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Esprits Criminels
#218 : L'éventreur

Résumé : Gideon part pour traiter une affaire avec un serial killer copiant Jack l'Eventreur. En effet, trois victimes ont été retrouvées la gorge tranchée. L'une d'entre elles aurait été tuée durant l'ouragan Katrina. La découverte d'une quatrième victime dans le quartier Français confirme que le meurtrier est toujours en vie. Mais toutes les preuves et dossiers ont été perdus pendant l'inondation et le seul indice restant est le mot "Jones" que l'inspecteur principal a écrit sur le mur juste avant de se noyer.


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Réalisateur de l'épisode : Steve Shill
→ Scénariste de l'épisodeAndi Bushell

Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Mandy Patinkin ... Jason Gideon
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Paget Brewster ... Emily Prentiss
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jareau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Josh Stewart ... William LaMontagne Jr.
   - Simone Kessell ... Sarah Danlin
   - Rhhys Coiro ... Ethan
   - Randy Thompson ... J.R. Smith
   - Edward Edwards ... William LaMontagne Sr.
   - Jeff Doucette ... Coroner
   - Chris Eckles ... John
   - John Edward Lee ... Ronnie Tibideaux
   - Dufflyn Lammers ... Alice

Journalist: Earlier this morning Katrina crashed into the gulf coast, with sustained winds above 125 an hour. As many houses are being destroyed. Residents are trying to evacuate.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Are you listening to me, pop? Grab your wallet and get the hell out of there. The buses are filling up.

William LaMontagne Sr.: This case is eating at me, Billy.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Dad. Forget the damn case.

William LaMontagne Sr.: What the hell am I missing here?

William LaMontagne Jr.: Dad, people are drowning in their homes. The... Whole world's gonna be underwater.

William LaMontagne Sr.: I got another letter, Billy.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Screw the letter. Forget the serial killer. They're opening the Superdome. I want you to meet me there.

William LaMontagne Sr.: I'll be damned.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Please, I'm begging you, pop. Pop?


Jennifer Jareau: Behavioral analysis unit we've got a serial killer in New Orleans who killed at least 3 men pre-Katrina. Until now, the New Orleans police department believed that the serial killer died in the storm.

Derek Morgan: What's happened to tell them otherwise?

Jennifer Jareau: A fourth body was found in the French quarter last night. Same M.O. Another male. Throat slashed, eviscerated.

Emily Prentiss: A year and a half? That's a long cooling-Off period. Are we sure this is the same unsub?

Jennifer Jareau: He claims to be. He sent a letter to William LaMontagne, The head detective on the case.

Jason Gideon: Does LaMontagne have any leads?

Jennifer Jareau: He died in Katrina. His son is actually leading the case now.

Derek Morgan: Hmm. That can't be easy.

Aaron Hotchner: Well, we need to pour over the evidence from the first 3 murders and determine the pattern.

Jennifer Jareau: Katrina washed everything away. The 3 victims we know of, their autopsy reports, witness statements. DNA test results.

Spencer Reid: So, basically, all we have to go on is the latest victim?

Jennifer Jareau: Yeah.

Aaron Hotchner: Until he kills again.


Jason Gideon: Robert Kennedy once said, "Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live."


Derek Morgan: Hey, Reid. What's going on up there?

Spencer Reid: From Las Vegas... Ethan. I'm pretty sure he lives in New Orleans now.

Derek Morgan: Really? Gonna give him a call?

Spencer Reid: Grew up competing against each other in absolutely everything. Spelling bees, science fairs. We also both had our hearts set on joining the bureau, but... First day at Quantico he backed out.

Emily Prentiss: He probably just couldn't take the heat.

Spencer Reid: It's not really for us to judge, is it?

Emily Prentiss: Right. My bad.

Jennifer Jareau: These are copies of the newspaper articles on the murders, dating back to early august 2005. It's all we have to go on.

Aaron Hotchner: He killed 3 times, he stopped for 18 months, then he started killing again.

Jason Gideon: We should have Garcia run a list of any offenders in the area. Anyone who spent the last year and a half doing time.

Spencer Reid: Or anyone that relocated after Katrina and recently moved back.

Emily Prentiss: What is the victimology in killing a mechanic, a real estate broker, and a cook, with ages ranging from 22 to 45?

