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Esprits Criminels
#406 : Instincts maternels

Scénariste : Chris Mundy
Réalisateur : Rob Spera

L'équipe se rend à Las Vegas pour enquêter sur l'enlèvement et le meurtre d'un enfant de cinq ans, dont le cadavre est retrouvé dans le désert. Un autre adolescent, Michael Bridges, est kidnappé mais tout porte à croire qu'il est toujours en vie. Tout comme dans l'autre affaire, le kidnappeur a contacté les parents pour leur signifier qu'ils sont responsables de l'enlèvement de leur enfant. Cette affaire est importante aux yeux de Reid, car Las Vegas est sa ville natale. De plus, il fait d'étranges rêves qui semblent liés.

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Titre VO
The Instincts

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Instincts maternels

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Leeches - Criminal Minds - Season 4, Episode 6 (4x06)

Leeches - Criminal Minds - Season 4, Episode 6 (4x06)


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David Rossi (Joe Mantegna).

David Rossi (Joe Mantegna).

Spencer Reid s'est endormi avec son dossier à la main.

Spencer Reid s'est endormi avec son dossier à la main.

Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) ouvre les yeux.

Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) ouvre les yeux.


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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Joe Mantegna ... David Rossi
   - Paget Brewster ... Emily Prentiss
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jareau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Jane Lynch ... Diana Reid
   - Kari Matchett ... Amy Bridges
   - Reed Diamond ... Craig Bridges
   - Melinda Page Hamilton ... Claire Bates
   - Shashawnee Hall ... Détective Ashby
   - Taylor Nichols ... William Reid
   - Bruce French ... Dr. Norman
   - Brad Heller ... Walter Davis
   - Justin Wren ... Riley Jenkins
   - Sawyer Church ... Michael Bridge
   - Andrew Astor ... Spencer Reid jeune

Spencer Reid: There's a basement.


Emily Prentiss: Damn… Damn.

Spencer Reid: You sure it's him?

Aaron Hotchner: Who else could it be?

Spencer Reid: I just want to make sure.

Emily Prentiss: Male. Approximately 6 years old. I'm sorry.

Spencer Reid: There's something in here… What's that baby doing here? JJ can't let her baby be at a crime scene.

Aaron Hotchner: Reid.

Spencer Reid: JJ

Aaron Hotchner: Reid.


Spencer Reid: Sorry, I was dreaming.

Emily Prentiss: Ha, no kidding.

Spencer Reid: We found a 6-year-old boy who had been abused and stabbed. Your baby was at the crime scene. I was trying to get him out of there… Sorry.

Jennifer Jareau: It's okay.

Derek Morgan: You know, Reid, simple dream analysis-- if there's a baby in your dreams, that baby's actually you.

Spencer Reid: I don't believe in dream analysis.

Aaron Hotchner: I don't know. It makes sense. The case we're working on and the case in your dream both involve children. Maybe your subconscious is telling you you want to sit this one out.

Spencer Reid: I don't.

Emily Prentiss: Well, maybe you're just stressed out about going home to Las Vegas. Did you tell your mom you're coming?

Spencer Reid: Why aren't we reviewing the case file?

Emily Prentiss: I don't know. maybe because someone fell asleep on the jet.

Aaron Hotchner: All right, let's start from the beginning one more time.

Jennifer Jareau: This is Ethan Hayes. He was 5. 2 weeks ago he was abducted out of his own front yard.

Spencer Reid: Where were the parents?

Jennifer Jareau: His mom just ran inside to grab her purse. When she came back, he was gone. She wasn't away for more than a minute or 2. Police found his body exactly one week later in the desert… He was in a new change of clothes. His nails clipped. His hair was combed.

David Rossi: That's a lot of remorse.

Aaron Hotchner: No sign of sexual assault. The medical report suggests he was smothered. Unsub could see this death as merciful.

Emily Prentiss: Who's the new boy?

Jennifer Jareau: Michael Bridges… Yesterday, he set out to walk by himself to a friend's house a block away and he never showed up.

Spencer Reid: Are we sure these cases are even connected?

Jennifer Jareau: The unsub called each of the families.

David Rossi: But no ransom demand.

Jennifer Jareau: It was more like taunts. He's telling them it's their fault that their child was taken.

