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Esprits Criminels
#611 : Liberté sous condition

Scénariste : Erica Messer
Réalisateur : Charles S. Carroll

Hotch prend quelques jours de congés, et c'est Rossi qui est en charge des affaires courantes. Erin Strauss, le chef de la section lui confie un nouveau dossier : celui de Don Sanderson, un individu mis prochainement en liberté conditionnelle, après vingt-cinq années d'emprisonnement. Sanderson était condamné pour avoir assassiné sa femme et sa fille, bien qu'il ait toujours clamé son innocence. Pour lui, les membres de sa famille ont été victimes d'un mystérieux agresseur. Joshua, son fils, est toujours vivant et il devra être placé sous protection. Rossi confie le dossier à Derek Morgan. Ce dernier rend visite à Sanderson au centre de détention. Il découvre que Sanderson est un prisonnier, dont la conduite est exemplaire.

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25 to Life

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Liberté sous condition

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Rossi’s Office – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Rossi, acting chief, speaks with Aaron Hotchner on the telephone.

Rossi: I understand, Hotch. Take all the time you need. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll be fine. Okay. You too.

Rossi hangs up and Prentiss enters.

Prentiss: Hi. I was hoping I could get a minute. Agent Seaver has requested her remedial training be here.

Rossi: She was only clear for one case.

Prentiss: That didn't end the way she had hoped.

Rossi: I'd say.

Prentiss: She made a mistake. But she remained calm under pressure. She just wants to prove herself.

Rossi: Hotch isn't here to supervise her.

Prentiss: I'll do it. I'll be her training agent.

Rossi: He signed off?

Prentiss: Via email. But I know you have a history with her.

Rossi: Don't make me regret this.

Prentiss: Thank you. Ma'am.

Prentiss goes away, while Section Chief Erin Strauss enters.

Strauss: Agent. Have you heard from Aaron?

Rossi: He sounds like he hadn't slept.

Strauss: Do you think he's all right?

Rossi: Jack's having some problems.

Strauss: Well, it's been a year since… Well, I'm glad he's finally taking some time off. This is the only thing that's pending.

Strauss gives Rossi a case file.

Rossi: Donald Sanderson? That was 20 years ago.

Strauss: 25, actually. He's up for parole. They've asked us to do a risk assessment.

Rossi: Well, I can't do it, not with Aaron gone.

Strauss: Well, who can?

Rossi: Morgan, can you come in here?

Strauss: Well, he's got to meet him today. The parole board hearing is tomorrow.

Rossi: Now, what was his story? Junkies randomly attacked his family?

Strauss: Yes, that's what he claimed. He and his son survived. Frankly, I don't understand how parole is even a consideration.

Rossi: Well, he's eligible. They're overcrowded.

Strauss: Yes, but the physical evidence was shocking. Who could possibly believe he would be innocent?

Rossi: That's not our job. All we need to see is how 25 years has changed his life.

Morgan enters the office.

Morgan: Ma'am. Is everything all right?

Rossi: I need you to take a trip.

Morgan: Who's this?

Rossi: Don Sanderson. He's been in Petersburg half his life and he's up for parole.

Strauss: It appears he's become a model prisoner.

Morgan: You don't sound convinced.

Strauss: I don't know how someone who kills his wife and daughter can be rehabilitated.


Federal Correctional Complex – Petersburg, Virginia – Day

Morgan visits Sanderson at federal prison.

Guard: Open 7. On the gate.

Morgan: SSA Derek Morgan.

Don Sanderson: BAU. You analyze behavior.

Guard: Close it.

Don Sanderson: Nobody's ever believed that I'm innocent. Why would you?

Morgan: May I?

Don Sanderson: Yeah.

Morgan: I don't rely solely on physical evidence. It says here that you were two years into your residency when all this happened. What did you want to specialize in?

Don Sanderson: Pediatrics.

Morgan: You haven't requested parole in over 18 years.

Don Sanderson: The system put me in here. They're gonna keep me in here. Time's gone by a little faster since I accepted that.

Morgan: Has the heroin helped you pass the time? They found it in your cell two years ago.

Don Sanderson: New regime had to assert power.

Morgan: You're saying someone planted it.

Don Sanderson: It is what it is.

Morgan: You hadn't been in solitary since you got here.