Jennifer Jareau: And this latest is a 33-Year-Old taxi driver. They just don't seem to have very much in common.

Derek Morgan: Besides being male and walking the French quarter late at night.

Jennifer Jareau: Which is notorious for muggings off the main drag.

Emily Prentiss: Yeah, but this guy isn't in a rush to flee the scene. A slaughter like this takes time.

Spencer Reid: Andrei Chikatilo fantasized that the men he killed were his captives and then torturing and mutilating them somehow made him a hero.

Jason Gideon: The city's barely back to life. Something like this could cripple its psyche.

Jennifer Jareau: So where do we start?

Aaron Hotchner: Well, with no case file there's only one place we can start… At square one.


William LaMontagne Jr.: You must be B.A.U. Bill Lamontagne.

Jennifer Jareau: Hi. Jennifer Jareau. We spoke on the phone.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Well, okay, then. I pictured you different.

Jennifer Jareau: Uh, these are Agents Gideon and Morgan. This is Detective William Lamontagne Jr.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Appreciate you guys being here… My daddy was too stubborn to ever ask for any help.

Jason Gideon: Sorry for your loss… I understand you received a letter.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Yeah. Before they were lost in Katrina, my daddy received 2 letters. This one came addressed to him yesterday. They passed it on to me.

Jennifer Jareau: You sure it's from the same killer?

Jason Gideon: It's a detailed account of what he did to the body.


Coroner: 4 layers of fatty tissue sliced through like butter. I only seen that 3 other times.

Spencer Reid: You work this case initially?

Coroner: Nah. You don't forget victims like this. It's like they were dissected.

Emily Prentiss: I can still smell the alcohol on him.

Coroner: This is New Orleans. Dead or alive, it' a smell you get used to.

Spencer Reid: The victim has no defense wounds. Meaning this is most likely a blitz attack… No hesitation marks or rapid thrusts. Cuts were methodical. Almost procedural.

Coroner: My guess... Whoever gutted this guy was taught to.

Emily Prentiss: So you think he might have some medical training?

Coroner: How else could he carve around every organ and leave each one intact?

Emily Prentiss: Have any of his relatives come to claim the body? Anyone we could speak with?

Coroner: No. I'll end up boxing up the poor bastard's ashes, left to collect dust in storage. All the bodies I've been through in the last year and a half, it's a wonder I still have room.


Derek Morgan: It'd be pretty easy to hide out in one of these alcoves, wait for the victim without ever being seen.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Yeah, all 4 murders occurred within a 10-Block radius here inside the French quarter.

Jennifer Jareau: On any given night, there'd have to be thousands of people walking through here from the bars.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Tens of thousands. When I first started as a cop, I worked the quarter. It's like being in the riot squad every night. Every Sunday I'd get off work around sunrise, I'm ready to pass out, my daddy'd be waiting for me at my house. Make me drive him uptown to Frankie and Johnny's for po'boys… Called it communing with New Orleans.

Jason Gideon: Did your father tell you anything else about this case that we should know?

William LaMontagne Jr.: He tried to. But you guys should see that for yourself.


William LaMontagne Jr.: This wall is still standing where daddy carved the message right before he died… There's no doubt he's still working from the grave.

Derek Morgan: "Jones." That name mean anything to you?

William LaMontagne Jr.: No. I ran it through the database against every offender in New Orleans. And you can imagine how many hits I got. But nothing came up in connection with this case.

Jennifer Jareau: But in your dad's final moments, it was the most important thing he wanted to say.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Learned how to play the drums in this house, grew up with 2 dogs in this house. All it's gonna be now is the word "Jones" carved into that wall.

Derek Morgan: Detective, if he had written the unsub's name, I think you would have found him by now. Jones is the one piece of the puzzle that your daddy did know. He trusted you to figure out the rest.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Yeah, I know it. But I've pored over it a thousand times and I still can't put it together… I can't get it out of my head.

Jennifer Jareau: You okay?

William LaMontagne Jr.: Yeah. I just don't want to disappoint him.


Emily Prentiss: Is that the letter from the unsub?

Aaron Hotchner: Yeah. "I'm back with a vengeance. I wanted you to know. The last guy made it easy, being out so late, stumbling home drunk. I enjoyed slicing around his organs. I thought about sending you one. He was asking to be ripped, don't you think, boss? Yours truly."


