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Esprits Criminels
#216 : La couleur de la mort

Scénariste : Aaron Zelman
Réalisateur : Rob Spera

Le Bureau du FBI doit s'impliquer pour empêcher des crimes racistes de se propager. En effet, quatre jeunes femmes noires ont été assassinées dans un quartier blanc de New York et tout indique qu'il s'agit d'un crime raciste. L'ambiance dans la ville devient de plus en plus tendu au fil de l'enquête parce que la population croit que les forces de l'ordre leur mentent.

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Titre VO
Fear and Loathing

Titre VF
La couleur de la mort

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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Mandy Patinkin ... Jason Gideon
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Paget Brewster ... Emily Prentiss
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jareau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - David Ramsey ... Wakeland
   - Billy Brown ... Detective Ware
   - Camille Winbush ... Ally
   - Yaani King Mondschein ... Tania
   - Denice Sealy ... Mrs. Davis
   - Michael Shepperd ... Mr. Davis
   - Kenneth Meseroll ... Maire Hughes
   - Byrne Offutt ... Jeff
   - Bianca Bethune ... Sandra Davis
   - Jaquita Ta'le ... Gail
   - Sofie Calderon ... Stacy
   - Tiffany Hines ... Naomi
   - Tony Winters ... Reverend Williams
   - Walter Driver ... Ken Newcomb
   - Emma Turpen ... Bree

Sandra Davis: Ken, go home.

Ken Newcomb: Sandra, wait.

Sandra Davis: What?

Ken Newcomb: Just talk to me for a second, okay?

Sandra Davis: I can't.

Ken Newcomb: Please?

Sandra Davis: Fine.


Sandra Davis: What?

Ken Newcomb: I just want to know where you're going.

Sandra Davis: It's none of your business.

Ken Newcomb: Why?

Sandra Davis: Because I'm not your girlfriend.

Ken Newcomb: What, are you too good for me now?

Sandra Davis: I gotta go.

Ken Newcomb: That's him?

Sandra Davis: Ken, don't!


Sandra Davis: Ken, stop! Ken, don't!

Ken Newcomb: Who the hell are you?

Sandra Davis: Ken! Oh, my god… What are you doing? That's my ex-Boyfriend.

Terrance Wakeland: Get in.


Sandra Davis: Oh, no, please!


Emily Prentiss: Ow! Ohh...

Derek Morgan: Good morning, Emily. Have a good weekend?

Emily Prentiss: Yeah. No. Yes.

Derek Morgan: Ha ha. Oh, I've been there.

Emily Prentiss: No, it wasn't Ugh. I don't want to get into it.

Derek Morgan: No problem.

Emily Prentiss: It... It just feels weird for me to talk about my personal life here, you know? I don't really know you guys all that well yet.

Derek Morgan: I totally get that.

Emily Prentiss: I think I totally screwed up this date.

Derek Morgan: Okay. What happened?

Emily Prentiss: You have to understand, I'm a nerd. Like, seriously and I can fool people for days, weeks even but sooner or later, I blow my cover and I say something so geeky and then he doesn't respond, and I lose all confidence.

Derek Morgan: What did you say?

Emily Prentiss: "Kilgore trout."

Derek Morgan: Guy has a problem with Kurt Vonnegut?

Emily Prentiss: You know Kilgore trout?

Derek Morgan: I read slaughterhouse-five when I was 12 and it blew my mind. Seriously, I couldn't get enough. So I just kept going and I read them all.

Emily Prentiss: Yeah, yeah. Me, too. What's your favourite?

Derek Morgan: Oh, mother night.

Emily Prentiss: The one about the American spy.

Derek Morgan: Who pretends to be a Nazi.

Emily Prentiss: "You are who you pretend to be."

Derek Morgan: "So be careful who you pretend to be."

Emily Prentiss: Oh, my God. I can't believe you're a Vonnegut fan. You just made my day.

Derek Morgan: Anytime.

Aaron Hotchner: Conference room in 5 minutes, please?

Derek Morgan: Got it.


Jennifer Jareau: Sandra Davis, 16 years old. This is her singing at her high school talent show a month ago. This is her on-again, off-again boyfriend Ken Newcombe. Their bodies were found in a park near the male victim's car in Groton, an affluent, mostly white suburb of New York City in Westchester County. It's the third of 3 killings believed to be a series of hate crimes.

Emily Prentiss: Hate crimes?

