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Esprits Criminels
#121 : Les témoins du secret

Scénariste : Simon Mirren
Réalisateur : Matt Earl Beesley

Synopsis : Toute l'équipe collabore avec la CIA afin d'identifier un traître qui a assassiné un autre agent et cherche désormais à tuer une informatrice saoudienne qui se cache avec ses enfants. Pour ce faire, ils mettent en place un profil des plus complets afin qu'ils puissent l'arrêter au plus vite et empêcher l'assassinat qu'il prévoit de commettre.

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Titre VO
Secrets and Lies

Titre VF
Les témoins du secret

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France


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Criminal Minds 1x21 - Hotch loves Garcia


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Criminal Minds 1x21 - Garcia on a list


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Criminal Minds 1x21 - Prince William's phone number


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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Mandy Patinkin ... Jason Gideon
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - Lola Glaudini ... Elle Greenaway
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jarreau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Lisa Vidal ... Gina Sanchez
   - Ray Baker ... Bruno Hawks
   - Jack Conley ... John Summers
   - Devika Parikh ... Olivia Hopkins
   - David Bowe ... Kruger Spence
   - Navid Negahban ... Hassan Nadir
   - Andrea Gabriel ... Aaliyah Nadir
   - Hannah Marks ... Dalia Nadir
   - Daylon Reese ... Faris Nadir

Aaliyah Nadir: Everything is going to be ok. I have to meet a friend, someone who will help us.

John Summers: We've got to get out of here now.

Aaliyah Nadir: You promised you would protect my children.

John Summers: That's exactly what I'm doing. Just get in the car, please. We have to move!

Aaliyah Nadir: You promised you would keep us safe.

John Summers: And I will. But you got to trust me one more time. Come on, kids. Let's go. Everybody in. Everybody in?


John Summers: You'll never find her… I knew it had to be you.


Jason Gideon: I see the paper reported the death of our mutual friend. I'll wait for your call.


Bruno Hawks: You catch him?

Jason Gideon: Only after he drowned 8 women.

Bruno Hawks: Sick bastard.

Jason Gideon: He was. As of 3 days ago, John Summers wasn't.

Bruno Hawks: Is that why you called me.

Jason Gideon: He was stressed, exhausted, a little paranoid maybe, but not suicidal. I signed him off as fit for duty.

Bruno Hawks: So you did. And so he was.

Jason Gideon: It wasn't suicide, was it?

Bruno Hawks: Papers say it was investigation too messy.

Jason Gideon: You made it look like suicide.

Bruno Hawks: Now, that is a mess. This? That's just cleaning house.

Jason Gideon: So why do you look like crap?

Bruno Hawks: You know me too well… It was only the people in my unit that knew that John Summers was CIA. And my bosses believe that someone in my team is the one who had him killed. We wanna know who and why.

Jason Gideon: A mole in Langley.

Bruno Hawks: It looks that way. And I'm not high enough on the food chain to dodge the bullet on this… No, no, Jason. You know the rules. No judge. No jury. This is strictly in-house.

Jason Gideon: You want my help?

Bruno Hawks: Yeah.

Jason Gideon: Then I need my team.


Jason Gideon: Albert Einstein said, "Whoever sets himself up as judge in the field of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."


Penelope Garcia: He was CIA escort, okay It's weird, a little scary.

Jennifer Jareau: What do you suppose this is all about?

Spencer Reid: Call me cynical, but considering it's 2 a.m., I doubt it's good news.

Jennifer Jareau: You are a genius.


Aaron Hotchner: The CIA's counterterrorism unit is engaged in a mission to save one of its informants. They suspect one of their agents is a mole. Until the identity of that mole is discovered, they've locked down the unit.

Jason Gideon: This gives us the opportunity to profile the unsub up close. Go ahead.

CIA Agent: Let's start the video feed.

Aaron Hotchner: John Summers was the CIA's best field agent in the Middle East. 3 nights ago, he was found in his home in Washington. He'd been tortured and murdered.

Jason Gideon: The CIA made it look like suicide.