Derek Morgan: Okay. So, we have an unsub who shows remorse and then projects his own guilt onto the victims' parents.

Aaron Hotchner: And if we're lucky, 6 days to find the boy before he is killed.


Aaron Hotchner: Amos Branson Alcott says: "Who speaks to the instincts speaks to the deepest in mankind and finds the readiest response"


Jennifer Jareau: Det. Ashby? Jennifer Jareau. This is Aaron Hotchner.

Ashby: Thanks for getting here so quick.

Aaron Hotchner: Morning. What can you tell us?

Ashby: We've got an amber alert in effect. Tip line's being run through the precinct. His photo's on the wire.

Aaron Hotchner: Has the phone company been served with a caller subscription subpoena?

Ashby: Yeah. We'll get a name and location if he's calling from a land line.

Jennifer Jareau: We'll also run the calls through our analyst at Quantico. She can triangulate cell calls.

Aaron Hotchner: We need to clear the area of official vehicles. If the unsub happens to drive by, i don't want him to panic with all these cops.

Ashby: Okay. I'll clear 'em out after we make introductions.

Jennifer Jareau: How are they handling it?

Ashby: Separate.


Ashby: Craig, Amy Bridges, these are agents Jareau and Hotchner from the FBI.

Jennifer Jareau: We just want to say how sorry we are for what you're going through but we're here to do whatever we can to try and get Michael home.

Amy Bridges: I'm going to tell you what I told the police. I don't want to know what happened to that other boy. I just want to hear how you're going to find Michael.

Aaron Hotchner: We understand.

Amy Bridges: No, you don't.

Aaron Hotchner: You're right. I don't know exactly what you're going through but I do know these cases and we're gonna need your help.

Craig Bridges: Of course. We know that.

Aaron Hotchner: Was it normal for Michael to walk to a friend's house by himself?

Amy Bridges: What are you saying?

Jennifer Jareau: It's just a question.

Amy Bridges: No it's not. Do you think we had something to do with this?

Aaron Hotchner: No. I don't.

Jennifer Jareau: If this was his routine, someone could have been watching him for some time now.

Craig Bridges: He'd only done it a couple times. Amy and I had a fight about it. I thought we were babying him. I don't want him crawling into bed with us anymore. And I thought he should be able to walk to a friend's house by himself, alone… He was really proud of himself the first time he did it.

Amy Bridges: Excuse me.

Craig Bridges: I'm sorry. It's like she can't engage in what's going on.

Aaron Hotchner: It's all right. Everybody deals with it differently.

Craig Bridges: I need to know what happened to that other boy.


Medical Examiner: There was no bruising around his neck or face. I'm guessing he used a pillow.

Spencer Reid: Was there any sign of a struggle?

Medical Examiner: No, but he would have been extremely weak.

Derek Morgan: Why's that?

Medical Examiner: This is where it gets weird. He was noticeably thin and both his stomach and intestines were completely empty.

Spencer Reid: He was being starved?

Medical Examiner: It seems that way.

Derek Morgan: Okay. So, what's the weird part?

Medical Examiner: I wanted to determine if malnutrition played a part in his death. So, I looked for evidence of starvation ketosis by analyzing some vitreous humour-- the squishy part of the eyeball and I couldn't find any ketone bodies there.

Derek Morgan: Meaning?

Spencer Reid: He was getting nutrients somehow.

Derek Morgan: Through an IV?

Medical Examiner: There were no marks to indicate that.

Spencer Reid: Any idea what else could it be?

Medical Examiner: Honestly, I have no idea.


David Rossi: Not exactly a well-preserved scene.

Emily Prentiss: It's the crime scene investigators. They all want to play cop instead of just being scientists-- and they end up trampling on everything.

David Rossi: So, he suffocates the boy at another location, prepares the body, takes him out to the middle of nowhere and dumps him.

Emily Prentiss: Except there were no traces of the unsub's sweat on the boy's clothing.

David Rossi: What are you getting at?

Emily Prentiss: Well, it's like 1,000 degrees out here. If he carried the body, then he would have gotten traces of sweat on the clothes.

David Rossi: So, he wraps him in something.

Emily Prentiss: No fibers.

