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Esprits Criminels
#106 : L'homme à l'affût


Scénariste : Andrew Wilder
Réalisateur : Ernest Dickerson

L'unité compormentale de Aaron Hotchner est appelée pour identifier un tireur isolé qui blesse des passants dans les parcs et les restaurants de l'Illinois. Le FBI suspecte un officier de police d'être le tueur longue distance qui n'opère qu'en plein jour, au nez et à la barbe des forces de police.

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L'homme à l'affût

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Criminal Minds 01X06 - Hotch kicks Reid

Criminal Minds 01X06 - Hotch kicks Reid


Criminal Minds - Season 1, Episode 6 (1x06) LDSK

Criminal Minds - Season 1, Episode 6 (1x06) LDSK


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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Mandy Patinkin ... Jason Gideon
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - Lola Glaudini ... Elle Greenaway
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jarreau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Timothy Omundson ... Phillip Dowd
   - Marcus Giamatti ... Barry Landman
   - Paula Newsome ... Shea Clavin
   - Tony Denison ... Weigart
   - Tim Halligan ... Dr. Erstadt
   - Nike Doukas ... Cheryl Marston
   - Thomas Lumberg Jr. ... Scott McCarty
   - Kent Shocknek ... John Jenkins
   - Carmen Mormino ... Jerry Middleton
   - Cullen Kirkland ... Adam Middleton

Man: Now pull it in, run it back. Let's go. Come on.

Boy: I gotcha.


Aaron Hotchner: On swat, we broke shots down into 3 steps. One: front sight. Focus on the front sight, not on the target. Two: controlled trigger press. Three: follow through. After the shot, you come right back to the target. Now what did you do wrong?

Spencer Reid: I didn't follow through.

Aaron Hotchner: Right. You came off the target to see where you hit.

Spencer Reid: Hotch, my firearms qualification is tomorrow morning. I barely passed my last one.

Aaron Hotchner: Front sight, trigger press... Follow through. You do those 3 things, you'll hit your target every time.


Boy: I'm not fallin' for it… Come on, pop… Stop playing… Oh, my god… Dad! Dad!


Aaron Hotchner: Did Elle teach you that?

Spencer Reid: They're gonna take away my gun.

Aaron Hotchner: A profiler is not required to carry.

Spencer Reid: Yeah? And yet you carry 2 of them.

Aaron Hotchner: When I joined the BAU, Gideon said to me, "you don't have to carry a gun to kill someone."

Spencer Reid: I don't get it.

Aaron Hotchner: You will. Good luck tomorrow.


Elle Greenaway: Reid failed his qualification.

Jason Gideon: He can re-test in 2 weeks.

Elle Greenaway: Yeah, but he's gonna be embarrassed about it, so let's not mention it.

Jason Gideon: Yeah, let's not.

Derek Morgan: Not a word… Hey. We're all here for you… I'm serious. If you ever need anything... Just blow on that.

Jennifer Jareau: Ok, Franklin Park Des Plaines, yesterday afternoon. 3 victims shot at distance. It's the third such shooting in 2 weeks.

Elle Greenaway: A sniper?

Derek Morgan: We don't use that word.

Elle Greenaway: Why not?

Jennifer Jareau: The public perception is that the FBI doesn't have an exemplary record with snipers.

Aaron Hotchner: Besides, a sniper is a professional marksman. These guys aren't snipers.

Elle Greenaway: What do we call 'em then?

Aaron Hotchner: L.D.S.K.

Spencer Reid: Long distance serial killers.

Elle Greenaway: How many of these guys have we caught using a profile?

Jason Gideon: None.


Aaron Hotchner: 2 weeks, 3 shooting incidents,6 victims, all shot in the abdomen. First and only fatality, Henry Sachs, married, father of 3, was shot in a shopping center parking lot. 9 days later, Doug Miller and Kevin Parks were playing basketball at a community center. Franklin Park, 4 days later, Jerry Middleton, Kate Murray, and Tim Reilly. Des Plaines police have found no link between any of the victims.

Derek Morgan: Ballistics?

Aaron Hotchner: He's using frangible rounds, which fragment on impact, making ballistics comparisons impossible.

