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Esprits Criminels
#103 : La machine infernale

Scénariste : Aaron Zelman
Réalisateur : Kévin Bray

L'Unité d'Analyse Comportementale est sur les traces d'un terroriste qui fait trembler une petite ville américaine. Le sinistre individu se révèle être un disciple d'Adrian Bale, le pire ennemi de Gideon. C'est en effet Bale qui, quelques années plus tôt, avait fait exploser les bureaux de Gideon à Boston, tuant ainsi tous ses collaborateurs. L'agent va devoir affronter Bale afin de récolter un maximum d'informations pour coincer le zélé élève de ce dernier.

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Titre VO
Won't Get Fooled Again

Titre VF
La machine infernale

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Criminal Minds Spencer Reid Edits 1x03 Won't Get Fooled Again

Criminal Minds Spencer Reid Edits 1x03 Won't Get Fooled Again


Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - 1x03: See no Evil - Promo

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior - 1x03: See no Evil - Promo


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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Mandy Patinkin ... Jason Gideon
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - Lola Glaudini ... Elle Greenaway
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jarreau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Tom Virtue ... Gil Clurman
   - Jay Acovone ... Détective Morrison
   - Tim Kelleher ... Adrian Bale
   - Emily Wagner ... Jasmine Weiner
   - Maria Quiban ... Rosalie Escoba
   - Caryn West ... Mme Clurman

Journalist: The forecast, plenty of sunshine through today with seasonal temperatures. We should reach our normal high of about 82 degrees by this afternoon. Look for clear skies tonight with a low near 70. Increasing cloudiness tomorrow, sticky and humid with-


Joe Reese: Clurman! Why didn't you return my calls, Gil?

Gil Clurman: Come on, Joe, give me a break. I'm late for a meeting.

Joe Reese: I left messages on every line. I even talked with your assistant.

Gil Clurman: Look, I've been really busy, ok? We have a meeting scheduled tomorrow. We'll talk then.

Joe Reese: That's right, we will. You blow me off again it's gonna get ugly, and I won't be so understanding next time.


Aaron Hotchner: Clurman's was the second bombing this morning, both in residential neighbourhoods in palm beach.

Jason Gideon: Homeland Security been notified?

Aaron Hotchner: And ATF. In addition to a profile, they want a threat assessment.

Jason Gideon: Is the media onto it?

Aaron Hotchner: Of course. JJ's keeping tabs on that.

Jason Gideon: What do we know about the bombs?

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan hooked up with ATF. They're sending pictures of bomb fragments as they find them.


Jason Gideon: Pipe bombs.

Derek Morgan: Packed in cardboard boxes.

Aaron Hotchner: Package bombs sent through the mail?

Derek Morgan: No. The other picture in your hand is of the switch that atf found. Same mechanism for both bombs, mercury-activated.

Elle Greenaway: What does that mean?

Spencer Reid: There are contacts to a detonator on either end of a bent tube full of mercury.

Derek Morgan: What it means is all you have to do is to tilt the package to detonate it.

Elle Greenaway: So they couldn't have been sent through the mail. The bomber had to deliver them himself.

Derek Morgan: Exactly.

Aaron Hotchner: Strange way to commit an act of terrorism. Why go to all this trouble to kill just a few people?

Jason Gideon: Let's recommend not raising the terror alert level for now. No reason to spread panic.

Jennifer Jarreau: We got news. This is just a local channel, but the coverage is everywhere now- CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Al-Jazeera,you name it.

Aaron Hotchner: So much for not spreading panic.

Journalist: According to doctors, he's badly injured, but in stable condition in the I.C.U. Now, neighbours say that they heard a blast at about 10:30 this morning, and police arrived...

Jason Gideon: If DHS doesn't raise the terror alert now, they'll look weak.

Aaron Hotchner: Make sure Homeland Security knows that this is everywhere.

Journalist: I just felt that! Are you all right? Is everyone all right?

Aaron Hotchner: Let's meet at the airstrip in 20.

Journalist: This is live, I repeat this is live.


Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, what's up?

Derek Morgan: Hotch, listen, they're gonna be sending us bomb fragments by this afternoon. I'm the only one with an ATF background. So if you'd like me to stay behind and supervise the bomb profile, I'm on that.

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan, you wouldn't be afraid to be out in the field with a bomber, now, would you?

Derek Morgan: You know maybe it's not the bomber that I'm worried about.

Aaron Hotchner: I thought we were past all that.

Derek Morgan: Hotch, Boston sent Gideon into a posttraumatic tailspin. How do we know that won't happen again?

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan, I tell you what. Why don't we concentrate on profiling the bomber, and not Gideon?