Don Sanderson: Gave me a lot of time to think about my son.

Morgan: Your son's name is Joshua?

Don Sanderson: I'm sorry, I still don't understand how you're… Can ignore all that evidence. The prosecution said that I had an acute psychological break, that I was a psychopath. Is that what you see?

Morgan: Psychopaths are masters at hiding what's inside of them.

Don Sanderson: Is that what you think I've done? Agent, do you have any idea what it's like to be accused of something that you didn't do?

Morgan: You went to the infirmary 16 times, and not once did you ever try to fight back.

Don Sanderson: No. The last time they beat me, they… Well… I… I almost had it. I mean, I didn't think that I was gonna make it. And I was ok with that. But I was lying there… and I had this, uh… vision. See, Joshua was, uh, was grown up. The sun was shining on us. I… I don't know where we were. But I got to tell him that I didn't hurt our family.

Morgan: And that's what's kept you going?

Don Sanderson: And then I just didn't want to feel sorry for myself. I wanted… I wanted to… to live my life in here the way that I would have lived it out there and do things that I got cheated out of with Joshua.

Morgan: Is that why you've taught men how to read? Why you started a mentor program? You've helped…    41 inmates get their GED. Mr. Sanderson, this is the type of evidence I consider. If you were to gain your freedom… what would you do with it?

Don Sanderson: I can't even think about something like that.

Morgan: But what would you do?

Don Sanderson: I would try and find my son… and I'd tell him the truth.


Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Morgan appears before the parole board.

Morgan: Based on physical evidence, Don Sanderson has been prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But… the way in which he has spent the last 25 years… it throws doubt on that conviction. Now, I know that is not the question at hand here today. I have learned that behavior does not lie. You all want to know whether or not this man has been reformed. I believe that he has. He's lost everything, yet somehow he has still managed to better himself. More importantly to people around him, he's held on to the only good thing left in his life. His son. It's what defines him. At this point, he's simply looking ahead. Therefore, it is my belief that Don Sanderson is not a danger to himself or to society.


Sanderson’s New House – Virginia – Day

Sanderson is released from prison and come home.


Outside – Virginia – Day

Sanderson takes the bus and walks in the street.


Sanderson’s House – Virginia – Night

Sanderson cannot sleep and stares at the ceiling.


Hall – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Seaver: I, uh, noticed you all drink double shots.

Prentiss: Oh, thanks. You do, too?

Seaver: This is the first. I wanted to thank you for having my back.

Prentiss: I hope you have mine.

Rossi: Front page news, eh?

Reid: Morgan must not think he did it.

Rossi: Or believes he won't do it again.

Strauss: Is agent Morgan in?

Rossi: What do you need, Erin?

Strauss: Metro P. D. sent this an hour ago.

Morgan: And they want us to take a look?

Strauss: No, they want you to take a look.

Morgan looks at the picture of a dead person on a phone.

Morgan: Who's this?

Strauss: The man Don Sanderson just murdered.




Morgan Voice Over: "There is no such thing as part freedom." Nelson Mandela.


Outside – Crime scene – Virginia – Day

Reid: Why didn't Sanderson just run?

Seaver: Maybe he wanted to go back to prison.

Prentiss: There are plenty of ways to violate your parole other than homicide.

Seaver: Is Morgan ok?

Reid: He just vouched for a man that turned around and killed someone.

Bill Codwin: So he's the one let him out?

Rossi: Come on, Bill, you know it's never that simple.

Bill Codwin: Oh, you see this all the time, Rossi. Guy's out for a couple of days, he's gotta get back inside.

Rossi: They why did he claim self-defense? Why call the paramedics? Why attempt CPR to keep him breathing? Why not just flee the scene? He wanted something else.

Bill Codwin: Like what?

Rossi: I don't know yet.

Bill Codwin: Well, he's predictable, if you ask me. He broke into this guy's basement and stabbed him, same way he did his wife.

Morgan: Rossi. He's coming with us. Get out of the car. Let's go, move.

Morgan gets Sanderson out of the car.

Rossi: You're welcome to join us.

Bill Codwin: After I clean up here.


Kitchen – Crime scene – Virginia – Day

Prentiss: This is not a random act of violence. There has to be a reason.

Seaver: Anything could have been a weapon.

