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Esprits Criminels
#307 : En quête d'identité

La BAU se rend dans le Montana pour enquêter sur l'affaire de quatre femmes kidnappées et tuées, ces dernières torturées avant d'être assassinées sauvagement. Lorsqu'une autre femme disparaît, les recherches ont conduit à un homme qui a apparemment assumé l'identité de sa partenaire morte pour rechercher et éxécuter ses victimes.

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En quête d'identité

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Criminal Minds - 3x07 - astrophysics, hyper matter reactor

Criminal Minds - 3x07 - astrophysics, hyper matter reactor


CM 3x07 - roleplaying

CM 3x07 - roleplaying


Criminal Minds - 3x07 - profilers profiling a profiler

Criminal Minds - 3x07 - profilers profiling a profiler


3x07-JJ and Morgan at the bar

3x07-JJ and Morgan at the bar


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Les agents de la BAU commencent les recherches.

Les agents de la BAU commencent les recherches.

David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) discute avec Hotch.

David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) discute avec Hotch.

David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) et Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler).

David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) et Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler).

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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Joe Mantegna ... David Rossi
   - Paget Brewster ... Emily Prentiss
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jareau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Michael Cudlitz ... Francis Goehring
   - Kaj-Erik Eriksen ... Henry Frost
   - Jim Beaver ... Sheriff Williams
   - Pat Skipper ... Harris Townsend
   - Jenna Gavigan ... Becky
   - Danielle Kennedy ... Caissière
   - Jason Hamer ... Robert Miller
   - Adria Tennor ... Diane Goehring
   - Tammy Minoff ... Jennifer Hillbrigde
   - Beth Dover ... Angela Miller

Francis Goehring: Damn!

Officer 1: Dispatch 88, in pursuit of a vehicle. Plates match missing blue Honda, Highway 227.

Officer 2: This is 71 Joining pursuit, request additional back-up.

Francis Goehring: Come on. Come on! What a piece of crap. Damn!

Officer 1: Driver, Pull your vehicle over! Driver, turn off your vehicle and stay where you are… Driver! Put your hands outside the vehicle where we can see them! Turn off the radio and reach your hands outside the window! Hands! Let me see your hands! Both hands, now! Grenade! Get back!

Officer 3: Call for an ambulance. Officer down! Officer down!


Spencer Reid: A popular theory among leading astrophysicists estimates that the hyper matter reactor would need about 10 to the 32nd Jewels of energy to destroy a planet the size of earth. Now, Lucas said it took 19 years to build the first Death star, right? But if you look at the new essential chronology, there's a testbed prototype for a super Laser that spans…  Where are you going?

Derek Morgan: Taking back the last 5 minutes of my life.

Spencer Reid: You can't go in there.

Derek Morgan: Don't you want to know about this guy?

Emily Prentiss: I do.

Spencer Reid: Got it all memorized- his books, his bio.

Derek Morgan: Yeah, books have sold over a million copies.

Spencer Reid: So?

Derek Morgan: There's a million reasons not to come back, if you know what I'm saying.


Emily Prentiss: Huh. Taupe walls. That's a negative color. Cold, distant. You know, emotionally, taupe is linked to loneliness huh.

Derek Morgan: I though wall would be covert with medals and victories.

Emily Prentiss: Maybe he doesn't want to be reminded of past victories. It's a new chapter for him.

Spencer Reid: What happened to the moratorium on intra-team profiling, guys?

Derek Morgan: Come on, Reid, team? I don't think this guy knows the meaning of the word… Oh, I found something. Looks like some type of religious art. Original, maybe? Definitely expensive.

Spencer Reid: It's renaissance art. If that's original...

Emily Prentiss: Is it?

Spencer Reid: I don't know, it's kinda hard to tell… Means he's into the classics.

Derek Morgan: What else?

Spencer Reid: Uh, Italian, strict catholic upbringing. Probably believes in redemption.