Spencer Reid: How'd you like to have that job?

Derek Morgan: Guys, look at the wound patterns. They come from 2 distinct angles. Different heights. One's right-handed and one's left-handed. Looks to me like he was tortured by more than 2 people.

Elle Greenaway: Hotch, what was Summers working on?

Aaron Hotchner: Aaliyah Nadir had been beaten and sexually assaulted at the hands of her husband, Hassan Nadir. That's how Summers flipped her and got her to work for the CIA.

Jennifer Jareau: What's the husband's story?

Aaron Hotchner: He's a diplomat for the Saudi government, but he's a fund-raiser for major terrorist organizations.

Jason Gideon: Aaliyah gave summers intelligence on terrorist organizations the CIA had never been able to penetrate, organizations Hassan, her husband, funnelled money to.

Derek Morgan: And Hassan realized he had a leak?

Aaron Hotchner: Yes, but he didn't know who. For Aaliyah's protection, Summers never revealed her identity to the CIA until about 8 weeks ago. CIA arranged papers for her, and Summers brought her and her children to the U.S. about a month ago.

Jason Gideon: Only Summers knew where he hid her.

Jennifer Jareau: What did Hassan think happened to his family?

Aaron Hotchner: Car accident. Bodies too disfigured to identify. Only the CIA knew it was staged until Hassan arrived in Washington last week under diplomatic cover.

Spencer Reid: Only someone in this unit could have given Hassan information about his family.

Derek Morgan: And now he's here looking for her. Why us?

Jason Gideon: Over the years, I've conducted psychological evaluations on every field agent in that unit.

Penelope Garcia: You worked for the CIA?

Jason Gideon: Not officially.

Aaron Hotchner: The train's running. And if we stop this mission, even for a second, Aaliyah and her children are as good as dead.


Aaliyah Nadir: Everything's going to be ok. We'll be out of here soon. He's going to come back for us… We just all have to be very brave. Close your eyes. Try to sleep.


Jason Gideon: Don't remove your firearm.

Aaron Hotchner: U.S. soil. Federal building.

CIA Agent: Just your cell phones. non-negotiable.

Derek Morgan: The moment we walk in there, the unsub's gonna know we got him cornered.  We don't hand jack him.


Bruno Hawks: Hey.

Aaron Hotchner: Special Agent Hotchner.

Bruno Hawks: Oh, I know who you are and your team, too. I've got the personnel files all set up for you guys. Video, what. it's all there in the conference room. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to my senior officers. This is Gina Sanchez. She's the associate director of field operations. And that guy up there is Kruger Spence, the assistant director of operations. The lady with him is his second in command, Olivia Hopkins… And thank you for coming.

Aaron Hotchner: You never mentioned Bruno Hawks.

Jason Gideon: You never asked.

Aaron Hotchner: How long have you unofficially been working for CIA?

Jason Gideon: Long enough to know who and what we're dealing with.


Penelope Garcia: If I may ask, sir… I don't know your name, Nathan the thing that I don't get is our team's there. Why can't we go to Langley? Do I look like a threat to national security to you?

Jennifer Jareau: Seriously.

Nathan: Your name is on a list.

Penelope Garcia: A list? What list? I work for the FBI, and you're telling me I'm on a list that says I can't go to the CIA?

Nathan: You're on a list.

Jennifer Jareau: Uh, Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: You do know what this means.

Jennifer Jareau: What?

Penelope Garcia: We'll be able to find out whether Princess Diana's death was really an accident.

Jennifer Jareau: I think that's exactly the kind of thing that got you on their list.

Penelope Garcia: Okay, we got a full roster of all the players here, including Summers.

Jennifer Jareau: How many in total?

Penelope Garcia: In Bruno's department. 22.

Jennifer Jareau: 21 and 22 are here with us, in the room.

Penelope Garcia: What if it's one of them?


Jason Gideon: We're looking for what the CIA classifies a type-a personality. Overachiever, highly adaptable, well educated, virtually unshakable. Manipulative enough to persuade a loyal foreign national to betray their country or a wife to betray her husband. Most importantly, this unsub long ago accepted the reality they will be summarily executed if caught… Life means nothing to this unsub. Not his own life. Not his family's. Not his colleagues. Certainly not ours. And certainly not theirs.