Derek Morgan: Copy that.


Jason Gideon: Samuel Johnson wrote, "Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those whom we cannot resemble."


Aaron Hotchner: Bombings occurred within 3 miles of each other. First victim was a 74-year-old widow, Barbara Keller. 2 hours after that, Clurman got hit in his driveway, and 45 minutes later... Well, we all saw that. Jill Swenson, 34-year-old housewife who lived across the street from Clurman. Of the 3, only Clurman survived.

Spencer Reid: Was there any connection between the victims?

Aaron Hotchner: One. Clurman was a partner in a $10-million condo development deal in which Keller was an investor, and a few weeks ago, the whole deal went bust.

Elle Greenaway: Went bust how?

Aaron Hotchner: Geologists discovered that the land was on methane, the condos never got built, the land became worthless, and Clurman lost a lot of people and a lot of money.

Spencer Reid: So maybe one of them was mad enough to take aim at Clurman.

Jason Gideon: No, let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's a little too early to theorize about motive.

Elle Greenaway: Then where do we start?

Jason Gideon: From the beginning. What do we know about bombers?

Spencer Reid: Mostly male, loners, history of criminal activity. About 50% of all bombings are actually a product of vandalism.

Aaron Hotchner: And more often than not, bombers end up accidentally blowing themselves up, so the first suspects you always look for in the bombing case are the victims.

Elle Greenaway: Clurman was the only male. Losing a large business deal like that could be a powerful stressor.

Jason Gideon: Well, then there's the crime scene. Clurman was the only victim who didn't get hit at his door. Why? What was different about this one?


Aaron Hotchner: Before Clurman passed out, all he told cops at the time was that he saw the package sitting on the stoop outside his kitchen door.

Elle Greenaway: Why didn't he take it in?

Spencer Reid: Why didn't it go off until he got to his car? It's like 50 feet away.

Aaron Hotchner: Joe Reese, one of Clurman's investors, was here before the bomb went off. The cops have ruled him out as a s suspect, but he said he saw Clurman get in the car with the package.

Elle Greenaway: So maybe Clurman wasn't receiving a bomb at all. Maybe he was on his way to delivering one.

Spencer Reid: But he drops it or tilts it, and it goes off by accident.

Jason Gideon: I'd like to talk to Clurman. In the meantime, let's get a warrant to search his house.


Penelope Garcia: You have a package. Don't worry. Had a police escort all the way from palm beach.

Derek Morgan: Ok, right on time thanks, man, I got this. These are my bomb fragments. We can start putting this bad boy together.

Penelope Garcia: Why bother? Don't you just look at the pieces for prints and stuff?

Derek Morgan: Garcia, what are you doing in the FBI?

Penelope Garcia: I didn't get into medical school?

Derek Morgan: Why does that not surprise me?

Penelope Garcia: Ouch. That's what my father said.

Derek Morgan: All right, I'm about to teach you something, so pay attention.

Penelope Garcia: Oh, it's like school.

Derek Morgan: Look, how these things are put together can tell you how the unsub thinks.

Penelope Garcia: You sound like Gideon.

Derek Morgan: Ok, ouch. You think it's bull? Ok...All right. You see that section of pipe?

Penelope Garcia: Yeah

Derek Morgan: That right there used to be part of the cap. It screwed onto these threads right here. But, see, here's the thing it had to be done very carefully because even if one tiny grain of powder go onto those threads while he was working, that little bit of friction would have ignited the bomb. Boom! Boom! Boom! See you later, unsub. Now, he didn't have to use a powder that fine. He didn't have to use threaded caps, and he didn't even have to use a steel pipe, and it would have been a whole lot safer if he hadn't. But the bomb wouldn't have been nearly as deadly… So what does that tell you about our unsub?

Penelope Garcia: He's one sick puppy?

Derek Morgan: To say the least. One sick puppy that aims to kill. Not scare, not vandalize, or make some kind of political statement. Kill.


Aaron Hotchner: Where's your team right now?

Officer: Down in the garage.

Aaron Hotchner: After they finish the garage, make sure they check the attic.

Morrison: Agent Hotchner?

Aaron Hotchner: Yes, sir?

Morrison: Detective Morrison, Palm Beach P.D. I'm lead on the case.

Aaron Hotchner: Nice to meet you. This is Agent Greenaway. Agents Reid and Gideon are at the hospital. I think you met Agent  Jareau at the station house.

Morrison: Oh, yeah, she's taken over the place.

Elle Greenaway: She does that.

Aaron Hotchner: ATF hasn't found any hard evidence yet, just some kitchen timers, tape recorders, and electrical switches.

