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Esprits Criminels
#212 : De l'autre côté

Scénariste : Edward Allen Bernero
Réalisateur : Glenn Kershaw

Derek Morgan est arrêté en tant que serial killer après être rentré chez lui à Chicago pour voir sa famille. Le détective procédant à l'arrestation a utilisé le profil fourni par Gideon après avoir étudié l'affaire. L'équipe se rend donc à Chicago pour libérer Morgan et trouver le véritable serial killer. Cependant ils apprendront de nouvelles informations sur leur collègue.

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Titre VO
Profiler, Profiled

Titre VF
De l'autre côté

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S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - "Not really."

S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - "Not really."


2X12 Criminal Minds- Reid's Physics Magic

2X12 Criminal Minds- Reid's Physics Magic


S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - Physics magic

S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - Physics magic


S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - "This is ridiculous!"

S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - "This is ridiculous!"


S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - Gideon with defensive Morgan

S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - Gideon with defensive Morgan


S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - "You're Dr. Reid, right?"

S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - "You're Dr. Reid, right?"


S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - Morgan staring down Rodney

S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - Morgan staring down Rodney


S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - Fran Morgan's birthday

S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - Fran Morgan's birthday


S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - "I'm warning you, Hotch. Back off."

S02e12 - Profiler, Profiled - "I'm warning you, Hotch. Back off."


Criminal Minds - Profiled, Profiled

Criminal Minds - Profiled, Profiled


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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Mandy Patinkin ... Jason Gideon
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Paget Brewster ... Emily Prentiss
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jareau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Skipp Sudduth ... Stan Gordinski
   - Julius Tennon ... Carl Buford
   - James MacDonald ... Detective Dennison
   - Kerrie Keane ... Fran
   - Jascha Washington ... James Barfield
   - Erica Gimpel ... Sarah
   - Benita Krista Nall ... Desiree Morgan
   - Keith Tisdell ... Rodney Harris
   - Myzel Robinson ... Damien

Jennifer Jareau: Nothing's happening.

Spencer Reid: Watch!

Penelope Garcia: Ah.

Emily Prentiss: Ooh. Ah, what-

Spencer Reid: I'm so sorry, Emily.

Emily Prentiss: What was that?

Penelope Garcia: Don't you recognize a rocket when you see one?

Spencer Reid: I- I was merely demonstrating a physics law I- I-I didn't meant to hit…

Emily Prentiss: Oh, show me.

Spencer Reid: All right. Uh... Well, turn around, please turn around

Jennifer Jareau: Yeah, he's not gonna show you... How it's done.

Spencer Reid: A magician doesn't reveal his secrets.

Emily Prentiss: But I thought you said it was physics.

Spencer Reid: Physics... Magic

Penelope Garcia: Trust me. It will not do you any good to argue with him.

Spencer Reid: All right, all right, turn back and observe.

All: Oh

Aaron Hotchner: Physics magic?

Spencer Reid: Yes, sir

Aaron Hotchner: Reid, we talked about this.

Spencer Reid: I'm sorry, sir.

Aaron Hotchner: Really starting to get some distance on those.

Emily Prentiss: So he does have a sense of humour.

Spencer Reid: Sometimes.

Emily Prentiss: Hey, where's Morgan.

Spencer Reid: In Chicago, he goes there every year for his mother's birthday.


Derek Morgan: You're sure she's got enough butter.

Desiree Morgan: You know if Sarah doesn't put it on the list she doesn't need it. She doesn't make mistakes.

Rodney Harris: Looking good. I mean, damn. You filling out all good in all the right places, aren't you.

Derek Morgan: Step off, Rodney. Desiree, get in the car.

Desiree Morgan: Come on, Derek, it's nothing.

Derek Morgan: Heh heh.

Rodney Harris: That's ok, baby, I'll get wit' you a little later, huh.

Desiree Morgan: Yeah, in your dreams.

Rodney Harris: Ooh, most definitely. All night long, baby girl, huh

Derek Morgan: You better step off before I make you wish you never walked up on me.

Rodney Harris: What, you think you a bad-ass now because they pay you to wear that gun, Mr. FBI.

Derek Morgan: Rodney, I proved a long time ago I don't need a gun to take you out.

Rodney Harris: Past history, that's a dangerous thing for you to count on, my friend.

Derek Morgan: Walk away.

Rodney Harris: Ha ha ha. Des, I'll get at you a little later, huh.

Desiree Morgan: Go to hell.

Rodney Harris: Bitch.

Derek Morgan: You all right

Desiree Morgan: Just a fool come on, I'm taking you home. There's something I gotta do.


Carl Buford: That's the man, James. Way to run a route. Nice job, nice job. Come on, Damien. You call that pass coverage. You bite on the inside route every damned time. Okay, let's bring it in, boys. Get your helmets, let's go.


Damien: You pushed off on that last catch.

James: Man, you weren't close enough to push off of, I blew you away.

Damien: I could cover your ass all day long.

James: Man, kiss it all day long.

Derek Morgan: Hey, hey, hey. Knock it off. That's enough. You did push off, James, on your second cut, with your inside hand.