David Rossi: So, he took the time to change the boy's clothing and groom him once he got here. If he took that much time, he'd have to do it at night.

Emily Prentiss: But you still run the risk of someone recalling your car once the body's found.

David Rossi: Not if you didn't have to park it by the road.

Emily Prentiss: Well, you'd want to park a distance away from the dump site just in case someone saw the car and came to see what you were up to.


Emily Prentiss: Now, tell me this, if you can drive out into the desert to dump a body, why not go in deeper, where you won't be seen from the road?

David Rossi: Because he wanted to be able to drive by and see the body.

Emily Prentiss: That's why he groomed him. It's like he was preparing him for a funeral.


Aaron Hotchner: Yeah. I got it… Thank you… Detective, the funeral for the first victim is tomorrow. Do you feel comfortable asking the family if they'd be willing to open the service up to the public?

Ashby: Why's that?

Aaron Hotchner: We feel if they do, there's a good chance the unsub will come.

Ashby: I'll go speak to them.

Aaron Hotchner: Craig, we'd like you and your wife to consider being there as well.

Craig Bridges: Good. Anything.

Aaron Hotchner: I think you should talk to Amy about it.

Craig Bridges: If it might help, there's nothing to discuss.

Aaron Hotchner: I understand. but, please, just... Discuss it with her.


Amy Bridges: When the police asked for a picture of Michael, I couldn't decide what to give them. I didn't know if it was right for him to be smiling.

Jennifer Jareau: Any choice you made would have been right.

Amy Bridges: My husband doesn't know what to do with himself. He thinks we should be out there looking for him.

Jennifer Jareau: The best thing for you right now is to just let us guide you through this.

Amy Bridges: He thinks I blame him.

Jennifer Jareau: I'm sure that's not true.

Amy Bridges: He's right… My son's been taken. I'm completely frozen. And now I'm blaming my husband… I feel like a monster.

Jennifer Jareau: When they need you, you'll come through.

Amy Bridges: You don't even know me.

Jennifer Jareau: Call it intuition.

Amy Bridges: I found it when I came into his room, after he'd been taken… We don't let him eat in bed. I haven't moved it because... I don't want him to think he's in trouble for breaking the rules… You know what you're having?

Jennifer Jareau: It's… It's a boy.

Amy Bridges: Congratulations.


Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, you ready?

Penelope Garcia: Ready.

Aaron Hotchner: Mr. Bridges, let's go back over what we discussed.

Craig Bridges: He's got my son.

Aaron Hotchner: Exactly. Just stay positive. I've written down some important phrases…

Craig Bridges: We need to answer the phone.

Aaron Hotchner: Mr. Bridges, please.

Jennifer Jareau: I think Amy should do this.

Craig Bridges: She doesn't want to do this.

Amy Bridges: No. I don't.

Jennifer Jareau: It's our experience that the parent that's least emotional is best.

Aaron Hotchner: Amy, you'll be great. Just try to humanize Michael at every opportunity. He needs to see him as a person. Try to keep him on the line as long as you possibly can. The more he talks, the more he'll reveal about himself.

Amy Bridges: Hello.

Claire Bates: Are you alone?

Amy Bridges: Um, my husband is with me.

Claire Bates: Why are you just sitting at home when you should be out looking for your boy?

Amy Bridges: You're right. We need to do that.

Claire Bates: He's better off with me.

Amy Bridges: Thank you for calling us to let us know Michael's all right.

Claire Bates: I didn't say he was all right.

Amy Bridges: I know. I'm… I'm just trusting that he's okay.

Claire Bates: He's in a better place now.

Amy Bridges: May I speak with Michael?

Claire Bates: He doesn't want to talk to you. He knows what a bad mother you are. Your 3 minutes are up.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, anything?

Penelope Garcia: It looks to be a disposable cell phone. I couldn't triangulate the call but it did bounce off not one but 2 towers.

Aaron Hotchner: Meaning?

Penelope Garcia: I know he's mobile and I know he's moving within the Las Vegas limits. He didn't travel outside the city.

Aaron Hotchner: It's just a start. Like I said, the more he talks, the more we'll learn about him.

Jennifer Jareau: These are agents Morgan and Reid. They'll be here all night just in case he calls back.

Amy Bridges: I need to lie down.