Aaron Hotchner: One of those agents turned against everything they believe in. Why?

Derek Morgan: Well, he stopped believing. Maybe it was about ideology.

Aaron Hotchner: We need to find the stressor, a major event that caused him to turn love, revenge, economics, ideology.

Jason Gideon: The intelligence community's mantra says, "Increase the parameter of your enemies' paranoia." Right now we're the enemy. Whatever you see or are told, please trust no one but me.

Penelope Garcia: Gideon, you're gonna want to take a look at this surveillance video.

Jason Gideon: What is it?

Penelope Garcia: It's you. It's your name next to a whole slew of mpegs. There's one that says "John summers." It's 3 hours long.

Aaron Hotchner: When was this?

Jason Gideon: 3 days before he was killed.


John Summers: Who called this meeting?

Jason Gideon: Does it matter?

John Summers: Every detail matters.

Jason Gideon: Why?

John Summers: It can only be 1 of 4 people.

Jason Gideon: Why is that important?

John Summers: Whoever requested this wanted more than just an eval from you.


Derek Morgan: Did you know they were filming you?

Jason Gideon: I assumed they were.

Spencer Reid: taking in all factors discussed age, rank, and field status and if you eliminated all non-field agents, we're left with a total of 16 candidates.

Elle Greenaway: All of whom are in this unit.

Jason Gideon: We have to assume the mole has an exit strategy.

Aaron Hotchner: Only now we're blocking the exit, and the only way out is through us.


Bruno Hawks: We all know why B.A.U. are here. They have their job and we have ours. And we're down to the wire on this. Aaliyah Nadir risked everything, and now she and her children deserve our fullest attention. Let's find her.


Gina Sanchez: Agent Gideon.

Jason Gideon: It's good to see you again.

Gina Sanchez: You're not a very good liar.

Jason Gideon: I wasn't lying.

Gina Sanchez: Your evaluation took me out of the field.

Jason Gideon: I simply wrote the truth. There's gonna come a time. When you can't follow orders.

Gina Sanchez: It hasn't happened yet.

Jason Gideon: It will.

Gina Sanchez: You're wrong.


Jason Gideon: We think the agent who's tipping off Hassan may have had some kind of extreme event in their life.

Aaron Hotchner: Something that distorted or redefined their belief system.

Bruno Hawks: Every agent undergoes regular psych evals. You know that. They're trained to cope with extreme events.

Jason Gideon: Whatever event turned this agent, you can't train for.

Bruno Hawks: You're welcome to everything I have. Every op undertaken by these guys is on file.

Aaron Hotchner: What about the ones that aren't on file? Like the wiretaps of the Saudi embassy.

Bruno Hawks: Those don't even exist.

Aaron Hotchner: How long has your department been running operations in Riyadh?

Bruno Hawks: Declared presence in Riyadh monitoring U.S. interests there. You know that. Now, if that's all, I have an informant to see.


Derek Morgan: Hey, guys, take a look at something. Right there. That's a woman sitting in the passenger seat of that car.

Elle Greenaway: Looks a lot like Aaliyah.

Aaron Hotchner: Why would he leave them in the car unless he knew he were being videotaped?


John Summers: Who called this meeting?

Jason Gideon: Does that matter?

John Summers: Every detail matters.

Jason Gideon: Why?

John Summers: It can only be 1 of 4 people.


Jason Gideon: That's not true. Anyone in this division could have insisted on an eval.

Elle Greenaway: Why narrow it down to 4?

Derek Morgan: Well, he rightly suspected Hassan came to the u.s. Because he knew his wife was alive.

Spencer Reid: And that someone in this agency was working for Hassan.

Aaron Hotchner: If we don't discover who the mole is before they find her, she and the kids are dead.

Jason Gideon: Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: Right here, boss.

Jason Gideon: How many agents in this unit were actually in Saudi monitoring U.S. interests?