Mark: Hey… Okay.


Spencer Reid: To say that the victims were asking to be killed denies all culpability. Most sexual sadists rationalize their own behaviour by blaming the victims like that.

Emily Prentiss: But there was no evidence of sexual assault in the autopsy. He could be a homosexual male stabbing because he needs violence for arousal.

Aaron Hotchner: Every kill he's acting out a fantasy of revenge.

Spencer Reid: What if he's trying to act out something else?

Aaron Hotchner: Like what?

Spencer Reid: Except for the victims were men, it's the same M.O.

Emily Prentiss: What are you talking about?

Spencer Reid: All 4 victims were found with their throats slashed, eviscerated, and the murders perpetrated in semi-public places after dark. Investigators taunted with the letters addressed to "boss." The only difference is that case was 100 years ago and the murders took place in London.

Emily Prentiss: Jack the Ripper.

Aaron Hotchner: The unsub wants us to think that he's the modern-Day version loose in New Orleans.


Mark: Please. Don't


Spencer Reid: So the 3 of you were out together last night?

Friend 1: Mark had just paid his tab at one bar and he was on his way to meet us at another.

Derek Morgan: You guys get in any trouble? Drunken brawl? Anyone get out of hand?

Friend 2: We were just out to have fun, you know? Minded our own business.

Derek Morgan: Could mark have met a girl? Maybe upset her boyfriend?

Friend 1: No, sir.

Friend 2: He struck out like we all did.

Derek Morgan: Thanks, guys.

Friend 2: Okay.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Getting hard to keep up with this guy.

Emily Prentiss: Well, if he's mimicking Jack the Ripper, that might be precisely the point. He terrorized London for months without ever getting caught.

Jason Gideon: I'd appreciate it if you'd gather your men. We'd like to give you a profile of who you're up against.


Aaron Hotchner: The offender we're looking for is friendly, agile, somewhere between 30 and 35.

Jason Gideon: He'll allure with charm and kill with rage.

Emily Prentiss: We believe he's murdering men to reclaim his power. This unsub suffers from low self-Esteem, but he probably covers it well. He dresses impeccably to feed the facade. Jack the Ripper himself was an impetuous lust murderer, whereas this offender is organized, calculating. He might even stalk his victims for days before the actual kill.

Jason Gideon: We believe this killer identifies with Jack the Ripper because he's lost his own identity. Maybe through years of child abuse... Or some catastrophic event.

Aaron Hotchner: Because he overcompensates to hide his insecurities, we believe he may hold a position of authority at work.

Emily Prentiss: And since we think he's had medical training, consider EMTs, doctors, veterinarians.

Jason Gideon: Please be careful. For this unsub, the French quarter's a hunting ground. He's certainly already proven he knows the terrain.


Ethan: Jeez! Reid, you scared me.

Spencer Reid: Always been one step ahead of you, man.

Ethan: Yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night… I'm glad you called. It's good to see you.

Spencer Reid: You, too.

Ethan: Let's get a drink.


Emily Prentiss: Prentiss.

Penelope Garcia: What was the thing Jack the Ripper took from one of his victims? Besides, well, you know, her life?

Emily Prentiss: Oh. Uh... Uh...

Penelope Garcia: Mmm. Tick tock... Tick tock.

Emily Prentiss: I don't know.

Penelope Garcia: A kidney. How horrifyingly fantastic is that?

Emily Prentiss: Mm-Hmm. And are you going anywhere with this?

Penelope Garcia: Just that I found an unsolved murder that happened 4 months ago in Galveston, Texas, with the same M.O., the victim missing that very organ… I amaze myself.

Emily Prentiss: Yeah. Me, too. Great work.

Jason Gideon: What's that?

Emily Prentiss: Garcia found a similar case in Galveston, Texas.

Jason Gideon: A lot of Katrina refugees relocated there.

Emily Prentiss: It could be the same guy. He removed the kidney just like Jack the Ripper.

Jason Gideon: Call Reid and Morgan. I want the 3 of you on a plane to Texas tonight.

Emily Prentiss: Okay.


Ethan: So... Are you gonna ask the question?

Spencer Reid: What question?

Ethan: Come on, man. It's me here. We haven't talked to each other in years. I know it's why you called me. Ask the question.