Damien: Damn right.

Derek Morgan: Hey. It's not the push-off that beat you, though. That's happening off the line.

Damien: Who are you?

James: What's up, Derek?

Derek Morgan: What's up, youngster? I see you're still shaking and baking.

James: I get what I can. Damien, this is Derek Morgan.

Damien: The Derek Morgan?

James: FBI Derek Morgan.

Derek Morgan: Just Derek, brother.

Damien: Nice to meet you, man.

Derek Morgan: Yeah.

James: Derek?

Derek Morgan: Get over there. Get over there. Come on. Take him wit' you. Get over there.


Carl Buford: Get the hell outta here. You wanna mess with somebody!


Derek Morgan: Uh-oh. 1,2,3...

All: Happy birthday to ya. Happy birthday to ya. Happy birthday.

Derek Morgan: Go ahead, momma.

Fran Morgan: Did you make this yourself?

Desiree Morgan: Uh, Sarah helped me.

Derek Morgan: Momma, they wouldn't let me help so I don't know how good it's gonna taste.

Sarah Morgan: Oh, no, no, no. You remember that Christmas fiasco of 1994?

Fran Morgan: Yeah.

Derek Morgan: Whatever, that was 12 years ago. Let it go.

Sarah Morgan: No, no, we still get cards from the fire department.

Derek Morgan: Momma, momma, you see how they treat your baby boy.

Fran Morgan: You be good to your brother.

Derek Morgan: Uh-huh, what she said.

Sarah Morgan: No, no, no, you got the baby part right.

Derek Morgan: Okay, you know what.

Fran Morgan: Okay now... Okay, wish, wish… Make a wish

Sarah Morgan: There it is.


Wally Dennison: Just like the others…Hey! Stan!

Stan Gordinski: I'm gonna lock that son of a bitch up.

Wally Dennison: Shouldn't we call the powers that be. This is big, Stan.

Stan Gordinski: To hell with that.


Fran Morgan: What is it?

Derek Morgan: Here. It's a remote starter, mom. You hit that button right there and it starts your car from inside the house.

Fran Morgan: Why would I do that?

Derek Morgan: So it's nice and warm when you get in it.

Fran Morgan: Really?

Derek Morgan: No more cold cars in the winter, mom.

Sarah Morgan: I would like one for Christmas.

Derek Morgan: Not for that bucket you drive.

Sarah Morgan: Shut up get outta here.

Fran Morgan: We miss you around here, baby.

Derek Morgan: I know.

Fran Morgan: Your sisters wish you were around more.

Derek Morgan: You know the unit I work for is only out of Virginia, you know that.

Fran Morgan: Well... You're careful, right? I lost your dad. I can't lose you.

Derek Morgan: You won't

Fran Morgan: Good. 'Cause you owe me some grand babies.

Derek Morgan: Oh, come on, mom… Oh, look at that, saved by the bell. Phew.

Fran Morgan: A bunch of them.

Derek Morgan: Oh, come on, mom, stop.


Derek Morgan: Gordinski?

Wally Dennison: You armed?

Derek Morgan: Excuse me?

Stan Gordinski: Are you wearing a gun?

Derek Morgan: No. Not right now.

Wally Dennison: Then turn around.

Derek Morgan: This is some kind of sick joke, right?

Stan Gordinski: Don't make us get physical. It'll only make it worse for your family. You're under arrest, Derek.


Derek Morgan: "How secrets deep how secrets become dark that's in the nature of secrets." Writer, Cory Doctorow.


Derek Morgan: You know, you better have a real good reason for doing that in front of my family. You gonna tell me the charges now.

Stan Gordinski: Oh, I bet if you think real hard you'll be able to figure it out, Derek. Uncuff him.

Derek Morgan: Agent Morgan.

Stan Gordinski: You'll always just be Derek to me.

Derek Morgan: And you'll always be a racist son of a bitch to me.

Stan Gordinski: Right, Derek. That's all it is.

Derek Morgan: Then what, man?

Stan Gordinski: Man, I should have done this a long time ago.

Derek Morgan: What the hell are you talking about?

Wally Dennison: Sit down!

Derek Morgan: Oh, wow. There isn't gonna be a hole deep enough to bury your career. What's wrong with you, man? You know I'm an FBI agent?

Wally Dennison: Well, then you should be fairly aware of your rights. Do you want a lawyer?

Derek Morgan: I'm not some punk kid you can scare anymore, Gordinski.

Wally Dennison: Tough guy... You want a lawyer, yes or no?

Derek Morgan: I want a phone call.

Wally Dennison: Local?

Derek Morgan: I need to call my supervisor at FBI headquarters in Quantico.

Stan Gordinski: Agent Hotchner? He's already getting a call.


Aaron Hotchner: There has to be a mistake… Yes… Of course, we're on our way… This is SSA Hotchner, I need an emergency recall of agents Reid, Prentiss, Jareau and Penelope Garcia as well. Yeah-uh, yes, I'll call him myself, thank you… Jason, it's Hotch, we've got to get to Chicago, Morgan's been arrested… Homicide… Right.


