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Esprits Criminels
#310 : Le justicier

L'équipe de profilers et les autorités locales de Los Angeles enquêtent sur des meurtres en série liés à un gang qui pourraient impliquer un artiste de comic book. De son côté Penelope essaye de surmonter son agression mais cette dernière a très dûr à reprendre son travail correctement, Derek décide alors de tout faire pour l'aider et retrouver leur complicité.

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Titre VO
True Night

Titre VF
Le justicier

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Johnny McHale/Night (Frankie Muniz).

Johnny McHale/Night (Frankie Muniz).

Johnny McHale est en train de somnoler.

Johnny McHale est en train de somnoler.

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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Joe Mantegna ... David Rossi
   - Paget Brewster ... Emily Prentiss
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jareau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Frankie Muniz ... Jonny McHale
   - Parry Shen ... Bobby Kim
   - John Walcutt ... Détective Brady
   - Ellen Hollman ... Vickie Wright
   - Sara Van Horn ... Helen Trestle
   - Graig Gellis ... Glen Hill
   - Steve Richard Harris ... Jasper
   - Johanna Parker ... Jean
   - Marc D. Wilson ... Benson
   - Edward Flores ... Gus
   - Matt Micucci ... Milo
   - David Lengel ... Brain

Jonny McHale: No one sees true night... What's really there in the dark… It's not that they I can't see, they simply don't. They feel an elemental force that scares them into the deepest reaches of their minds... But they refuse to see the actual source... Something wane them, just out of their reach. Something cold and frightening… Something inhuman.


Jennifer Jareau: These are victims 6 and 7 within a 2-week span.

Emily Prentiss: All killed with a bladed weapon?

Jennifer Jareau: Yeah. The attacks are getting progressively worse.

Spencer Reid: The first 5 were lone victims.

Derek Morgan: He's getting bolder.

Spencer Reid: And more vicious.

Aaron Hotchner: Tell L.A. we can be there by 9:30.


Penelope Garcia: I can open my own door.

Derek Morgan: Not on my watch. Now, will you zip it?

Penelope Garcia: What the hell?

Derek Morgan: What?

Penelope Garcia: What happened in here?

Derek Morgan: Oh, what, the mess? I got that.

Penelope Garcia: Partially.

Derek Morgan: I guess the guy who was in here going through your system…

Penelope Garcia: Kevin Lynch.

Derek Morgan: Yeah.  He made a little bit of a mess. Don't worry about it.

Penelope Garcia: He changed everything.

Derek Morgan: Changed everything? What are you talking about?

Penelope Garcia: He adjusted The… The... Oh… Forget it. It'll be... Go. you need to get to L.A.

Derek Morgan: No, listen, I'm gonna stick around for a while. I think you might need me.

Penelope Garcia: Stick around?

Derek Morgan: Yeah. The team can handle one case without me. They'll be fine.

Penelope Garcia: Honey, I know you love me, but the prospect of you whirling around here trying to fix this is actually more frightening than getting shot.

Derek Morgan: Garcia, are you sure?

Penelope Garcia: I am completely fine. Look. full range of motion.

Derek Morgan: Stop, stop, stop.

Penelope Garcia: No pain. Uhh! Uhh!

Derek Morgan: Stop, stop, stop. Will you stop it with the "uhh." stop.

Penelope Garcia: Go.

Derek Morgan: You know I'm just a phone call away.

Penelope Garcia: Thank you… Go… Oh! Kevin Lynch, you may be cute... but if you ever mess with my stuff again... I...


Spencer Reid: "Superman is, after all, an alien life form. he is simply the acceptable face of invading realities." Author Clive Barker.


Vickie Wright: What should I say?

Jonny McHale: I don't know. Just say something.

Vickie Wright: Ohh...

Jonny McHale: Why'd you hang up?

Vickie Wright: I hate this.

Jonny McHale: It's not that big a deal.

Vickie Wright: I don't want to leave a lame voicemail message.

Jonny McHale: All you have to do is say your name.

Vickie Wright: Like yours?

Jonny McHale: What's wrong with mine?

Vickie Wright: Come on, I want something fun. You're a writer. You promised to help.