Spencer Reid: Why did you quit after only one day of FBI training?

Ethan: Well... I'm sure you've considered the evidence, analyzed the signs.

Spencer Reid: You were battling what's your own demons. You didn't have time to analyze someone else's.

Ethan: Not bad. Not bad. Those days, I did prefer Jack Daniel's to Jeff Dahmer. They both weigh on your soul eventually.

Spencer Reid: Sorry.

Ethan: The bat phone.

Spencer Reid: Let me ask you this, Ethan. Do you ever regret it?

Ethan: You know, I may not be changing the world, but... My music makes me happy. It doesn't take a profiler to see that you're not.

Spencer Reid: It's not easy. And it's not... I... Don't think you'd believe some of the things that I've seen.

Ethan: John Coltrane. He was a genius, too. Died of cancer. But most people think it was the booze and heroin that did him in.

Spencer Reid: What are you trying to say?

Ethan: You look like hell.

Spencer Reid: I'm fine.

Ethan: Come on, man. I'm a jazz musician in New Orleans. I know what it looks like when someone's not well. This may be the one time I can tell you something that you don't already know. That might help you forget, but it won't make it go away. And if I can tell... You're surrounded by some of the best minds in the world, and if you think they don't notice... Well... For a genius, that's just dumb.


Derek Morgan: Hey.

Emily Prentiss: Hey.

Derek Morgan: Where's Reid?

Emily Prentiss: I was hoping he was with you.

Derek Morgan: I thought you said you called him.

Emily Prentiss: I did, 4 times. Nothing… The victim's fiancee is expecting us. What are we supposed to do?

Derek Morgan: We got one option. Wheels up.


William LaMontagne Jr.: Thank you. It's not right. The French quarter's one of the only parts of the city that dodged Katrina. Now there's a serial killer loose.

Jennifer Jareau: It's a small area, and we're narrowing down the profile. We'll find him… You always drink while you're still on the clock?

William LaMontagne Jr.: This is New Orleans, honey. It's a cultural thing. Where are you from?

Jennifer Jareau: Pennsylvania.

William LaMontagne Jr.: I take it the folks are a little rigid about the rules up that way… Well, if it makes you feel better... We'll play it Pennsylvania style tonight. I just hate that this guy has a leg up on us, you know?

Jennifer Jareau: I promise, as soon as my team knows anything, we'll hear. Okay?

William LaMontagne Jr.: Why aren't you married?

Jennifer Jareau: Uh, that involves this case how?

William LaMontagne Jr.: It doesn't. I'm just flirting. It's unprofessional. You don't have to answer that.

Waitress: Excuse me. Compliments of the woman in the blue top.

Jennifer Jareau: Wow. That was... Bold.

William LaMontagne Jr.: She might have thought we were just working.

Jennifer Jareau: We are.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Are you jealous?

Jennifer Jareau: No. I just... I... I'm surprised, that's all.

William LaMontagne Jr.: And you're a lousy liar, too… You haven't had much practice, huh?

Jennifer Jareau: It's a culture thing. You see. There you go.


Alice: Everybody kept saying crime's gonna skyrocket after the relocation. You just never think it's gonna happen to you.

Emily Prentiss: The report said that your fiancé was bar-hopping for his bachelor party on the night he was killed.

Alice: We were supposed to be married in October. He was just out celebrating that with friends.

Derek Morgan: Was there anyone at Leonard's bachelor party you didn't know?

Alice: We all grew up together. They're like family to me. Whether they met somebody out, you know, that's a different story. They're a rowdy bunch. And they'd party with anybody.


Emily Prentiss: Each of the last 2 victims was traveling in a group. Both were drinking, both in public arenas, bar-Hopping. So how could their friends not see anything?

Derek Morgan: It like when a lion preys upon an antelope.

Emily Prentiss: You lost me.

Derek Morgan: That's because you, Emily Prentiss, have never been one of the antelope.

Emily Prentiss: Oh, scratch that. You totally lost me.

Derek Morgan: Okay. Check this out… The antelope travel in packs. So the lion just sits and waits. Waits for just one of the antelope to break away from its herd. So when he's alone, vulnerable, and completely unprotected, that's when the lion strikes. That's when she makes her move.

Emily Prentiss: Wait a minute. Her move?