Prentiss: So he chose to stab him, just like he did before.

Don Sanderson: Hello, Tommy.

Prentiss: So he dialed 911, then he performed CPR. Why go through this big fight and then try and save him.


Room – Crime scene – Virginia – Day

Reid is on the phone with Garcia.

Reid: So the gun wasn't loaded, but he broke in, took it, and waited for Wittman to get home? Why?

Garcia: I don't know, love, but I do know that your victim legally purchased that 38 in '94, licensed to him. Other than that, no weapons, wives, or children. The guy was pretty much a loner.

Reid: So there's gotta be some sort of connection.

Garcia: There isn't any yet. I'm sorry.

Reid: All right. Thank you, Garcia.

Garcia: Yeah, hey, how is my boy?

Reid: Uh, fine.

Garcia: Really?

Reid: No.


Kitchen – Crime scene – Virginia – Day

Reid: The bullets were in the other room, but the gun is right here.

Seaver: Maybe killing him was an accident?

Prentiss: Does any of this strike you as hard to believe?

Seaver: Neighbors confirmed hearing sounds of a confrontation.

Prentiss: Yeah, but Sanderson was out of prison for what, Reid?

Reid: At the time of the murder, 51 hours.

Prentiss: He's free for two days and change? What's the big hurry to find this guy?


In The Car – Virginia – Day

Morgan is driving. Rossi and Sanderson are with him.

Rossi: You woke up a free man and decided to kill Tom Wittman. You gotta help us out here. It doesn't look good for you.

Don Sanderson: It wasn't supposed to be like that. He came at me.

Rossi: I get it that you don't trust anyone right now. But this man is the reason that you're free.

Morgan stops the car.

Morgan: Did you find your son?

Don Sanderson: No.

Morgan: Did you even look?

Rossi: Drive.

Morgan starts the car.


Conference Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Prentiss: How is he?

Rossi: Clearing his head.

Garcia: Strauss is waiting for you guys to come back.

Rossi: Great. That's all he needs.

Prentiss: We still don't know how Tom Wittman is connected to Don Sanderson.

Reid: All we know about him is everything Morgan went over, what he was accused of.

Seaver: And that he killed Tom Whitman this morning.

Rossi: The guy's not talking.

Prentiss: He doesn't trust anybody.

Garcia: If he doesn't tell us who Tom Wittman is, how are we going to help Derek?

Rossi: The answer's in there somewhere. We just have to find it.


Conference Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Morgan: All right, March 10, 1985, 2:23 A.M. Don Sanderson was asleep on his couch because of an argument he had with his wife. He woke up to her screams.

Prentiss: He ran to the bedroom to find one man stabbing her, another man struck him from behind, knocking him unconscious.

Reid: His wounds were superficial in comparison, so it was easy for the prosecution to claim that Sanderson's wounds were self-inflicted.

Garcia: And he had just finished his second year of residency at Georgetown, indicating he had the skills to do it to himself. And his fingerprints were all over the weapon.

Rossi: So, Sanderson comes to, his wife and daughter are dead.

Reid: Almost dead. He called for help.

Seaver: Sounds familiar.

Morgan: He said that two men killed his wife, but when officers arrived, he changed his story. He added a woman.

Garcia: Let me guess. They never found her.

Prentiss: No one ever looked.

Reid: So we have three people who commit a brutal double homicide, then never act on it again? I don't know, it seems unlikely.

Seaver: But nothing like that every happened after Sanderson went to prison.

Prentiss: The question is, how does Tom Wittman play into this? He was a teenager at the time.

Morgan: Strauss. I want everything from Tom Wittman's apartment.

Seaver: It's on its way.

Reid: Do you think Wittman was there that night?

Rossi: That depends.

Seaver: On what?

Rossi: If you believe Sanderson's story.


Observation Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Strauss: My office will handle the press from here on.

Morgan: That's unnecessary.

Strauss: You don't need any more distractions. He looks genuinely distraught. He's very convincing. I can see why you fell for it. I don't need to remind you that your reputation's on the line here.

Morgan: That's not what matters to me right now.

Strauss: It should.


Interview Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Morgan: You played me.

Don Sanderson: I know how this looks.

Morgan: Oh, do you? Oh, well, please, enlighten me. How does this look?

Don Sanderson: I didn't do it.