Aaron Hotchner: The first 2 victims were Keisha Andrews, 15, and Vickie Williams, 17. They disappeared from their homes in central Westchester one night. Their bodies were found in a wooded area in a southern part of the county near the city.

Jason Gideon: Strangled, beaten, stabbed.

Jennifer Jareau: And this was painted on their faces.

Derek Morgan: What about this couple? How were their bodies found?

Jennifer Jareau: Another Swastika. This one on the boyfriend's car.

Emily Prentiss: It's a different victimology.

Derek Morgan: Maybe just an escalation.

Jason Gideon: Or a different killer.

Aaron Hotchner: And it doesn't end there. Yesterday an African-American community leader, a reverend Williams, decided to take this on as a political issue. Racial hate in the suburbs.


Reverend Williams: What we are seeing is pure apathy. Black kids are getting killed and the police are doing nothing to stop it… When will these racists be confronted?


Jennifer Jareau: Apparently, in response to reverend Williams' muckraking, a black kid was beaten on the streets of Groton this afternoon. Connecticut neo-Nazi group called the white stallions claimed responsibility.

Emily Prentiss: There are neo-Nazi groups in Connecticut?

Jennifer Jareau: The mayor of Groton called me this morning, frantic. He's desperate to solve these crimes before it escalates even more.

Jason Gideon: What are the racial demographics of Groton?

Jennifer Jareau: Population 42,000. 8% black.

Jason Gideon: I'd say the mayor has reason to be worried. If it doesn't stop soon, it could flare up?


Jason Gideon: "From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate." Socrates.


Emily Prentiss: New York, New York.

Derek Morgan: Too bad we're flying straight to the suburbs.

Emily Prentiss: Hey, this is weird. There are traces of GHB found in the first two victims but no sign of sexual assault. So... Why would the unsub use a date-Rape drug to commit a hate crime?

Spencer Reid: Maybe he wants to weaken them so they can't fight back.

Emily Prentiss: But there was no G.H.B. in the victims of the double homicide.

Derek Morgan: There's a lot that's different about the double homicide.

Aaron Hotchner: The question is why.

Jennifer Jareau: All right, we just got new information. A few weeks before the murder of Sandra Davis and ken Newcombe, a threatening letter was delivered to Sandra Davis' door. She showed it to her parents, who then notified the police. The police never figured out who wrote it.

Spencer Reid: "We see ken with you and it makes us sick. Take care to stop this now, Or you will pay. If you tell anyone about this, you will pay." Strange, doesn't seem real.

Jennifer Jareau: What do you mean?

Spencer Reid: First of all, the use of "we" in a threat this direct is almost always bogus.

Emily Prentiss: One individual trying to diffuse responsibility.

Spencer Reid: Also, the message itself seems contradictory. On the one hand, "take care to stop this now, nr you will pay" Presumably, they want them to stop seeing each other. But then, on the other hand, they don't want them to go public with it. "If you tell anyone about this, you will pay."

Aaron Hotchner: The point of hate crimes is to increase publicity, not decrease it. It's like terrorism.

Spencer Reid: An effective threat let's everybody know that they're in danger if they do this behaviour. The author would want Sandra to tell people about the note.

Jennifer Jareau: Doesn't sound like a guy who's actually prepared to kill.

Spencer Reid: Actually, it... Doesn't sound like a guy at all. "Take care to stop this" Implies empathy. "Take care"? Males don't use this type of language, especially when they're trained to threaten somebody. This message is certainly written by a female, and based on the lack of psychological sophistication, I'd say it's most likely an adolescent.

Jennifer Jareau: You think a girl killed these kids?

Spencer Reid: I think a girl wrote this note.

Jason Gideon: Let's call that mystery number one.

Aaron Hotchner: You got a number 2?

Jason Gideon: Maybe. Says here the autopsy on Sandra Davis was inconclusive.

Jennifer Jareau: She suffered blunt force trauma to the face, she had some bruising around her neck. Cause of death is still unclear. Coroner's working on it.

Aaron Hotchner: A lot of questions. Let's get started on some answers.


Gregory Hughes: Agent Jareau, Gregory Hughes.

Jennifer Jareau: Mayor Hughes. Yes.

Gregory Hughes: This is detective Rick Ware from the state police department. We haven't had a murder here in 2 years, you understand. This was way above our heads. So we put Rick in charge.

Jennifer Jareau: These are Agents Gideon, Hotchner, Morgan, and Prentiss.

Gregory Hughes: I have to say that what's been happening here the last few weeks is... It's just hard to fathom. I mean, we're 30 minutes from the city.