Jonny McHale: All right, all right… Why don't you say you can't answer the phone because you're outu' living your life… You hate it.

Vickie Wright: I love it… Hey, this is Vickie. I can't come to the phone right now 'cause I'm out living my life. Leave it at the beep… My hero.

Jonny McHale: Quid pro quo?

Vickie Wright: Oh, I love it when you speak Latin.

Jonny McHale: Wait till you hear my French.

Vickie Wright: Jonny!


Bobby Kim: Jonny! I know you're in there, Jonny. Come on, Jonny, open up!

Jonny McHale: What?

Bobby Kim: Oh. I don't check on you for a few months and you fall apart.

Jonny McHale: What do you want?

Bobby Kim: Are you serious? You have a book signing in an hour.

Jonny McHale: I'm not going to a book signing.

Bobby Kim: Uh-Uh. No, no, no, no. I'm your agent, and we got an advance from the publisher, baby, and it's a big one.

Jonny McHale: Give it back.

Bobby Kim: Come On, Jonny. These are your fans. They schlepped to a gallery and camped there… All Night. Now, I don't know if you noticed, but it rained on them. A lot. Ah ha ha. Check and mate. Get dressed. I got a coffee, waiting for you in the car… What's this?

Jonny McHale: It's something I'm working on.

Bobby Kim: What do you mean?

Jonny McHale: That sentence needs an explanation?

Bobby Kim: What about blue 6?

Jonny McHale: I'm doing something new.

Bobby Kim: Blue's due in 2 weeks.

Jonny McHale: Not gonna happen.

Bobby Kim: Not gonna happen?

Jonny McHale: I'm not feeling it anymore.

Bobby Kim: Not feeling it.

Jonny McHale: Stop repeating everything I say!

Bobby Kim: Jonny, stop it. You have commitments. You're a professional. What the hell is this, anyway? All this blood and decapitations. When did your art get so violent?

Jonny McHale: I'm working on something new.

Bobby Kim: I'll call the publisher.


Bobby Kim: Seriously, not all pedestrians have the right of way, okay? We're already late!

Jonny McHale: My headache isn't gonna get any better with you screaming.

Bobby Kim: I got to admit, Jonny, the art is amazing. Violent as hell, but... Amazing. This character… What's his name? Night? That's the whole name, just Night? Not very catchy. What about, uh, Night man or I don't know... True Knight. With a "K."

Jonny McHale: No "K."

Bobby Kim: I'm just saying…

Jonny McHale: No "K"!

Bobby Kim: Message received… I'm just asking questions here, Jon. You know how we kind of work these things out together?

Jonny McHale: You think we work together? I'm the talent, you're the leech.

Bobby Kim: What is wrong with you today?


Vickie Wright: Are you gonna work all night?

Jonny McHale: I have a deadline.

Vickie Wright: I'm hungry.

Jonny McHale: How does someone so small eat so much?

Vickie Wright: Let's go get some jerky.

Jonny McHale: It's midnight.

Vickie Wright: So?

Jonny McHale: You really want to go out in the middle of the night for jerky?

Vickie Wright: Teriyaki jerky. Hurry up… Will you hurry up?


Bobby Kim: Seriously, would you just hurry the hell up! I swear, if we're not there in 5 minutes… Whoa. Something big happened. Seriously, this is huge.


Spencer Reid: Should have listened to me.

Derek Morgan: It wouldn't have saved that much time, Reid. Let it go.

Spencer Reid: The interchange between the 405 and the 101 freeways is consistently rated the worst interchange in the entire world.

Derek Morgan: Why do you know that?

Spencer Reid: It's a government report.

Derek Morgan: So what?

Spencer Reid: So you work for the government. What, you don't read the reports?

Derek Morgan: On traffic patterns in a city 2,500 miles from where i live?

Spencer Reid: 2,295 Miles.

Derek Morgan: Don't make me smack you in front of all these people.

Grady: I'm Grady, LAPD.

Derek Morgan: Derek Morgan. Dr. Reid. The rest of the team's in an SUV behind us.

Spencer Reid: Yeah, stuck in traffic… Uh, so you had 2 more victims last night?