Penelope Garcia: 4.

Jason Gideon: Let me guess. Bruno Hawks, Gina Sanchez, Olivia Hopkins, and Kruger Spence.

Penelope Garcia: 4 for 4.

Jason Gideon: See what else is on the tape… John Summers would have only trusted seasoned agents, of which in this unit there are only 4.

Elle Greenaway: He guessed that the mole had to have been one of his 4 bosses.

Derek Morgan: Before he put in for Aaliyah's extraction, he wanted to know which one not to ask.

Jason Gideon: We need to match up with them, one-on-one. Kruger Spence, Assistant director of operations. Recruited at the age of 18 after graduating from M.I.T.

Spencer Reid: It says here had 6 years experience as a weapons systems de and an IQ of 197. He butted up against the system and didn't deal with authority. They moved him into field operations in China for 8 years before transferring him here.

Elle Greenaway: Olivia Hopkins, divorced mother of 2. She spent 9 years in field operations in Europe. She also visited Riyadh with Kruger.

Derek Morgan: I got Gina Sanchez. West point graduate. Black belt in 2 martial arts. Served in Iraq doing psychological operations with military intelligence. She joined the CIA 5 years ago. Speaks 3 languages including Arabic.

Aaron Hotchner: Bruno Hawks, deputy director of operations. Extensive field ops in the Middle East and Europe. Did his military service with Jason Gideon.

Jason Gideon: One thing I've learned over the years profiling CIA agents, spies are some of the smartest liars in the world… Be smarter.


Faris Nadir: I'm thirsty.

Aaliyah Nadir: Drink. Share the last of it with your sister.

Dalia Nadir: It's ok. He can have it. I'm not even that thirsty.


Kruger Spence: We can't circulate a photo of a woman who's supposed to be dead.

Spencer Reid: I realize that, but…

Kruger Spence: I appreciate you have a job to do, but so do I start looking where Aaliyah would feel the most comfortable. Arab-populated areas.

Spencer Reid: Actually, you might wanna start by profiling Summers.

Kruger Spence: Be my guest. Aaliyah's about to be brutally murdered in front of her children. Got nothing? Okay. Where were we? Let's put some teams together.

Spencer Reid: Summers was obsessed with his own security.

Kruger Spence: Aren't we all?

Spencer Reid: He didn't care about money or possession or family. All he cared about was his job. He was a classic control freak, a meticulous paranoid.

Kruger Spence: A loaner who chose to live outside the community.

Spencer Reid: In an environment that he could control.

Kruger Spence: All right. So he would have placed Aaliyah outside the community in an environment that only he could control and have access to.

Spencer Reid: Maybe. On the other hand…

Kruger Spence: He might new deal. I want you to search the areas surrounding Summers' apartment. We're looking for industrial sights, storage spaces, warehouses… That's good. Thanks.


Gina Sanchez: I don't think I could have a job where I had to sit and talk to people all day.

Derek Morgan: Ok, wait a minute. It's not all psychobabble. I get my fair share of action.

Gina Sanchez: I'm sure you do. Here's something you might find interesting… Joystick, come around 30 degrees, 15 by 13 North… Zoom in 2 miles.

Derek Morgan: Wait a minute… That looks like my neighbourhood. That is my neighbourhood. That's my house. That's my bike.

Gina Sanchez: You have a dog.

Derek Morgan: Yeah, yeah, I got a dog. That's Clooney.

Gina Sanchez: Well, it looks like Clooney's on the couch.

Derek Morgan: Ok. So you know where I live. I like that… You also knew where Summers lived.

Gina Sanchez: That's my job.

Derek Morgan: Your job to make it look like suicide? You stood over the dead body of a friend and a colleague… You stuck a shotgun in his mouth and you pulled the trigger.

Gina Sanchez: Yep.

Derek Morgan: Must take a psychological toll, no?

Gina Sanchez: Let's get one thing clear. We all write a letter just like the one Summers wrote.

Derek Morgan: A suicide note? That doesn't mess with your mind just a little bit?