Aaron Hotchner: What do you mean?

Rick Ware: Well, this isn't the de South, for the most part, these are sophisticated New Yorkers.

Derek Morgan: Are you saying you don't think this is a race issue?

Rick Ware: All we're saying is whatever happened here is way out of the norm for this community. I wouldn't want you entering this investigation under assumptions that... Well, aren't true.

Jason Gideon: Fact is, we don't know what this is about yet.

Aaron Hotchner: We need to concentrate on the double murder and make sure that it's the same killer, first of all.

Gregory Hughes: You mean there could be more than one?

Derek Morgan: We don't know that yet. All we do know is the threat sent to Sandra Davis was written by an adolescent girl.

Rick Ware: You can tell that just from a half a page note?

Derek Morgan: It's pretty straightforward profiling.

Jason Gideon: Is there a problem, officer?

Officer Cale: Uh, there was a girl that we suspected at first, but then we talked to her and dismissed her.

Derek Morgan: I'd like to meet her.

Rick Ware: I think it's a waste of time.

Derek Morgan: I'd like to decide that for myself.


Rick Ware: Sandra showed us the note 2 weeks before she was killed. We asked around the school for who might have a grudge against Sandra and ken. The only girl's name that came up was Tonya Mathis. Rumour was ken dumped her for Sandra, although ken told me Tonya was never his girlfriend.

Derek Morgan: You said you talked to Tonya about the note. What'd she say?

Rick Ware: She swore up and down she had nothing to do with it. I find it pretty hard to believe she'd write a racist note.

Emily Prentiss: Why's that?

Rick Ware: See for yourself.

Emily Prentiss: That's Tonya?

Rick Ware: In the flesh.

Derek Morgan: Leave her in there for a few minutes.

Rick Ware: You're gonna make a 17-Year-Old girl sweat?

Derek Morgan: I want to scare the hell out of her.


Aaron Hotchner: Did these kids live near here?

Officer Cale: Sandra Davis lived about 1/2 mile west. Ken Newcombe about a mile east.

Aaron Hotchner: What were they doing here?

Officer Cale: When I was a kid, I used to hang out in the park at night, drink beers, hook up with a girl.

Aaron Hotchner: Maybe, but I don't think these two were out on a date.

Officer Cale: Why do you say that?

Aaron Hotchner: Well, as ken was wearing a sweatshirt and tennis shoes, Sandra was wearing a dress, high heels, and makeup. She was definitely dressed to go out.

Jason Gideon: Ken's body was found here?

Officer Cale: Yeah. And Sandra here. But from the bloodstains, it was obvious that she was killed there and then dragged here.

Jason Gideon: So the unsub shot ken first, Sandra started to run and he chased her down.

Officer Cale: Beat her and strangled her.

Aaron Hotchner: He had a gun, why didn't he shoot her, too?

Officer Cale: He could overpower her, maybe he didn't think he could overpower Ken.

Aaron Hotchner: No, it's more than that. The killer took the time and risked her escaping to track her down and strangle her with his bare hands. He was completely focused on her.

Jason Gideon: Sandra didn't have a date with ken. She had a date with the unsub.


Derek Morgan: Hello, Tonya. I'm Agent Morgan, this is Agent Prentiss. We're with the F.B.I.

Tonya Mathis: F.B.I.?

Derek Morgan: I'm gonna get right to the point… Writing a threat like this? It's a federal crime.

Tonya Mathis: I told him I didn't write that note.

Derek Morgan: Oh, I know what you told him. But this is not the principal's office, you understand? The people you threatened are dead.

Tonya Mathis: I didn't kill anybody.

Emily Prentiss: I know that… I got it… But we need to know why you wrote that note… You were angry with Ken because he didn't acknowledge you. I get it. He didn't admit that you were his girlfriend.

Tonya Mathis: I was his girlfriend.

Emily Prentiss: Yeah. What about Sandra? She's the one who got the note. Why were you so angry with her, Tonya? Oh, this isn't just about her going with Ken, is it, Tonya? That note says "we." You wanted to make it look like other people were in on it. Like the whole town was against her. Why? Is that the way she made you feel? Like everybody was against you?

Tonya Mathis: It was that stupid talent show.

Derek Morgan: What talent show?

Tonya Mathis: I was just as good as her. She was just this quiet little girl who nobody liked. Then she sings, and suddenly she's all little miss popular, and Ken's all over her. It's not fair.