Grady: They were discovered a little after 3:30 by a cleaning crew finishing up in the building.

Derek Morgan: So that's 7 victims over the past 2 weeks.

Grady: Bodies are in the alley. What's left of them.

Spencer Reid: Same victimology?

Grady: We don't have positive I.D. on either one of them yet, but the clothing fits. You really think this is only one guy, huh?

Spencer Reid: The level of overkill suggests an unsub in a psychotic break. Multiple unsubs in violent psychotic breaks operating in the exact same location is exceedingly unlikely.

Derek Morgan: Yeah, it's probably one guy.


Milo: He was supposed to be here at 1 p.m. It's 1:11, Gus.

Gus: I just talked to his agent. They're in traffic, okay?

Milo: Maybe they should have left earlier.

Gus: Look, you want the agent's number so you can call and tell them off?

Milo: I'm just saying. A schedule's a schedule.

Brian: It's probably the police activity holding them up. It's all over the scanner. There were some murders near here last night.

Gus: Murders? Plural?

Brian: 2 Bodies. Robbery homicide's been there all night. R-H only comes out for the major cases.

Milo: If Jonny McHale doesn't show, I promise you, I will take my considerable business elsewhere.

Gus: You can leave right now, Milo.

Brian: Seriously, where would you go, hero world? They never get anything day of release. It's always over…

Bobby Kim: I present to you... The one and only... Jonny McHale… Jonny!

Gus: Bobby.

Milo: That was the personal appearance?

Gus: Milo, seriously, leave.

Milo: They hate me at hero world.

Brian: Seriously.


Vickie Wright: Jonny? Jonny. Jonny?

Jonny McHale: Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Vickie Wright: Hey, this is Vickie. I can't come to the phone right now 'cause I'm out living my life. Leave it at the beep.

Jonny McHale: Vickie, call me, please. Just call me back. I'm sorry.


Jasper: Oh, my God. Oh, my God! He jumped right out in front of me. There was nothing… There was nothing I could do. Oh, my God. Can you get up? You okay? Let me help you. You okay? Are you okay? Can you get up?

Jean: Aah! Stop! Stop! What's wrong with you? Let go of him! Aah! Jasper! Jasper. Oh, my God. Jasper! You son of a bitch! It was your fault! You ran right out in front of us! It was your fault! Baby, are you okay? Jasper.


Derek Morgan: I'd say it's definitely our guy… Same victimology. Hotch... This guy's getting off-the-charts brutal.

Spencer Reid: Do you know that a domestic cat loose in a normal neighborhood is the equivalent of a small scale ecological disaster?

Grady: Excuse me?

Spencer Reid: They'll kill anything… They can… Bugs, rodents, birds, other cats, small dogs if possible. Anything.

Grady: That got something to do with this?

Spencer Reid: An unsub in a violent psychotic break is worse.


Jean: You ran right out in front of us!


Officer: Stop!

Jonny McHale: What?

Officer: You're blind or???

Jonny McHale: What?

Officer: This is a crime scene, Moron. Go around.


David Rossi: Oh, careful there. Hurt yourself? How'd that happen?

Jonny McHale: I think I fell. I was running… Are they dead?

David Rossi: Looks like it.

Jonny McHale: Are you sure?

David Rossi: My name's David. Rossi. What's yours?

Jonny McHale: Jon McHale.

David Rossi: Live around here?

Bobby Kim: Jonny! Where'd you go, man? What happened to you?

Jonny McHale: I need to get out of here.

Bobby Kim: Come on. The car's right here.


Bobby Kim: Seriously, are you all right?

Jonny McHale: I think she's mad.

Bobby Kim: Who?

Jonny McHale: She won't call back. I left tons of messages every day.

Bobby Kim: Who, Jonny?

Jonny McHale: Vickie!

Bobby Kim: Jonny…

Jonny McHale: I have to tell her I'm sorry.

Bobby Kim: Just rest, Jonny, all right? It'll be okay.

Vickie Wright: Hey, this is Vickie. I can't come to the phone right now 'cause…


Vickie Wright: Mmm. I love Jerky.

Jonny McHale: More than anyone I've ever known.

