mostly political protest type stuff.

GARCIA brings up a screen. On it are two articles with the headlines: "American Indian Activist Slain" and "IRM Sit down Protest at County Jail".

GARCIA: Yowsa, get this. His father was killed in a shoot-out with federal agents at Wounded Knee. His name, Benjamin Blackwolf. The son, John Blackwolf.

HOTCH: Thanks, Garcia.

HOTCH hangs up the phone.

HOTCH: Blackwolf?

SHERIFF: John Blackwolf?

GIDEON: You know him?

SHERIFF: Indian activist. He's been in a little trouble related to his activism, but nothing violent. Not around here.

HOTCH: Should we call the reservation police and alert them?

SHERIFF: I don't think that's a good idea.

HOTCH: Why not?

SHERIFF: Blackwolf is the reservation police.

A police car drives onto the reservation, followed by the B.A.U.'s car. A WOMAN is waiting to greet them.

SHERIFF: Jane Bear, these are F.B.I. agents.

The SHERIFF indicates to each team member in turn.

SHERIFF: Gideon.

BEAR: Hello.

GIDEON and BEAR shake hands.

SHERIFF: Hotchner.

BEAR: How do you do?

HOTCH and BEAR shake hands.

SHERIFF: And Reid.

REID waves.

SHERIFF: Miss Bear is the president of the tribal council and principal of the reservation school.

GIDEON: President and the principal. You must be a busy woman.

BEAR: We're out here on our own, Agent Gideon. We all do our part.

SHERIFF: Is, uh... John inside?

BEAR: Is this about the Terra Mesa killings?

SHERIFF: They just want to talk to him.

BEAR: John Blackwolf has done more to help his tribe than anyone. Hell, Jim, how many times have you called him in to find lost hikers? How many drunken campers has he tracked down for the park service? John is a peaceful man.

SHERIFF: Who would not hesitate to defend this tribe with force if attacked.

BEAR: What does this have to do with Terra Mesa?

HOTCH: Well, a lot, if John considers the building of the Terra Mesa development on Apache land to be an attack.

BEAR starts walking toward the building and the men follow.

BEAR: The developers have paid a lot of families to leave the reservation. So many families have gone now that we can barely fill a single class.

A TEACHER is lecturing to a class full of students.

TEACHER: Forcing the dene, the Apache nation, to abandon their homes and live in government controlled internment camps. Does anybody know the last tribe to surrender to the American government?

The B.A.U. walk into the back of the classroom. REID nods in answer to the question.

TEACHER: It was the Chiricahua Apache. And does anybody know the name of the last leader of the Apaches?

Lots of hands go up. The TEACHER points to one STUDENT.

STUDENT: Geronimo.

TEACHER: That's right. He was caught by the U.S. Army five times, but the ga'he had given him so much strength he escaped... each time. Samuel.

The STUDENT looks up.


TEACHER: Tell the men from the F.B.I. who the ga'he are.

REID raises his hand as he speaks.

REID: The ga'he are mighty spirits who dwell in desert caves.

HOTCH: Reid. Is your name Samuel?

REID: Sorry.

GIDEON: Are the ga'he good spirits or bad spirits?

TEACHER: They're both. Like man.

BEAR: I'll take over for you, John.

BLACKWOLF nods and picks up his coat. He opens a desk drawer and pulls out his police badge and a knife in a sheath.

GIDEON holds the door open for BLACKWOLF to exit. HOTCH, REID and the SHERIFF are waiting for them. BLACKWOLF pulls on his coat, not hiding his knife.

GIDEON: Mr. Blackwolf, I'm Agent Gideon. These are agents Hotchner and Reid.


BLACKWOLF: You look like a college professor.


BLACKWOLF: You look like his student.

BLACKWOLF looks at HOTCH. He's wearing a suit and tie, long coat.

BLACKWOLF: You... you look like F.B.I.

HOTCH: We're with the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

BLACKWOLF: Profilers should know better.

HOTCH: How's that?

BLACKWOLF: We don't do massacres. You do.

HOTCH: Me, personally?

BLACKWOLF: Your government.

HOTCH: Mr. Blackwolf, I'd like for you take a look at these photos and help us figure out how these kids were killed.

REID pulls photos from his satchel bag.

BLACKWOLF: You're not asking because I'm a cop.

GIDEON: No. We're asking because you're an expert on Native American culture.

BLACKWOLF looks at the pictures, lingering on the one of the Unfinished house.

BLACKWOLF: I don't base my opinion on pictures, Mr. Hotchner. I have to walk the ground.

BLACKWOLF is leading the F.B.I. toward the crime scene. He is holding the photos.

HOTCH: We should start inside. Forensics says the outside's been contaminated from all the construction traffic.

REID: Of all the Native American tribes, the Apache are most renowned for their tracking ability. It is said they can track a man or animal through any condition by noticing simply the slightest disturbance in the environment.

BLACKWOLF stops and looks at the ground.

HOTCH: He's profiling the dirt.

REID: I noticed you don't carry a gun.

BLACKWOLF: 21 feet.