Morgan: Yes, you did! And now that's on me. I bought into your holier-than-thou garbage! I put a psychotic killer back out on the street, and in less than 51 hours you went right back to your old ways.

Don Sanderson: I didn't want to.

Morgan: Then why did you?

Don Sanderson: Because he would have killed me.

Morgan: No. No. It's more than that. It better be more than that. Why did you go to his house? Why would you risk your freedom to go after this man?


Conference Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Seaver: This is the rest of Tom Wittman's house.

Garcia: Hey, guys. Derek said that the Sandersons got into an argument

 on the night of the murders. So, I went ahead and did a background check. There is no history of abuse, domestic calls, therapy. From the outside in they were like the perfect family.

Seaver: Nobody's perfect.

Garcia: Yeah, but married right out of college, medical school, two kids, house on a hill, dog. Pretty damn close. Yeah?

Prentiss: Ok, so one night they argue. He takes the couch, leaving the wife and kids upstairs vulnerable.

Seaver: He claims the offenders broke in through the basement. There were security bars on the window, but they were old and broken.

Reid: That was such an obscure fact, though. It was deemed only someone with an intimate knowledge of the house would suggest that as an entry point.

Prentiss: Yeah, but that means that three people walked past Sanderson while he was sleeping on the couch. Why didn't he wake up?

Rossi: And why would they walk right past him without subduing him?

Garcia: It looks like their goal was upstairs. She had a stuffed animal. Who does that to a 5-year-old?

Reid: You know, the child was an afterthought. The overkill was on Mrs. Sanderson.

Seaver: That's an understatement.

Prentiss: He was sending a message.

Seaver: Like what?

Prentiss: He's in control. He has all the power. And he hates her.


Interview Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Morgan: You must be exhausted. Doing good time just so you can get out and kill again.

Don Sanderson: I'm not a murderer.

Morgan: You are a murderer. You just stabbed a man to death.

Don Sanderson: I didn't have a choice. He saw me, he panicked, he would have killed me. I'm telling you, I didn't have a choice. He didn't kill my family. He was going to lead me to the one who did.

Morgan: All right. And if you had gotten to this person that allegedly killed your family, what were you gonna do then, the same thing you just did to Tom Wittman?

Don Sanderson: No, I'm not a killer. Ok, yes. Yes. There wasn't a day that I was locked up where I didn't hope that whoever took my family's lives was dead. I wanted to find him and I wanted to destroy his life like he did mine. I wanted him to pay!

Morgan: Why wasn't Tom Wittman's name mentioned at your trial?

Don Sanderson: I didn't even know it until years later. Agent, what I saw and what happened, that couldn't have been random.

Morgan: So what did you do? Just look at every single person that knew your family?

Don Sanderson: Yeah.

Morgan: How did you do that? You never once asked for access to your case.

Don Sanderson: All of it was my memory. I walked through that night a million times. Tommy was just a kid then, 18, 19. He worked at the corner market and brought our groceries home. He and his friend, they would look for any reason to be near my wife. I didn't like that. Carrie told him so and he stopped coming by.

Morgan: So Tom felt abandoned by your wife and angry at you, so he acted out.

Don Sanderson: Yeah, you see, except… that night he said… he said, "That's enough". See, it's like he had actual boundaries.

Morgan: That's how you narrowed this down, to somebody who cared about your wife?

Don Sanderson: Yeah. Tom… Tom, he was just… he was just… he was a figure in the dark. And then I heard his voice.

Tom: Good morning, Mr. Sanderson.

Don Sanderson: And that was familiar. It took me a long time to place it. Anyway, a few years later, I called the market and tried to find his full name. Thomas Gregory Wittman. I had Internet privileges once a week, and I found his address.

Morgan: And then what?

Don Sanderson: A few days later, that heroin was planted in my cell. I lost my privileges.

Morgan: So Tom Wittman was the only link that you had to figuring out who was in your house that night?

Don Sanderson: And now I'm back to nothing.

Morgan: Not necessarily.


Observation Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Rossi: You want to take him back to his house?

Morgan: If he can't figure out who else was there that night, there's no way to prove his story.

Rossi: All right. Let's clean him up first.


Outside Sanderson’s Former House – Virginia – Day

Morgan and Rossi take Sanderson back to his former house for a cognitive interview.