Derek Morgan: Prentiss, there's only one thing that's gonna make a straight man leave his friends on guys night out. And it'll make him leave every time… One of the victims was out for his bachelor party. Another one out with just the guys. What's the only temptation that's gonna lure these men away from each other?

Emily Prentiss: A woman.

Derek Morgan: J.J.


Jennifer Jareau: Okay… Yeah, he's right here with me… Thanks.

William LaMontagne Jr.: What's going on?

Jennifer Jareau: The unsub is a woman.


Jennifer Jareau: Hey.

William LaMontagne Jr.: I’ve learnt that the services have been updated.

Jennifer Jareau: Good we need to set up a press conference.

William LaMontagne Jr.: We're not making a media spectacle out of this.

Jennifer Jareau: People need to know that this killer is a woman… What?

William LaMontagne Jr.: Listen. Tourists are just starting to filter back here.

Jennifer Jareau: That's not the issue.

William LaMontagne Jr.: I can't create mass hysteria in a city trying to rebuild. Besides, we'll be playing right into her hands.

Jennifer Jareau: So be it… Look, um... I'm trying not to go above your head here.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Yeah… I got that.

Jennifer Jareau: Then set up the press conference.


Spencer Reid: Hey, you guys are back from Galveston?

Derek Morgan: First light this morning. Where were you?

Spencer Reid: I was out with a friend. I already told you.

Emily Prentiss: I called you 4 times.

Spencer Reid: I didn't have any cell phone reception, so I didn't get your message until late.

Emily Prentiss: Right.

Spencer Reid: What's going on?

Derek Morgan: Our unsub's a woman.

Aaron Hotchner: We just found another body in the quarter.


Derek Morgan: Throat's been cut. He's been disembowelled, too.

Jason Gideon: Reeks of booze. It's more than a pattern.

Derek Morgan: Only this time he cut off the earlobe.

Spencer Reid: She's sticking with the Ripper's paradigm.

Emily Prentiss: What do you mean?

Spencer Reid: In one letter of correspondence, Jack the Ripper promised to cut the earlobe off of his next victim. He did. It was the one day that he killed twice.

Jason Gideon: So she's gonna kill again by the end of the day.

Emily Prentiss: Okay, what do we know about female serial killers?

Jason Gideon: Basically, you have 2 types.

Derek Morgan: The Sante Kimes model. Cold, calculating. Preys on men for money. Takes her time building relationships.

Spencer Reid: It's more likely we're dealing with the Aileen Wuornos archetype, motivated by paranoia and fear, luring men with sex.

Jason Gideon: Our unsub's organized. She follows a routine. She meets men in a bar, flirts with them over drinks, and suggests that they consummate the evening in an alley.

Derek Morgan: We need to be in those streets.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Office just brought me this.

Emily Prentiss: "Dear boss, by now I have rid the world of one more. So many men, so little time. I hope you don't mind the mess. They make is so easy, I just can't help myself. Yours truly."


William LaMontagne Jr.: So were looking for a woman who will approach men, comfortable being the aggressor, no?

Jennifer Jareau: And I'm guessing she'd have to be quite attractive in order to lure them away.


Derek Morgan: Most of the women are out in groups, so keep your eyes open for someone on their own.


Jason Gideon: "So many men, so little time." So she's on a quest... To wipe out the race.

Emily Prentiss: Or... The father who molested her? Some people think Jack the Ripper mutilated women after his mother sexually abused him for years.

Jason Gideon: For someone so enraged... This unsub sounds oddly apologetic for leaving a bloody crime scene. Why?

Emily Prentiss: That might be what LaMontagne figured out right before he died.


Jennifer Jareau: You gotta admit, these guys are making it pretty easy. I wouldn't follow a stranger into an alley no matter how wasted I was.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Yeah, but you're not a man. Testosterone will follow a woman to Thailand. Barefoot. It's just a fact.


Jason Gideon: Did you give that newest letter to Reid? He knows that Ripper case inside out. He might see something I'm missing.

Emily Prentiss: I don't think, uh...

Jason Gideon: What is it?

Emily Prentiss: Nothing.

Jason Gideon: Come on. You think I'm not aware something's going on with him?


Derek Morgan: You gonna tell me why you missed that flight to Galveston?