Jennifer Jareau: The good news is that all the park victims are gonna make it. The bad new is that none of them saw anything. However, one of the patients does have an intact bullet lodged in his spine.

Jason Gideon: What's the prognosis?

Jennifer Jareau: There's a disagreement among surgical staff as to whether they can remove the slug without paralyzing the patient.

Derek Morgan: Well, without a useful witness or a solid piece of forensic evidence...

Aaron Hotchner: The profile's all we'll have.


Jason Gideon: Nietzsche wrote, "The irrationality of a thing "is not an argument against it's existence, rather, a condition of it."


Aaron Hotchner: L.D.S.K.S are so rare, we haven't been able to build a standard profile. Here's what we do know: They're always male, and they frequently have law enforcement or military experience, and they always contact the police or the media.

Jennifer Jareau: To take credit or relive the experience?

Jason Gideon: Both. All serial killers attempt to relive the ecstasy they get from their killings. Some use souvenirs taken from the victims, and others return to the dump site to interact with the body. Both modes require contact with the victim, contact which, by definition, long distance serial killers don't have.

Aaron Hotchner: The beltway shooters left a tarot card at one of their crime scenes. Later they called a tip hotline, which ultimately led to their capture.

Derek Morgan: But our unsub hasn't contacted anybody.

Aaron Hotchner: He will.

Elle Greenaway: Until he does, what do we have?

Jason Gideon: Sometimes it's not what the unsub does that reveals the profile. Sometimes it is what they do not do.

Spencer Reid: He doesn't kill his victims.

Jason Gideon: Underkill's a unique signature.

Aaron Hotchner: The question is, does he shoot them in the stomach intentionally just to wound them, or is he just aiming at the biggest part of the target? Specifically, does the unsub lack the skill to make the head shot, or simply the will to take it?


Shea Calvin: Agent Hotchner.

Aaron Hotchner: Detective Calvin, this is agent Morgan, agent Reid.

Shea Calvin: Thanks for comin'.Follow me… The cones mark the places where the victims were.

Aaron Hotchner: So we know he fired from somewhere in this area. Close enough to hit all 3 victims, but far away enough not to be seen.

Spencer Reid: His wounding his victims intentionally would classify him as a sadistic killer.

Shea Calvin: That would help us?

Derek Morgan: We know a lot about sadists. But most want to be close to their victims to watch them suffer.

Spencer Reid: A powerful scope would allow him to observe it from a safe distance.

Shea Calvin: So how do we determine if he's a sadist?

Derek Morgan: We spend some time in his shoes. We let him tell us.


Dr. Erstadt: Come on, Barry, you don't know that!

Cheryl Marston: Good morning, doctors.

Dr. Erstadt: Forgive us. We were just reviewing the cases at hand.

Cheryl Marston: This is Dr. Neil Erstadt, chief of surgery, and our trauma specialist, Dr. Barry Landman. These are the FBI profilers, agents Gideon, Jareau, Greenaway.

Jason Gideon: How are you?

Barry Landman: Forgive me. I don't shake. My hands, you understand?

Jason Gideon: Of course.

Barry Landman: So as psychological profilers, what exactly are you looking for?

Jason Gideon: How the victims were shot. That could reveal the shooter's signature behaviour.

Dr. Erstadt: These separate wound channels blossom from the entrance wounds. You can see the trauma's extensive.

Jason Gideon: You performed the surgeries?

Dr. Erstadt: On patient Miller. I consulted with Dr. Landman on the others. The intact slug lodged between the L4-L5 vertebrae. Any attempt to remove it, would likely leave the patient paralyzed.

Barry Landman: In your opinion.

Dr. Erstadt: In my opinion.

Jason Gideon: Disagree?

Barry Landman: With the right surgeon, there is no risk.

Dr. Erstadt: There's always risk.

Cheryl Marston: What significance does the bullet have in building a profile?

Jason Gideon: Well, even if we can't get a ballistics match, we can get a rifle type, and the specific type of rifle the suspect uses, that could be very significant to the profile.

Cheryl Marston: You believe you can safely perform the surgery, Dr. Landman?

Barry Landman: I know I can.


Aaron Hotchner: This handicapped spot couldn't be further away from the entrance to the building.

Derek Morgan: Yeah?