Gina Sanchez: I'm neither disillusioned or confused about what I am, what I do or what I have done.

Derek Morgan: Somebody here is. Why else would they rat out their own people?

Gina Sanchez: You'll have to ask them.


Elle Greenaway: CIA looks much like the FBI. This is a real boy's club. Must be tough being a woman here.

Olivia Hopkins: Get to the point, agent.

Elle Greenaway: Divorced. Lost custody of your kids. That didn't help your career, huh?

Olivia Hopkins: Are you interrogating me?

Elle Greenaway: Just questions.

Olivia Hopkins: You want answers, look in my file.

Elle Greenaway: I did. During an operation in Europe, you were taken hostage.

Olivia Hopkins: For which I received counselling.

Elle Greenaway: But it didn't help. Your marriage busted up pretty quickly.

Olivia Hopkins: How does this help you?

Elle Greenaway: It would take a major event for someone to turn against their country, don't you think?

Olivia Hopkins: A major event like what?

Elle Greenaway: Like one that's not in any file… What happened to you over there? They attack you? They rape you? Olivia.

Kruger Spence: That's enough. This is in violation of her civil rights.

Bruno Hawks: Until they find the sleeper and we find Aaliyah, all rights are revoked.

Elle Greenaway: Where were you on the night that Summers was murdered?

Kruger Spence: I was with her in her apartment.

Jason Gideon: Well, you're a married man. At some point you must have left to get back to your wife, right? You wake to an empty bed?

Olivia Hopkins: Yes. I did. Are we done here?

Kruger Spence: My wife will testify that I arrived home at 1:30 a.m.

Bruno Hawks: We all know none of this will ever reach a court.

Kruger Spence: If you wanna arrest us for having an affair, be my guest.

Bruno Hawks: I'll deal with you two later.


Kruger Spence: Olivia.


Olivia Hopkins: Riyadh, 2003.


Elle Greenaway: When I saw the CCTV monitors were down and Olivia hadn't returned, I thought I'd better me looking for her.

Jason Gideon: Have any agents seen the body? Good. We can use this to our advantage to get the others.


Bruno Hawks: What? What's going on?

Kruger Spence: What are we doing here? You're pulling us away from our assignments? There's a woman out there whose life depends on us.

Gina Sanchez: Where's Olivia?

Aaron Hotchner: Olivia Hopkins was murdered 10 minutes ago. Her neck was snapped.

Jason Gideon: Just like John Summers.

Kruger Spence: What are you talking about? You're lying. Where is she? Look, people don't just get murdered inside the CIA… What are you looking at?

Bruno Hawks: I realize the enormity of this, but Hassan Nadir is still out there looking to kill his wife, and I need every agent on this.


Jason Gideon: What do you think it would take for somebody to betray their country?

Bruno Hawks: If I knew that, you wouldn't be here. Or is this the part where you profile me?

Jason Gideon: I've done that for over 20 years and for free.

Bruno Hawks: What do you come up with?

Jason Gideon: Well, you don't smile as much as you used to, but the Rogaine's working.

Bruno Hawks: You need to quit your day job.

Jason Gideon: You've strived your entire life just to seek the approval of your father. Obsessively tried not to make the same mistakes he made. The emotional cost wipes the smile off your face.

Bruno Hawks: You know, my kids, they don't even know who or what their father really is.

Jason Gideon: But they know there's absolutely nothing you wouldn't do for them. Who says, you know, kids need to know everything about us? Trust me. We're not that interesting… Who do you think it is?

Bruno Hawks: I'm so close to it, Jason, I really can't tell. I will say this. I'm glad you're here.

Jason Gideon: You feeling okay? I mean, you lost 2 of your people... 2 colleagues, 2 friends.

Bruno Hawks: I've lost plenty of those along the way. I just feel pissed off. Someone is gonna pay dearly for what they've done.


Gina Sanchez: You lined us all up to see how we'd react to Olivia's death. What did you see?

Aaron Hotchner: You stared straight at Kruger like you were trying to deflect blame onto someone else.