David Rossi: Well, I believe in a lot of things. Catholic, yes. Italian-American, 52 years. Strict upbringing, not so much. Now, the artwork, that's 15th century, original. Cost more than my first house. And as for the wall color, it's just a base coat. Painters will come in and finish tomorrow. Now, if you're all finished, I think J.J. and Hotch are ready for us. Isn't that how a team works?


Jennifer Jareau: Great falls, Montana. over the past 14 months, 3 women have been reported missing: Michelle Lawford, Jennifer Hillbridge, and Darcy Cranwell. All young Caucasian brunettes. After an extensive search, all were presumed dead by local authorities.

Emily Prentiss: So at least we know he has a type.

Jennifer Jareau: And now there's A fourth woman, Angela Miller. This morning, she and her car went missing from a small grocery store while her husband and son were inside.

Spencer Reid: This morning?

David Rossi: Montana's requesting our help?

Jennifer Jareau: 40 minutes later, state troopers spotted Angela Miller's car on the highway.

Aaron Hotchner: And when troopers tried to apprehend the driver, he blew himself up with a grenade, putting one of the troopers in the I.C.U.

Spencer Reid: Are they sure that she wasn't in the car with him?

Jennifer Jareau: They went through the wreckage, and it appears she's still missing.

Derek Morgan: Troopers get a look at the guy?

Jennifer Jareau: Caucasian, stocky, brown hair, moustache. Early forties. He has a scar on the left side of his face.

Derek Morgan: Do you think Angela Miller's still alive?

Aaron Hotchner: Since the other missings were never found, we don't know, but he only had her For 40 minutes, so we have to assume she is.


David Rossi: "An earthly kingdom cannot exist without inequality of persons. Some must be free, some serfs, some rulers, some subjects." Martin Luther.


Emily Prentiss: You know, I could have gotten you a coloring book at the airport.

Spencer Reid: I'm creating a topographical map, weighing down and geocoding all key locations looking for algorithms.

Emily Prentiss: Yeah. That's exactly what I thought you were doing.

Aaron Hotchner: It's called a jeopardy surface. It's a way of narrowing down where the unsub could reside.

Spencer Reid: And by default, where he may be stashing Angela Miller.

Derek Morgan: You know, it says here the guy had a fully loaded gun, so we know he had options. Why the grenade?

David Rossi: He wants to be remembered. And he wanted to be sure to take as many cops with him as possible. He knows he's out gunned. So he waits. Times it to the last second. Boom! There are some very committed people in those parts.

Aaron Hotchner: Who love their fire power.

David Rossi: Almost as much as they hate us.

Derek Morgan: Militia.

Spencer Reid: And they're heavily armed.

Emily Prentiss: Yeah, but hand grenades?

Spencer Reid: It's not uncommon for Militia members to have military experience. Oftentimes, they resent the structure and they get discharged, and they form their own paramilitary governments.

Jennifer Jareau: Dental records are on their way to Garcia. I'll tell her to check the military first.

Aaron Hotchner: Prentiss and I will go meet the husband.

Derek Morgan: I can walk the other abduction sights.

Aaron Hotchner: Everybody else, set up base, work on geographical profiles. Establish contact with the locals, and tread carefully. They'll be watching us.


Sheriff Williams: He killed a 15-year police veteran. He died in I.C.U. a couple hours ago.

Emily Prentiss: Sorry to hear that.

Aaron Hotchner: So Angela Miller came out with the groceries while her husband took Mark into the bathroom.

Sheriff Williams: He came out, she was gone, her and the car.

Aaron Hotchner: Unsub gets into the car, gun drawn, and tells her to drive.

Emily Prentiss: She knows her son's coming out any minute, so to keep him out of harm's way, she drives off.

Aaron Hotchner: Where did he come from? All the vehicles in the vicinity have been accounted for.

Emily Prentiss: Well, if he's a local, he walked.

Sheriff Williams: Well, these folks can rest easy knowing the bastard's dead… Except, of course, for Angela Miller's family.


Jennifer Jareau: Uh, this is agent Jareau with the FBI, and… That's the third time I've been hung up on.

David Rossi: Try not saying FBI.

Spencer Reid: Who was that?

Jennifer Jareau: Contact for a local Militia newsletter.