Aaron Hotchner: It also has line of sight to all 3 victims and the flagpole.

Derek Morgan: What are you thinkin'?

Aaron Hotchner: At this range, the unsub would have to factor in wind direction and speed as he shot. To do this, he needed a spot with the widest field of fire and line of sight to the flagpole. He came here before the shooting, decided this was his spot... And ensured that it would be empty when he came back… My guess is he's shooting from his car.

Derek Morgan: Well, that would mean he wanted to get away from here quickly, that he didn't stick around to watch his victims suffer.

Spencer Reid: So he would not be a sadist.

Shea Calvin: What would he be?

Aaron Hotchner: A very smart, very resourceful, very paranoid sociopath.


Elle Greenaway: If I'm the unsub, why do I shoot my victims between 2:55 and 3:15?

Jason Gideon: That's when I'd do it. There are fewer cops on the street.

Elle Greenaway: Why is that?

Jason Gideon: Well, the police overlap shifts so there's always someone minding the store. Second shift starts at 3:00, first shift walks at 3:30.

Jennifer Jareau: Wouldn't there be twice as many cops on the street at that time?

Jason Gideon: In theory. The first half-hour of your shift, you're in roll call. You're not on the street. And the last half-hour, you're at the station. You're finishin' reports, you're booking prisoners, so the 25 minutes around the first/second shift, that's a bad guy's golden window.

Elle Greenaway: How many people outside law enforcement would know that? But the unsub does, and you've already thought of this.

Jason Gideon: I had considered it.

Barry Landman: Hope you find it useful.

Jason Gideon: Dr. Landman? How's Mr. Middleton.

Barry Landman: Patient will make a full recovery... As I told you he would.

Jennifer Jareau: Radiology is set up to take photos and e-mail them out for consults.

Jason Gideon: Call Hotch. We're gettin' the bullet to Garcia. Fill him in on the shift change theory.


Derek Morgan: Give me a second. Yeah. Morgan.

Penelope Garcia: Isn't this spooky?

Derek Morgan: Isn't what spooky?

Penelope Garcia: That right now you were thinking about me, and out of the blue, your phone rings? And it's me. Huh? How's that for a spiritual connection?

Derek Morgan: Um... Do I know you?

Penelope Garcia: Why do you hurt me?

Derek Morgan: Garcia, please tell me you've nailed down the geographic profile on our guy.

Penelope Garcia: Ok, I'll give you the good news first, which is not that good, but it's better than the bad.


Aaron Hotchner: We think the shooter has intimate knowledge of law enforcement procedures.

Spencer Reid: Detective Calvin, how far out of your jurisdiction was crime scene number 2?

Shea Calvin: About a sixth of a mile. Why?

Spencer Reid: If he knew how difficult it is for local police departments to interact with each other, he may have intentionally crossed jurisdiction lines.

Shea Calvin: Y'all are sayin' the shooter's a cop.

Aaron Hotchner: We're saying it's a possibility. He scouted and prepped each crime scene. He chose and elevated position with excellent enfilade and perfect field of fire.

Shea Calvin: That's textbook military practice.

Aaron Hotchner: True.

Shea Calvin: Yeah, but maybe he was in the army.

Derek Morgan: He was probably a marine, ranger or other specialized unit. Garcia says the bullet was a .223 fired from the m-4 variant of the m-16.

Spencer Reid: All the services use an m-4.

Derek Morgan: It's got a shorter barrel than the m-16. It's less accurate, and it's a lot harder to fire, especially at these distances. This level of skill indicates specialized training.

Spencer Reid: If he has specialized training, he knows exactly what he's doing.

Aaron Hotchner: He intended to wound them.

Derek Morgan: The underkill is deliberate.

Aaron Hotchner: Everything he does is deliberate, but it's as if he needs to show us how smart he is.

Derek Morgan: Since the crime scenes aren't centered around one single location, Garcia can't get a geographic profile without additional data.

Shea Calvin: What kind of data?

Derek Morgan: More crime scenes.

Aaron Hotchner: She's gonna get 'em. This guy's got something to prove.


Man: How did it play out?

Woman: He's been suspended but my guess is that the school board's gonna go after him, and they're gonna try to expel him… I don't feel very good. I'm gonna go to the ladies' room, ok?