Gina Sanchez: You are wasting precious time, time she doesn't have. Now, unless you have something useful to ask, we're trying to save lives.

Derek Morgan: So are we.

Gina Sanchez: Patch her through… It's for you.


Derek Morgan: Garcia? Talk to me.

Penelope Garcia: That virus that knocked out the CCTV.

Derek Morgan: What about it?

Jennifer Jareau: It was downloaded into the system 3 weeks ago.

Derek Morgan: By who?


Kruger Spence: Just because I lied about Olivia doesn't make me the mole.

Derek Morgan: No, but the virus that took out the CCTV monitors does. It originated from your computer.

Kruger Spence: Then whoever put it in my computer is trying to frame me.

Derek Morgan: Olivia was looking for something. She didn't find a thing. You know why? Because all of your files had been erased.

Kruger Spence: Do you really think if I was the mole, I would keep files that would incriminate me? Those files were erased to make me look guilty.

Elle Greenaway: Looks like it's working.

Gina Sanchez: Morgan, your girlfriend's back.


Derek Morgan: Garcia, it's Morgan.

Penelope Garcia: That virus left a back door into the CIA mainframe.

Derek Morgan: Yeah, so?

Penelope Garcia: I sort of went ahead and used it to find out who ordered John Summers' psych evaluation Gideon.

Derek Morgan: Who was it?

Penelope Garcia: Well, that's what's so weird.

Elle Greenaway: Who, Garcia? Who?

Jennifer Jareau: John Summers.

Derek Morgan: Summers? Why would he order his own evaluation?

Spencer Reid: So we'd ask that question ourselves. We missed something on that tape.

Derek Morgan: We better figure out what it was before Hassan's friend in here beats us to it.


Aaliyah Nadir: I have to find some water. Okay?

Faris Nadir: No.

Aaliyah Nadir: If Mr. Summers comes back before I do, you tell him to wait for me… Do not come looking for mommy. Whatever happens, you're safe here. Promise me. Do not leave here. You both promise?


John Summers: Presidents come, presidents go. One thing always remains: The people that run those presidents.

Jason Gideon: People like you?

John Summers: Me? No. No. No. I'm an expendable pawn… But I got wise to their game.

Jason Gideon: Game? What game?

John Summers: Battleship. I'm a ship at sea. They try to sink me.

Jason Gideon: How do you cope?

John Summers: Compartmentalization. Separate a seal every aspect of my life.

Jason Gideon: How does that work?

John Summers: If one part of the hull is compromised, the rest of the hull remains intact. I stay afloat.

Jason Gideon: And what about a direct hit?

John Summers: Then I have a box that I put the really important things in, a sort of insurance policy.

Jason Gideon: Against what?

John Summers: Sudden death… Keep it safe from them who appear to be friends.


Aaron Hotchner: He was trying to tell you about the mole.

Derek Morgan: If they were following Summers, how come they didn't know where Summers put Aaliyah?

Jason Gideon: You couldn't follow Summers through a desert. He was that good.

Aaron Hotchner: Somebody followed you.

Derek Morgan: Then Summers must have known they'd be filming him.

Jason Gideon: They always are. So smile.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, let's view the tape again.


Penelope Garcia: He sure likes boats.

Jennifer Jareau: He refers to compartmentalizing his life like the hull of a ship.

Penelope Garcia: Yeah. And then he talks about a box.

Jennifer Jareau: And putting something inside box as an insurance policy.

Penelope Garcia: He was telling Gideon how to find Aaliyah.

Jennifer Jareau: Summers' cover in Saudi was for a shipping company.

Penelope Garcia: Ok. What about a shipping container? That's a box. That's a big box.

Jennifer Jareau: The only shipping port near Summers' apartment in Baltimore, it's north up the l-95 from Langley.


Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, I love you.

Jennifer Jareau: Garcia?

Penelope Garcia: Someone just tapped into this feed.

Aaron Hotchner: Just found out where Aaliyah is… And so did someone else.


Hassan Nadir: Stand over there.


Gina Sanchez: I can have the chopper on the roof fuelled and ready in 2 minutes.