Derek Morgan: I can wait as long as you guys can.

Stan Gordinski: Did you get some sleep?

Derek Morgan: You know I didn't

Stan Gordinski: Slept like a baby, myself. Didn't even wanna get out of bed.

Derek Morgan: Really. So that wasn't your donut eating ass on the other side of that glass all night, then, huh.

Wally Dennison: Here you go. You want the other ones?

Stan Gordinski: No, just this one right now.

Derek Morgan: Come on, man. You gotta be kidding me, right. Pretend you went home and slept, put an empty box with my name on it on a table right in front of me. The FBI invented this stuff, you simple bastard. We teach it… What's this?

Stan Gordinski: It's yesterday?

Derek Morgan: You're following me?

Stan Gordinski: Whose grave is that?

Derek Morgan: Why would you be following me?

Stan Gordinski: Whose grave?

Derek Morgan: You know I don't know his name.

Stan Gordinski: You paid to bury him, didn't you?

Derek Morgan: The neighbourhood did.

Stan Gordinski: But you led the collection.

Derek Morgan: So?

Stan Gordinski: And you visit him a lot.

Derek Morgan: Every time I come home. Is there something wrong with that? What, you got a crush on me all of a sudden, Gordinski? Okay, that's me at the youth center tossing a ball around with a couple of kids.

Stan Gordinski: You did a little more than that. This is about you giving one of them a ride home, one of the boys.

Derek Morgan: Yeah. Yeah, I did. This kid named, um, Damien. His place was on the way to my mother's. So what, man?

Stan Gordinski: Damien Walters, D.O.A.

Derek Morgan: Oh, no. Somebody killed him?

Stan Gordinski: Not somebody, Derek.

Derek Morgan: You think I did this.


Aaron Hotchner: Special Agent Hotchner, FBI. I'm looking for detective... Gordinski?

Wally Dennison: I got this, Chuck. How you guys doing? Wally Dennison, CPD.

Aaron Hotchner: Where's Agent Morgan?

Wally Dennison: Detective Gordinski's in with the suspect now.

Aaron Hotchner: I need to see him.

Wally Dennison: When my partner's finished talking to him.

Aaron Hotchner: I have your superintendent's personal cell number, and in the interest of not running roughshod over another police agency I've resisted calling him so far… I need to see Agent Morgan now.

Wally Dennison: I'll get Gordinski. He's the, uh, primary.

Jason Gideon: I don't like them calling him a suspect.

Aaron Hotchner: Me neither.


Stan Gordinski: You're the last person anyone saw with my victim… You recognize him? Found in an alley four years ago. Still unidentified. John Doe. Just like that kid whose grave you visit every time you come to Chicago.

Derek Morgan: Another boy.

Stan Gordinski: Just after you left the city.

Derek Morgan: This is crazy.

Stan Gordinski: No kidding.

Derek Morgan: Look, man, Rodney Harris. He's been following me around ever since I got back to town.

Stan Gordinski: Rodney Harris the gangbanger.

Derek Morgan: Yeah, he was waiting for me outside of a corner store. He did that drive-by yesterday.

Stan Gordinski: So you think this looks like something a gangbanger did? Is that how you'd advise me, Mr. FBI?

Wally Dennison: Stan.

Stan Gordinski: All right, tell him I'll be there in a minute… You're gonna have to come up with something better than a gangbanger, Derek.


Stan Gordinski: Detective Gordinski, CPB.

Aaron Hotchner: You think an FBI agent, a B.A.U. profiler committed a homicide?

Stan Gordinski: Actually, three homicides at least, over 15 years.

Jennifer Jareau: You-you think he's a serial killer?

Spencer Reid: This is ridiculous.

Aaron Hotchner: Has he been charged with anything?

Stan Gordinski: I got 72 hours for that.

Aaron Hotchner: I'd like to see him.

Stan Gordinski: Be my guest.

Wally Dennison: This way.

Stan Gordinski: Agent Gideon, right?

Jason Gideon: Yes.

Stan Gordinski: I owe you a big thank you. I had no suspects at all until you looked over my case for me and sent me this profile… Everything in it points to that son of a bitch, Derek Morgan.


Jason Gideon: I profiled him.

Stan Gordinski: It's all right there.

Spencer Reid: Detective, a profile's just a guide.

Stan Gordinski: Yeah, this one guided me to him.

Emily Prentiss: They're really more useful in the elimination of suspects rather than the inclusion

Stan Gordinski: That's not the way you presented it to me.

Jason Gideon: Well, if I confused you, I'm sorry.

Stan Gordinski: I'm not confused at all.

Jason Gideon: Look, whatever it is in here that made you consider Agent Morgan a suspect has to be coincidence. You can't rely solely on this.

Stan Gordinski: You're right, I'm not.


Aaron Hotchner: You okay.

Derek Morgan: This kid… I was with him yesterday.

Aaron Hotchner: So?

Derek Morgan: So he's dead. I drove him home, Hotch, and Gordinski's saying I was the last person seen with him.