REID: What?

BLACKWOLF: Ask Agent Hotchner there. He's the real gun hand.

HOTCH: Why do you say that?

BLACKWOLF: You carry two guns.

HOTCH: The maximum distance an attacker with a knife can close in the time it takes to react, draw your sidearm and fire is 21 feet.

They start walking closer to the side of the house.

BLACKWOLF: Inside 21 feet, I win. Outside, I have other options besides shooting a man.

REID: Like negotiating.

BLACKWOLF: Like running.

HOTCH: Why do you say I carry two guns?

They stop walking.

BLACKWOLF: Your right instep print's heavier than your left. And since you don't appear to have a clubbed right foot...

HOTCH: You can't tell that from my footprints. There's no perceptible difference between them.

BLACKWOLF: Your problem isn't with your prints. It's with your perception.

BLACKWOLF walks away. He bends down beside a patch of reddened dirt beside the sliding door.

GIDEON: What do you see?

BLACKWOLF: There's a saying. Once too much blood has been spilled on the same ground, that ground develops a thirst for it. This is all consistent with Native American warfare rituals, but it's not Apache.

BLACKWOLF stands and hands the pictures to HOTCH. BLACKWOLF continues on his tour of the backyard. The team follows him. BLACKWOLF walks to the pike, then back toward the side of the house as he speaks.

BLACKWOLF: Whoever did this carried out the most brutal practices of the Apache. Navajo, Comanche, Pueblo. And Sioux. No one tribe every did them all. Not like this. Real Indians would know that. This wasn't Indians. And if you wanto figure out who did this, it might help to know there was a sixth person in the house. Why do you say that? Female. 90, 95 pounds. Size 6 shoe. Fallen arches. She was walking alone, when she was ambushed by two men.

HOTCH: We also believe there were at least three suspects.

BLACKWOLF: Three? Yeah. Two over here plus at least six over there.

BLACKWOLF points behind himself and HOTCH.

BLACKWOLF: Because while these two carried this girl, struggling to their vehicle to the east, at least six others ran single file to hide their numbers from the west.

HOTCH: So you're saying that there were eight?

BLACKWOLF: At least.

GIDEON: And one hostage.

HOTCH and BLACKWOLF walk down a corridor.

BLACKWOLF: You wanted to see how I behaved at the scene of the crime, you can at least tell me how I did.

HOTCH: Your lack of an emotional reaction at seeing the crimes leads me to believe you're innocent.

BLACKWOLF: A guilty man would've feigned disgust.

HOTCH: Exactly.

They reach the main room and stop.

BLACKWOLF: Do you know what counting coup is?


BLACKWOLF: The Apache knew they could easily prove their superiority by killing many of the enemy tribe. But they also knew killings would start a fierce blood feud which would result in the waste of lives and resources.

HOTCH: Makes sense.

BLACKWOLF: So the Apache proved their superiority by counting coup. Stealthily stealing property, usually horses, from right under the nose of their enemy. To the Apache, killing, unless absolutely necessary, was a sign of stupidity. And weakness.

HOTCH: If this your way of saying you're not the killer, we already know that.

BLACKWOLF: So why am I still talking to you?

J.J. approaches.

J.J.: Hotch. So if there was another girl out there, no one's reported her missing. None of the papers have received any claims of responsibility or ransom demands.

HOTCH: We'd like for you to stay and help with the profile briefing.

BLACKWOLF: If it'll keep the F.B.I. off the reservation, I'll stay.

The B.A.U. are briefing the sheriff's people. BLACKWOLF is with them.

REID: Each torture ritual had specific religious significance, but only to the tribe that practiced it. It's highly unlikely that any one tribe would mix them all together like this.

DEPUTY: Meaning?

REID: Whoever did this obviously had knowledge of Native American culture, but they had absolutely no practical understanding of it.

MORGAN: What we know, is this pack shares a singular vision whether they share religious faith, racist ideology, or political manifesto, each member of this unit has surrendered its individual identity to the group.

HOTCH: It's the act of kidnapping that reveals the nature of this pack.

ELLE: From the German Red Brigade to the Munich Olympics to Iraqi insurgence. The act of kidnapping is a characteristic of political terrorist groups.

HOTCH: We could be looking for a domestic terrorist organization like the Symonese Liberation Army that kidnapped Patty Hearst.

DEPUTY: But these are Indians, right?

BLACKWOLF: I seriously doubt it. The torture and mutilation you see here are very confused imitations of warfare practiced by Native American tribes.

DEPUTY: Are you trying to tell us that Indians wouldn't be so brutal?

BLACKWOLF: No. I'm saying that Indians wouldn't be so confused.

In the actual sheriff's office, the SHERIFF is behind his desk. GIDEON, J.J., ELLE and HOTCH are gathered in the room.

SHERIFF: Can we really be sure he's right?

GIDEON: Well, I'm fairly certain Blackwolf wasn't in on it, but you don't need to be Einstein to realize these people were Indians, or people that made it look like Indians.

ELLE: Why would anyone want to frame these Indians?