Don Sanderson: This used to be a great place to live.

Morgan: You ready?

Don Sanderson: Yeah.


Sanderson’s Former House – Virginia – Day

They enter the empty house.

Don Sanderson: No one stays here long, do they?

Rossi: You were asleep on the couch?

Don Sanderson: In front of the fire.

Morgan: So it was cold.

Don Sanderson: Yeah. And pouring down rain. The TV was on.

Rossi: What were you watching?

Don Sanderson: Reruns. I'd been on rotation for 36 hours. Between that and the rain, it took me about just a minute to fall asleep.

Rossi: What wakes you?

Flashback. Don is sleeping on the couch but wakes up when he hears his daughter screaming.

Abby: Daddy! Daddy, help me, daddy! Help! Please! Help! Don! Daddy! Daddy, help me! Uhh! Uhh! No! Shut up!

Flashback. Sanderson runs upstairs in his daughter’s room and sees a man in a hood stabbing his wife. Someone hits him.

Don Sanderson: He's hurting them.

Rossi: Who is? Tom?

Don Sanderson: No, the one in the hood. Tom's saying…

Tom: That's enough!

Don Sanderson: My little girl… she shouldn't be seeing this. Turn away, baby. Turn away. I can't get to her.

Flashback. His daughter, Abby, is crying on the floor in the corner.

Abby: Help me!

Tom: Shut up!

Don Sanderson: No! No, no, no, no! You stay away from her! There's a woman. There she is.

Morgan: What does she look like?

Don Sanderson: It's blurry.

Woman: Here you go.

Don Sanderson: She gave Abby her hippo. My son. She had my son.

The unknown woman holds Joshua in her arms.

Morgan: What is she saying?

Woman: Stop it! That's enough!

Don Sanderson: But he won't. He keeps holding me down. He's laughing.

Woman: I want to keep him. He's just a baby.

Man: Put it back.

Woman: No. No!

Don Sanderson: They're fighting.

Man: Put it back.

Don Sanderson: She wants to take my son.

Man: I said put it back!

Don Sanderson: They could have taken my son.

Morgan: But she didn't take your son. He's safe.


Conference Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Prentiss: They must have trusted one another. We need to figure out who Tom Wittman's friends were back then.

Rossi: The woman is the key. She wanted to take the baby.

Prentiss: Yeah. To build their own twisted family.

Rossi: All right, keep me posted.

Prentiss: Ok. Ok, the crazy thing about this is that nobody turned on one another. So they have to have a bond. Maybe they're related.

Seaver: Tom Wittman didn't have any siblings.

Prentiss: It could be childhood friends.

Seaver: Uh, the only marks on his record are from juvie. He cleaned up after that.

Prentiss: What were his arrests?

Seaver: Petty stuff.

Prentiss: Uh, anything related to breaking and entering?

Seaver: Credit card schemes, retail robbery.

Prentiss: Ok, now, wait. That was big in the eighties. One person would work in the store and the other would use stolen credit cards.

Seaver: Sounds like a team.

Prentiss: Yeah. Was he arrested with anybody?


Garcia’s Office – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Garcia: I found Tom Wittman's juvie records. Other than him, no one was underage involved in any of his arrests.

Prentiss: Maybe they weren't the same age. The woman wanted to keep a kid. That doesn't sound like a teenager.

Garcia: Ok, I'm gonna cross-ref the date of Wittman's arrest with others made on that same day. Retail crimes. Shoplifting was very big. What about a woman who was arrested from the same department store as Tom? Mary Rutka, 22 at the time.

Prentiss: Is she from D. C.?

Garcia: Born and raised.

Seaver: Did she have any children?

Garcia: One 19-year-old son.

Prentiss calls Morgan.

Prentiss: Morgan, are you back yet? We may have found the woman.


Interview Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Morgan shows Sanderson a photo of Mary Rutka.

Don Sanderson: That's her.

Rossi: Go.


Rutka’s Apartment – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Prentiss and Morgan go to her apartment and break in and find her on the floor injured, but still alive.

Morgan: He's going down the fire escape!

Prentiss: I need an ambulance and backup at 751 Hindry street, northeast, apartment 402. It's ok. It's ok. Hold on.

Morgan sees a man.

Morgan: Hey! FBI!

Morgan chases a man down the fire escape, but loses him.