Stan Gordinski: 15 years ago, I was a new detective, one of my first cases was a black kid 12 or 13 years old, found strangled in a vacant lot near here.

Jason Gideon: Boy was a John Doe, right.

Stan Gordinski: Still unidentified to this day.

Emily Prentiss: Wait, a 12-year-old kid that no one reported missing?

Stan Gordinski: Ever. Four years ago, another body turns up, same M.O. Worked that case just as hard, came up with just as much nothing. Nobody in the area had ever seen the kid before.

Jennifer Jareau: No one's looking for these kids?

Stan Gordinski: Then a few months back, I attended a seminar that you taught at CPD headquarters. I told you about my case, you said to send you the files and you'd look them over. This is the profile you worked up. There are about 3 million people in Chicago. Your profile said I was looking for a black male,25 to 35, with a knowledge of the area… Nonthreatening to children either knows them or is normal enough that he doesn't scare them. A probable criminal record. It also said the way the body was placed gently on a mattress, not just tossed on the ground, indicated someone who was probably consumed with guilt, especially for the first victim. Your exact words are: "With a guilt-ridden offender, the B.A.U. postulates the first victim is the most important and the unsub may still visit the place of the crime or even the victim himself." Care to guess who visits my first victim every time he's in town?

Jason Gideon: Can't be just visiting the victim. There has to be more than that.

Stan Gordinski: Sure. You said the unsub might try to inject himself into the investigation to keep tabs on it. Morgan has called our headquarters many times since he joined the bureau. Always about this case.

Spencer Reid: So, wait, he talked to you about it?

Stan Gordinski: Headquarters. He'd never call me. After I got your profile, I checked airline records. Turns out Derek had just left Chicago when the other body turned up.


Aaron Hotchner: Tell me the story from the beginning.

Derek Morgan: I-I guess it starts when I was 15… I was coming home from football practice one day… Me and my boy, we were goofing off, you know, we were throwing a football around… The only person that I'd ever seen dead before that was my father when I was ten. I mean, there I was, I was looking at this kid and he was my own age, Hotch. Dead in this vacant lot. And he was never identified. Nobody knew who he was, nobody ever even reported him missing. And that, that just didn't sit right with me. So I-I felt responsible for him, I mean, I was the one that found him, right. I went around the neighbourhood, door to door, trying to start a collection, and... Eventually I got enough so I could bury him, and... I gave him a little headstone.

Aaron Hotchner: What did you put on the headstone if he wasn't identified?

Derek Morgan: Just the date. I left room for a name if he was ever identified.

Aaron Hotchner: And you still visit him?

Derek Morgan: Hotch, I go see this kid every time I'm home. I just feel like he deserves to have somebody look in on him.

Aaron Hotchner: Gordinski must read that as a guilty conscience, a killer revisiting his victim. But that can't be the only reason he suspects you.

Derek Morgan: Believe me, that guy's had it in for me my entire life.

Aaron Hotchner: He's supremely confident that you're his killer.


Stan Gordinski: Then yesterday another kid ends up dead and the last person he was with was Derek Morgan. In the boy's pocket we found one of his FBI business cards, his cell number written on the back of it. In fact, every time Morgan's in town, he hangs out with kids.

Jennifer Jareau: This is all just coincidence!

Stan Gordinski: A hell of a lot of coincidences!

Emily Prentiss: It's purely circumstantial.

Stan Gordinski: So's a fingerprint. Did I mention that Morgan found the body in 1991. Hidden way back in a vacant lot. Now, don't you teach that when a body is hard to find, the person finding it is always a suspect.

Spencer Reid: There are key pieces of the profile that don't fit, detective. Uh, the age, 25 to 35, Morgan was 15 or so at the time.

Stan Gordinski: Also says that age is the hardest to predict, and I should never exclude someone simply because of a discrepancy with the age.

Spencer Reid: What about the speculation that since he didn't managed to leave any evidence at the scene of the crime and he most likely has a criminal record or previous law enforcement knowledge? Derek wasn't even in the bureau yet when the first body was found.

Stan Gordinski: He may not have had a knowledge of law enforcement but Derek Morgan definitely had a criminal record.


Jason Gideon: A desperate detective here. Three dead boys, no evidence at all, so he applies the profile directly to someone he already suspected. It's easy to get tunnel vision that way.

Spencer Reid: One begins to twist facts to suit theories instead of theories to suit facts. That's, uh, one of Sherlock Holmes' favourite quotes.

Jason Gideon: We need to figure out who really killed these boys before they decide to charge Morgan.

Emily Prentiss: What do you want us to do?

Jason Gideon: Last victim was someone Morgan was seen with conveniently, Morgan was already a suspect in the other two someone set him up.

Emily Prentiss: We should consider Morgan a victim?

Jason Gideon: Prentiss, you and Reid talk to his family, learn about him especially around the time of the first murder.

Emily Prentiss: Do we have the address?

Wally Dennison: I can take you.

Emily Prentiss: Oh, that's okay.

Jason Gideon: No. Actually, that's not a bad idea.

Emily Prentiss: Right. Okey-doke, lead the way, detective.