J.J.: Possibly to turn public opinion against them. Sheriff, you mentioned the Apache were fighting the land grab in court. Public opinion would be a significant factor.

HOTCH: Is there anyone besides the developers who might be vehemently opposed to the Indians getting the land back?


HOTCH: Who's that?

SHERIFF: American Defense Union. Founded by a local businessman named Roy Minton. They're like the minute men who control the borders, only these guys blame everything on the Indians.

HOTCH: Who are the members?

SHERIFF: Minton's people are mostly white, construction workers, building supply vendors. Working class people that believe Indians are standing in the way of progress. And commerce.

J.J.: Whether they feel the Indians are standing in the way of progress or profit, or they're just genuine racists, I think Minton and the A.D.U. are strong suspects.

HOTCH: Let's bring Minton in.

HOTCH and MORGAN are interviewing MINTON.

HOTCH: Mr. Minton, any idea who might be behind these killings?

MINTON: The Indians have a history of violent behavior. Especially the Apaches. Did you know that they used to kill white settlers, decapitate the bodies, put their victims heads on wooden pikes outside their houses?

HOTCH: That was a long time ago.

MORGAN: You still seem pretty upset about it.

MINTON: That was the other night. My family's been dealing with the Apache for 150 years.

MORGAN: You know, your rhetoric sounds just hateful enough to justify violence.

MINTON: We don't need to stoop to their level. We're fighting the Indians in court.

MORGAN: Is that right? Then why all the guns, Roy? Our records show that your 200 members carry over 450 firearms.

MINTON: We're simply exercising our constitutional right under the second amendment. We have the right to defend ourselves.

MORGAN: 450 guns, Roy. I don't think so. That's not self defense. That's plain paranoid.

MINTON: Not anymore.

Back in the main room MORGAN is leaning against a desk and ELLE walks in.

MORGAN: If Minton is as fanatical as he pretends to be, he wouldn't file lawsuits.

ELLE: Or organize labor unions.

HOTCH: The Indians are keeping Minton and the members of the A.D.U. from making a lot of money on the development and construction of the Apache land.

GIDEON: I agree. He's using racist ideology to cover simple greed. Sheriff, I'd like you to put Minton under surveillance.

SHERIFF: You think he's guilty?

HOTCH: Not likely, but we've just given Minton reason to believe that some faction of the A.D.U. may have taken matters into their own hands, and Minton may lead us to them.

One of  the phones on MORGAN's belt rings.

MORGAN: It's Garcia.

MORGAN picks up.

MORGAN: Hey, what have you got?

GARCIA is looking at a blown up picture of a Texas driver's licence in her office..

GARCIA: I have an N.C.I.C. hit on one of the prints on the sliding glass door. Ingrid Griesen, 19 years old, family moved her here two years ago from Texas. Where they require fingerprints for driver's license applications. She wasn't among the victims on the scene.

MORGAN: OK. Nice job.

MORGAN shuts his phone.

MORGAN: Think we might have found our sixth victim.

ELLE, J.J. and HOTCH are interviewing Mr. GRIESEN.

ELLE: How old was Ingrid when your wife passed away?

GRIESEN: Fourteen.

ELLE: And then, you raised her on your own?

HOTCH: Why didn't you report your daughter as missing, Mr. Griesen?

GRIESEN: I didn't know she was missing. She has her own place. She has her own life at school. Her own friends.

ELLE: When was the last time you spoke to her?

GRIESEN: Couple weeks ago. She's been going through a phase the past couple of months. Distancing herself.

ELLE: Has anyone threatened Ingrid?

GRIESEN: Not that I know of.

ELLE: Have you received any menacing phone calls or seen anyone in the neighborhood? Anything that's been unusual at all.

GRIESEN: No. Nothing like that.

HOTCH: We have reason to believe that people who kidnapped your daughter may be politically motivated. They killed those kids, and they kidnapped Ingrid in the name of their cause.

J.J.: We think the first thing, or the best thing you can do to help your daughter is for you to go on the news.

GRIESEN: How will that help Ingrid?

J.J.: If we can personalize Ingrid to the public, the public will take any harm that comes to her at the hands of the kidnappers personally. Hurting her would hurt their cause.

GRIESEN: That'll stop them from killing her?

J.J.: It might.


MORGAN is examining Ingrid's bedroom. HOTCH and ELLE walk into the room.

ELLE: Hey.


HOTCH: Fathers blame themselves when a child is kidnapped. As irrational as it is, it's typical. This guy didn't do that, why not?

ELLE: Well, in these situations, innocent parents, they don't hide their feelings of guilt, while guilty parents do.

HOTCH: So we're thinking this guy's guilty? Of something.

GRIESEN is on the TV, live.

GRIESEN: Ingrid is my only child. She's my whole life. Please return Ingrid to me. Talk to her, and you'll see, she's a sweet child. She's never hurt...

Two kidnappers are in the motel room. They're wearing flannel. ONE is sitting on a bed. The other is standing to the side.

KIDNAPPER #1: You have to see this.

INGRID is gagged and tied up on the bed.