Man: Ok.

Woman: Honey, you have something on your dress.


Elle Greenaway: 3 more victims with nonfatal wounds, and it's only been 48 hours since the last shooting.

Jason Gideon: The media attention and the FBI presence will only escalate his desire to shoot again.

Shea Calvin: Meaning?

Jason Gideon: This is gonna get much worse.

Jennifer Jareau: We need to give the police a profile immediately. You ready?

Elle Greenaway: State troopers. This is the second time he's crossed jurisdictions.

Jason Gideon: Yeah, we're ready. They're not gonna like it.


Jennifer Jareau: This initial profile is not ready to be given to the media. Releasing this profile prematurely can get people killed.

Aaron Hotchner: We're looking for a 30 to 40-year-old male veteran, driving a car large enough to shoot from, but not so large it was noticed. Like the beltway shooter, it's probably a sedan, customized to conceal the shooter, his weapon, and the sound of his shot. The unsub suffers from both narcissistic and paranoid personality disorders. He works out obsessively and is never without a weapon. He's completely self-centered and cannot empathize with others. Incapable of admitting fault, he blames his shortcomings on those around him. He has no friends, and his career history has been marked by frequent job changes. He's drawn to high-stakes jobs by a need to prove his superiority to a world he perceives has undervalued him, and these shootings are the ultimate expression of that need. We believe he changes jurisdictions intentionally and strikes during the first/second shift change, indicating and intimate knowledge of law enforcement.

Officer: You're saying he's one of us.

Aaron Hotchner: We're saying he once was or is now a police officer.

McCarty: Is he driving a white van, too?

Weigart: Enough. That'll be all for now… We can talk in my office.

Aaron Hotchner: Thank you.


Aaron Hotchner: Sergeant Weigart, we would like to reenact the third shooting during the shift change.

Weigart: Why?

Aaron Hotchner: Well, to better understand his M.O. How does he get there? How does he leave? What's the traffic like?

Jennifer Jareau: It could help us with witnesses. Maybe the victims or bystanders saw something, but don't realize the significance of what they saw.

Weigart: All right, let's do it.


Jason Gideon: How you holdin' up?

Spencer Reid: Look at me. Without a gun on my belt, I look like a teacher's assistant.

Jason Gideon: You're not worried about how you look.

Spencer Reid: Hotch told me that when he came to the BAU, you told him he didn't need a gun to kill somebody?

Jason Gideon: Well, the only truly effective weapon we have is our ability to do the one thing they can't.

Spencer Reid: Which is what?

Jason Gideon: Empathize. They dehumanize their victims. We humanize the killers.

Spencer Reid: You're just saying that to convince me I don't need to carry a gun.

Jason Gideon: I don't care you carry a gun or not. Deadliest weapon we have is a thorough and accurate profile.

Spencer Reid: Of course you believe that.

Jason Gideon: Footpath killer, he had a shotgun in the back of my head. I'm here, he's not.


Aaron Hotchner: Elle, Jerry Middleton was facing a little further south. Can you give it to us?

Elle Greenaway: How's that?

Aaron Hotchner: Perfect. Hold your camera right there.

Jason Gideon: It doesn't look like Jerry Middleton had a clear view of the sniper's vehicle when he was shot. The tree branches were in the way.

Spencer Reid: I do have a clear view of the vehicle from here. Tim Reilly would have seen it if he'd looked down from the kite.

Jason Gideon: Good. Have the unsub pop the trunk. See if Reid can see it.

Spencer Reid: No, sorry.

Jason Gideon: Nothing from position one.

Aaron Hotchner: Ok, everyone, move to position 2.


Journalist: And now, we go to John Jenkins, reporting live from Franklin Park with breaking news on the sniper investigation. Through anonymous sources we've learned you gotta see this.

Jennifer Jareau: Hey.

John Jenkins: The FBI profilers have told the police task force the sniper is, in fact, a member of the Des Plaines police department.

Jennifer Jareau: Who could have leaked this? The only people who had the profile were your people. And the profile implicates them.

Shea Calvin: Why would a cop leak sensitive information the would not only implicate one of his own, but make every citizen in the county afraid to get pulled over?