Aaron Hotchner: According to Morgan, he's got a bad history with Gordinski.

Jason Gideon: He's got a bad history generally.

Aaron Hotchner: Resisting arrest, vandalism, aggravated battery. This is Morgan.

Jason Gideon: As a juvenile Look at the dates.

Aaron Hotchner: This isn't in his personnel file. He said he told me everything relevant.

Jason Gideon: Then he either lied or he doesn't consider this relevant.

Aaron Hotchner: Since when is the criminal history of a suspect not relevant.

Jason Gideon: You just called him a suspect… Get Garcia into Morgan's life.

Jennifer Jareau: Yes, sir.


Derek Morgan: Hey, Hotch, I almost forgot. There's a local banger out here, his name is Rodney Harris. He's been running these streets for a while now.

Aaron Hotchner: You have a criminal record.

Derek Morgan: What? Where did you get this?

Aaron Hotchner: What difference does that make?

Derek Morgan: Hotch... This was supposed to be expunged. My record's clean.

Aaron Hotchner: I asked you if there was anything you hadn't told me.

Derek Morgan: A judge expunged this, it doesn't exist anymore, man. I was a kid, it's nothing.

Aaron Hotchner: Aggravated battery?

Derek Morgan: I… Okay, I was with some guys, we got in a fight with some other guys. Rodney, this cat I'm trying to tell you about, it was him. We got into it a little bit, we knocked each other around, he got a couple stitches in his head so they made it aggravated. That's it.

Aaron Hotchner: So you're saying this Rodney committed three murders because you beat him up?

Derek Morgan: No. I'm saying he's been following me around since I got here, so go talk to him and you might get something. This was expunged.

Aaron Hotchner: You still should've told me. You know how important accurate information is to victimology.

Derek Morgan: Whoa… Victimology?

Aaron Hotchner: It's very likely the latest victim was an attempt to set you up.

Derek Morgan: Are you profiling me?

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan, we need to look at no…

Derek Morgan: We don't need to do anything!

Aaron Hotchner: Derek, you're in trouble here.

Derek Morgan: Hotch, I didn't do this I am not worried about Gordinski out there.

Aaron Hotchner: You still have three dead children.

Derek Morgan: Okay, okay, so you profile them. That's the case.

Aaron Hotchner: Is there something else you don't want us to find out about?

Derek Morgan: Hotch, I don't need the people I work with going into my entire world.


Desiree Morgan: Is, uh, Derek all right?

Fran Morgan: He wouldn't let us go down there.

Emily Prentiss: He's fine. Our boss is with him.

Sarah Morgan: Did he tell you Gordinski's been harassing him since he was a kid?

Spencer Reid: Why's that?

Sarah Morgan: You'd have to ask that bastard.

Fran Morgan: Oh, Sarah!

Desiree Morgan: It's true, mom!

Wally Dennison: Sure it is.

Sarah Morgan: What are you even doing in my mother's house?

Wally Dennison: They asked me.

Spencer Reid: Oh, really.

Fran Morgan: I don't understand how they could think he did this.

Emily Prentiss: Someone may be trying to make it look like he hurt those kids.

Sarah Morgan: And the police believe it?

Wally Dennison: Just following the evidence.

Desiree Morgan: But he's an FBI agent.

Spencer Reid: Actually... Law enforcement officials are just as probable statistically to commit a crime as anyone else. Look at the cross-section of a society, there's a general population and a small fraction…

Emily Prentiss: He's not actually saying we believe Derek's involved in this.

Spencer Reid: Oh, no, no, yeah, not at all. I'm merely, um speaking theoretically.

Desiree Morgan: You're Dr. Reid, right?

Spencer Reid: Mm-hm

Sarah Morgan: Derek talks about you.

Spencer Reid: He does.

Emily Prentiss: Anyway, so... Someone may be trying to make it look like this was Derek.

Fran Morgan: But Derek loves kids. Every time he's here, he goes to the youth center.

Emily Prentiss: Youth center?

Fran Morgan: The upward youth center.

Spencer Reid: Does that have some sort of significance for him?

Fran Morgan: Oh...

Sarah Morgan: Are you saying there's something in it for him? Other than giving back to the poor kids of your neighbourhood?

Fran Morgan: Sarah...

Emily Prentiss: Sarah, we're friends of your brother's. We're here trying to help. When we ask a question, it isn't to denigrate or demean anything he's done. We just have to know everything, so we can figure out where to look next. Is there some special significance to the youth center?

Fran Morgan: The youth center saved his life.


Aaron Hotchner: Does this make any sense to you?

Jason Gideon: No.

Aaron Hotchner: He's clearly hiding something else.

Jason Gideon: Well, we know he isn't involved in any murders.

Aaron Hotchner: No. There are larger implications. We can't have people on this team who have secrets.

Jason Gideon: Oh, come on, Hotch, we all have secrets.  Would you want us profiling you?


Penelope Garcia: I feel terrible looking into his life like this.

Jennifer Jareau: I know, just remember we're trying to help him.