GRIESEN: ...anything you need. Contact me directly. I will try...

KIDNAPPER #1: what do we do?

...everything I can to help.

KIDNAPPER #2: We get rid of her.

GRIESEN: ...whatever it takes. I'm asking you, please, let her go.

ELLE walks into Ingrid's bedroom with a phone. HOTCH is looking at things on her side table.

ELLE: We've got a caller on the line.

HOTCH: Has Griesen been prepped?

ELLE: Caller doesn't want to speak to Griesen. In fact, he doesn't want Griesen to know that he's even calling.

ELLE passes the phone to HOTCH.

HOTCH: This is Special Agent Aaron Hotchner.

KIDNAPPER #2 is on a pay phone outside.

KIDNAPPER #2: Yeah. We have Ingrid Griesen. We'll turn ourselves and the girl in under one condition.

HOTCH: I'm listening.

KIDNAPPER #2: You don't tell Griesen about it.

HOTCH: What does it matter to you what I tell Griesen?

KIDNAPPER #2: Because he paid us to kidnap her.

The two KIDNAPPERS, now shirtless hold their hands up and kneel in the middle of the road. ELLE, MORGAN and HOTCH walk toward them with guns drawn.

MORGAN: Don't move!

KIDNAPPER #2: Hey, don't shoot.

HOTCH: Where's the girl?

KIDNAPPER #2: She's in the van.

ELLE walks over to the van and pulls the back door open.

ELLE: Got her!

ELLE gets into the van.

ELLE: Ingrid? My name is Elle. I'm with the F.B.I.

ELLE pulls INGRID's gag down.

ELLE: Are you ok?

HOTCH is interviewing KIDNAPPER #2 in an interview room.

HOTCH: Just tell me what happened.

KIDNAPPER #2: Peter Griesen hired us. He knew about our records, but he said he'd give us a chance.

ELLE is interviewing KIDNAPPER #1 in an interview room.

KIDNAPPER #1: Two weeks ago, he called us into his office, said he had some off the clock work for us.

ELLE: What kind of work?

KIDNAPPER #1: He said his daughter was in trouble. He said he wanted us to follow her, grab her, and take her to the motel.


HOTCH: You didn't question his motives?

KIDNAPPER #2: Well, of course, we did. But then he gave us half the money. He said if we harmed her accidental or otherwise, he'd make sure we paid for it.

HOTCH: So he wanted you to kidnap her but not hurt her.

KIDNAPPER #2: Yeah. So we grabbed her, took her to the motel, then we called Griesen, and he said come by in the morning. But he didn't show.

HOTCH: What about the killings?

KIDNAPPER #2: We didn't know anything about that. We saw it on the news the next morning. We called Mr. Griesen, he said, hold tight, he'd come around in the afternoon, but he didn't show, so, then the next night, he's on the news. And he's talking about kidnappers, and... look, man... we may be dumb, all right? We're not stupid. I made the call right then.


ELLE: You kidnapped the girl, but then you leave just minutes before someone else comes and kills those kids.

KIDNAPPER #1: We didn't kill them kids. We was with her the whole time since. You can ask her.

J.J. and GIDEON are watching ELLE's interview with KIDNAPPER #1.

J.J.: Well, that's quite the story. Thing is, they're telling exactly the same one.

GIDEON: I believe it's the truth.

GIDEON walks over and we see GRIESEN waiting in another interview room.

GIDEON is interviewing GRIESEN. HOTCH stands beside GIDEON.

GIDEON: Why'd you kidnap your own daughter?

HOTCH: You kidnapped your daughter and coincidentally saved her own life? Right now, at the very least, it looks like you had prior knowledge of the killings. And at worst...

GRIESEN: I had nothing to do with the murders.

GIDEON: You paid Leland and Van Owen to kidnap Ingrid. Why?

GRIESEN: I want my phone call.

GIDEON: If what you're saying is true, it seems likely your daughter was somehow involved in these killings.

GIDEON gets up to leave.

GRIESEN: She had nothing to do with it. You stay the hell away from her!

GIDEON slams the door behind him.

HOTCH: I want the names of all your daughter's friends at school. Boyfriends. I want her class schedule.

GRIESEN: Ingrid's very private.

HOTCH: We have 5 dead kids. Tortured, mutilated, and murdered. And all we have to go on is you and your daughter. Do the math!

REID and MORGAN walk down a hallway. MORGAN's phone rings.

MORGAN: It's Garcia.

REID: I got this.

MORGAN: You sure?

REID: Yeah, yeah.

MORGAN: All right.

MORGAN answers his phone.

MORGAN: Yeah. Talk to me.

MORGAN walks away. REID walks into Ingrid's room and shuts the door behind him. She is lying on her bed seemingly unresponsive.

REID: Hello, Ingrid. I'm Dr. Spencer Reid.

REID holds up his badge.

REID: I'm with the F.B.I., and I was wondering if you could--

INGRID: Griesen, Ingrid. 943239487.

REID: Excuse me?

INGRID looks right at REID.