Spencer Reid: I already told you. It was no cell reception.

Derek Morgan: Right.

Spencer Reid: What?

Derek Morgan: I mean, anytime you want to come up with a better answer, I'm standing right here.

Spencer Reid: Dark Curls, 3 o'clock.

Derek Morgan: I got it… She's eyeing those guys outside that bar… Let's go.


Man: Oh! Oh, I'm... I'm sorry. I hate it when that happens. You all right? What can I do to say I'm sorry?

Sarah Danlin: How about a drink?

Man: Have a drink. That's cool. That's cool. Sure.


Danny: Yeah, that's totally fine. Yeah... Yeah.

Woman: Danny. You fool. You dropped your wallet out there.

Danny: Thanks. Next drink is on me.


Man: So... Where are your friends tonight?

Sarah Danlin: I didn't bring any. They get in the way.

Man: Now, see, I like that. 'Cause, uh, most girls, they won't go nowhere alone.

Sarah Danlin: I'm not most girls.


Derek Morgan: We got nothing.

Jason Gideon: Well, the day's almost over, so if you're right, we just ran out of time.


Guy: Your hair's wet.

Girl: Oh, my god! Aah!


William LaMontagne Jr.: She's mocking us.

Emily Prentiss: And she's true to her word.

Spencer Reid: Do you have any tweezers? Thank you.

Jennifer Jareau: What is that?

Spencer Reid: I have no idea… It's a note from the unsub, addressed to your father.

Jason Gideon: Let's see it. "Dear boss, he wanted it, with that sharp tongue and vulgar hand. Thought you'd like to know another will soon get what he deserves. Yours truly."

Spencer Reid: It's weird. Typically, offenders write letters to be heard. Jack the Ripper bragged about not being caught. This unsub isn't using correspondence to flaunt her latest kill, only to explain why she did it.

Emily Prentiss: It's possible she considers herself a vigilante. That the men she's killing deserve to die.

Jason Gideon: Or maybe she's contacting your father, not because he was the lead detective on the case, but... Because she believes he'd understand.

William LaMontagne Jr.: You think he knew her somehow?

Jennifer Jareau: Can you think of a woman in your dad's life he helped through a tough time? Might be another police officer, I don't know, a prostitute he helped get off the street?

William LaMontagne Jr.: He hasn't dealt with prostitutes since he worked sex crimes.

Spencer Reid: The unsub wrote, "he was asking to be ripped. I just couldn't help myself, and he wanted it." What if she's mirroring the man who raped her?

Jason Gideon: Where are the files stored from your sex crime division?

William LaMontagne Jr.: They were housed the same place as homicide. Most of them were washed away.

Jennifer Jareau: Did your dad have a partner?

William LaMontagne Jr.: Yeah. J.R. Smith. Smitty, they called him.

Jennifer Jareau: He might remember something.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Yeah, but they had a falling out.

Emily Prentiss: What about?

William LaMontagne Jr.: I don't know. They stopped talking when he left sex crimes.

Jason Gideon: Do you have a problem calling him?

William LaMontagne Jr.: Not if it means breaking this case… May I borrow your hand for a minute? I'll be damned.

Emily Prentiss: What is it?

William LaMontagne Jr.: The stamp on the victim's hand... It's admittance into the Mon Cherie. It's a bar in the French quarter.

Spencer Reid: Oh, yeah?

William LaMontagne Jr.: Yeah. 9 years ago it was called Jones.

Jason Gideon: Bingo. Get Garcia on the horn.


Penelope Garcia: O captain, my captain.

Jennifer Jareau: I need you.

Penelope Garcia: Anything. Talk to me.

Jennifer Jareau: Is there any newspaper reports About a rape at a bar called Jones?

Penelope Garcia: Zilch.

Jennifer Jareau: You sure? It would have been about 9 years ago.

Penelope Garcia: Nada.

Jennifer Jareau: Okay. Uh... Cross-Reference William Lamontagne with Jones bar.

Penelope Garcia: Bull's-Eye. Police blotter... Answered a disturbance at Jones bar in the French quarter, February 19, 1998. Looks like it was during Mardi Gras.

Jennifer Jareau: You are the best ever.

Penelope Garcia: Ohh... And you're the most perceptive.


William LaMontagne Jr.: Smitty. How are you?