Rutka’s Apartment – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Prentiss: It looks like she fought him.

Bill Codwin: So some guy breaks in here, kills her, then runs away. It's pretty risky.

Prentiss: He's hiding something and she was a witness to it. He's cleaning up loose ends.

Bill Codwin: Well, it looks like he made a mess to me. How'd you track her down.

Prentiss: She was arrested with Tom Wittman a long time ago.

Bill Codwin: Sanderson gets out, Wittman's killed, and now Mary Rutka. The whole thing's a house of cards.

Prentiss: He got away with it for 20 years. He's not about to get caught now.

Bill Codwin: Any leads?

Morgan: Nothing more than we saw.

Bill Codwin: Well, he knows you're onto him. What do you think he's gonna do now?

Prentiss: Well, I don't think he'd trash the place for the hell of it. I think he was looking for something and we interrupted him.

Morgan: It makes sense why she survived until now.

Bill Codwin: What are you guys talking about?

Morgan: Three people got away with murder. How do you make sure no one rats the other out?

Prentiss: Blackmail.


Cafeteria – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Seaver: It sounds like we need to profile a dormant killer.

Reid: A very lucky one. He was essentially given a gift… a patsy in the form of Don Sanderson, and he'll do anything to protect that story.

Seaver: When someone has a secret this big, everything becomes a lie.

Reid: He'll most likely be pathological.

Seaver: So, we're looking for a liar in D. C. I thought we were trying to narrow this down.


Rutka’s Apartment – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Morgan: Her son's 19 years old. He doesn't have a bedroom, but she kept all his books.

Prentiss: She's sentimental. Hey, Morgan.

Prentiss finds a dusty videotape on top of the kitchen cabinet.


Garcia’s Office – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Garcia: Almost there.

Prentiss: Ah, sorry.

They’re watching the tape, revealing Carrie Sanderson eating breakfast in bed with Abby and Joshua.

Carrie Sanderson: Daddy help you make them?

Abby Sanderson: Yeah.

Carrie Sanderson: Yeah? Did Josh help you make them?

Abby Sanderson: Yeah, he got the blueberries.

Carrie Sanderson: He got the blue… well, thank you very much. I love you.

Don Sanderson: I love you, too.

The tape then turns into footage of the night of the murder. A man in the hood and Mary Rutka walk upstairs.

Man: Welcome to the Sanderson home. Don't forget the view. They look down on everybody.

Prentiss: He sounds jealous.

Man: You'll wake them. Let's do this.

Mary Rutka: Shh.

Morgan: Garcia, can you isolate these images?

Garcia: Yeah. Which one?

Morgan: The one in the hood.

Prentiss: You think it's him?

Morgan: That could be a thousand guys.


Interview Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Don Sanderson: I want to see them.

Morgan: No. I don't think that's a good idea.

Don Sanderson: I wasn't allowed to have pictures. For 25 years. They thought that looking at them would get me off. I don't want to forget my family. See, they're… they're here, and they're in flashes. But I can feel them slipping away. Please.


Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Morgan shows Don the tape of her family.

Carrie Sanderson: Daddy help you make them?

Abby Sanderson: Yeah.

Carrie Sanderson: Yeah? Did Josh help you make them?

Abby Sanderson: Yeah, he got the blueberries.

Carrie Sanderson: He got the blue… well, thank you very much.

Abby Sanderson: And the butter.

Carrie Sanderson: And the butter. Were you I charge of the eggs?

Abby Sanderson: Yeah.

Carrie Sanderson: I know you like to break the eggs, right? I love you.

Don Sanderson: I love you, too.

Abby Sanderson: Mommy… Go ahead. Go ahead.

Carrie Sanderson: Ohh! Pancakes. You guys are too good to me.


Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Reid: What we just watched was…

Prentiss: Debilitating. Frenzied.

Reid: And documented, but not for a trophy. It seems to be from Wittman's point of view. I mean, she's obviously an accessory. Why not just destroy the evidence?

Prentiss: Because she got something out of it. Her place was way more than she could afford. She never got married. And she had a son who went to private school.

Rossi: Do you think it's his kid?

Prentiss: That would explain the bond and why he didn't get rid of her before today.

Seaver: You said her place was nice. If he's covering his tracks, he's paying her in cash. Who can afford to do that?