Aaron Hotchner: Of course.

Jennifer Jareau: You should go with her.

Craig Bridges: Yeah.


Aaron Hotchner: What'd you find out from the medical examiner?

Spencer Reid: We think that he's starving them.

Aaron Hotchner: But that doesn't fit with the care he takes with the bodies, starvation would be a form of torture.

Derek Morgan: There's no sexual assault. The torture could be a substitute for the sex act.

Aaron Hotchner: I'll coordinate with Rossi and Prentiss. We'll call you if there's anything new.


David Rossi: Couldn't find any evidence of forced entry.

Spencer Reid: Why would that matter?

Derek Morgan: 'Cause it means he most likely knew his attacker.

David Rossi: Reid?

Spencer Reid: Get 'em off. Morgan! Get 'em off! Get 'em off! Morgan, get 'em off me! Get 'em off me! Get 'em off me!


Spencer Reid: Get 'em… Morgan, get 'em off me!

Derek Morgan: Reid. Reid. Wake up. It's Morgan.

Craig Bridges: What the hell's going on?

Derek Morgan: Sir, ma'am. Everything's okay.

Craig Bridges: You wake us up screaming, you think everything's okay?

Derek Morgan: I understand we startled you and I'm sorry for that.

Craig Bridges: You're the FBI.

Spencer Reid: You're right. I'm really sorry.

Derek Morgan: Sir, please, go back upstairs and try to get some rest. It was just a misunderstanding. Everything is fine, I promise you that.

Amy Bridges: Are you okay?

Spencer Reid: It was a dream. I'm really sorry.

Amy Bridges: Was it about Michael?

Spencer Reid: No.

Amy Bridges: I've been afraid to close my eyes… I'm scared I'll see him die.

Derek Morgan: Ma'am, I know it's hard… But I need you to go upstairs and try to get some sleep… Please. I am sorry for the disturbance.

Spencer Reid: I'm making everything worse.

Derek Morgan: Reid... These cases get to all of us.

Spencer Reid: I'm losing it in their living room and I'm dreaming… I'm dreaming about dead kids and covered in leeches.

Derek Morgan: What the hell is scaring you?

Spencer Reid: This boy's gonna die and there's nothing i can do to stop it.


Amy Bridges: I can't do this… I'm sorry.

Craig Bridges: What are you doing?

Amy Bridges: I'm not going to the funeral.

Craig Bridges: We talked about this.

Amy Bridges: No, you talked. i listened.

Craig Bridges: Please, tell her this is our only chance.

Aaron Hotchner: We feel like it's a viable plan.

Amy Bridges: You're asking us to go to the funeral of a 5-year-old boy. We're going to watch them lower his body into the ground and the same man who killed him has our son.

Derek Morgan: If the man who took Michael is there, your presence might just startle him.

Aaron Hotchner: We're looking for anything that might draw him out.

Amy Bridges: I can't watch them bury a child knowing that we're next.

Derek Morgan: We feel like this plan has a reasonable chance success.

Amy Bridges: What do you consider a reasonable chance that I will ever see my son again? 10%? 20%?

Derek Morgan: I can't give you numbers.

Amy Bridges: You could.

Aaron Hotchner: I understand if you can't do this… But if you can, we need to talk about who we're looking for.


David Rossi: We believe the man we're looking for is white. He's probably in his late 20s to mid-30s.

Emily Prentiss: Judging by the quality of the clothing he put his first victim in, we believe he comes from a middle-class background. This is not someone who is going to be at the funeral in a high-end or well tailored suit.

David Rossi: He also might be paying a lot of attention to the parents of the most recent boy to be abducted. Watch for anyone whose focus is on them instead of the service itself.

Emily Prentiss: We also believe he may drive a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, pay extra attention to those mourners and memorize license plates.

David Rossi: This unsub dumped his last body far from the city and yet, he didn't try to hide it. In fact, it was close enough to be seen from the road.

Emily Prentiss: That tells us he's trying to separate his actions from himself. Yet, he wanted to be able to drive out and visit the body. This is about remorse.

David Rossi: Which is why we believe there's a good chance he'll be there today.


Derek Morgan: Okay. If you sense someone looking at you you need to tell us. We're conditioned to feel fear. The little hairs on the back of your neck? They tell us the truth.