Vickie Wright: Do you love it?

Jonny McHale: Love isn't really the word I would use.

Vickie Wright: My mother loves it, too. Think I got it from her?

Jonny McHale: I highly doubt something like that's genetic. It's probably more environmental.

Vickie Wright: I wonder if the baby will love Jerky.

Jonny McHale: When did you find out?

Vickie Wright: For sure this afternoon, but I already kind of knew.

Jonny McHale: Oh, God.

Vickie Wright: If it's a boy, I want to name him Jonny, after his daddy.

Jonny McHale: Oh, Vickie.


Bobby Kim: I know A... Great therapist. She's helped me through a lot of dark times.

Jonny McHale: Go away.

Bobby Kim: She's really good. I can get you an appointment.

Jonny McHale: Leave.

Bobby Kim: Okay. We can... Go to the comic shop some other day, all right?

Jonny McHale: No.

Bobby Kim: Jonny, they're your fans.

Jonny McHale: Look, it's not your problem anymore, okay? You're fired.

Bobby Kim: What?

Jonny McHale: Get the hell out.

Bobby Kim: But you're gonna need me to... Help you to get this new book on its feet.

Jonny McHale: Get out of my house! Go!


Jonny McHale: Uhh!

Vickie Wright: Hey, this is Vickie. I can't come to the phone right now 'cause I'm out living my life. Leave it at the beep.

Jonny McHale: Uhh!


Bobby Kim: Just take me home.


David Rossi: So, this area is more or less the geographical center of the scenes.

Aaron Hotchner: Detective Brady's putting together a taskforce, so we can canvass these 3 blocks in both directions.

David Rossi: Any idea how many residents that covers?

Jennifer Jareau: Garcia estimates close to 3,000.

Aaron Hotchner: A lot of these buildings are single room occupancy. High turnover rate.

David Rossi: So it's transient. There aren't a lot of records.

Jennifer Jareau: Press conference went well.

Aaron Hotchner: Good.

Jennifer Jareau: I think the media understands what we're looking for. Should be on local affiliates now.

Aaron Hotchner: Hopefully we can thin out the suspect list.


Mailwoman: Ohh! Oh, my God. Aah! Aah!


Vickie Wright: I wonder if the baby will love Jerky.

Jonny McHale: Baby? When did you find out?

Vickie Wright: For sure this afternoon. But I already kind of knew… If it's a boy, I want to name him Jonny, after his daddy.

Jonny McHale: Vickie... I love you so much. Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Vickie Wright: Oh, my God.

Jonny McHale: I promise first thing in the morning i will buy a big, big ring.

Vickie Wright: Jonny, you don't have to.

Jonny McHale: Vickie Wright, will you marry me? Vickie?

Vickie Wright: Jonny.


Vickie Wright: Stop! Aah! Aah!

Jonny McHale: Vickie? Vickie?


Derek Morgan: Same type of victims?

Grady: All gang-bangers.

Benson: Good riddance, you ask me.

Aaron Hotchner: Who's that?

Grady: It's Benson. He's from the gang taskforce.

Benson: If anyone had a violent end coming...

Aaron Hotchner: What's the scene like?

Grady: It's actually the gang leader's personal house. Guy named Glen Hill.

Benson: Street name is reaper. Guess why.

Grady: Only Benson and me have been inside. I didn't do much. I kind of backed out the minute i saw him.

David Rossi: How many?

Grady: 6. 4 inside, 2 outside.

Derek Morgan: No survivors at all?

Grady: Never thought I could feel sorry for these gang-banging sons of bitches.

Aaron Hotchner: We'll be there in a few minutes.


Derek Morgan: He actually went to the gang-bangers' house.

Spencer Reid: The other victims were in alleys and dark corners. It could be the unsub was initially just defending himself.

David Rossi: Like Bernie Goetz, riding the subways with a gun, waiting for someone to confront him.

Aaron Hotchner: Except he's seeking them out now.

Spencer Reid: Because psychotics in a break always devolve.

David Rossi: Only a matter of time before he becomes dangerous to those closer to him.


Vickie Wright: No! No! Stop!