Morrison: Yeah


Morrison: It is amazing how many household items count as potential bomb-making materials.

Mrs. Clurman: Hello? Excuse me!

Morrison: Mrs. Clurman.

Mrs. Clurman: What's going on here?

Aaron Hotchner: Mrs. Clurman my name is Special Agent Aaron Hotchner with the FBI.

Mrs. Clurman: What are you doing in my house?

Aaron Hotchner: There's a copy of the warrant on the table. I know that this is hard to believe, but we just need to cover all of our bases. We need to make sure that your husband was not involved in any way.

Mrs. Clurman: Involved? My husband's in the hospital with his leg blown off. What are you talking about?!

Elle Greenaway: Mrs. Clurman, there are some questions that your husband needs to answer, and the sooner that we talk to him and clear him, then the sooner we can find whoever's responsible.

Officer: Agent Hotchner? We've got something.


Officer: We found this buried on the back of that shelf.

Aaron Hotchner: Mrs. Clurman... Do you know anything about this?


Jason Gideon: What can you tell us about the package, Mr. Clurman?

Gil Clurman: I thought I knew what it was. Pot for an orchid. I collect them. I ordered the pot through the mail.

Jason Gideon: Why didn't you take it inside?

Gil Clurman: It was for my office. I was going there anyway. Thought I'd take it with me. That's the last thing I remember.

Jason Gideon: You had an argument with Joe Reese. Do you remember that?

Gil Clurman: Joe was there?

Jason Gideon: He was angry, he accused you of blowin' him off.

Gil Clurman: Uh...

Jason Gideon: Any reason he'd want to hurt you?

Gil Clurman: Joe? No. I mean, he's a confrontational guy, but if he wanted to kill me, he'd just beat me to death.

Jason Gideon: A lot of people were angry about that deal falling apart, and they were angry at you… How did that make you feel?

Gil Clurman: I felt awful. I thought those condos would make a lot of money for a lot of people, myself included. I thought that geologist was legit. He didn't even take samples. He scammed us. All those investors who lost their money... Barbara.

Jason Gideon: Barbara Keller?

Spencer Reid: The first victim.

Jason Gideon: What about her?

Gil Clurman: It's just such a shame. Such a nice lady, you know? It was such an easy sale. Sometimes I felt like I took advantage of her because she was old and lonely. Now she's dead. Well... I feel terrible.

Jason Gideon: What is it?

Gil Clurman: Ah, my foot!

Jason Gideon: Get you something.


Aaron Hotchner: Yeah?

Jason Gideon: This isn't our guy. His answers were coherent even while he was sedated. He's got a sense of humour, displays empathy…

Spencer Reid: Not to mention he has a hobby unrelated to bomb-making.

Jason Gideon: This is nothing like a typical bomber profile.

Aaron Hotchner: What about the materials we found?

Jason Gideon: Well, we'll see if the fragments match at the bomb scene, but I doubt they will.

Aaron Hotchner: Ok.


Elle Greenaway: Look at this. This is their nephew in Texas. And according to Mrs. Clurman, he was staying with them for a month and left last week.

Aaron Hotchner: Mercury switches are a little sophisticated for a 12-year-old kid.

Elle Greenaway: I'm not saying he's the unsub, but boys his age like to blow stuff up.

Aaron Hotchner: I'll call Morrison. He'll contact local P.D. in Texas and pick up the kid and talk to him.


Penelope Garcia: You know, a watched bomb never assembles.

Derek Morgan: I'm down to the last few pieces, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how they fit together or if they fit together. They might not even be part of the bomb at all.

Penelope Garcia: What's the big deal? You got most of it. I'd give you a B-plus.

Derek Morgan: Thanks. The big deal is it could be part of his signature.

Penelope Garcia: Ooh, signature. Like a sign of the Zodiac, that kind of thing?

Derek Morgan: Yeah. Yeah, just like that.

Penelope Garcia: I was serious. I really wanted to learn that time.

Derek Morgan: Signature's the thing that they get off on, like a flourish You know, a certain kind of pipe, a certain mix of powders. Like the Unabomber he always used something wood in his bombs. I mean, I don't know. These guys,they think they're artists or something, so they sign their work.

Penelope Garcia: And you think by putting these last pieces together, you might find the signature?

Derek Morgan: Yeah. See, sometimes the design itself is unique, so once we do put it all together, we can compare it to other exemplars in our evidence database and see if the bomb was built by somebody we may have already come across. What?

Penelope Garcia: If there was another piece like this...

Derek Morgan: No, I tried  that. It doesn't fit.