Aaron Hotchner: JJ will stay here. If the phone rings, she'll say she's a family friend and that you're at a funeral.

Jennifer Jareau: You can do this.


Derek Morgan: Hey, kid, we're almost ready to go.

Spencer Reid: You know, they're right. Odds are we'll catch the unsub when he dumps the body or when he tries to snatch another kid.

Derek Morgan: I know the odds, Reid.

Spencer Reid: It's weird. Some things never go away. When I was a kid, every boy I knew had piles of dinosaur toys.

Derek Morgan: Not you?

Spencer Reid: I had books and notebooks. My mom filled hundreds of them with poems by W.S. Merwin, and song of Bob Dylan. She liked it when i memorized them. She was convinced that they were watching us and writing songs about their wives… Basements are the first part of a house to be built, right? So if you're having recurring dream about a basement, kinda speaks to the core fundamentals of who you are as a person.

Derek Morgan: I thought you didn't believe in dream analysis.

Spencer Reid: Freud's been discredited but Jung still has his merits… My dream. the dead boy. I've been having different versions of it since I was a little kid.

Derek Morgan: Hey. You know, nobody would think less of you if you took a little time off.

Spencer Reid: I just want to find this boy.


Priest: There's a very full crowd here today, which I believe is part of the natural outpouring of grief over losing someone so innocent. It is also a reminder that there is another boy out there who is in danger and him need of our prayers. Let's take a moment and pray for that boy for his safe return.

Amy Bridges: He's here.


Riley Jenkins: Why aren't you helping me?

Diana Reid: Spencer, pay attention.

Derek Morgan: Reid.


Derek Morgan: What's going on?

Spencer Reid: I've been here before.

Priest: In the name of the father, son, holy ghost. Amen… Let us take comfort in the gospel according to Matthew. Chapter 18: "At that time, the disciples came to Jesus and asked, who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? he called a child, whom he put among them and said, truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever becomes humble..."

David Rossi: Are you a friend of the family?

Walter Davis: Uh, no. I just read about it in the paper.

David Rossi: And you decided to come to the funeral?

Walter Davis: Yeah. It was sad. I love kids… I wanted the family to know that people care.

Emily Prentiss: And videotaping it? Who's that for?

David Rossi: We're gonna take a walk and we're gonna do it very quietly so as not to disturb these people.


Emily Prentiss: Where were you on the days Ethan Hayes and Michael Bridges were abducted?

Walter Davis: I was home.

David Rossi: Don't you need to ask what days those were?

Walter Davis: Am I under arrest?

Emily Prentiss: No. You love kids. You're just helping us with an investigation.

Walter Davis: So, you have no right to search me.

David Rossi: Why? What would we find?

Emily Prentiss: Oh, do you like videotaping other things besides funerals?


Derek Morgan: How's it going?

Ashby: He's nervous. They're trying to pin him down.

Spencer Reid: What's that?

Derek Morgan: You mind giving us a minute?

Ashby: No, sure.

Derek Morgan: I had one of the detectives pull it. The name Riley Jenkins mean anything to you?

Spencer Reid: No.

Derek Morgan: Think… Back to when you were a little boy.

Spencer Reid: I had an imaginary friend named Riley when I was little.

Derek Morgan: Riley Jenkins… He was murdered right here in Las Vegas when he was 6 years old. My math says that you would have been around 4 at the time. He was found him in the basement of his own house, behind the dryer… He'd been sexually abused and stabbed.


David Rossi: Where can we find Michael Bridges?

Walter Davis: You are trying to frame me.

David Rossi: You killed Ethan Hayes, and you're holding Michael Bridges.

Walter Davis: No.

Emily Prentiss: Then why were you videotaping a funeral? Does death excite you? Oh, wait. that's it… Death gets you off.

Walter Davis: I told you, I don't touch.

David Rossi: No. You just kill 'em and find new ways to watch him afterwards.

Walter Davis: I am not sick.

Emily Prentiss: I think you are. And I think you desperately want to tell us exactly how sick you really are, Walter? Don't you? You want us to search your computer and your home because this is eating you up inside and you know you need to be stopped.

Walter Davis: I never would have molested that boy!