INGRID: Griesen, Ingrid. 943239487.

REID stares, then walks out of her room.

The SHERIFF enters a room where GIDEON is. Through the window we can see GRIESEN in the interview room.

SHERIFF: Doesn't look like Minton or the A.D.U. were part of it. My men have been looking at him and his friends. Checking on alibis. Nothing.

GIDEON: The only thing I'm certain of is that Peter Griesen is trying to protect his daughter.

HOTCH's phone rings. He answers it.

HOTCH: Hotchner.

At the hospital, MORGAN is on the phone while REID paces beside him.

MORGAN: Ingrid isn't catatonic anymore. But she's answering every question with only her name and social security number.

HOTCH: Like a prisoner of war.

MORGAN: There's more. Garcia did some checking. Ingrid hasn't been enrolled in school for over a year. She had good grades. Just suddenly dropped out and vacated her campus apartment. She left no forwarding, Hotch. We have no idea where or how she's been living.

HOTCH: Thanks.

HOTCH hangs up his phone.

HOTCH: I need to see Peter Griesen's phone records.

HOTCH enters GRIESEN's interview room.

HOTCH: How long has your daughter been in a cult?

The DEPUTY is in a parked police car in the street. He is talking on his radio.

DEPUTY: Unit 4, I'm still on a code 6 outside the Minton residence. Looks like everyone's gone to bed. Over.

BASE: 10-4, patrol. Base out.

SOMEONE with a knife walks past the deputy in his car.

MR and MRS MINTON are in bed. MINTON wakes up and sees the person with the knife.

MRS MINTON screams.

MINTON is stabbed and blood splatters over a family photo.

Inside the patrol car, an ominous red splatter is on the windshield. The DEPUTY is not moving.

GRIESEN is being interviewed by HOTCH and MORGAN in the office where Minton was interviewed.

HOTCH: About a month ago, you placed a call to a psychiatrist in Boulder named Dr. Richard Frank. He's a deprogrammer, and his specialty is getting kids out of cults. Your daughter joined a dangerous cult. And you couldn't convince her to leave, so you had her kidnapped.

MORGAN: Now you're protecting her because you think Ingrid and her cult killed those kids, and you're probably right.

HOTCH: There's been another killing. A family of five was slaughtered in exactly the same way as the Terra Mesa killings, and among the dead are three girls.

HOTCH sits beside GRIESEN and shows him a photograph.

HOTCH: Ages five, eight, and eleven. Legally, this could go a long way in distancing your daughter from the others. If Ingrid had a change of heart, a case could be made for brainwashing or even temporary insanity.

MORGAN: Mr. Griesen...

MORGAN walks forward and leans on the desk.

MORGAN: we need you to tell us what you know about Ingrid's situation.

GRIESEN: It's all my fault. Ever since her mother died, I've done everything I could for her. Somehow I left her vulnerable to these people.

HOTCH: Given the wrong circumstances, this could happen to anyone's child. Tell us what happened.

GRIESEN: Ingrid was in her first semester. She started acting strange. She hardly visited anymore, when she did, she was... different.

MORGAN: How? How was she different?

GRIESEN: The way she spoke. She kept repeating these words. This jargon. I didn't know where she was getting it. And she just disappeared.

HOTCH: Cults commonly have their own language. They invent or redefine certain words so only the cult members understand.

MORGAN: It's a way of isolating the members from outsiders. It's a very powerful form of thought control.

HOTCH: If you could help us identify some of the key words perhaps we could get Ingrid talking.

GRIESEN: She said I was a trespasser. That I had no right to be here.

MORGAN: In New Mexico?

GRIESEN: In the desert. She said grandfather had taught her the ways of, oh, what was the word? Ofahi, gaji...

HOTCH: Ga'he.

GRIESEN: Yes. That's right.

HOTCH: Thank you.

Back in the main room for another profile briefing.

REID: We're looking for the cult leader. Typically men between the age of 25 and 35 with a high level of intelligence. Sociopathic underachiever, with an extremely abusive childhood. And obviously someone with an interest in and affinity for Apache culture and rituals.

MORGAN: Look for males with criminal records for lesser type crimes. Drug possession, petty theft.

J.J.: What about school records? The victims from the first crime scene was Terra Mesa university. Maybe the leader was there, too.

ELLE: That's great. Look for students who studied Native American cultures extensively.

MORGAN: We need to do it all. With this second strike, it could be a spree.

A crime scene has been established. The place is crawling with law enforcement. HOTCH and BLACKWOLF pull in.

BLACKWOLF: Sorry about your man, Jimmy.

SHERIFF: I appreciate that.

BLACKWOLF: That her?

BLACKWOLF nods toward the SHERIFF's car. INGRID is sitting in the front passenger seat.

SHERIFF: She won't give us anything but her name and her social.



The SHERIFF looks toward the house.

SHERIFF: OK. They're ready. Everybody out.

The SHERIFF opens the door to his car and leads INGRID out by the arm.

SHERIFF: Come with me. My friend wants to show you something.

BLACKWOLF: Ingrid, name is John Blackwolf.