Jonny McHale: Vickie?


Helen Trestle: Oh!

Jonny McHale: Where's Vickie?

Helen Trestle: Jonny? You scared me. Do you need something, sweetheart? Oh, you hurt yourself.

Jonny McHale: Where did Vickie go?

Helen Trestle: I'm sorry.

Jonny McHale: She was on the fire escape.

Helen Trestle: Who?

Jonny McHale: Vickie, my fiancee.

Helen Trestle: You have a fiancee?

Jonny McHale: She was on the fire escape.

Helen Trestle: When?

Jonny McHale: Just before I came in.

Helen Trestle: Oh, Caesar was out there.

Jonny McHale: I saw her come in here.

Helen Trestle: Jonny, nobody came in here.

Jonny McHale: Don't lie to me.

Helen Trestle: I'm not lying to you.

Jonny McHale: Where is she?

Helen Trestle: No!


Aaron Hotchner: T.S.K?

Grady: Twenty-third street killers.

David Rossi: Looks like they tried to fight back.

Spencer Reid: They failed.

Grady: Are we sure this isn't some kind of gang retaliation kind of thing?

David Rossi: You're on the taskforce. Ever see a street gang do something like this?

Benson: Yeah, but... One guy?

Derek Morgan: One guy with a weapon, psychotic rage, surprise on his side.

Spencer Reid: Yeah, just look at any school or workplace shooting.

Grady: So what do we do now?

David Rossi: Ready doing it.

Spencer Reid: An unsub in a psychotic rage stands out.

Aaron Hotchner: Agent Jareau's got the media playing the press conference every hour she's putting the profile out to the public. Someone in this man's world knows he's in crisis. Hopefully they'll recognize the description.

Emily Prentiss: Hotch. You need to see this.


Jonny McHale: Bitch! I know she was down there. I saw her!

Vickie Wright: Oh, God. Jonny?

Jonny McHale: Suhh! Uhh! No!


Detective 1: LAPD Hotline. Yes, Sir. Right… I got one says he thinks it's god's mighty vengeance.

Detective 2: Could use some help down here.

Jennifer Jareau: LAPD tip line.

Desk Sergeant: Agent Jareau? We have some people out front you need to talk to.

Jennifer Jareau: Ma'am, could you hold, please?

Desk Sergeant: They saw your press conference.

Jennifer Jareau: Uh, Detective, line 3.


Aaron Hotchner: FBI!

Jonny McHale: What did I do? What did I do?! Uh! Ow! Wh'd I Do?


Jonny McHale: I haven't done anything. There's been a big mistake here.

Derek Morgan: Then it'll work itself out, Jonny.

Jonny McHale: I just dracomic books. I'm an artist. That guy out there, Bobby, I fired him. He's probably just mad.

Derek Morgan: He's not mad at you at all.

Jonny McHale: Then why would he say that I did something? That's why he's here, right?

Derek Morgan: You remember I read you your rights? Jonny, look at me. Tell me that you understand that you can have a lawyer present before you speak to anybody.

Jonny McHale: I don't want a lawyer.

Derek Morgan: Tell me that you understand.

Jonny McHale: I understand.

Derek Morgan: Somebody's gonna be in to talk to you real soon.

Jonny McHale: There's been a big mistake here. I haven't done anything!


Spencer Reid: That's a lot.

Aaron Hotchner: There's more.

Spencer Reid: Did you find the murder weapon?

Aaron Hotchner: Didn't need to.

Spencer Reid: Why is that?

David Rossi: Mr. McHale is a very sick young man.

Spencer Reid: This is exactly…

David Rossi: Yeah.

Aaron Hotchner: Can you go get the mug shot of Glen Hill?

Emily Prentiss: Yeah. Give me a minute.


Bobby Kim: Is that all from Jonny's studio?

Jennifer Jareau: Yes, Sir.

Bobby Kim: He's not a killer. He's just sick.

Jennifer Jareau: You did the right thing by coming here, Mr. Kim. Now, you said you hadn't seen him for a couple months before today?

Bobby Kim: Yeah. I, Uh... You get busy, you know? There was no reason to... You know...Go there.