David Rossi: Which boy?

Walter Davis: The one from the funeral.


Aaron Hotchner: Hotchner.

Spencer Reid: He doesn't know details of the murder.

Aaron Hotchner: You sure?

Spencer Reid: He assumes the boy was molested.

Aaron Hotchner: All right. Thanks.


Aaron Hotchner: He's not the one. I'm sorry.

Craig Bridges: You said it looked good.

Aaron Hotchner: I was hopeful. I'm sorry.

Craig Bridges: But he was videotaping that funeral.

Aaron Hotchner: We believe he's a preferential sex offender but he doesn't have Michael.

Amy Bridges: How many of these people are out there?

Aaron Hotchner: More than you want to know.


Amy Bridges: Hello.

Claire Bates: Put the FBI on.

Amy Bridges: I don't know what you're talking about.

Claire Bates: I saw them there at the funeral. Put them on!

Aaron Hotchner: This is special agent Aaron Hotchner.

Claire Bates: You were trying to trick me. You were trying to lock me down but you arrested the wrong person.

Aaron Hotchner: Why don't we just slow down and talk.

Claire Bates: We only have 3 minutes.

Aaron Hotchner: No. We have as long as we want.

Claire Bates: That's not the rules.

Aaron Hotchner: Okay. You're right. Your rules. It was good of you to go to the funeral today. You must have really cared about Ethan.

Claire Bates: I loved him. His parents didn't deserve him. I took good care of him.

Aaron Hotchner: Is that why you bought him the new clothes?

Claire Bates: They put him in those silly blue sneakers and lime green oxford. He hated those!

Aaron Hotchner: Well, maybe when you're good enough to bring Michael home, you can tell his parents what he really likes.

Claire Bates: No. He's never coming home. I saw that so-called mother. She looked right at me. She knows he sleeps better with me.

Amy Bridges: I don't know who you are aut please give me back my son! Please. I'm begging you. I'll do anything just don't hurt my baby. Please!

Claire Bates: Your time is up.


Claire Bates: You were trying to trick me.

Aaron Hotchner: No one was trying to trick you.

Claire Bates: You were trying to lock me down but you arrested the wrong person.

Aaron Hotchner: Would it be possible for us to work in private for a while?

Amy Bridges: He was at the funeral. I told you.

Craig Bridges: He was at the funeral, and you arrested the wrong man.

Spencer Reid: I don't think it is a man. Did you hear the way she described the clothing? She said the blue shoes, lime green oxford… A male wouldn't reference specific details like that.

Derek Morgan: I think Reid's right. She talked about what the child wanted. How he slept. How she took care of him. She said, "I loved him."

Spencer Reid: A male unsub would have emphasized the competition, not the care giving. He would have talked about how he was smarter than the FBI, bragged about not being caught.

Amy Bridges: We could have been looking at both men and women…

David Rossi: The statistics are overwhelming women abduct newborns, men take children.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: I'm right here, sir.

Aaron Hotchner: Will you run the license plates the police gave you and find any that might be registered to a woman.

Penelope Garcia: That would be... Zero.

Amy Bridges: How's that possible?

Spencer Reid: Transcript almost reads like she's been institutionalized.

Craig Bridges: You mean she's crazy.

Spencer Reid: She described herself as being "locked down" not "arrested" or "put away." Plus, most mental facilities are very rigid about the amount of phone. I think her talking about only having 3 minutes isn't her rule to us. It's what she's been institutionalized to think of as normal.

David Rossi: Garcia, can you get records of women released from mental institutions this past month? She most likely has some trauma in her case file… Possibly the death of a child.

Penelope Garcia: I'm sorry. I can't do that. To protect patient privilege there's no central database. I could hack each hospital individually, but even then, most diagnoses are kept separately by the different doctors.

Spencer Reid: I think I might have a way.


Dr. Norman: Dr. Reid… Your mom didn't tell me you were in town.

Spencer Reid: She doesn't know I'm here. I'm working on a case and I actually thought you might be able to help us.

Dr. Norman: Of course.

Spencer Reid: You've read about the recent child murder and second abduction?

Dr. Norman: Yes.

Spencer Reid: We think the person responsible is a woman. She would have been institutionalized but we believe she may have been released within the past few weeks, just before the first abduction.