Spencer Reid: Yeah, drop the FBI part.

Jennifer Jareau: A woman is missing. You'd think these people would want to help us.

David Rossi: They do want to help. The missing woman, not us.

Jennifer Jareau: Go ahead, Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: You were spot on, crime fighters. Military records match. Francis Goehring, 42 years old… Did a year in the army for a bad conduct discharge. Highlight of which was an arrest during a bar brawl in which three other people were hospitalized. He also appears in the federal database for... Get this, aggressive militia groups.

Jennifer Jareau: Aggressive militia groups. Is there any other type?

Penelope Garcia: Uh-huh. That's your Federal Government at work. We specialize in redundancy.

David Rossi: You see a last known address?

Penelope Garcia: A compound just outside of town. It's coming your way… Oh, he also has a wife that doesn't appear to live with him. Diane Marie Goehring, Lives in Shelby a few hours away.

David Rossi: Have the state police bring in the wife.  Reid and I will go make friends with his neighbors.

Jennifer Jareau: Thanks, Garcia.


Emily Prentiss: We need you to tell us what happened.

Robert Miller: The guy that took my wife... He took the other missing women, didn't he? He's a serial killer, that's why you're here?

Aaron Hotchner: No, we're here to help you find your wife.

Robert Miller: You do believe she's alive?

Aaron Hotchner: Unless I have evidence to the contrary, I very much consider her to be alive.

Sheriff Williams: I wouldn't have called him in if I believed otherwise.

Robert Miller: What do you believe?

Aaron Hotchner: I believe you spent all morning... Going over and over in your head about the last time you saw her… And asking yourself how could it happen, why did it happen.

Emily Prentiss: Those moments, those memories, we need to hear them all, in detail.

Robert Miller: How's that gonna help save her?

Aaron Hotchner: Well, in one of those moments, someone else may have been watching her, too.


Trailer Park Manager: What the hell do you want? Can't you read?

Spencer Reid: I'm not a salesman, I'm with the FBI.

Trailer Park Manager: FBI? You're not serious. You look like a pipe cleaner with eyes. I could snap you like a twig.

David Rossi: But then, he isn't alone. We're here because this was the address listed for Francis Goehring.

Trailer Park Manager: I haven't seen him in months.

David Rossi: We'd like to see his residence. Francis Goehring abducted 3 women. We're looking for a fourth… He took her while her husband and son were in a store. This isn't about us, it's about a woman from your community.

Trailer Park Manager: I'll show you his place… Piece of advice, pipe cleaner, way you're wearing that gun... Begging someone to take it off you.


Spencer Reid: Mostly just junk mail. Catalogs for firearms... Survival preparedness.

David Rossi: He doesn't sleep here.

Spencer Reid: Postmarks are new. He probably just uses this address for mail.

David Rossi: Odd choice of reading material.

Spencer Reid: Uh, speaking of reading material, I've, uh, read all your books.

David Rossi: Thanks.

Spencer Reid: Um... One thing that always kind of struck me as odd is that you really just sort of glance over Ruby Ridge. I mean, you don't… You don't have to tell me, I...

David Rossi: This picture seems old. It's part of a past life. We need to find where his new life is. How's that map of yours coming along?

Spencer Reid: I've got it Narrowed down to about a 30 mile radius.

David Rossi: Well, Hotch seems to think he was on foot. That's a long walk.

Spencer Reid: I'm still refining it.

David Rossi: Good… Hello… Home movies.


Francis Goehring: An earthly kingdom... Cannot exist without the inequality of persons. Martin Luther understood the weak will always serve the strong… Like me… He had dreams… And ideas.

Spencer Reid: It's funny, he uses the chair like it's a throne and he's framing himself intentionally with a low angle to give him power and dominance in the frame.

Francis Goehring: In feudal times, the lord lived on high ground to spot the invader. He had serfs to serve his kingdom. The lord never had to leave his castle. The serfs would bring him everything. They were the appendages of his will.

Emily Prentiss: There's 11 more tapes of this?

Spencer Reid: It's his manifesto.