Derek Morgan: So, Tonya... Look at me… You wrote this note for revenge, didn't you?

Tonya Mathis: I know it was stupid… But I just wanted to scare them… I'm sorry.


Rick Ware: We called Tonya's family and friends. We're checking her out, but...

Derek Morgan: That girl didn't kill those kids.


Aaron Hotchner: Anybody seen Reid? Where's Reid?


Spencer Reid: Coroner's report.

Aaron Hotchner: "Victim had been beaten so extensively, the cause of death was indeterminate. Post-Mortem stab wounds were also discovered."

Derek Morgan: Post-Mortem stabs, huh?

Rick Ware: What?

Aaron Hotchner: Post-Mortem stab wounds almost always indicate sexual homicide.

Spencer Reid: Uh, this is also a fairly extreme overkill, which is markedly different from the other 2 girls.

Rick Ware: So you're saying this was a different killer.

Aaron Hotchner: No, we're saying if it was the same killer, the overkill indicates he didn't get what he wanted from someone...

Rick Ware: What he wanted.

Derek Morgan: Sexual predators kill for sexual needs. And in this case, there's no sign of sexual assault on his victims. That tells us that he probably fetishes. Takes some souvenir from his victims that he uses to get off.

Rick Ware: Correct me if I'm wrong, it doesn't sound like the M.O. of a hate crime.

Aaron Hotchner: No, we're pretty certain that hate wasn't the primary motive at all.

Emily Prentiss: He has a specific physical type and he tries to cover his tracks.

Jason Gideon: He is a serial killer.


Naomi Dade: Hi.

Terrance Wakeland: Hi, Naomi. It's nice to see you again. Hop in.

Naomi Dade: Thanks…Thanks for picking me up.

Terrance Wakeland: I wouldn't have it any other way.


Reverend Williams: And when did the FBI Finally arrive? Only after a white boy was killed. We cannot rely on the police. We must protect ourselves. Let the people who are taking our daughters know they will not get away with this.


Jason Gideon: That's enough.

Rick Ware: Explain this to me. The swastikas on the bodies. What do they mean?

Aaron Hotchner: They're a distraction. Perhaps this killer isn't driven by hate, but he wants us to think so we won't guess his real motive, which is serial sexual homicide.

Jason Gideon: I'm confident the unsub's from this county. He knew the kind of hysteria that would flare up from these Swastikas.

Rick Ware: Reverend Williams took the bait.

Aaron Hotchner: JJ is trying to buy us some time.  She's talking to the reverend to see if he'll cool his rhetoric a little bit.

Jason Gideon: Hate crimes are political. If we're right, this was personal.

Aaron Hotchner: Well, we need to confirm that the double homicide is linked to the first 2 murders.

Derek Morgan: We need to speak to the families of the victims.


Jason Gideon: We know how difficult this is for you. Thanks for talking to us.

Mrs. Davis: She just disappeared that night. I know she must have just walked out the front door, but I thought we'd hear that.

Derek Morgan: What about the window in your daughter's bedroom?

Mr. Davis: She couldn't have climbed out there. It's been painted shut for years.

Bree: No, it hasn't.

Mr. Davis: What are you talking about, Bree?

Bree: I fixed it so I could get out.

Mrs. Davis: You've been sneaking out in the middle of the night?

Bree: I'm sorry.

Mr. Davis: You're not in trouble. But just tell me, did she sneak out before?

Bree: No, I swear. She always told me not to do it. She was the good one. She didn't deserve this.

Emily Prentiss: Nobody deserves this.

Jason Gideon: Your daughter liked to sing?


Aaron Hotchner: We dug up everything on the first 2 victims, and basically these girls were good students who stayed out of trouble.

Emily Prentiss: Just like Sandra Davis.

Aaron Hotchner: And we found something else. They both liked to sing. One in church, and one in a band. Their parents said that this was their passion.

Derek Morgan: Just like Sandra Davis.

Emily Prentiss: African-American girls between the ages of 15 and 17 who like to sing? That's a pretty specific type. Sounds like the same unsub to me. And the fact that they all sing, that could be part of his M.O. Maybe part of a ruse.

Officer Cale: Another girl went missing. Naomi Dade. 16 years old.

Aaron Hotchner: When?

Officer Cale: Last night.

Jason Gideon: Why are we just finding out about it now?

Aaron Hotchner: First victims weren't found for a couple of days, there's a chance she's still alive.

Jason Gideon: Let's get to the profile before it's too late.