J.R. Smith: I hope you got a good reason dredging this crap up.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Well, I was hoping you might remember being called here with my daddy 9 years ago.

J.R. Smith: Is that a joke?

William LaMontagne Jr.: No.

Jason Gideon: My name's Jason Gideon. We're from the FBI. We're investigating the series of murders in the French quarter.

J.R. Smith: What's that got to do with me?

Emily Prentiss: We need you to tell us what happened the night you and detective LaMontagne answered the call in this bar.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Am I missing something?

J.R. Smith: You really don't know, do you? After that night, your daddy tried to bring me up on sanctions.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Why?

J.R. Smith: It was Mardi Gras. Some girl claimed she was raped in this bar. I wasn't buying it.

Jennifer Jareau: What did she say happened to her?

J.R. Smith: Brass backed me up. They ended up transferring your daddy out to shut him up.

Emily Prentiss: What happened here?

J.R. Smith: It almost cost me my career.

Jason Gideon: Do you mind telling us what happened?

J.R. Smith: My best recollection, she said she was sitting at the bar with 2 friends. One of the boys asked her if she wanted to play some pool… Witnesses claim she was up for anything.

Emily Prentiss: She followed him up here?

J.R. Smith: His friend not far behind… She knew he was there… That girl was a tease. She was looking for a good time. Anyway, a couple of guys were going along with that.

Emily Prentiss: Did she yell for help?

J.R. Smith: She said she did. But not a single person claimed that they heard her.

Emily Prentiss: That's what you registered as a disturbance?

J.R. Smith: It was Mardi Gras… Listen to me. That girl had enough beads hanging from her neck to jewel a small city. Anyone exposes themselves that much in one day is not a credible witness in my book.

William LaMontagne Jr.: But she wanted to press charges.

J.R. Smith: I told her it was a waste of time. I knew one of the accused. He was a good kid. He didn't need the stink of that accusation.

Jason Gideon: So you protected a rapist?

William LaMontagne Jr.: Well, that right there was a bone of contention between his daddy and I. As far as I was concerned, no such rape ever took place. Are you gonna tell me why you went and dragged this dirt back through my life?

Jason Gideon: You know the serial killer who's cutting up men in the French quarter? She was your victim.

William LaMontagne Jr.: We're trying to find a name.

Emily Prentiss: You don't even remember her name?

J.R. Smith: It was 9 years ago.

Jennifer Jareau: What about the name of the "good kid" who raped her?

William LaMontagne Jr.: Smitty... You tell me right now or I'll file a new sanction against you, and I guarantee you, this time it'll stick.


Emily Prentiss: Mr. Tibideaux, we need you to answer a few questions about a disturbance you were involved with in 1998.

Ronnie Tibideaux: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jennifer Jareau: At a bar called Jones… It was Mardi Gras.

Ronnie Tibideaux: Well, then, I must have been drinking some, 'cause I don't remember a thing.

Emily Prentiss: We just need to know the name...

Ronnie Tibideaux: Look, I told you, I don't know what you're talking about.

Jennifer Jareau: The statute of limitations is up. We just need a name.

Emily Prentiss: Someone accuses me of rape, I'm going to remember her name.

Ronnie Tibideaux: What can I tell you, Cher? I guess she didn't make that good of an impression.

Emily Prentiss: Unlike yourself, right now.

Ronnie Tibideaux: You know, I'm guessing if someone did do something to that girl that night, then she was probably asking for it… Maybe even liked it.


William LaMontagne Jr.: Guy's not giving up anything.

Aaron Hotchner: Right after the double murder, what was the Ripper's next move?

Spencer Reid: He mutilated and dismembered Mary Kelly in her one-Room flat until she was unrecognizable. It's believed to be his most vicious kill of all.

Aaron Hotchner: 'Cause he had privacy.

Derek Morgan: And time to torture his victim before killing her. Maybe we're not too late.


Jennifer Jareau: She murdered these men, and I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before she works her way back to the one she really wants to kill.

Emily Prentiss: She makes an impression now?


Penelope Garcia: Work me.

Jennifer Jareau: We have a name... Sarah Danlin. I need an address.

Penelope Garcia: 1141 Sherman Avenue… It looks like she was a med student at Tulane, but she dropped out.

Jennifer Jareau: Let me guess... February 1998.