Francis Goehring: First, I will build a compound, a kingdom. Second, I will arm, protect, and fortify my kingdom. Third, I will keep women as serfs to serve my every need. This is my right… As a man with free will in America, I will make my kingdom a reality.

David Rossi: Well, we know he's moved out of his house. My guess is that kingdom is the reality now.

Emily Prentiss: Hey, he talks about keeping women to serve him. It's possible all these women are still alive.

Jennifer Jareau: Excuse me. Goehring's wife is here.


Emily Prentiss: Thank you for coming to speak with us, Mrs. Goehring.

Diane Goehring: Did I have a choice?

Emily Prentiss: We need your help.

Diane Goehring: If I don't have to be here, good-bye.

Emily Prentiss: Um, is this you? That is you, isn't it?

Diane Goehring: Where did you get this?

Emily Prentiss: Um, have you seen this woman?

Diane Goehring: Today on the news.

Emily Prentiss: Well, you probably saw these three women on the news as well, and we think they all share one thing in common.

Diane Goehring: What?

Emily Prentiss: They all look like you. A pattern, a type. You and all of these women fit a type. When was the last time you saw your husband?

Diane Goehring: I... I haven't seen him since we threw him out.

Emily Prentiss: We?

Diane Goehring: The militia. They saw what… What he did to me, and threw him out.

Emily Prentiss: What he did to you?

Aaron Hotchner: Francis killed himself yesterday.

Diane Goehring: He's-he's dead?

David Rossi: After being caught driving Angela Miller's car.

Emily Prentiss: Can you think of anywhere that he would have taken these women?

David Rossi: Your husband was sadistic. He hurt you, made you do horrible things. He treated you like a slave. Did what he wanted, whenever he wanted. He did the same thing to those other women, except they didn't have the militia to save them.

Aaron Hotchner: Francis said that his dream started with 9 acres. What's he talking about?

Diane Goehring: My parents' land. When-when-when they died, he made me give it to him.

Aaron Hotchner: Where is it?


Aaron Hotchner: Sheriff, let me know when they've swept the house for explosives. In the meantime, check the perimeter. Let's find her.

Sheriff Williams: Tommy, 2 men on the house.

David Rossi: Angela?

Aaron Hotchner: Angela? Angela?

Sheriff Williams: Angela Miller?

David Rossi: Angela!

Derek Morgan: Hotch! Rossi! We got her. It's Angela… She's gone… 2 exit wounds, upper torso.

Sheriff Williams: I promised her son we'd find her alive… What is it?

David Rossi: She's still warm.

Derek Morgan: Look at the blood. It hasn't dried yet. This is recent. Very recent.

Sheriff Williams: How is that possible?

David Rossi: Goehring didn't do this.

Aaron Hotchner: He's got a partner.


Aaron Hotchner: Angela's been dead for no more than half an hour. The partner was just here.

Sheriff Williams: He can't have gotten far. We set up road blocks within a 40 mile radius.

Aaron Hotchner: Sheriff, somebody around here must know who Goehring's partner is.

David Rossi: We should try Goehring's pals, the militia. Maybe they can help.

Sheriff Williams: Militia leader is Harris Townsend. He owns a bar called the horse post.

David Rossi: I'd suggest sending Morgan.

Derek Morgan: What? All due respect, Rossi, but you've got an entire team to pick from. You're choosing me? Are you serious?

Sheriff Williams: No offense, but do you really want to do that?

Aaron Hotchner: Take J.J. with you.

David Rossi: They know we're here. But you're the last face they expect.

Derek Morgan: Let's do it, J.J.

Aaron Hotchner: Sheriff, we need to get into the house.

Sheriff Williams: Not until I get the all clear. Goehring blew himself up. God knows what else he's got in there.

Aaron Hotchner: Search what you can until we get in. Anything to build a workable profile.


David Rossi: Keeps everything neat.

Spencer Reid: Obsessively so. His trailer was organized, but this is different.

David Rossi: Uh-oh.


Sheriff Williams: Get back to me on it.

Spencer Reid: We found some cartridges and different casings.