Jason Gideon: What does he get out of it?

Jennifer Jareau: Contact with the media.

Shea Calvin: What?

Jason Gideon: The cop who leaked this story is a good suspect. Contacting the media could have been his sick way of keeping this alive.


John Jenkins: Vic, why don't you go ahead and call the station and find out what they've got in mind for one of the later shows.

Jennifer Jareau: Mr. Jenkins, I'm special agent Jennifer Jareau with the FBI. We need you to identify your source.

John Jenkins: No way. I know my rights. Hey, hey, shoot this. Vic, shoot this. Get this all on tape.

Jennifer Jareau: You should know the FBI considers these shootings an act of terrorism. Under the patriot act, we can detain you as long as we need to.

John Jenkins: All I know is his cell number.

Jason Gideon: We have a lead.


Penelope Garcia: Rainmaker. How wet do you want it?

Aaron Hotchner: It's Hotch. I have a cell phone number, and I need the name on the account.

Penelope Garcia: Yeah. If you call the cell, I can throw in the real time location, no charge.

Aaron Hotchner: Are you ready?

Penelope Garcia: I was born ready.


Shea Calvin: Can't you pull your people out of the park?

Jason Gideon: If we do and the shooter is here, he'll sense something is wrong. He could start shooting.


Penelope Garcia: That cell is part of a batch purchased by the Des Plaines police department.

Aaron Hotchner: I need a name, Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: It's gonna take a second. I have to pull it from their system.

Aaron Hotchner: Then give me the location.

Penelope Garcia: Franklin Park, Des Plaines.

Aaron Hotchner: He's here… The name, Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: McCarty, Scott.

Aaron Hotchner: Scott McCarty.

Shea Calvin: McCarty's the unsub.

Aaron Hotchner: But where is he?

Shea Calvin: McCarty is playing the unsub.


Aaron Hotchner: We need to talk to Scott McCarty.

Shea Calvin: He's the leak.

Weigart: McCarty. Why am I not surprised?  I need swat in the lot ASAP. It's McCarty. We need to come heavy.

Aaron Hotchner: We didn't say he was the shooter. We could just call him on the radio and tell him to come to us.

Weigart: Best case, he leaked the story. Worst case, I'm not about to let him take down any of my men. We come heavy, and we take him clean.


Scott McCarty: This is McCarty. What's goin' on?


Weigart: Toss your rifle and your side arm out of the vehicle and show us your hands.

Scott McCarty: I don't understand.

Weigart: We know what you did, Scotty.

Scott McCarty: Look, I can explain.

Weigart: Don't make me give the order!

Scott McCarty: Ok, all right! All right!

Weigart: Now open the trunk lid slowly… Come on. That's it.

Officer: Get him up… Get down!


Jennifer Jareau: How did McCarty end up playing the unsub?

Shea Calvin: Weigart punished McCarty for mouthing off during the profile briefing by making him the unsub and sticking him in the trunk of the car all afternoon.

Jennifer Jareau: Wait. Then how did the unsub find out about the reenactment?

Derek Morgan: Come on. Cops talk. Pissed-off cops talk loud… At home, at the bars, at gyms, and to anyone who'll listen.

Jason Gideon: What do we know? Our unsub went from wounding civilians to executing a police officer, so he's escalated. He's not staying on script.

Aaron Hotchner: Sometimes it's what they don't do.

Spencer Reid: He did not pick McCarty at random.

Derek Morgan: He didn't take the gut shot.

Jason Gideon: Why? He wants to send a message.

Aaron Hotchner: "Nobody takes credit for my work."

Jason Gideon: Yes, sir. His ego won't allow it. He feels underappreciated.

Elle Greenaway: Ok, but we still don't know why he wounds them.

Derek Morgan: Excuse me.

Jason Gideon: We know if the killer has no contact with his victims, he will contact the media.

Elle Greenaway: But he hasn't contacted the media.

Jason Gideon: He has contact with his victims.

Aaron Hotchner: And there's only one way.

Derek Morgan: All right, thanks. Garcia nailed down the geographic profile. The crime scenes are centered on 2 separate locations.

Aaron Hotchner: The hospitals.


Jason Gideon: I believe it's a case of hero homicide.

Shea Calvin: What's that?