Penelope Garcia: No, it could have been part of a longer rod that fit through the top and went all the way through… Tetris.

Derek Morgan: Damn it.

Penelope Garcia: What? Did I mess something up?

Derek Morgan: No. No, no, Garcia. You nailed it. I know who built this bomb. The guy's doing life in federal prison.


Aaron Hotchner: Morgan e-mailed these over. The three on the left are the bombs from yesterday. The one on the right's from the evidence room at quantico.

Spencer Reid: They are all identical. They are made with steel reinforcement rods.

Jason Gideon: Adrian Bale.

Morrison: Who?

Aaron Hotchner: He held our agents in a standoff in Boston last year. He took out 6 agents and a hostage with one of his bombs.

Elle Greenaway: So you're thinking he's behind this?

Spencer Reid: Possibly, but he's in prison. He's got kind of a cult following, almost like Manson. It could just be a copycat.

Morrison: There's one way to find out. Let's put the screws to this guy.

Jason Gideon: No, no, no. Bale's too smart. If we want information from him, we have to handle him carefully. Even then you have to assume that road will lead nowhere.

Morrison: You're saying the connection to Bale doesn't help us at all?

Jason Gideon: No. I'm just saying let us handle Bale.

Morrison: Look, we just heard from local Texas P.D. You were right about Clurman's nephew. He admitted the  bomb stuff was his, which is great for the Clurmans, but it leaves us with zero suspects. So what do you suggest my men do now?

Jason Gideon: Proceed from the profile.

Morrison: I didn't know we had a profile.


Jason Gideon: We're dealing with a bomber. We're talking about someone who's non-confrontational. If you bumped into him in a cafe, he'd apologize… Even if it wasn't his fault.

Aaron Hotchner: We would classify this bomber as highly organized, based on the meticulous design of his bombs. It means above average intelligence. He probably has a skilled job, a trade, one that allows him to work alone. That's how he was able to make a sophisticated device without raising suspicion. Furniture maker, jeweler, et cetera.

Morrison: Background in explosives?

Aaron Hotchner: No, not necessarily. You're thinking about a type who likes to blow things up… Gives them an emotional or sexual release. That's secondary.

Officer: Then what's this guy doing?

Aaron Hotchner: Murdering. Bombs-just weapons. And these attacks, they are not random.

Officer: Well, how do you know that?

Aaron Hotchner: The process of elimination. We know bombers fall into a discreet number of categories according to motive. There's the terrorist whose aim is to spread fear. We'd expect him to strike in a populous area like a subway. There's the politically motivated bomber. He makes a statement by choosing a symbolic target like an abortion clinic. Then there's our unsub. He made bombs designed to kill and he chose his victims specifically by placing the bombs at their stoops. That tells us he has a direct motive. Statistically he bombs for profit or to conceal a crime. And it tells us how we're going to find him through the people he killed.

Jason Gideon: Somewhere among the three victims there is a direct motive… Keep digging.

Aaron Hotchner: Thanks. Any questions, we'll be around.

Jason Gideon: You'll be around. I'll be in prison. Somebody's got to talk to Bale.


Jennifer Jarreau: Detective Morrison, how's it going?

Morrison: We're combing through all the investors in the land deal, got a couple of suspects who fit the profile. We're going to talk to them.

Jennifer Jarreau: Ok. Well, if you need   anything, just let us know.

Morrison: Right.


Jennifer Jarreau: How we doing?

Elle Greenaway: Frustrated. I can't see why anyone would want to kill a little old lady who collects cats and coins.

Aaron Hotchner: Unless somebody wanted the coins. I spent a good chunk of my childhood looking for a 1944 penny worth thousands. Yes, I was a little bit of a nerd. Is that so surprising?

Elle Greenaway: Not to me.

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan?

Derek Morgan: Yeah. I just got the lab results from the powder residues on the bombs. Ammonia nitrate, potassium chloride, and aluminum powder… Nobody uses that mixture, Hotch.

Aaron Hotchner: Nobody but Bale.

Derek Morgan: That's right. And the closer I look at these things, the more they're the same. Same weld pattern, same switch assembly, same thread sizing. It's weird, man. This guy's not building bombs, he's forging them. That's the other reason I'm calling you. Bale wrote addresses on his packages in block letters with blue ink. I'm thinking our guy's doing the same.

Jennifer Jarreau: Ok. I'll set up a press conference, make sure the public knows.

Aaron Hotchner: Thanks, Morgan… Excuse me.


Halloway: Look, obviously Bale   burned us pretty bad. We just want to make sure if we're in a position to make a deal with him that you guys are willing to do it.