David Rossi: The gun racks were empty. He took his entire arsenal.

Sheriff Williams: 7.62 millimeter. He's got an assault rifle.

Aaron Hotchner: And I found 2 sets of men's shoes of different sizes.

Sheriff Williams: We found fresh tire tracks small pick-up truck.

Aaron Hotchner: I know it doesn't narrow it down much, but let the troopers know they're looking for a man in a pick-up.

David Rossi: If he's as prepared as Goehring, he'll have a police scanner and a 2-way radio.

Sheriff Williams: We can tune into the state geological Survey frequency. Nobody ever listens to that.

Emily Prentiss: Prentiss: hey, guys?


Emily Prentiss: There are 3 sections of roses, different heights, different levels of maturity.

Aaron Hotchner: 3 different women.

Emily Prentiss: These appear to be the most recently planted. The tags are still on them. Guys...

Spencer Reid: Carrion beetles.

Emily Prentiss: Like in a cemetery.

Aaron Hotchner: Sheriff, let's get some shovels. We need to start digging.


Jennifer Jareau: This should be interesting.

Derek Morgan: J.J., wait a minute. Stay behind me. When we get inside, do not, whatever you do, turn your back on that door. Do you hear me?

Jennifer Jareau: I can handle myself.


Derek Morgan: We're looking for Harris Townsend.

Harris Townsend: Put your badge away. We know who you are.

Derek Morgan: We're only here to talk to Harris Townsend. We heard he runs this bar.

Harris Townsend: I do. Talking isn't exactly what you boys are known for.

Jennifer Jareau: We're investigating a missing woman…

Harris Townsend: Bobby, be a gentleman. Pull up a chair for the little lady.

Jennifer Jareau: No, I prefer to stand.

Harris Townsend: I'd prefer it if you both left my bar… But we have manners. Glock 17. Tactical, but European… Smith & Wesson. Pure American hardware. I wonder which one is more dependable.

Derek Morgan: I don't want to be here Just as much as you don't want me here. But we have a job to do.

Harris Townsend: I never understood how someone like you could trust them.

Derek Morgan: Someone like me?

Harris Townsend: How has the federal government ever helped your people? Slavery, ghettos, poverty. The CIA got you all hooked on heroin in the sixties, crack in the eighties. Now, I hate the government. But you... You should despise them. They sure as hell don't care about you now. There are 5 other members of your team… Look around you. Why the hell did they send you in here?

Derek Morgan: Francis Goehring and a partner abducted and killed 4 innocent women, the last of which we just found dead in a bed of roses, shot in the back twice… Nobody sent me anywhere. I came here to do right by her. Now, Goehring's partner is out there somewhere, so we completely understand if you boys are just too afraid to tell us about him. I get it… But just say so… Don't go hiding behind your vague little gun threats and your tired conspiracy theories, please.

Harris Townsend: Goehring was a piece of dung. I don't know who his partner is. I saw him once, through the scope of my rifle. Me and some of the boys were out hunting… Small guy, about 5'8. Following Goehring around like his private pack mule. Hat on, head down… That's it, that's all I know.

Derek Morgan: Just in case you remember something else… Take care, boys.


Sheriff Williams: Didn't find any explosives, nothing rigged, but be careful.

David Rossi: Odd. Goehring kept his house almost cozy… Hotch?

Aaron Hotchner: Yeah.

David Rossi: These tapes have the names of the missing women… They've all been un-spooled.

Aaron Hotchner: We need to get these to Garcia immediately. Deputy.


Emily Prentiss: One, all actions must serve to please the master. 2, insubordination will result in punishment... This is his new manifesto.

Spencer Reid: Notice how "master" is singular and capitalized, emphasizing there's only one dominant partner.

Emily Prentiss: So his partner is more of a servant.

Spencer Reid: Or a serf. Watching the house, minding the lawn, helping him abduct women...

Emily Prentiss: Okay, so if his partner is a serf, what are the female slaves for?

David Rossi: Oh, I think I can answer that.


Spencer Reid: Now we know why the victims were taken so far apart. They tortured them. It took time for them to die.