Penelope Garcia: Right, okay. Graduated with honours from Northwestern law. Did you know he was a star football player?

Jennifer Jareau: Surprisingly, I don't know much about him at all.

Penelope Garcia: Quarterback. That's the guy who throws the ball, right?

Jennifer Jareau: Yes.

Penelope Garcia: Ha, that's what he was. Full ride athletic scholarship. Sophomore year he severely injured his left knee and he never played again.

Jennifer Jareau: Okay, Garcia, look further back, okay? Before college.

Penelope Garcia: Right Where are we… Okay, um... Wait. He was mentioned in the Chicago register as... Body of a ch-child in a vacant lot in 1991.

Jennifer Jareau: That's our first victim.

Penelope Garcia: He never told me about this.

Jennifer Jareau: He never told any of us.


Fran Morgan: My husband, um, their father, was killed when he tried to stop a robbery. Derek was with him, he was ten. A year or so later, he started getting into trouble.

Emily Prentiss: What kind of trouble?

Fran Morgan: He started running around with older kids. They would give him money to run errands for them. Not drugs. No, Derek would never disgrace his father's name.

Sarah Morgan: But they were gangbangers. So people started looking at Derek like he was one of them.

Fran Morgan: One night, he and a friend were attacked by some boys from another gang. Big fight. And one of the other boy's head split open.

Sarah Morgan: And that was the first time Gordinski arrested him. Now, he wasn't a detective yet, just a street cop, but from that night on, no matter what happened in the neighbourhood, he'd pick Derek up for it.

Wally Dennison: Probably because he was involved.

Sarah Morgan: The hell he was.

Wally Dennison: Stan's never arrested anyone who didn't need arresting.

Sarah Morgan: He did with Derek.

Fran Morgan: Until Carl Buford stepped in.

Spencer Reid: Carl Buford?

Wally Dennison: He runs a youth center.

Fran Morgan: He took Derek under his wing. Mentored him. Became like a surrogate father. He taught him football and that changed Derek's life. He got a scholarship to college, with it he got his degree.

Emily Prentiss: Where is Carl Buford now?

Wally Dennison: He still runs the youth center.

Emily Prentiss: I'd like to talk to him. Detective, do you think you could take me over there.

Spencer Reid: Just you?

Emily Prentiss: Yeah. I thought maybe you could stay here and keep going through this stuff.

Spencer Reid: Good idea. Yeah, keep going through the stuff.


Jennifer Jareau: Is there a criminal history?

Penelope Garcia: Criminal?

Jennifer Jareau: Garcia, is there a criminal history?

Penelope Garcia: JJ, there's not gonna be… A there's a sealed file.

Jennifer Jareau: Unseal it.

Penelope Garcia: But it's a sealed file.

Jennifer Jareau: Garcia, helping him.

Penelope Garcia: Ah… Right… Helping him, helping him... That's a juvenile criminal record. It was expunged and sealed by a Judge Esposito after presentation of a letter and testimonial from a local youth center director: "Finest young man I've ever known, criminal record could jeopardize potential scholarship offers... Stake my personal and professional reputation... " He was definitely a fan of our boy.

Jennifer Jareau: Do we have a name?

Penelope Garcia: Hang on a second.


Carl Buford: I'm Carl Buford. I've brought Damien Walters' mother to see detective Gordinski.

Stan Gordinski: Hi, Carl.

Carl Buford: Stan.

Stan Gordinski: Mrs Walters, thanks for coming. This way.


Penelope Garcia: Buford.

Jennifer Jareau: Did you just say Buford?


Derek Morgan: Would you just give me the hell out here?

Jason Gideon: That wouldn't be a good idea, would it.

Derek Morgan: Says who?

Jason Gideon: Apparently I provided the profile that led them to arrest you.

Derek Morgan: You what?

Jason Gideon: They sent the case to me a few months ago, I did a routine consult but he was looking for it to lead to you.

Derek Morgan: Preconception of guilt.

Jason Gideon: We just can't force 'em to let you go, it's not gonna look too good with the local press.

Derek Morgan: Oh, like I give a damn about the press, Gideon?

Jason Gideon: Well, we cannot appear to be covering something up.

Derek Morgan: You trying to say something to me right now.

Jason Gideon: Only if you're hiding something You need to trust us. Trust us enough to tell us about it.

Derek Morgan: Gideon. It's not about trust. It's about having a little privacy. I got the right to keep something to myself. Look at us, man, we practically live together already.

Jason Gideon: Then the best way to clear you is... Find the real unsub.


Jason Gideon: Find anything out about Morgan?

Jennifer Jareau: The record wasn't picked up in his background check because everything in it was expunged and the file sealed by a judge.

Jason Gideon: Forgiving judge?

Jennifer Jareau: It was based on the recommendation of an upstanding member of the community who took personal responsibility for Morgan.

Aaron Hotchner: That sounds like somebody we should talk to for more background.

Jennifer Jareau: Should be easy, he's right over there.


Emily Prentiss: Hello, Mr. Buford? This guy's been honoured by everybody but the Nobel society.

Wally Dennison: That's Carl Buford.