Spencer Reid: The best-known case was hospital nurse Richard Angelo. He would inject toxins into his victims, then wait for them to crash so that he could run to the rescue and save them. He killed 25 people, and that's just what we know of.

Shea Calvin: If he attacked 'em to save 'em, why'd he kill 25 people?

Jason Gideon: Wasn't very good at it.

Spencer Reid: Yeah, and hospitals don't keep records of people who almost died.

Shea Calvin: So what's the profile on one of these guys?

Jason Gideon: Arrogant, conceited, feels superior to everyone around them.

Shea Calvin: You've just described every surgeon I've ever met.


Barry Landman: Uh, forgive me. I don't shake. My hands, you understand.

Jason Gideon: Of course.


Jason Gideon: Landman… Let's start with Landman.


Jason Gideon: Call Weigart and tell him we need a discreet perimeter around this block.

Aaron Hotchner: I'm gonna go check out Landman's car.


Derek Morgan: Ok. Courtesy of Garcia. Landman was army, started out in M.P. School.

Elle Greenaway: Well, there's your law enforcement.

Derek Morgan: But he was smart, got a degree on Uncle Sam, and ended up a doctor with special forces and bounced around from hospital to hospital since his discharge in 2001.

Jason Gideon: Has Dr. Landman been Has he had a reprimand? Has he had any kind of major blow to his ego?

Cheryl Marston: Last month, he was passed over for chief of surgery.

Jason Gideon: Let's get a warrant for his house. Let's see if we find the weapon.

Derek Morgan: Ok.

Cheryl Marston: What can I do to help?

Jason Gideon: You can tell me where he is right now.


Barry Landman: Where's Marston?

Jason Gideon: She's not coming.

Barry Landman: Look, I'm very busy right now. Perhaps you could make an appointment.

Jason Gideon: Busy with what?

Barry Landman: Things.

Jason Gideon: What kind of things?

Barry Landman: You're considering me a suspect?

Jason Gideon: Yes.

Barry Landman: Well, that's disconcerting. I heard what happened to your last suspect.

Jason Gideon: Do you wanna know why?

Barry Landman: Collective incompetence?

Jason Gideon: Have you ever heard of hero homicide?

Barry Landman: Would I be less suspicious if I let my patients die?

Jason Gideon: Absolutely.


Elle Greenaway: You get anything from his car?

Aaron Hotchner: It's a red 2-seat Maserati.

Jennifer Jareau: Heh. Of course.

Aaron Hotchner: If he's the shooter, he has another vehicle.


Jason Gideon: This type of killer seeks the power over life and death and covets the power of god. You know anyone like that?

Barry Landman: I want you to understand something. When my patients are in the operating room, they need god, and that's exactly what I give them. When someone's holding your beating heart in their hands, who do you want holding it, me or god?

Jason Gideon: Where were you today at 3:00?

Barry Landman: I was in my office.

Jason Gideon: Alone?

Barry Landman: I was in my office with dr. Hannah pate. I'm not the only one who thinks I'm a god. She's in the E.R. Right now. Go on. Ask her.


Aaron Hotchner: Great. Let's take a walk down to the E.R.


Aaron Hotchner: My guess, Dr. Pate is gonna corroborate Landman's alibi.

Spencer Reid: You don't think Landman's the shooter?

Aaron Hotchner: Richard Angelo wanted to be a hero because in his everyday life, he was a nobody. Landman's a surgeon. He has power and recognition.

Spencer Reid: Yeah, but you know, surgeons are a different breed. There are stars in the field, and Landman is definitely not one of them.


Aaron Hotchner: Excuse me. I'd like to speak with dr. Pate.

Phillip Dowd: Yes, sir. I'll go find her for you.

Aaron Hotchner: The motivations for hero homicide are excitement, power, and respect, and even though Landman's not a star, he still gets respect. Racing against the clock to save someone's life is exciting.

Spencer Reid: But maybe it's not exciting enough. That's… That's why he shoots 3 people at a time.

Aaron Hotchner: But he can only operate on one at a time. It wouldn't be any more exciting… At least, not for Landman and not in the O.R.

Spencer Reid: The policemen and E.R. Personnel are on the exact same 24-hour shift schedule.