Aaron Hotchner: This is where he kept them. The blood's fresh.

Emily Prentiss: What the hell is this?

Spencer Reid: The pear of anguish.

David Rossi: I've got something here… Homemade torture tools… They covered the floor in something, the bodies are probably wrapped in whatever it was. They must have kept these women in that box for months. Judging by these tools, there will be a considerable amount of mutilation. We need to do what we can to help their families get a proper burial.


Aaron Hotchner: Goehring's partner is early to mid-twenties. 5'8". Slight build. Shy and retiring, But groomed by a separatist armed with assault weaponry. Like Goehring, He's unlikely to surrender if he's cornered.

Emily Prentiss: His obsession with cleanliness and order is deeply ingrained. This will be reflected in his home and his vehicle.

Spencer Reid: We've located hair samples in the cabin we believe are his, medium-short length and blonde.

David Rossi: He's the submissive partner, but having just lost Goehring… A man he was dedicated to and heavily dependent upon… He's in crisis.


Francis Goehring: One more thing… Never let the bastards take you alive and never be forgotten.


Penelope Garcia: That's it. The whole tamale, every horrific frame. I'm done.

Emily Prentiss: No luck seeing the partner?

Penelope Garcia: No. He's... I scanned every frame. He's holding the camera.

Emily Prentiss: You okay?

Penelope Garcia: No.

Emily Prentiss: I'm sorry… This is Jennifer Hillbridge, The second woman abducted.

Jennifer Hillbridge: Please, stop. Please. It hurts.

Francis Goehring: What is it with you? Huh? What is it with you? You just don't get it, do you? Total power over your life.

Spencer Reid: The cameraman frames Goehring, but never her.

Francis Goehring: I decide.

Spencer Reid: Watch. He never stays on her that long.

Emily Prentiss: He's more interested in Goehring than the torture. He's lingering on his biceps. Like he's caressing Goehring's body.

Sheriff Williams: Why the hell?

Emily Prentiss: The unspooled tapes that wasn't to destroy evidence. It was from jealousy.

Sheriff Williams: What?

Emily Prentiss: He's in love with Goehring.

Francis Goehring: Make a loop. Tie it around. Bring it through. Goes through.

Spencer Reid: He's teaching him how to tie the perfect knot.

Francis Goehring: A trucker's hitch. She's not going anywhere.

Emily Prentiss: So he can be the perfect serf.

Spencer Reid: It would be part of his servitude to clean his house, help abduct girls, bury the bodies, get supplies, and plant the roses.

Emily Prentiss: He had to buy roses, and a lot of them.

Sheriff Williams: Someone must have seen him.

Emily Prentiss: Let's get to the nurseries.


Emily Prentiss: We're looking for a man in his twenties. He keeps to himself.

Man: No.


Spencer Reid: Avoids eye contact. Speaks very little, but when he does, he would sound meek, almost feminine.


Jennifer Jareau: He'd have purchased soil, gardening tools... Buys quite a few rose plants.

Employee: Yeah, I know who you're talking about. Henry. He's not a customer. Henry Frost. Here. He works here.

Jennifer Jareau: Great. I need an address.


Aaron Hotchner: He's destroyed everything he owns.

Spencer Reid: He has no identity. He burned his face off his pictures.

Aaron Hotchner: Why?

Spencer Reid: A submissive depends upon a dominant partner not only for instruction, but for purpose and meaning.

Aaron Hotchner: So he's starting over, wiping the slate clean.

Emily Prentiss: Yeah, but as what?


Henry Frost: Sorry. Did I scare you?

Becky: No, it's okay.

Henry Frost: Let me help you with that.

Becky: No, thanks. I got it.


Becky: Oh, god!

Henry Frost: Get in the trunk.

Becky: No!

Henry Frost: Get in the trunk!

Becky: God, please, no!

Henry Frost: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Get in the trunk!

Becky: Take the car…

Henry Frost: Don't tell me what to do!

Becky: Help me, somebody! Please!

Henry Frost: Shut up!

Becky: Help! Help me, somebody!