Aaron Hotchner: Well, I think that's premature. We're not even sure if Bale's involved yet.

Halloway: What if he is?

Aaron Hotchner: You're sure you want to deal with a guy who took out 6 of our agents?

Halloway: Half of Florida is in a panic. There might not be another choice.

Aaron Hotchner: There has to be.


Guard: Bale, you have a visitor


Jason Gideon: You know why I'm here?

Adrian Bale: This guy in Palm Beach, right? The Palm Beach Bomber. Somebody's got to give him a better name.

Jason Gideon: He uses your bombs, your designs.

Adrian Bale: Well, he should be careful. Those things are dangerous.

Jason Gideon: Adrian... You can't fool me. If you're involved in this in any way and you do not help me, I will make your life even worse than it is now.

Adrian Bale: Oh, but no, actually, I can fool you because I fooled you before. And now there's another me out there, watching, waiting.


Jennifer Jarreau: We have new information about the Palm Beach Bomber. In addition to placing the bombs in plain brown packages, we have reason to believe that the bomber may hand write the delivery addresses on a plain white label.


Emily: Mommy, when's daddy coming home?

Mother: He's got to get the beach house ready for the next renters. He'll be back tomorrow.

Jennifer Jarreau: ... Be examined carefully, especially if you don't recognize the return address.

Mother: Have you unpacked your suitcase yet?

Emily: No. I'll go do it right now.

Jennifer Jarreau: With your help, we should be able to prevent any further casualties. Thank you for your vigilance.


Jason Gideon: You were more ruthless than I expected. If you hadn't pushed that button, you might've had a chance at parole someday.

Adrian Bale: Yeah. You know, I've thought a lot about that day, and there's one thing I still can't understand. You trusted me. Why?

Jason Gideon: I never trusted you.

Adrian Bale: You listened to me.

Jason Gideon: I made an error. I calculated you wouldn't do it, and you did. Whatever you think, I'm gonna walk outta here, and you never will.

Adrian Bale: Here's what I think… Sending those agents into that warehouse, it just doesn't make sense. I mean, I've read your books. I had all those things- what did you call it? Um... A homicidal triad. I even came from a broken family, classic sociopath, so when I had the chance to kill 6 agents plus a hostage, I mean, just because I gave myself up doesn't mean that I was finished with those people. I still had the remote. You... You should've known that… And the emotional release I would feel by pressing that button... Well, that was just a little too overwhelming to pass up… Why didn't you search me before sending those agents in? Why didn't you do your job, Agent Gideon?


Emily: Mommy, there's a present for you.

Mother: Present? What does it look like?

Emily: It's brown with blue letters. Can I bring it to you?

Mother: No!


Mother: Keep holding on, baby.


Aaron Hotchner: Listen, the first thing we gotta do is to is to get mother out of there

Tracy: Okay You gotta it!


Mother: Just keep holding on, ok?

Emily: But it's heavy.

Mother: Oh, I know, I know, but you're doing such a good job.

Tracy: Ok, everything's gonna be ok.


Aaron Hotchner: No, nobody over there. I don't want to scare the little girl.


Tracy: Just a few more minutes.

Mother: Hear that? We're almost there.

Emily: It's heavy, I can't hold it.

Mother: Yes, you can.

Tracy: You have to step back, ma'am.

Mother: I am not leaving my daughter.

Tracy: You can trust me… Ok, sweetie, don't move, ok? Don't move, sweetie. I'm gonna come up to meet you. Steady.

Mother: You're such a good girl.

Tracy: Just a few more seconds. You're doing great ,sweetie… Ok. It's slipping. Go go go

Mother: Come here, baby!

Officer: Get here Mam!


Jason Gideon: Bale might be part of this, but he's not in control. If he were, he would've taunted me with specifics.

Aaron Hotchner: So what's our next move?

Jason Gideon: I let Bale know the unsub's using his designs.

Aaron Hotchner: Bait.

Jason Gideon: Yeah, exactly. If Bale wasn't part of it before, he'll sure want to be part of it now.

Spencer Reid: I'm gonna stay behind and monitor his mail, calls, visitors, any contact that he has with the outside world.

Jason Gideon: Good. Even if he doesn't know the unsub, he may want to try to contact him.


Elle Greenaway: I might have something. Barbara Keller was having trouble insuring some coins she bought. The insurance company thought they might be fake.

Aaron Hotchner: So the insurance company's blowing up annoying clients?

Elle Greenaway: What if someone sold her the fake coins? She's on to him, he shuts her up.

Aaron Hotchner: Were these coins valuable enough to kill over?