Aaron Hotchner: The unsub wasn't shooting at shift change because there are fewer cops on the street. He works the second shift in the emergency room.

Spencer Reid: Contact with the victims.

Nurse: Sir, you can't use the cell phone in the hospital.

Aaron Hotchner: Excuse me, please… We're FBI agents, and we believe that one of your staff members might be the sniper. The man we're looking for works second shift, and he would have transferred from Arlington about 2 weeks ago.

Nurse: We haven't hired any new personnel in 2 months.

Aaron Hotchner: Are you sure?

Nurse: Yeah.


Jason Gideon: He has the worst narcissistic personality disorder I've ever seen, but it's not likely him.


Nurse: Look, I've got patients who need me.

Aaron Hotchner: He's in his thirties. He's vain, rude, arrogant. He works out. He shows up to work late. He blames others for his mistakes, doesn't take responsibility for his behaviour. All of his coworkers detest him.

Nurse: It's Phillip Dowd. He's… He picks up shifts at Arlington.

Aaron Hotchner: Is he here today?

Nurse: Oh, my god.

Aaron Hotchner: Ok… Ok, your patients need you. Tell me, is Dowd working today? Do you see him? Go tell Gideon… Reid.


Phillip Dowd: Nobody moves, and nobody dies… Better be a head shot… I got this on full auto. Anything less, I go down squeezing the trigger… Get up! Get over here! Double time! Let's go! You, take your partner's gun, put it on the counter.

Aaron Hotchner: He's not armed… See for yourself.

Phillip Dowd: Hands on your heads… Get up, Keith. Put those on 'em… Now put 'em on yourself. Now step back. Back up.Back up. Back up… Get down on the ground… Have a seat. Now, what kind of an FBI agent doesn't carry a gun?

Spencer Reid: I'm a profiler.

Phillip Dowd: Profiler? They sent you to figure me out.

Spencer Reid: We did. That's how we found you.

Aaron Hotchner: Shh. Keep quiet.

Phillip Dowd: No, don't shut up. Tell me what you think you know about me.

Aaron Hotchner: Go ahead, genius. Tell him. Tell him. But remember, get it wrong, and he's gonna kill you.

Phillip Dowd: Ok. You're the boss. You tell me. Who am I? What's my plan?

Aaron Hotchner: I know you shot 11 people in broad daylight and left us nothing, you executed a cop in front of the FBI and got away clean, and I know your plan is to go down in a hail of bullets.

Phillip Dowd: What else do you know?


Derek Morgan: He joined the army at 18,went to ranger school, did 6 years before being dishonorably discharged in '95 for conduct unbecoming, obviously lied about it, joined the Arlington P.D.

Jennifer Jareau: You were right. He was a cop.

Elle Greenaway: For 9 months. When they found out he lied about the discharge, they kicked him out. Soon thereafter, Dowd got his nursing license. He's been bouncing from hospital to hospital ever since.


Aaron Hotchner: I know you're the smartest guy in every room you've ever been in, and no one's ever known it. People feel threatened by you and try to sabotage you every chance they get. You're not a bad person. You help save all of your victims afterwards. First guy wasn't your fault. If the EMTS had been there on time, he would've lived.

Phillip Dowd: Took those guys 13 minutes. 13!

Aaron Hotchner: You want to barricade the door.

Phillip Dowd: What?

Aaron Hotchner: Let me and the kid do it. Let 'em see that you've got 2 FBI agents in here doing your bidding.

Phillip Dowd: Right, let you give them a signal.

Aaron Hotchner: What signal? They knew you were in here. They knew you were armed. What can I tell them?

Phillip Dowd: What is this, some sort of profiler trick? New negotiation tactic? I think it's a good idea. Why would you wanna help me?

Aaron Hotchner: I don't.

Phillip Dowd: You said they knew I was in here.

Aaron Hotchner: I said they know you're in here.

Phillip Dowd: No. That's not what you said.

Spencer Reid: Why does it matter?

Phillip Dowd: It matters because your partner wants to help me even though he doesn't know it. Go ahead, boss man. Tell him why. If you lie or leave anything out, pop.

Aaron Hotchner: They knew he was in here, they knew he was armed and dangerous, and they knew that he was gonna fight till the last round, and they sent me in here with an unarmed kid who can't shoot his way out of a wet paper bag.