Cashier: Hey! Stop the car or I'll shoot! Damn it.


Cashier: I could have taken the shot. I was just afraid of hitting her.

Aaron Hotchner: You get a good look at him?

Cashier: Yeah, he came in. Big ass bandage on the left side of his face. Bought a beer and pumpkin seeds, went back to his truck and sat there.

Sheriff Williams: Was that his truck?

Cashier: Yeah Yes, sir.

David Rossi: That was their M.O. Frost chauffeured Goehring around. Goehring picks a victim, abducts her on foot, they drive off in separate vehicles.

Aaron Hotchner: But this time, Frost had to play both roles, and he got sloppy, and he left a witness and his car.

Jennifer Jareau: Can you confirm that that's the guy you saw?

Cashier: No.


Cashier: That's him.

Jennifer Jareau: He looks like Goehring.

David Rossi: Or frost's version of him.


David Rossi: Okay, you're Goehring, sadistic bastard. I'm Frost, a submissive, troubled, gay man. I need you to dominate me because it gives me direction and a purpose in life.

Aaron Hotchner: And life is good. And then one day, I pull the pin on a grenade.

David Rossi: You die and when I lose you, I begin to lose my identity because my sense of self was tied to you.

Aaron Hotchner: You're showing classic signs of depersonalization disorder precipitated by the stressor of losing a loved one.

David Rossi: Now all that's left is me.

Aaron Hotchner: And you hate yourself.

David Rossi: I do. Why?

Aaron Hotchner: Because I've brainwashed you with all my rules. I've told you over and over how weak you are, how you're nothing without me.

David Rossi: Right. So I go back to my home and annihilate everything I own, every reminder of who I am. I erase myself and become you.

Aaron Hotchner: It's the only way that you can survive, the only way that you can hold onto me.

David Rossi: Frost transforms himself into Goehring and goes back to abducting women because that's what Goehring would do.

Aaron Hotchner: We need to stop thinking like frost and start thinking like Goehring, 'cause he's still calling the shots.


Becky: Please help me! Let me out!

Francis Goehring: What kind of man follows another man around like a dog? If you act like a nobody... You'll be treated like a nobody.

Henry Frost: I'm not a nobody. I'm you.

Becky: Help me! Help! Somebody help!


Henry Frost: Hurry up. Hurry up! Come on!

Becky: Okay, okay!

Henry Frost: Get over here… Get down.


Aaron Hotchner: Sheriff, he's taken on Goehring's persona. We have to assume He's going to behave the same way. He's heavily armed, and he's committed to his cause.

David Rossi: If he's caught, he's not only willing to die, but to take as many of us with him as possible.

Aaron Hotchner: He's got a hostage, which means I'm going to need the best sharpshooter you've got.

Sheriff Williams: That's fine but we don't even know where this guy's headed.

Aaron Hotchner: The team's been working the profile, and we think we've got something.

Emily Prentiss: In the tapes, Goehring makes several mentions of "ideal land."

Spencer Reid: He also said that "lords lived on higher ground to better surveil the land and spot invaders."

Derek Morgan: He studied Medieval defense strategies, so he'll probably go to a place where he can protect himself.

Emily Prentiss: High ground, easily defendable. This picture was on Goehring's fridge. Do you know where that is?

Sheriff Williams: That's Black Eagle Peak. Militia groups used to use it for training drills till the state stopped them.

Aaron Hotchner: Ideal land.


Becky: Please, don't do this.

Henry Frost: Why? This is what I do.

Becky: My name is Becky-

Henry Frost: Yeah. You shut up! Shut up! You don't have a name, not until I give you one. You hear me?

Becky: I teach school. I have a fiance… What happened to your face? It looks bad. What's your name?

Henry Frost: What's my name? My name is Francis Goehring.


Sheriff Williams: My guy's got eyes on him. He's on the very top of the peak on the far side of that ridge. He'll see us coming.

Emily Prentiss: He already knows if he's using that police scanner.

Derek Morgan: We got to find a way to get up there.

David Rossi: We'll never be able to get close enough. How it going with the sharpshooter?