Bruno Hawks: There are thousands of containers at that port. What makes you so sure Aaaliyah's in one of those containers?


Elle Greenaway: Why don't we send in a swat team, split them up, have them search in grids.

Aaron Hotchner: Why? Because Hassan has diplomatic immunity, this mission can't exist.

Jason Gideon: It's not Gina. Morgan, take Gina with you.

Bruno Hawks: Wait. This is my command. These are my people.

Aaron Hotchner: We have jurisdiction here, and there's nothing you can do to stop us.

Bruno Hawks: This is my career on the line here.

Jason Gideon: You always trusted me, right? Trust me now.

Aaron Hotchner: Come with us.

Kruger Spence: This is crazy. Bruno.

Bruno Hawks: Go.

Jason Gideon: Go. Go, go, go.

Gina Sanchez: Use the thermal imaging. Search every container for body heat. You can walk us in and direct us when we get there. Green, Adams. Duncan, come with me.

Bruno Hawks: Jason, you better be certain about this.

Jason Gideon: I am.

Bruno Hawks: So convince me.

Jason Gideon: We see it all the time in suspects who kill their loved ones. They try to immediately shift the focus away from themselves.

Spencer Reid: There's often an emotional detachment in the way the statement was constructed.

Jason Gideon: Kruger betrayed his wife, betrayed Olivia. After all that betrayal, his country was easy.


Spencer Reid: Excuse me a second… Gideon.

Bruno Hawks: You’re right.

Jason Gideon: Right, but too late. Hassan has us to it.


Aaliyah Nadir: Don't hurt them. It was me. It was all my fault.

Hassan Nadir: Hurt them? I bury them! I bury you! Look at this. You see? You betrayed me and took my children away from me. Why?

Aaliyah Nadir: Do what you want to me.


Bruno Hawks: Gina and Morgan will arrive in 3 minutes.


Gina Sanchez: They're somewhere on the east side of this port. You guys, take that area over there. Morgan, let's go.


Hassan Nadir: Don't make me do this. What did you tell them?


Kruger Spence: Can't you people see what's going on? All of this was part of their plan, and now Hassan is going to kill Aaliyah.

Aaron Hotchner: This is our one and only offer.

Elle Greenaway: Consider it carefully before you respond… What do you say?

Kruger Spence: If this is some kind of a trick, I'm not buying it. You're gonna have to do better than that. I am not the mole.


Derek Morgan: This is crazy, Gina. We're just running in circles. Reid, come on. Help us out. Give me something.

Spencer Reid: A hundred meters north of your current location.

Derek Morgan: Let's go. Let's go back. Come on. Let's go back.


Bruno Hawks: We can't arrest him. This is still a CIA matter. You do know that.

Jason Gideon: How will you explain this to the Saudi government?

Bruno Hawks: Explain what? This isn't happening.

Jason Gideon: Let's just get Aaliyah and her children back alive. We'll worry about Hassan's life later.


Spencer Reid: Morgan.

Derek Morgan: Yeah. I hear you.

Spencer Reid: They're right in front of you.

Jason Gideon: Make the arrest, Morgan. It's FBI jurisdiction. You're in charge.

Derek Morgan: Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Jason Gideon: Easy. Easy. Easy. Easy does it.

Derek Morgan: FBI. Let the lady go and put the gun down. I said put the gun down.

Hassan Nadir: Diplomatic immunity, my friend.

Derek Morgan: Uh-uh. You got it wrong, my friend. This container hasn't passed through customs. Officially, we're not on U.S. Soil. Summers was a smart man.

Gina Sanchez: That he was. Drop the gun.

Jason Gideon: Morgan? Morgan, what's going on?

Bruno Hawks: Still certain Gina isn't the mole?

Jason Gideon: Morgan.

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan, what's going on?

Derek Morgan: Gideon, we got a situation here.

Jason Gideon: Gina, don't do this. Gina, don't do this.

Gina Sanchez: I don't take orders from you. Bruno, what do you want me to do?

Derek Morgan: Cover their eyes. Cover their eyes.