Aaron Hotchner: That's Glen Hill.

David Rossi: He's missing.

Jonny McHale: You think I know where he is?

Grady: 6 months ago he and his gang victimized you and your girlfriend, right?

Jonny McHale: What?

Emily Prentiss: They attacked you on the street.

Jonny McHale: No.

Grady: And you couldn't identify any of them after you got out of the hospital.

Jonny McHale: This is crazy.


Derek Morgan: Hey, how you feeling, baby girl?

Penelope Garcia: I--I just can't seem to get my chair adjusted just right again, but... Other than that, I'm mortified.

Derek Morgan: Mortified?

Penelope Garcia: Please tell me the unsub isn't Jonny McHale, the graphic novelist.

Derek Morgan: Don't tell me you're the grapa fan of this guy.

Penelope Garcia: Oh, my god, yes. He's a genius.

Derek Morgan: Well, sweetheart, you should see what he thought the victims looked like before he killed them.

Spencer Reid: Sometimes for an artist, the only difference between insanity and genius is success.


Aaron Hotchner: I believe you're suffering a post-traumatic form a psychotic break.

Jonny McHale: Psychotic?

Aaron Hotchner: You have been for weeks.

Jonny McHale: Come on.

David Rossi: It's possible you don't even know.

Jonny McHale: How could I not know? That's a page from something I'm working on.

Emily Prentiss: We know.

Aaron Hotchner: This is a murder scene from 2 nights ago.

David Rossi: You were there. Yesterday. I talked to you.

Emily Prentiss: We have photos of you.

Jonny McHale: Wait. This is real?

Grady: These are members of the twenty-third street killers. Glen Hill's gang.

Aaron Hotchner: And there were 6 gang members murdered in that house last night.

David Rossi: This was on your drawing board when we arrested you.

Jonny McHale: No, no, this can't be. It doesn't make any sense.

Aaron Hotchner: This house belongs to glen hill. There was a trail of blood leading out the back door. We believe that you took Mr. Hill with you when you left.


Spencer Reid: Is this his phone?

Derek Morgan: It on the floor when we took him down.

Spencer Reid: Looks like all the calls he makes are to the same number.

Derek Morgan: Dial it. Maybe it's somebody who can help us. Or at least help him.

Vickie Wright: Hey, this is Vickie. I can't come to the phone right now 'cause I'm out living my life. Leave it at the beep.

Spencer Reid: Vickie?

Jennifer Jareau: Vickie… That was his girlfriend.

Spencer Reid: All these calls were made within the last 2 days.

Jennifer Jareau: Sometimes what an unsub does actually makes sense.


Jonny McHale: These are just drawings… My imagination.

David Rossi: Severe PTSD is not uncommon for victims of violent crime.

Jonny McHale: Victims?

Emily Prentiss: You're bleeding.

David Rossi: It looks like a grazing gunshot wound.

Aaron Hotchner: Did they shoot you last night?

Jonny McHale: Look, stop it. I would know if I'd been… A victim.

Emily Prentiss: You remember being in the hospital?

Jonny McHale: I was never…

David Rossi: That's your medical report. They cut you open, Mr. McHale.


Paramedic: Call ahead.


David Rossi: You were nearly evisceraevis they said it was a miracle you lived.

Jonny McHale: Miracle? You think living was a miracle?

Aaron Hotchner: All your drawings reflect actual crime scenes. All of them but one.

David Rossi: Where is this crime scene, Jonny?

Aaron Hotchner: Is this Glen Hill?

David Rossi: Where is he? Where's Glen Hill?


Vickie Wright: Aah!


Jonny McHale: No! No! You don't know what's out there! No one knows about the night!

Aaron Hotchner: We don't want to hurt you, Jonny.

David Rossi: It's okay, son. It's okay.

Jonny McHale: I couldn't help her.


Vickie Wright: Jonny, you don't have to...

Jonny McHale: Vickie Wright, will you marry me? Vickie?

Vickie Wright: Jonny.

Glen Hill: Answer him, baby. The man asks you a question.

Jonny McHale: We don't want any trouble, guys.

Glen Hill: Don't much matter what you want.