Elle Greenaway: She told the insurance company she thought they might be worth $12,000.

Aaron Hotchner: All right. Do you have any idea who sold her the coins?

Elle Greenaway: No, but she had an appointment with a coin dealer scheduled. I'm guessing to challenge the insurance company's appraisal. A guy named David Walker.

Aaron Hotchner: So maybe he can help us figure out who sold her the coins.


Penelope Garcia: Office of supreme genius puzzle solver. Do you have a riddle for me?

Spencer Reid: I found out Bale has been accessing the internet by getting around a fire wall that's set up on a prison library computer. The guy even has an e-mail address.

Penelope Garcia: Wow. Sneaky bastard.

Spencer Reid: Yeah. He's headed for the library right now, maybe to contact the unsub. Is there a way to possibly monitor his keystrokes while he's online?

Penelope Garcia: I can send him a virus, but he'll have to open the e-mail for it to work.

Spencer Reid: Let's do it.

Penelope Garcia: What do you want in the subject line?

Spencer Reid: Let's think.

Penelope Garcia: Something that'll make him open it.

Spencer Reid: Yeah. He's impotent. Something that'll make him feel in control.

Penelope Garcia: I got something.


Penelope Garcia: Now this guy's number. He's visited 6 porn sites in the past half hour.

Spencer Reid: Anything else?

Penelope Garcia: Hold on he's posting to a message board. "Naughtyhobbies.Net." Looks like some sort of site for bomb enthusiasts. "To all my friends out there, beware. They are onto you."

Spencer Reid: We need the names of everyone who's been on that message board in the past month.


Spencer Reid: 186 e-mails. Through the ISPs, we were able to track down the names and some of the addresses, but none of them were in Palm Beach.

Jason Gideon: How about occupations?

Spencer Reid: It wasn't a required field, so really, only about 1/3 filled it in.

Jason Gideon: Well, the unsub takes pride in his work. He would fill it in.

Spencer Reid: Right. Let's see. We have "trucker, physician, antiquities dealer, store owner, orderly...

Jason Gideon: Wait. Antiquities dealer?

Spencer Reid: Yeah, why, what is it?


Mrs Walker: Personally, I couldn't think of anything more boring than coins and old papers. Are you single?

Elle Greenaway: Yes.

Mrs Walker: I have a word of advice. Don't marry the first guy that proposes. I wanted a pool table back there, but David insisted on making it his workshop.


Aaron Hotchner: Hey, Reid. Ok, shoot… David... Elle…I got to call you back.


Mrs Walker: What's he up to now?

Elle Greenaway: It sounds like a car.

Mrs Walker: I hope he's not committing suicide. I won't be able to collect life insurance.

Elle Greenaway: Yeah.

Aaron Hotchner: Elle, it's him. It's walker.

Elle Greenaway: Get out of the way!


Aaron Hotchner: You ok?

Elle Greenaway: Yeah, I'm all right, but Mrs. Walker...

Aaron Hotchner: Yeah. Guy's a real peach. Morrison's got a county-wide search out for the car. Uniforms are going to try to find out where his haunts are. An ATF should be here any minute. Sure you're all right?

Elle Greenaway: Mrs. Walker said her husband spent most of his time in the garage.

Aaron Hotchner: Let's check it out.


Aaron Hotchner: Well, we got the organized part right.

Elle Greenaway: What's this?

Aaron Hotchner: I've seen these. It's for electroplating… Look at the date on the coin.

Elle Greenaway: It's half-gone.

Aaron Hotchner: He was using this to build up the metal so he could change the dates on the coins.

Elle Greenaway: To increase the value.

Aaron Hotchner: Exactly.

Elle Greenaway: Like what he did with Barbara Keller's coins.

Officer: Look over here. Check this out

Aaron Hotchner: "The best." This is why he chose to use Bale's design.

Elle Greenaway: He was working on something.

Aaron Hotchner: Make sure Morrison tells your officers that this guy is smart, dangerous, and has absolutely nothing to lose.


Derek Morgan: You ready to do some work?

Penelope Garcia: Why not? I haven't slept this week. I might as well give up eating, too.

Derek Morgan: Oh, poor baby. Try not to let the tears hit the paper.  Gets a little messy.

Penelope Garcia: Hmm. Really.

Derek Morgan: These are emails from Bale's account. Reid forwarded them to me.

Penelope Garcia: What are we looking for?

Derek Morgan: Right now this guy Walker's in the wind, so we gotta look at him from every angle, see if we can figure out his next move.

Penelope Garcia: Signature behaviour. If walker got bomb-making tips from Bale, then maybe he got tips on staying clear of the cops.