Penelope Garcia: Yeah.

Jennifer Jareau: Thanks. We got her.


John: I'm John, by the way.

Sarah Danlin: John… Take off your clothes.

John: Yes ma’am.


Derek Morgan: Sarah Danlin, F.B.I.! Open the door.


John: The things I'm gonna do to you.

Sarah Danlin: Me first.


Aaron Hotchner: F.B.I.!

William LaMontagne Jr.: Clear.

Spencer Reid: Clear.

William LaMontagne Jr.: She's not here.

Spencer Reid: Guys, there are some Ripperologists who speculate that Mary Kelly was actually killed in a flat that Jack the Ripper rented for the night.

Derek Morgan: I'm going to have Garcia check Sarah Danlin's credit card accounts. It's a long shot, but maybe we can trace her room back to her charge cards.


John: Aah! What the hell was that?

Sarah Danlin: Shh.

John: You're crazy.

Sarah Danlin: You never did explain those "things" you could do to me.


Aaron Hotchner: Souvenirs. These are from bars in the French quarter. This is from Mon Cherie.

Derek Morgan: She's trolling for victims in the place where it all began.

Aaron Hotchner: She can't move on. The rape isn't the whole story. I'll bet there's a history of sexual abuse that contributes to her rage as well.

Spencer Reid: It's almost like by taking on the Ripper persona, she was trying to kill something within herself.

Derek Morgan: Yeah, mama, what do you got?

Penelope Garcia: Sarah Danlin's visa was charged An hour ago at the Royal Ruby Inn.

Derek Morgan: Ah, baby girl, you never disappoint. Thank you… Royal Ruby Inn.

William LaMontagne Jr.: That's 2 blocks from here.

Derek Morgan: Let's go


John: Please! Please. Please. I have... I have children. Stop... Please.

Sarah Danlin: You asked...

Aaron Hotchner: FBI!

Derek Morgan: Drop the knife.

Aaron Hotchner: Drop the weapon.

Sarah Danlin: He wanted it... And he got it.

Derek Morgan: Put it down now.

Aaron Hotchner: We need an EMT tech right away.

Sarah Danlin: What are you waiting for?

Derek Morgan: Ma'am, we don't want to shoot you.

Sarah Danlin: Be such a shame to waste this. Do you want it, too?

Derek Morgan: What I want is for you to put that knife down.

Sarah Danlin: Come on. Don't fight it.

Aaron Hotchner: Sarah, we don't want to hurt you.

Sarah Danlin: Men.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Sarah, my name's William LaMontagne Jr. You knew my daddy? Yeah, yeah. You trusted him. So trust me.

Sarah Danlin: Where is he?

William LaMontagne Jr.: The storm took him… Come on. It's over… It's over.


Jennifer Jareau: Hey.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Hey there.

Jennifer Jareau: The medic says that her victim's going to be okay… I heard what you did in there… Your dad would be really proud.

William LaMontagne Jr.: It's weird. I spent all this time focused on closing this case for him... And now it's over.

Jennifer Jareau: Yeah.

William LaMontagne Jr.: I thought I'd feel happy, but I just feel lost.

Jennifer Jareau: Because you've...

William LaMontagne Jr.: And now you're leaving? How will I survive a woman like you going so far away?

Jennifer Jareau: Well, despite what you may have heard... Cell phones can be very good for your health… See ya.


Spencer Reid: How'd you find me?

Jason Gideon: You're not all that hard to profile… Your friend is good.

Spencer Reid: I missed that plane on purpose.

Jason Gideon: I know.

Spencer Reid: I'm struggling.

Jason Gideon: Well... Anybody who's been through what you've been through recently... Would.

Spencer Reid: This is all I was groomed for. I never even... I never even considered another option.

Jason Gideon: Now you're questioning whether or not you're strong enough to be here?

Spencer Reid: Yeah.

Jason Gideon: I have been playing at this job in one way or another for almost 30 years. I've felt lost. I've felt great. I have felt scared, sick, and insane… I don't know… I guess the day this job stops gnawing at your soul and... Hands... Your hands stop feeling cold... Maybe that's the time to leave.

Spencer Reid: I guess I just needed to try to figure out if I could step away from this job.

Jason Gideon: And?

Spencer Reid: I'll never miss another plane again.

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