INGRID: I know who you are. You're the son of Benjamin Blackwolf. The Chiricahua Apache.

BLACKWOLF: Come with me.

BLACKWOLF leads her into the house. HOTCH follows.

BLACKWOLF, INGRID and HOTCH walk through a hallway. The doorframe at the end is smeared with blood. They walk into a bedroom. The walls are splattered with blood.

BLACKWOLF: What do you think happened here, Ingrid?

INGRID: I think three little trespassers met the vengeful blade of the tribe.

HOTCH: What tribe would that be?

INGRID: There are only two peoples: the Apache and those who trespass against us.

BLACKWOLF: You're not Apache, Ingrid.

INGRID: No. You are not Apache. Not anymore. Grandfather tested me. He sent me to the desert mountains to be blessed by the ga'he. The ga'he have brought grandfather back to us to build his new tribe. To reclaim the sacred land for the Apache.

HOTCH: Where is grandfather?

BLACKWOLF: Did grandfather ever tell you where the name Apache comes from? It comes from the Zuni word, apachu. It means enemy. And if grandfather knew the first thing about the real Apache, he would've taught you to refer to us as the dene. It means, the people.

INGRID: Grandfather said that you and all the living Apache are like the Jews of old. Lost and wandering the desert in search of their messiah. And he has...

BLACKWOLF: The dene don't believe in a messiah.

HOTCH: You were lied to, Ingrid.

INGRID: The ga'he said--

BLACKWOLF: Don't use a word you don't understand. The ga'he are not magic fairies. They're not gods as you understand them.

BLACKWOLF picks up a bloodied blanket, grabs INGRID and shoves the piece of cloth in her face.

BLACKWOLF: This is not the blood of an enemy! This is the blood of a little girl just like you are. You've been fed bits and pieces of a culture you don't understand.

INGRID: You don't know.

HOTCH: What we do know is you've been manipulated and exploited by a very disturbed individual.

INGRID: You are a liar. You have disavowed your ancestors. Only those who dwell on the Deadlands deserve to live.

BLACKWOLF is pointing to a spot on a map of the reservation on the bulletin board with the case pictures on it.

BLACKWOLF: The Deadlands are on the southern edge of the western tract. You said cults like this seek out remote places, yes?

HOTCH: They like to isolate their followers and give them freedom to create their own societies.

MORGAN is on the phone with a notepad and pen.

MORGAN: OK. I got it.

MORGAN hangs up.

BLACKWOLF: It doesn't get any more remote than the Deadlands.

MORGAN: How big an area is this place?

BLACKWOLF: About 100 square miles.

GIDEON: We'll need to narrow it down.

MORGAN: We might just have our cult leader. It's a guy named Jackson Cally. He was expelled from T.M.U. six months before the others.

HOTCH: What for?

MORGAN: Drug possession. Mescaline. Peyote. Terra Mesa was the last in a string of colleges. He studied religion and Native American culture in every school and he was in a seminar in Native American culture with Ingrid Griesen.

BLACKWOLF: That's how they know so much about me. I've been a guest lecturer in that seminar for the past four years.

HOTCH: If Cally's our cult leader, we need more information on him. Have Garcia pull every shred of Cally's life out of the system.

MORGAN: She's already pulling it.

HOTCH: Do we know he's still in the area?

MORGAN: He was arrested for trespassing on a bunch of motel properties. Breaking into unoccupied rooms. But his last known address turned up cold.

GIDEON: Most cults don't have any legitimate means of paying rent. They tend to seek out abandoned, previously standing structures.

HOTCH: Like Manson's Spahn Ranch.

BLACKWOLF: There's an abandoned motel off Route 29. Right in the middle of the Deadlands.

HOTCH: Let's go.

GIDEON: I'll stay with Reid, and we'll pull as much as we can on Cally.

Various police cars and the B.A.U.'s S.U.V. pull up to the motel. Everyone gets out armed.

MORGAN breaks in the front door and is followed by ELLE. HOTCH makes his way through the building with his gun raised. ELLE and MORGAN meet up with him.

HOTCH heads down a different hallway, then sees CALLY through a door.

CALLY is facing a window with his hands clasped behind his back.

HOTCH: F.B.I., don't move. Put your hands out to the side and turn around very slowly.

CALLY raises his hands, but doesn't turn around.

HOTCH: Jackson Cally.

CALLY doesn't move. ELLE and MORGAN come in behind HOTCH.

HOTCH: Grandfather.

Now CALLY turns.

MORGAN: There's no one else here, Hotch.

HOTCH: Where are the others?

CALLY: Hunting.

HOTCH is on the phone with REID, who is at the Sheriff's Office with GIDEON.

REID: Jackson Gordon Cally. 32 years old. Spent most of his childhood moving from foster home to foster home.

HOTCH: Hang on a second. I'm gonna put you on speaker.

ELLE, MORGAN and BLACKWOLF gather around HOTCH to listen.

HOTCH: Go ahead, Reid.

REID: Simply another sad but unremarkable statistic. Aside from the fact that he had an I.Q. of 189.