Derek Morgan: Ha! Somebody's   been taking notes.

Penelope Garcia: Medical school, schmedical school.

Derek Morgan: Don't hurt yourself, Garcia. Now find me something.


Morrison: So far, nothing from the search.

Jason Gideon: What do we know about Walker?

Morrison: He's a quiet career criminal. Spent 4 years in prison for a series of forged checks when he was in his early 20s. He's now 46. Past 18 years, he owned a store which sold coins, maps, and historical documents. We raided the place as soon as you gave us Walker's name. Most of his inventory was fake, forgeries valued in the millions.

Aaron Hotchner: But the walls had started to close in on him. We talked to some of his clients, and he was in debt up to his ears and promising stuff he didn't have time to forge.

Elle Greenaway: Then Barbara Keller found out that the coins he had sold her were fake. She threatened to out him.

Aaron Hotchner: And if she had, all the forgeries would have been discovered. He would have done 20 years.

Jason Gideon: So he had to shut her up? He planted all those bombs just to kill one little old lady?

Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, and to throw us off, he made it look like it was much bigger than it was.

Morrison:: You hear me? I said stop now!

Chicu Reddy: Please... Help me.

Morrison: Everyone back-now. We need bomb squad in here.

Chicu Reddy: Please... It's not me.

Morrison: Don't come any closer. Put your hands up and walk slowly back out.

Chicu Reddy: I can't. He'll kill me.

Jason Gideon: Who will?

Chicu Reddy: I don't know. He held a gun to me, put this on me. He said... You'll know who he is.

Jason Gideon: What does he want?

Chicu Reddy: A helicopter. And passport. He's watching. Once he gets what he wants, he's got instructions to defuse the bomb.

Jason Gideon: Walker's close by.

Morrison: Let's get snipers around the perimeter.

Officer: Get snipers on the roof.

Jason Gideon: Ok, we understand. We're not gonna leave you.

Chicu Reddy: Please... Take it off.

Jason Gideon: We need to figure out how the bomb's put together first.

Morrison: Tracy, you're in.This is a really sophisticated device.


Tracy: It looks like it was probably made by a master bomb maker, which means tampering with any part of it could set it off.

Aaron Hotchner: Isn't there some way to just cut the whole thing off him?

Tracy: Not without cutting these wires. See how they're threaded all around the collar? They could be booby trapped, or there could be a hidden secondary trigger.

Morrison: How do we find out?

Tracy: Without knowing how it's put together, it's gonna take a while. I'll have to x-ray it, try to figure out which are the real triggers, but... I don't think there's enough time.

Elle Greenaway: What do you mean?

Tracy: There's a timer. We've only got about 3 hours left.


Chicu Reddy: What is it?

Jason Gideon: We need to go outside.

Chicu Reddy: No! He said he'd kill me if I went back out. He made sure I told you that.

Jason Gideon: Then we need to isolate you.

Chicu Reddy: Why? There's nothing you can do? Is there anything?


Elle Greenaway: I don't get it. If this guy's a hostage, then why hasn't Walker  tried to negotiate with us?

Aaron Hotchner: Maybe he's scared or maybe he hasn't figured out what his next move is yet.

Morrison: We got a bead on Walker. Sniper spotted him in his scope. He's sitting in an office building across the street. It looks like a storage room with a small window facing us.

Elle Greenaway: We could surprise him.

Aaron Hotchner: Good idea. If he feels cornered, he might give himself up.

Morrison: Why do you say that?

Aaron Hotchner: Because bombers are generally cowards. I'll take a team in and we'll go in through the back of the building.


Elle Greenaway: This feels wrong to me. Why would Walker let himself be found so easily?

Aaron Hotchner: He wants to be found.

Elle Greenaway: Why?

Aaron Hotchner: To negotiate.

Elle Greenaway: But then we lose the element of surprise.

Aaron Hotchner: Hopefully, we catch him off guard, he may give himself up immediately. If not, we take a hard line and make him feel like he's got no way out. Remember, we have to take him alive. Walker's the only one who can defuse the necklace bomb. Everybody ready?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Aaron Hotchner: Let's do it. We're entering the building.

Morrison: Be careful. At the very least, we know he's got a gun.

Aaron Hotchner: Copy that.


Aaron Hotchner: We're approaching the door now.


Morrison: Copy that. So bombers are cowards, huh?

Jason Gideon: Yeah. Every last one of them.


Aaron Hotchner: David Walker, federal agents. Federal agents! Walker, freeze!

David Walker: Ok. Please don't shoot!

Aaron Hotchner: Show yourself! I'll shoot up the whole room.

David Walker: Ok...