James: Who are you?

Emily Prentiss: I'm with the FBI.

James: Do you know Derek Morgan?

Emily Prentiss: Yeah, he's a friend of mine.

James: I've been trying to call him.

Emily Prentiss: He's a little busy right now. Is there something I can do to help you?

James: I just... A friend of mine. Someone killed him yesterday.

Wally Dennison: Do you know something about who might have done it?

James: No. Derek's always telling me if I need somebody to talk to, about anything, I can call him. Guess I just wanted to... I don't know.

Emily Prentiss: I'll tell you what. Why don't you give me your name and I'll let him know that you've been trying to reach him?

James: James Barfield.

Emily Prentiss: Does he know where to find you?

James: He can find me here.

Emily Prentiss: Anytime?

James: All the time.


Carl Buford: You folks work with Derek Morgan?

Aaron Hotchner: Yes, sir, closely.

Jason Gideon: You knew him well as a teenager?

Carl Buford: One of the finest boys I ever coached. Football. I run a youth center.

Jason Gideon: I gather you were instrumental in helping to get his criminal records expunged.

Carl Buford: I feel terrible about that now.

Jennifer Jareau: You do?

Carl Buford: Well, in view of what's happened.

Jason Gideon: What's happened is a mistake.

Carl Buford: I'm confused, I thought Stan said there was all kinds of evidence.

Stan Gordinski: There is. Thanks, Carl, you can take miss Walters home now. Appreciate you bringing her in.

Carl Buford: Of course, of course. Derek Morgan. It's still hard for me to believe.

Stan Gordinski: For them, too.

Carl Buford: I can understand that. Derek had a way of charming people into looking past his deficiencies.

Jennifer Jareau: Excuse me, deficiencies?

Carl Buford: Well, you've seen the records.

Aaron Hotchner: Derek was at the youth center yesterday, wasn't he?

Carl Buford: Playing football with Damien Walters and some other boys.

Stan Gordinski: Carl's the one that saw them leaving together.

Aaron Hotchner: Did you talk to him?

Carl Buford: I was working inside by the time I was done, they were leaving.

Aaron Hotchner: When was the last time you did talk to him?

Carl Buford: I don't know… Years. If you need anything else, Stan, anything at all.

Stan Gordinski: Thanks, Carl. Appreciate it.


Jason Gideon: You seem friendly with Mr. Buford.

Stan Gordinski: I can't tell you how many times that guy's come through for me. Going way back to my beat cop days. Carl Buford knows the kids in this neighbourhood better than almost anybody. He's knocked more than a few of them back onto the straight and narrow.

Jason Gideon: Has he kept up with the investigation?

Stan Gordinski: I'm sorry?

Jason Gideon: Over the years, does he ask how it's going?

Stan Gordinski: Yeah, he's... Wait a second, you're not gonna try to turn this off on him to save your guy, are you?

Jason Gideon: Just a question.

Stan Gordinski: Carl Buford is a local hero.

Jason Gideon: I'm sure he is.


Aaron Hotchner: Carl Buford.

Derek Morgan: What?

Aaron Hotchner: Carl Buford, he runs the youth center.

Derek Morgan: What's that got to do with anything?

Aaron Hotchner: He's responsible for getting your records expunged.

Derek Morgan: I told you to stay the hell out of my business.

Aaron Hotchner: You said you visit the youth center every time you come here.

Derek Morgan: So what?

Aaron Hotchner: Buford says he hasn't spoken to you in years. Why don't you visit the man who made your career possible?

Derek Morgan: Damn you, Hotch! It is none of your damn business!

Aaron Hotchner: Buford's the one who told detectives you were with Damien.

Derek Morgan: I am warning you, Hotch… Back off.


Jason Gideon: I'm not saying it's Mr. Buford. There's a huge amount of investigation left to be done.

Stan Gordinski: For 15 years he hasn't been the slightest bit suspicious.

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan won't even talk about Buford.

Jason Gideon: He won't.

Stan Gordinski: Buford should be that kid's hero.

Aaron Hotchner: Something happened?

Emily Prentiss: You talking about Carl Buford?

Aaron Hotchner: Yes.

Emily Prentiss: We just left his office.

Wally Dennison: Hey! What, did we turn him loose?


Stan Gordinski: You let him escape!


Wally Dennison: Black male,33, six foot one, name is Derek Morgan.

Stan Gordinski: You're standing there trying to convince me that a local hero is my killer while you let my suspect dance our the back door. I'm gonna charge all of your asses.


Stan Gordinski: Yes, as soon as possible.

Jennifer Jareau: You have to tell your officers that Morgan's not a threat

Stan Gordinski: Like hell I will.

Jennifer Jareau: But this…

Stan Gordinski: Lady, as far as I'm concerned, he is a threat, okay.


Jennifer Jareau: They're beyond reason. We have to find him first.

Jason Gideon: Any ideas.

Emily Prentiss: His mother said that Buford practically raised him after his father died, he mentored him, took him on trips, spent all of his time with him. Basically became a surrogate father.