HOTCH: Any criminal record?

REID: At 18 he spent 22 months in prison for auto theft. I just spoke to the warden at the prison, said when he was there, he found religion and began preaching to his fellow inmates. And that he once convinced a mass murderer he was doing time with to beat to death an inmate that was threatening Cally.

GIDEON: Ever since he was a child, this guy just survived on cunning force of personality.

REID: Spent 22 months in the clink, was released and then bounced from university to university. Studying, you guessed it, Native American cultures.

HOTCH: OK, thanks.

HOTCH ends the call.

BLACKWOLF: What's his connection to the Apache?

HOTCH: Aside from taking your class, nothing that they could find. With sociopaths like Cally, there is no connection. If it hadn't been Apache, he would've found some other culture to attract and manipulate his followers.

MORGAN: Like Manson, Cally has been forced to become an expert profiler of sorts. He reads the people around him. Finds a way in. And then he brainwashes them to serve his needs.

HOTCH: And the only way to figure out his game is to play it. I'm gonna give him exactly what he wants.

ELLE: What's that?

HOTCH: An audience.

CALLY sits in a swivel chair with his hands cuffed in front of him. HOTCH sits down on a chair facing him. ELLE, BLACKWOLF and MORGAN stand around him.

HOTCH: Mr. Cally, I'm Special Agent Aaron Hotchner with the F.B.I.

CALLY: You know, I spent my whole life talking to cops and doctors. Something different about you. You're not just a cop, are you?

HOTCH: You're very perceptive.

CALLY: So, what are you?

HOTCH: I'm a profiler.

CALLY: So am I. Your colleagues respect you a great deal. Looking to you to find all the answers. Leadership is a grave responsibility.

HOTCH: They don't call me grandfather.

CALLY: Well, in my tribe, grandfather is simply another word for teacher.

HOTCH: Did you teach your tribe to murder?

CALLY: No, I don't teach murder. I teach love. Love of land. Love of ancestors. Love of the tribe. These trespassers poison the land. The Apache will soon remember who they are and they will hunt these trespassers off their land. Until no one but the Apache remain.

BLACKWOLF steps closer to CALLY, leaning down to talk to him.

BLACKWOLF: You think you speak for the Apache. But you're nothing but a coward. And a killer.

CALLY: I haven't killed anyone.

HOTCH: Do you think that your little tribe is going to wage a war with all the white people in this state?

CALLY: Pretty soon, we won't have to.

HOTCH: Why is that?

CALLY: What's going to happen when the angry white men come to the doors of your children blaming you for the killing of their people? What are you going to do, call the cops? No. you're going to string them up. You're going to put their heads on poles and rape their women. Just like the savage animal you really are. Too bad you couldn't be the leader that your father was.

BLACKWOLF leaps to attack CALLY, grabbing his shirt. BLACKWOLF pushes CALLY against the nearest wall.

MORGAN: Enough! enough! Blackwolf!

MORGAN pulls Blackwolf off CALLY.

BLACKWOLF walks away from the building angrily, followed by HOTCH, ELLE and MORGAN.

BLACKWOLF: Let me in with him alone. I'll get him talking.

HOTCH: You've done more than we could've hoped for. You guys take Cally down to the Sheriff's Office.

MORGAN and ELLE walk back toward the house.

BLACKWOLF: You tell that man he's welcome on my reservation anytime.

HOTCH: I'll give you a ride back.

MORGAN is catching up REID and GIDEON in the sheriff's office.

MORGAN: Blackwolf got Cally to reveal his true nature. He's a racist. None of this was for the sake of the Apache.

GIDEON: Never was. It was always about Cally. It was about power and manipulation.

REID: Charles Manson claimed that he ordered his followers to kill Whites in order to initiate a race war. Something he referred to as Helter Skelter.

MORGAN: And he believed in the aftermath of Helter Skelter, the Blacks, who he deemed inferior, would need a White man to lead them.

ELLE enters the room.

ELLE: There was a large cache of guns missing from Minton's house.

MORGAN: Why? why would Cally suddenly need guns? His whole M.O. is to fight a war using the native american methods.

GIDEON: Maybe he isn't trying to fight a war. Maybe he's trying to start one.

REID: The first attack was designed to look like Indians.

MORGAN: In an attempt to manipulate the A.D.U. to retaliate against the reservation.

REID: But they didn't. How could they? We had them put under surveillance.

ELLE: So Cally tried to provoke them further by killing the head of the A.D.U.- Minton and his family.

MORGAN: Right, but that didn't work either so now he wants to attack the other side.

GIDEON: He's trying to provoke the Indians by staging an A.D.U. attack against them. Call Blackwolf. we need to get to the reservation.

The team are in an S.U.V. driving toward the RESERVATION.

MORGAN (V.O.): The school is our most vulnerable target.
HOTCH (V.O.): Cally likes killing kids.

The parking lot is empty, except for the school bus.

BEAR is walking past, watching the students. The students are all sitting at their desks, writing in booklets.