Aaron Hotchner: All right, now put your hands up where I can see them

David Walker: I can't do that.

Aaron Hotchner: Then I'll shoot.

David Walker: My hand is on the remote. I told you what I want. The passport, the helicopter, the flight!

Aaron Hotchner: Walker, listen to me. You're at the top of the FBI's most wanted list. I think you're smart enough to realize there's no way we're letting you go. Here's my counter offer: a chance to get out of here alive. All you have to do is give yourself up. Just slide the gun across the floor you have until 3, 1...

David Walker: You wouldn't let the hostage die.

Aaron Hotchner: You wanna find out?  Don't give yourself up. 2...

David Walker: Ok! Ok. I'm coming out. Don't shoot.


Derek Morgan: Gideon. It's me. I just found an email Bale sent Walker 2 weeks ago. Listen to this, "My only regret is giving myself up. And for what? To be stuck in a cage for the rest of my life. Don't make my mistake. If  they catch you, whatever you do, don't let them keep you."


Aaron Hotchner: Now walk slowly towards me. Let me see your hands, Walker!


Jason Gideon: Walker's not a bomber. He's a forger. Get out of there now! Now!


Aaron Hotchner: Go, go, go, go! Everybody out!


Aaron Hotchner: We're fine. Everybody made it out. Everybody but Walker. Is the hostage ok?

Morrison: He's fine. For now. How much time do we have?

Tracy: 2 hours, 24 minutes.

Morrison: With Walker dead, I'm all out of options.

Jason Gideon: I've got one.


Guard: Bale.


Jason Gideon: We'll start with a transfer. You're in a high security facility now. We can get you medium.

Adrian Bale: No. I want out of prison. A mental facility.

Aaron Hotchner: You're asking for something we wouldn't give a bank robber. There are minimum security prisons…

Adrian Bale: I don't care. I want to be able to talk to people who aren't prisoners. I want to have access... To people, things, the world. I want to connect again.

Jason Gideon: All right.

Adrian Bale: One more thing without which there is no deal.

Jason Gideon: What is it?

Adrian Bale: I want you to confess. I want you to admit that I beat you in Boston and I outsmarted you. I want you to apologize to the families of those 6 victims you got killed. And I want it all in writing.

Aaron Hotchner: This's enough.

Jason Gideon: If I do this, you'll tell me how to defuse the bomb?

Adrian Bale: Only... If you do this.

Jason Gideon: How do I know you won't lie to me?

Lawyer: It's all in writing, Agent Gideon. If my client refuses to give you the information or if he gives you information he knows to be untruthful, the deal is void.


Adrian Bale: I wanna hear it.

Jason Gideon: "It was a hostage situation-"

Adrian Bale: No. Don't read it. Say it.

Jason Gideon: It was a hostage situation. I negotiated with Bale… He agreed to give himself up. He came out of the warehouse peacefully… I gave the ok to send 6 of my agents in, and they never came out… It was a mistake. It was my mistake. I was... I was outfoxed by Mr. Bale… By you… I sincerely regret having made the decision to send those agents in that day. And I sincerely regret and apologize to the families of all those who died that day.

Aaron Hotchner: 4 more minutes.


Tracy: Ok. I've isolated the wires connected to the actual device. We've got one shot at this. It's either the... Blue wire or the red wire.

Jason Gideon: Which do we cut, Bale? Red or blue?

Adrian Bale: Red.

Jason Gideon: You know if you're lying, this thing goes boom, you get nothing, right?

Adrian Bale: Yes.

Jason Gideon: If we cut the red, it's over. You get to spend your time in a cushy asylum, bushes, trees, visits, nurses... And we get this man out of here alive.

Adrian Bale: I don't see how I could be any clearer.

Tracy: 17 seconds.

Jason Gideon: Red wire, right?

Adrian Bale: Yes.

Jason Gideon: Cut the blue.

Tracy: Are you sure?

Jason Gideon: Do it.

Tracy: All right. Shouldn't take long to cut this thing off now.

Chicu Reddy: Thank you. Thank you.

Elle Greenaway: How'd you know?


Adrian Bale: And the emotional release I would feel by pressing that button... Well, that was just a little too... Overwhelming to pass up.


Jason Gideon: He told me. He said given the opportunity of pressing that button, he'd have no choice. All I did was  take his word for it.


Jason Gideon: Despite the fact that you lied to us and your deal is void, I made sure to tell all your friends here how extremely willing you were to give up information on your fellow inmates. You're a rare bird, Adrian. I can't tell you how much pleasure I get just knowing I put you in this tiny cage. You might even call it an emotional release.

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