Phillip Dowd: They set you up.

Aaron Hotchner: Exactly, and they're probably laughing about it right now.

Phillip Dowd: That's why you wanna help me.

Aaron Hotchner: I wouldn't say I want to help you, but when they come in here to get revenge for the cop you killed, you're gonna go down fighting, and in the crossfire, a lot of us are gonna die. They sent me in here. I figure why make it easy for them.


Jason Gideon: Can I talk to you for a minute? Please don't send your men in yet.

Weigart: You have to consider the possibility that your men are dead or at least disarmed.

Jason Gideon: Agent Hotch is a very experienced profiler. He's gonna do whatever he has to to get Dowd to like, trust us. And once he does... He'll get Dowd to end this peacefully. I--I just...Ask that you give him time.

Weigart: Dowd's already shot 10 people. He killed a cop.

Jason Gideon: The cop is dead. This man is a violent, deranged paranoid. It's a game… He's gonna--he's gonna do whatever he has to. You send in your men, they're just gonna become villains in his little hero fantasy. You're lettin' him call all the shots.

Weigart: How are your unarmed men gonna stop him?

Jason Gideon: They're not unarmed. They have his profile… They understand him.

Weigart: 3 minutes. Then my men are ready to take the E.R. Your men... Have 3 minutes.


Aaron Hotchner: You know why they took away boy genius's gun?

Phillip Dowd: Why?

Aaron Hotchner: He failed his qualification. Twice I year, I gotta listen to him whine about requalifying. So I tutor him... And he fails again.

Phillip Dowd: You think you got it rough? These people done nothing but undermine me since I got here.

Aaron Hotchner: Put him next to the barricade. That way, when they blast their way in here, both of our problems are solved. That sort of thing can ruin a cop's career.

Phillip Dowd: You are one sick dude.

Aaron Hotchner: How do you think I found you?


Weigart: Time's up. Ready teams for assault.


Aaron Hotchner: Can I ask you a favour?

Phillip Dowd: You can ask.

Aaron Hotchner: I figure the chances of my getting out of here alive are pretty slim.

Phillip Dowd: So?

Aaron Hotchner: I want to kick the snot out of this kid. He's made my life miserable for 3 lousy years.

Phillip Dowd: Go ahead. Knock yourself out.


Aaron Hotchner: How smart are you now, smart guy?! It's front sight, trigger press, follow through! That's enough! It's not that hard! A Dalmatian could do it! Let go! Let go!

Phillip Dowd: Feel better?

Aaron Hotchner: I think he got a message.

Phillip Dowd: What's that?


Weigart: We go in 5... 4...


Weigart: We go now!

Aaron Hotchner: Hold your fire! Hold your fire! It's all clear.


Jason Gideon: Shakespeare wrote, "Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable."


Aaron Hotchner: You all right?

Spencer Reid: Yeah.

Aaron Hotchner: Nice shot.

Spencer Reid: I was aiming for his leg.

Aaron Hotchner: I wouldn't have kept kicking, but I was afraid you didn't get my plans.

Spencer Reid: I got your plan the minute you moved the hostages out of my line of fire.

Aaron Hotchner: Well, I hope I didn't hurt you too badly.

Spencer Reid: Hotch, I was a 12-year-old child prodigy in a Las Vegas public high school. You kick like a 9-year-old girl.

Aaron Hotchner: No. Keep it. As far as I'm concerned, you passed your qualification.

Derek Morgan: Reid, you all right? Touche, kid.


Jason Gideon: How you doin'?

Spencer Reid: You were right. You don't need a gun to kill somebody.

Jason Gideon: No, you don't.

Spencer Reid: But it helps.

Jason Gideon: Yes. Yes.

Spencer Reid: I--I know I should feel bad about...What happened. I mean... I killed a man. You know, I--I should... Feel something. But I don't.

Jason Gideon: Well, knowing what you're feelin'... That's not the same as not feelin'… This is gonna hurt you... And when it does... There's only 3 facts you need to know… You did what you had to do... And a lot of good people are alive because of what you did.

Spencer Reid: What's the third?

Jason Gideon: I'm proud of you.

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