BEAR: In 1861, Cochise led his followers to fight...

BLACKWOLF leads the way through some sort of storage area or empty classroom. HOTCH draws his gun.

BLACKWOLF: Put that away.

HOTCH: What?

BLACKWOLF stops and looks at HOTCH.

BLACKWOLF: You don't need it. Use your baton. There are many paths to the same place. Trust me.

HOTCH: Just so you know, you sound like a fortune cookie.

HOTCH draws his baton and follows BLACKWOLF.

SIX of Cally's followers, wearing a lot of khaki, vests, hats, boots, and carrying shotguns walk toward the school building.

FOUR male followers enter the classroom. It's empty.

FOLLOWER #1: Split up. Find them.

The STUDENTS and BEAR are all hiding in a basement of some kind.

Cally's FOLLOWERS walk in pairs through shelves, with their guns raised.

A door opens.

HOTCH hits the FOLLOWER's gun with his baton, quickly hitting the man in the face, knocking him to the ground.

HOTCH looks around, pushing aside the man's gun with his foot.

Another door opens, the pair of followers quickly look around the whole room.

With a nod of the head, they split up.

One follower in a BLUE HAT sees the man HOTCH left on the floor. HOTCH attacks him from behind with his baton and drags him out of the room.


The other follower, HATLESS, turns to look at BLACKWOLF. BLACKWOLF hits him with his elbow, grabs his gun then hits him with that a few times before HATLESS goes down. BLACKWOLF hides again.

The last follower sees the HATLESS one on the ground and is cautious. BLACKWOLF is hiding on the other side of some shelves. When the follower's gun comes past, BLACKWOLF grabs it and uses it to push the guy into some shelves.

The follower gets up and draws a hunting knife.

BLACKWOLF: Big mistake.

BLACKWOLF draws his own knife. The follower attacks first. BLACKWOLF slashes him, grabs his knife and knocks him onto his back.

BLACKWOLF: Stay down. I don't want to hurt you.

The follower gets onto his knees and attacks BLACKWOLF. BLACKWOLF defends himself.

HOTCH fights with the BLUE HAT. It's almost a sword fight: baton versus shotgun. Then HOTCH grabs the shotgun and knocks the BLUE HAT guy out. HOTCH throws the gun aside and leaves the room.

BLACKWOLF's opponent has reclaimed his knife. They fight. BLACKWOLF slashes his arms and legs. One particularly deep one on the leg drops the follower. BLACKWOLF goes toward him with his knife and stabs him when the guy keeps fighting.

As BLACKWOLF is backing away, HOTCH appears behind him. On the other side of the room, the door opens and the two followers who didn't enter the classroom appear in the door.

HOTCH: Down!

BLACKWOLF dives to the ground and HOTCH shoots the female follower.

HOTCH: Don't move!

The last follower standing holds up his hands.

FOLLOWER: Don't shoot! I give up!


BLACKWOLF lifts his head.

BLACKWOLF: Just had to shoot somebody, didn't you?

The four mostly uninjured followers are all tied up on the front steps beside HOTCH and BLACKWOLF.

The B.A.U. S.U.V. and other police cars finally show up. MORGAN, REID and GIDEON get out of the car. HOTCH and BLACKWOLF get up to greet them.

GIDEON: The children?

HOTCH: They're fine. We got them out before they got here. We took down these four.

MORGAN goes to check on the prisoners.

REID: Without firing a shot?

BLACKWOLF: Captain America here shot number 5.

HOTCH: You're welcome. Number 6 is cut up pretty bad. I don't think he's gonna make it.

MORGAN returns.

BLACKWOLF: At least I didn't shoot him.

MORGAN: I think I'd rather be shot.

HOTCH: There's an old Apache saying. "You can take many paths to get to the same place."

HOTCH walks away.

HOTCH enters the restaurant. SEAN has his back turned and is writing on an order pad.

SEAN: Be with you in a second.

HOTCH: Thanks.

SEAN turns around.

HOTCH places a business card on the counter between them. SEAN walks over and looks at it.

SEAN: What's this?

SEAN picks up the business card.

HOTCH: Paul Morris. He's in the New York field office. If you ever need anything, give him a call. He'll take care of you.

SEAN: This your way of saying I can't take care of myself?

HOTCH: No. It's my way of saying I'm a jackass.

SEAN: Yeah, well, it must be hereditary.

HOTCH laughs.

HOTCH: Sean. It's really important that you do this your way. You know, what you feel is every bit as important as what you think. Dad knew that. I forgot. You reminded me of that. Thanks.

SEAN: This is, uh, a pretty messed up going away present, you know that?

HOTCH smiles. SEAN laughs.

HOTCH: Brother worries.

SEAN: You need to get out of the office more.

HOTCH: Tell me about it. So, I'm starved. How's the food?

SEAN: It's pretty good.

HOTCH sits down.

SEAN: Let me fix you something special.

HOTCH: I'm in your hands.

SEAN: Want a beer?

HOTCH: Sure, man. Thanks.

SEAN wanders over to talk to the cook. HOTCH looks around.

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