Aaliyah Nadir: Please. Please stop this.

Gina Sanchez: Bruno.

Bruno Hawks: You know what to do.

Gina Sanchez: Say it.

Jason Gideon: It's not your call.

Bruno Hawks: I told you from the start this was strictly in-house.

Jason Gideon: This is not your call.

Bruno Hawks: Gina, what are you waiting for?

Gina Sanchez: An order.

Bruno Hawks: Finish him. Finish him.

Jason Gideon: Gina, don't do this.

Gina Sanchez: You're gonna cut the visual feed. Right, Bruno?

Bruno Hawks: Of course. Cut it now. Cut it.


Bruno Hawks: I wanna thank you, Jason, for your help.

Jason Gideon: Why? Why did you turn against everything you believe in?

Bruno Hawks: What are you talking about?

Jason Gideon: When someone asks you how you feel about losing one of your colleagues, the only human answer is "I feel guilty," isn't it?

Bruno Hawks: But as you so brilliantly deduced, Kruger Spence is the guilty one… Ridiculous… Absurd.

Jason Gideon: Only thing that's absurd is your arrogance. To believe you could get away with this.

Bruno Hawks: Unfortunately, with Hassan now dead, you have no proof.


Gina Sanchez: Sorry about that. I had to find out if I was right.

Derek Morgan: How did you know it was Bruno?

Gina Sanchez: Because agent Gideon believed in me. And there isn't a reason in the world to kill a man who knows as much as Hassan does.

Derek Morgan: Except one.

Gina Sanchez: The same one that made Bruno and Hassan kill Summers. Self-preservation.

Derek Morgan: Looks like Gideon was right.

Gina Sanchez: Yes, it does.


Spencer Reid: Actually, Hassan is alive and well. He's en route. That's all the proof we'll need.

Bruno Hawks: You are a fool if you think they're gonna put me in prison with all that I know.

Elle Greenaway: Why did you have to kill Olivia?

Jason Gideon: Economics. Olivia was looking into your financial records when you snapped her neck.

Elle Greenaway: So she knew your dirty little secret.

Bruno Hawks: Which one? I have so many.

Elle Greenaway: You were looking to cash out using Hassan.

Bruno Hawks: Mm-hmm. $20 million from Hassan will go a very long way to helping occupy my mind on a beach somewhere.

Jason Gideon: Only beach you'll see is on a postcard I send you from my vacation. Let me have your gun.

Bruno Hawks: I think the consequences of what you're doing to me, my friend are gonna be a lot harder to live with than you think.


Jennifer Jareau: We'll see you guys later, all right? We should do this again sometime, ok? Jerks.

Penelope Garcia: Come on. Come on. Quick. I know you're in here.

Jennifer Jareau: What are you doing?

Penelope Garcia: Looking for prince William's phone number. The CIA is bound to have it.

Jennifer Jareau: Oh, Garcia, come on.

Penelope Garcia: Yep. Here it is.

Jennifer Jareau: No way…

Penelope Garcia: Yes way. Give me a pen.

Jennifer Jareau: Garcia, no.

Penelope Garcia: I need this. I need a pen. Oh! It doesn't work.

Jennifer Jareau: Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: Okay.

Jennifer Jareau: Oh. That's too bad.

Penelope Garcia: Sleep well, sweet prince.

Jennifer Jareau: Good night, crazy person. Good night.


Spencer Reid: What I don't understand is why he invited us here.

Aaron Hotchner: He didn't. Summers did by asking for the eval.

Jason Gideon: When I put the call in, Bruno had no choice. He had to find out what I knew and keep me close.

Aaron Hotchner: Bad choice.

Elle Greenaway: You said you'd send a postcard of a beach. You lied.

Spencer Reid: Yeah. You hate the beach.

Gina Sanchez: Beaches are for storming.

Jason Gideon: Only if ordered to.

Gina Sanchez: Thank you… I could always rent a deck chair and reconsider my career.

Derek Morgan: You always know where to find us.

Gina Sanchez: I know where you live.


Jason Gideon: George Orwell said, "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

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