Jonny McHale: Look, I've got a little bit of money. It's not a lot…

Glen Hill: Answer him!

Vickie Wright: Yes, yes, I'll marry you.

Jonny McHale: It's okay, Vickie. It's okay.

Glen Hill: See, bro? You got more than you thought. You got a fiancee.

Vickie Wright: No! No, Jonny!

Jonny McHale: No!

Vickie Wright: Jonny! Aah!

Jonny McHale: Get off me!

Vickie Wright: Jonny!

Jonny McHale: Get off me!

Glen Hill: You're not gonna want to miss this.


Jonny McHale: They made me watch.

David Rossi: It can help you if we can tell the court that you told us where Glen Hill is.

Jonny McHale: They made me watch.

David Rossi: I know. I know. They're animals.

Aaron Hotchner: You were sick. you didn't know what you were doing.

David Rossi: Where's Glen Hill, Jonny?


Jonny McHale: You're not gonna want to miss this.


Derek Morgan: Just leave it alone until I get there. Hey. Hey. Hard-head. Don't make me spank you when I get back.

Spencer Reid: Don't listen to him, Garcia. He's all talk. Ow! J.J., he just hit me.

Jennifer Jareau: You boys behave or I will ground you both. Is that one of Jonny McHale's books?

Spencer Reid: Yeah, it's, uh, it's called Blue. It's about a girl who thinks she's a real human being, right? But it turns out she's a robot that was built by her uncle.

Jennifer Jareau: So It's Pinocchio.

Spencer Reid: Yeah, it is like Pinocchio, only, uh, set in a high school in outer space.

Jennifer Jareau: Oh, by the way, what happened to Vickie's phone?

Spencer Reid: Phone?

Jennifer Jareau: The one that Jonny kept calling, with her message on it?

Spencer Reid: Oh, we gave them both back to him.

Jennifer Jareau: You know, I couldn't imagine having nothing left of someone but a voice message. I think I'd never stop listening to it.

Spencer Reid: Yeah, it's sad. Hey, did you know that Carlo Lorenzini, the guy that wrote Pinocchio, was said to be obsessed with the human nose? As a matter of fact…

Jennifer Jareau: Wow.

Spencer Reid: Pinocchio wasn't even the first character…

Jennifer Jareau: Interesting. coffee?

Spencer Reid: I'm all right. Thank you, though, for asking.


David Rossi: Something wrong?

Emily Prentiss: He's the first unsub I've worked who wasn't a bad guy. You know? 6 months ago, Jonny McHale was just a regular person.

David Rossi: Every unsub is ill on some level, most can't help what they do any more than Jonny could.

Emily Prentiss: But he went from successful writer and artist to brutal killer in 6 months.

David Rossi: He suffered an unbelievable tragedy.

Emily Prentiss: I know. I get it.

David Rossi: So what's bugging you?

Emily Prentiss: It just makes me wonder... Are we all capable of becoming something like that?

David Rossi: Life is a hell of a thing to happen to a person.


Penelope Garcia: You really don't have to do this.

Derek Morgan: Woman, will you hush.

Penelope Garcia: I can do it myself. I just can't grip anything too tight yet, and when i tried to do it, it kept falling…

Derek Morgan: Will you sit your motormouth down.

Penelope Garcia: Oh...See, Now, that's perfect.

Derek Morgan: Yeah?

Penelope Garcia: Totally.

Derek Morgan: Well, there you go, my sweet lady.

Penelope Garcia: My hero.

Derek Morgan: I'm nobody's hero. Mmm!

Penelope Garcia: Hey, do you know who Frank Miller is?

Derek Morgan: Frank Miller. Um... It sounds familiar. Unsub?

Penelope Garcia: No.  Graphic novelist. 300? Sin City?

Derek Morgan: Oh. Right, right, right. Cool movies.

Penelope Garcia: Anyway... He said something once and it makes me think of you.


Penelope Garcia: "The noir hero is a knight in blood-caked armor. He's dirty, and he does his best to deny the fact that he's a hero the whole time."


Vickie Wright: Hey, this is Vickie. I can't come to the phone right now 'cause I'm out living my life. Leave it at the beep.

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