Dr. Norman: What can I do?

Spencer Reid: I'm assuming you have a good working relationship with the administrators at other hospitals. I know no one can open their files but if you wouldn't mind just giving them the profile, that would be a tremendous help. She's delusional, fueled by grief, very well might have lost a child of her own, probably around the age of 5.

Dr. Norman: I'll see what I can do.


Diana Reid: Spencer? What are you doing here?

Spencer Reid: I'm here for work. We're investigating the murder and abduction of two 5-year-old boys.

Diana Reid: I don't like the idea of you working on things that are so sad.

Spencer Reid: I know.

Diana Reid: You're so thin.

Spencer Reid: I was going to come see you the second we solved the case.

Diana Reid: What else is going on in there?

Spencer Reid: Nothing.

Diana Reid: Don't lie to your mother, Spencer. We know. We feel things.


Aaron Hotchner: Try to remember the moment when you felt someone's eyes on you.

Amy Bridges: I don't know.

Jennifer Jareau: Yes, you do.

Aaron Hotchner: At one point you said, "he's here." When was that?

Amy Bridges: It's her.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, the blonde in the middle. Do you have her?

Penelope Garcia: Got her.

Aaron Hotchner: Isolate the image, run it through vicap, see if we get a hit.

Penelope Garcia: On it.


Spencer Reid: Did I know a boy named Riley Jenkins?

Diana Reid: Riley Jenkins... He was a story you made up.

Spencer Reid: No. No. He was a real kid who was murdered when I was 4 years old.

Diana Reid: Oh, I think you're mistaken.

Spencer Reid: I've been seeing things.

Diana Reid: Don't say that.

Spencer Reid: I've been having dreams about his death since I was little, mom.

Diana Reid: You were always a reader. It affected your dreams.

Spencer Reid: I remember, when I was 4, we went to a funeral.

Diana Reid: Your uncle Daniel's, maybe?

Spencer Reid: I also remember we moved houses and you and dad argued about it. And you told dad that I was in danger.

Diana Reid: Because you were.

Spencer Reid: Why… Why did you think that?

Diana Reid: I don't know. I just knew. I told you, a mother knows. We're animals, Spencer. We feel things.

Dr. Norman: I'm sorry. I talked to the heads of 9 different hospitals. There's no one who matches your description.

Spencer Reid: Thank you for trying.

Dr. Norman: You know, if this person has an axis-1 condition, her release wouldn't be as important as whether or not she keeps to her medications.

Spencer Reid: All right. Thank you. Again, thank you very much.

Diana Reid: I went off my medication when I was pregnant with you. I spent every day in terror, but i made it and it was beautiful. I had you.

Spencer Reid: Oh, god.

Diana Reid: What is it, baby?

Spencer Reid: Women abduct newborns… Excuse me.

Diana Reid: I don't understand.

Spencer Reid: Doctor, would it be possible for a woman to convince herself that a random 5-year-old child's actually her own newborn?

Dr. Norman: If her psychosis is strong enough and, again, if they'd stopped taking their medication, absolutely.

Spencer Reid: Thank you. Thanks… Hotch, I'm pretty sure i know why the medical examiner was so confused… I think she's breastfeeding them.


Claire Bates: Mommy's here. There we go. There ya go. Mommy's here. Get some sleep now, okay? Mommy's here.


Penelope Garcia: I got a hit off the woman on the video. I ran it through VICAP. Her name's Claire bates. She was institutionalized 3 years ago after she assaulted a fellow secretary at a law firm. By that I mean, she bit off part of her ear.

Aaron Hotchner: Do we have an address?

Penelope Garcia: There's no last known.

Derek Morgan: Try running the license plates again.

Penelope Garcia: Got it… No way. That's no good.

Derek Morgan: What's wrong?

Penelope Garcia: It's registered to the father. He lived in Reno, but he died 2 years ago.

Emily Prentiss: Garcia, pull her birth records. If she's really breastfeeding them, then she must have just given birth.

Penelope Garcia: Here we go. Claire Bates... Gave birth to a son 3 weeks ago. Oh...

Aaron Hotchner: What is it, Garcia?

Penelope Garcia: Social services removed the baby from her care after a 7-day evaluation.