Aaron Hotchner: Jason, I think I know what he was afraid we'd find. Detective, we may know where he's heading.


Derek Morgan: Looking good there, kid.

James: I was trying to call you.

Derek Morgan: I'm here now.

James: Someone killed Damien.

Derek Morgan: I know… James, we need to talk about Carl Buford.

James: What about him?

Derek Morgan: You're a star player, right? Center of attention.

James: Yeah, I guess.

Derek Morgan: You know, I used to be that guy.

James: Yeah, I know.

Derek Morgan: It's a lot of pressure, isn't it? Always wanna make them happy. Impress them.

James: I can handle it.

Derek Morgan: Oh, I'm sure you can, kid… Does he ever take you to his cabin?

James: What?

Derek Morgan: Fishing in Wisconsin, camping? Do things you wish you had a real father for?

James: Sometimes.

Derek Morgan: Yeah, he's good like that.

James: You know about the cabin.

Derek Morgan: James, I told you, I used to be you.

James: What do you mean.

Derek Morgan: The first time you weren't even sure what was going on… He brushed up against you… You thought it might have just been an accident… But then at the cabin, he let you sit and drink with him… You thought it was kinda cool… Made you feel grown… He gave you a glass of wine… Maybe a little shot of something harder… And then he took you swimming… Only he told you to jump in without your swimsuit on… He did things to you, James, didn't he? He did them to me, too? You do whatever you think you gotta do to keep him happy because he's the closest thing to a father you got. But what he's doing to you is wrong. And you don't have to let it continue, man.

James: Yeah, I do.

Derek Morgan: No, no, no.

James: My oldest brother's in jail, my sister was paralyzed in a drive-by, she's eight years old. I'm all my mom's got left. I gotta get us outta here… Carl's gonna make sure I get into college. Then I can make something of myself

Derek Morgan: James, you are something, man. You're something right here, right now, without Carl Buford. You just gotta believe that. Where's Carl right now, huh. Look at you, man. You're out here in the dark running pass routes. That's you. That ain't got nothing to do with Carl… What you got inside of here, that's what's gonna get you off these streets.

James: You never told.

Derek Morgan: Not until right now.

James: Damien always said I should call you.

Derek Morgan: What? Damien knew.

James: I didn't think you'd believe me.

Derek Morgan: James... I got your back… Forever.


Derek Morgan: Carl.

Carl Buford: You've been let go.

Derek Morgan: Looks that way.

Carl Buford: I told them it was crazy, thinking you were involved in any killing.

Derek Morgan: Really? Gordinski said you're the one who told them I drove Damien home.

Carl Buford: Was that supposed to be a secret?

Derek Morgan: No. That wasn't.

Carl Buford: I don't follow.

Derek Morgan: All these years, I kept my mouth shut. I let you go on being a hero. Carl Buford, my mentor…

Carl Buford: What are you talking about?

Derek Morgan: God, I was so afraid of you. I was afraid of the police, afraid of losing everything I was gaining. But that's how you work, isn't it? You make sure there's a hell of a lot to lose, don't you?

Carl Buford: I don't know what you think you remember…

Derek Morgan: No, no, no. See, it's not what I remember that's gonna hurt you, Carl. Our business is over way too long ago to matter. You're protected by a statute of limitations and that's my fault.

Carl Buford: Then good night.

Derek Morgan: You set me up. You knew Damien Walters wanted James to call me about you. So you killed him. You killed him because you knew I'd come after you, didn't you?

Carl Buford: Now you're just talking crazy.

Derek Morgan: God, I should have told somebody about you when I was a kid. When you were helping me. Well, you know what happens in cases like this? Once that dam breaks, the flood comes. One kid steps up, just one. And then another one, and another because they're not scared of you anymore. They know they're not alone. James Barfield is your dam.

Carl Buford: Whatever lies James told you...

Derek Morgan: They're not lies. You did the same thing to me!

Carl Buford: I did nothing to you, to James!

Derek Morgan: One by one, they're gonna pile up until there's so many accusations. You can't say that they're all lies!

Carl Buford: Any idea how many kids I've helped get out of this neighbourhood? Hm? How many lives I've provided? Look at you. You'd probably be dead by now.

Derek Morgan: Yeah, well, it wasn't for free, was it?

Carl Buford: I pulled you out of the gutter.

Derek Morgan: I pulled myself out of the gutter, all the way to the FBI, I did that!

Carl Buford: You saying I had nothing to do with making you who you are?

Derek Morgan: No, Carl. Actually I'm saying you have everything to do with making me who I am… Because of you I'm somebody who gets to spend the rest of this life making sure guys like you go down.

Carl Buford: I never hurt you… You could have said no.

Stan Gordinski: You're under arrest, Carl.

Carl Buford: I've helped a lot of kids.

Stan Gordinski: Let's go

Carl Buford: The neighbourhood won't be the same without me. It's gonna be worse without the center.

Derek Morgan: Somebody'll keep this center running. The neighbourhood will. I will

Carl Buford: Wait! Wait!  Derek... Isn't there something you can do for me?

Derek Morgan: You go to Hell.

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