Conference Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Garcia: You want me to find rich and powerful men in D. C.? Explain to me how to narrow down this list.

Prentiss: Start with me who grew up in the district, came from nothing.

Reid: His ambition will define him.

Morgan: Whoever did this enjoys taking power away. He's been way too smart to keep on killing. So what would satisfy a guy like this?

Prentiss: Well, he's manipulative but trustworthy. Two other people witnessed that murder and they never turned on him.

Morgan: Guys, so we have to think of this city as the unsub's comfort zone. He didn't leave for a reason.

Rossi: A target-rich environment.

Reid: The damage he's done and continues to do is right here in D. C.

Rossi: Politics?

Morgan: I think it's more intimate than that. He needs victims who suffer directly from what he's doing.

Garcia: Ok, I'll cross the politicians off my list.

Prentiss: Look into asset-based lenders, uh, big money-making ventures where people would be left in his wake.

Rossi: Corporate takeovers.

Seaver: Businessman as psychopath?

Prentiss: They have the same characteristics. They just use their skills differently.

Reid: They both have narcissistic traits, such as a grandiose sense of self-importance, deceptiveness, lack of remorse.

Garcia: Hard-core businessmen, 36 and counting.

Morgan: That's way too many.

Prentiss: We can each take 6 and look for connections.

Morgan: No, no. Wait a minute. If we had this case 25 years ago, what would we have seen? How would we fight the physical evidence?

Seaver: We'd look at what the unsub did the moment he arrived at the house.

Morgan: They broke into the basement.

Reid: Through a window with rusted-out bars.

Morgan: Garcia, who lived at the house before the Sandersons?

Garcia: Property records… Well, it hasn't exchanged too many hands. The Barretts, the Kramers, the Stanworths.

Morgan: Any of those names on your list of businessmen?

Garcia: Uh, no. Let me look at that longer list. Hold, please. Hey, family of James Stanworth. They lost the house in '82 and then they moved to the outskirts.

Prentiss: He sounded jealous on the tape. That makes sense.

Morgan: He knew the Sandersons and he would obviously know that house. There was nothing random about that attack.

Garcia: A native Washingtonian, married with three kids.

Rossi: Everything to lose.

Morgan: What?

Garcia: He's running for congress. Check out his campaign slogan.

Prentiss: "Let's do this". He said that on the tape.

Rossi: This won't be easy.


Strauss’ Office – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Strauss: You want to arrest James Stanworth? Are you out of your mind?

Morgan: He's got motive. Mary Rutka had a tape. She was blackmailing him.

Strauss: It was a hooded figure. You can't prove it was him on that videotape.

Rossi: He fits the profile, Erin.

Strauss: Forgive me, but your profile sounds like a self-made man, not the psychopath you claim he is.

Morgan: We said he'd be destructive. In 1998 alone, he fired 6,000 people from one of his companies. Some of those employees took their own lives. This is the type of power and devastation that he enjoys.

Strauss: Hearsay. Slander if you're not careful.

Morgan: Ma'am, he got into politics to be hard on crime. He would have access to keep tabs on Don Sanderson.

Strauss: And now you're sounding as paranoid as Don Sanderson. You cannot accuse a man without a shred of physical evidence.

Morgan: Mary Rutka had skin under her nails. Maybe she left a mark.

Strauss: And you cannot arrest a man based on the possibility of a scratch.

Rossi: We can't arrest this man. That's what you mean. Don't pull any punches now, Erin.

Strauss: You don't understand what the politics are, do you, Dave? You never have.

Rossi: No, I do. I just don't care.

Morgan: Ma'am, with all due respect, we have an innocent man in our custody, and the killer is still out there. It just might be James Stanworth.

Strauss: You don't have enough proof. The BAU functions without you. Don't push it.


Conference Room – BAU – Quantico, Virginia – Night

Garcia: So there's nothing we can do? This guy's gonna get away with it?

Morgan: No. No, not a chance in hell. Garcia, find me James Stanworth right now.

Garcia: Yeah.

Morgan: Another hour passes, he's that much closer to hiding his true self.

Reid: Mary Rutka's his third victim. He's now officially a serial killer.

Seaver: What do you want to do?

Morgan: I want to expose this son of a bitch. If he did kill Mary Rutka, he's gonna have cuts on him somewhere. We match that DNA, we got him.