David Rossi: That's why she holds the boys for 7 days.

Derek Morgan: She's recreating the loss of her baby.

Jennifer Jareau: But she's taking 5-year-olds.

Aaron Hotchner: Her psychosis must be projecting her baby onto any children she can get access to.

Emily Prentiss: Garcia, can you read us the social services report?

Penelope Garcia: "While it is admirable that patient stayed off anti-psychotic medication for the health of her foetus, we strongly believe that due to a history of violent and delusional behaviour, there is a significant risk to the child if she is granted guardianship. Therefore, the child shall be a ward of the state until such time a full-time guardian can be established."

Emily Prentiss: Is there an address?

Penelope Garcia: 2509 Brookside avenue.

Aaron Hotchner: JJ will stay here with you. We'll call with any updates. Tell Reid where we're going.


Aaron Hotchner: Watch yourselves. If she's truly delusional, she'll have moments of clarity where she realizes what she's done.

David Rossi: Morgan and I'll go around back.

Aaron Hotchner: Prentiss and I'll take these doors.


Aaron Hotchner: Claire! Stop, Claire! She's going out the back… Careful. She's got the boy!


Derek Morgan: Hotch, we got her! She's going to the garage!


Aaron Hotchner: Claire, back away from the fire and put him down.

Claire Bates: My baby's dead.

Emily Prentiss: No, he isn't. He's being taken really good care of by someone else. Just like you need to take care of this boy.

Claire Bates: I kept healthy. I did good.

Emily Prentiss: We know you did. We just need you to step away and put the boy down.

Claire Bates: My baby's dead.

Emily Prentiss: No. He isn't, Claire. Let us prove it to you.


David Rossi: Do you have a clean shot of her?

Derek Morgan: She's not armed, Rossi.

David Rossi: If he's still alive and she drops him in the fire, we may not be able to save him… Do you have a shot?

Derek Morgan: Yes. I got one.

Spencer Reid: I've got Michael! I've got Michael!


Spencer Reid: I got ya.


Derek Morgan: No, don't do it!


Aaron Hotchner: A doctor has to check him out, but you can be with him the whole time. He should be able to be back in his bed by tonight.

Craig Bridges: Thank you.

Amy Bridges: Thank you… You're gonna be great. I know.


Derek Morgan: You know, this is about as good a day as we're gonna get on this job.

Spencer Reid: I know.

Derek Morgan: And yet you're still thinking about a boy you're not even sure if you really knew.

Spencer Reid: When I was 4, my mother had a sense that I was in danger.

Derek Morgan: Reid, your mother wasn't well.

Spencer Reid: I know facts about the case.

Derek Morgan: Reid, you've got a photographic memory, odds are, you saw the story. He was just a kid like you and it caught your imagination.

Spencer Reid: I don't really think that you believe that.

Derek Morgan: You wanna know what i really believe? I believe you could have done anything in the world with your life and you chose to do this job. Your man Carl Jung says our unconscious is the key to our life's pursuits.

Spencer Reid: Yeah. Yeah.

Derek Morgan: So, for whatever reason, that case was stuck in your brain all these years and it not only led you to this career choice but to the same city where your mother lives and for us to have the opportunity to save this child.

Spencer Reid: Yeah.

Derek Morgan: Like I said, this is about as good a day as we're gonna get, man. Enjoy your moment.

Spencer Reid: Hotch, do you think it would be possible to wait until tomorrow to return home?

Aaron Hotchner: Do you think you could find something to do in Las Vegas for the night?

Spencer Reid: Bob Dylan once said, "I think the truly natural things are dreams, which nature can't touch with Decay."


Diana Reid: I'm proud of you, Spencer.

Spencer Reid: For what?

Diana Reid: Saving that boy.

Spencer Reid: How'd you know?

Diana Reid: I told you. A mother knows.

Spencer Reid: Dr. Norman gave me permission to sleep on the couch in your room tonight if it's all right with you.

Diana Reid: If anyone tries to keep him in here any longer, I'll scratch your eyes out.

Dr. Norman: One night only.

Diana Reid: It helps if they think you're crazy… They don't argue.


Spencer Reid: FBI… Put your hands in the air… Show me your face… Dad?

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