Aaron Hotchner: Who's that?

Derek Morgan: Oh, you can't be serious.

Sheriff Williams: You asked for the best. He's it. Ex-special forces sniper.

David Rossi: He's a civilian.

Derek Morgan: He's militia.

Sheriff Williams: I deputized him. He knows the terrain like nobody else.

Harris Townsend: Wind in this valley will change the trajectory of a shot by inches. If you can't read the wind, the wrong person might get shot. I guess I don't need to remind you gentleman of that.

Derek Morgan: We can handle this.

Harris Townsend: Good luck with that.

David Rossi: Hey, it might not come down to it if we don't get moving. I'll go with him.

Sheriff Williams: You want to flank around the west side of the mountain?

Harris Townsend: If he's on the north, I'll get a better view from the East Ridge. It's steeper, higher ground, get a clear shot from there.

Aaron Hotchner: If you see the shot, call it.

David Rossi: Good.

Aaron Hotchner: Channel 23. Keep it open. I'll go with the sheriff. We'll stay at the base and try to distract him. You go up to the northeast and through the middle. Keep your head down.


Aaron Hotchner: Francis Goehring? Channel 2! All we want to do is talk to you. Let me know if you can hear me.

Henry Frost: Yeah, I can hear you. Get up… This is my land. You understand? Not yours. And you will leave, or she dies.


Harris Townsend: She's tucked in real tight. Too tight. I can't get the shot. You got to get him to move.

David Rossi: No shot. We've got to distract frost. Get him away from Becky.


Sheriff Williams: How are we going to do that?

Aaron Hotchner: He's not Goehring. He can't do this.

Sheriff Williams: He shot Angela Miller in the back.

Aaron Hotchner: All I want to do is talk!

Henry Frost: You want to talk? Then go ahead and talk but you come any closer, and she gets a bullet. You hear me? Huh? She's going to be the first to go. I swear!


Harris Townsend: Your policy was shoot to kill at Ruby Ridge, wasn't it?

David Rossi: It wasn't, but it is now.

Harris Townsend: Yeah. Well, I'm not in the bureau, am I?


Aaron Hotchner: We know a lot about you, Henry. We know your name is Henry Frost. We know you're 25 years old. We know that your dad kicked you out of the house when you were 15. He was a drunk, and he abused and he abandoned you and ever since, your life has been a series of jails and institutions, and it's been hell.

Henry Frost: Shut up! No! Never let the bastards take you alive. Never be forgotten.


Harris Townsend: You're the man that sent those 2 agents into my bar.

David Rossi: I was.

Harris Townsend: To piss me off.

David Rossi: If you have the shot, take it.

Harris Townsend: Innocent woman died at Ruby Ridge.

David Rossi: As tragic as that outcome was, my order on that day was the same as it is now. This man is not going to be taken alive.

Harris Townsend: You were there?

David Rossi: I was.


Derek Morgan: The shot's the signal to go.


David Rossi: Take the damn shot.

Harris Townsend: Maybe your partner will talk him out of it.


Aaron Hotchner: Henry, just let the girl go and I'll clear everybody out, and you and I can just talk. That's a promise. It doesn't have to end like this.

Henry Frost: Yes, it does! Yes, it does! And it will!

Aaron Hotchner: Henry, let her go. Henry, let her go!


Emily Prentiss: Okay, okay, it's okay. I'm gonna get this off you.

Derek Morgan: He's gone.

Emily Prentiss: Let me help you up. Is there anything else on you?

Becky: No.


Derek Morgan: It's quite a view. Reminds me of Idaho.

David Rossi: Me, too… All anybody remembers is that an FBI sniper killed a mother while she was holding her baby… 6 months later, Waco. 80 men, women, and children died… Not a single shot did we fire that day. The legacy of those failures still haunts us. It's why some people don't trust us. Made me start thinking about leaving the agency.

Derek Morgan: So, what started you thinking about coming back?

David Rossi: Unfinished business.

Derek Morgan: You know, there's one thing you'll learn about me, Rossi. I'm relentless. I'll find out.

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