Garcia: Guys, he's having a fund-raiser at his house in Mclean.

Morgan: When?

Garcia: It started an hour ago.

Morgan: Text me the address.

Garcia: Yep.

Seaver: What if we're wrong?

Morgan goes away and Prentiss follows him.

Rossi: Prentiss.


James Stanworth’s Residence – McLean, Virginia – Night

James Stanworth: Which is why I insisted they come to D. C., meet the policymakers, see that it's not as simple as signing our names, that the problems we're dealing with are not easy ones, that we have to plan not two steps ahead, but 200 steps. That it's not just about what's in our families' best interests, it's what's in our nation's. Thank you.

They applaud him. Morgan and Prentiss enter. Morgan confronts him.

Morgan: Ladies and gentlemen, congressman, Mr. James Stanworth. You sure have a way with words. It's mighty impressive.

James Stanworth: Thank you. May I help you?

Morgan: My name's Derek Morgan. I'm with the FBI. Do your friends here know that you're a closet psychopath?

James Stanworth: Excuse me?

Morgan: Don Sanderson knows. Do you remember him? I'm sure you do. You murdered his entire family and got him put away for 25 years.

James Stanworth: Well, agent, if you've got anything on me…

Morgan: No. James, it's not on you, it's inside of you.

Prentiss: Killing Mary Rutka really got you going, didn't it?

James Stanworth: I'm afraid I don't know who that is.

Mrs Stanworth: Jim, what's going on?

James Stanworth: They were just leaving.

Mrs Stanworth: But I don't understand…

James Stanworth: Don't worry.

Prentiss: He's good at that, isn't he? Anger. He's dismissive by nature. Can't show affection, though, can he?

Rossi: You walk on eggshells, you and the children.

Mrs Stanworth: Jim…

James Stanworth: Shut up!

Morgan: Here it comes.

Rossi: Where was your husband today around 3:00?

James Stanworth: These are ridiculous fabrications.

Prentiss: It doesn't matter. We know where he was. I held the hand of the woman he murdered.

James Stanworth: Right.

Morgan: James, whoever did kill Mary left some DNA behind, under her fingernails. What's that?

James Stanworth: Well, that would be a cut. I cut myself on a broken glass.

Morgan: No. Mary Rutka did that to you trying to defend herself. You knew that Don Sanderson was out after 25 years. He got to Tom Wittman, and you were afraid that if he got to Mary, he might find you and bring you down for what you did to his family all those years ago.

James Stanworth: You're delusional, agent.

Morgan: You panicked and you killed Mary.

James Stanworth: I don't panic.

Morgan: You did panic. You're a killer. It's what you do. You destroy people's lives.

James Stanworth: I destroyed no one.

Morgan: You put a man away for life, you murdered his family, and today you killed a woman who would never betray you,

James Stanworth: I killed no one.

Morgan: Because you panicked. You are a killer. You are a psychopath. You panicked and…

James Stanworth: I don't panic! I don't panic!

Morgan: There he is.

Mrs Stanworth: Jim, what's going on.

James Stanworth: Call Charles. Don't say another word. They've got nothing.

Prentiss: We found the tape.

Bill Codwin: James Stanworth, you're under arrest for the murder of Mary Rutka.

Bill Codwin handcuffs James Stanworth.

James Stanworth: This is absurd.

Bill Codwin: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney…


Park – Quantico, Virginia – Day

Don Sanderson and Morgan are sitting on a bench. Don has just been exonerated.

Don Sanderson: There hasn't been a second when I haven't thought about this.

Morgan: Now it's here. How does it feel?

Don Sanderson: I'm terrified.

Morgan: You know, your son has been studying medicine. He wants to open his own clinic. It seems to me he's becoming a lot like his father.

Don Sanderson: I don't even know what he looks like.

Morgan: Well, it looks like you're about to find out.

Joshua arrives.

Don Sanderson: Yes, but I… What am I supposed to say to him?

Morgan: He knows that you didn't do it. That's all you ever wanted him to know.

Don Sanderson: Yeah.

Morgan: Go. Show him who is dad really is.

Don Sanderson: Oh, my God. Joshua.

Don and Joshua hug.

Morgan Voice Over: "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them". Galileo.

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