Naomi Dade: Hey, I'm Naomi.


Aaron Hotchner: Suspect we're looking for is a black male, statistically between the ages of 20 and 35. We know he's black because of his victims. Sexually motivated killers almost always kill within their own race.

Derek Morgan: The victims he's chosen are good girls. They're good students. No behavioural problems. They're what we call "low-Risk."

Emily Prentiss: And the lower the risk of the victim, the higher the intelligence of the unsub.

Jason Gideon: Guy's a smooth talker, makes people feel at ease, gains their confidence. You'd be amazed what these guys can talk people into.

Spencer Reid: Jeffrey Dahmer was once pulled over by police officers for driving over the center line. He'd thrown the garbage bag full of body parts in the back seat of his car, but he was so calm and so self assured, that he convinced the officers not to look in the bag. He then went on to kill at least 15 more people.

Aaron Hotchner: This guy's a hustler. He may not have a lot of education, but he knows how to treat impressionable young girls… Victor Paleologus used to troll shopping malls pretending to be a movie producer. He told Kristine Johnson for a James Bond movie and that was the last time she was ever seen alive. We think that because all these girls are singers, that the unsub may be connected in some way to the recording industry.

Derek Morgan: We know the unsub has a vehicle, big enough to transport a body. It's clean. It's not too old. Nice enough to make a girl feel comfortable inside, but it's not flashy. This is not a guy who wants to attract attention to himself.

Aaron Hotchner: Probably a large, dark sedan.

Jennifer Jareau: We recommend putting this profile on the news, the paper, anywhere it might be seen by the people in this town.

Derek Morgan: This guy's ruse didn't work on everybody. Somewhere out there is at least one woman who didn't fall for his game, and... That's who we need to find.

Aaron Hotchner: The key to this unsub's psychology is the souvenir he takes. We don't know what it is yet, but... We know that once he has it, his victim then becomes disposable, and that's when he kills her.

Jason Gideon: The unsub's ritual was interrupted when he killed Sandra Davis. We don't believe he was able to take a souvenir from her. We think he may revisit her house or any place she may have frequented.

Aaron Hotchner: We recommend surveillance in locations where the unsub might approach young girls: churches, high schools, libraries, coffee shops.

Jason Gideon: Stick with the community, the people of this county should be able to offer some good leads. Thanks a lot. Good luck.


Aaron Hotchner: Gid...

Gregory Hughes: Whoa. Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Aaron Hotchner: You think community vigilance will be enough?

Jason Gideon: If it were, we'd be out of a job.

Gregory Hughes: I'm telling you not to do your job.

Jason Gideon: Jason.

Gregory Hughes: Just want to make sure that we don't get ahead of ourselves.

Jason Gideon: What's he doing?

Gregory Hughes: So please just sit tight one more minute.

Aaron Hotchner: What's the problem?

Gregory Hughes: Well, the problem is I would have to be crazy to release this profile to the public.

Derek Morgan: What are you talking about?

Gregory Hughes: Reverend Williams has already stirred up enough trouble by choosing to make this town a soapbox for his anti-Racism campaign. What do you think is gonna happen if I go to the press and tell them the killer is black?

Derek Morgan: Hey. The best way to stop all this is to find that killer and we just gave you the best way to do that.

Gregory Hughes: Right, by telling everybody to look out for an anonymous black man? They're gonna say that's racial profiling.

Jason Gideon: It's not racial profiling. Racial profiling is targeting suspects because of their race. We gave you a complete profile which includes race.

Gregory Hughes: All right, look. The point is I've never even heard of a black serial killer. And neither have all the African-Americans in this community already upset by what's been happening here.

Aaron Hotchner: You can believe in black serial killers or not but the fact is they do exist. And it's only a matter of time before he kills another girl.

Gregory Hughes: All right, look. I am not interested in debating this. Detective ware is more than capable of heading this investigation.

Derek Morgan: You gonna let this happen?

Rick Ware: Let what happen? Make every black man in this county a target?

Officer Cale: Rick.

Rick Ware: What?

Officer Cale: We found Naomi Dade's body.

Rick Ware: Damn it.

Jennifer Jareau: We got a mass of reporters out there.

Derek Morgan: What's it gonna be, detective?

Jason Gideon: Please. Let us help you.


Rick Ware: Finally, I want to assure you we considered all options, and we're certain this is the best course of action. Thank you.


Aaron Hotchner: Detective, I think you made the right choice.

Rick Ware: I hope this doesn't come back to bite us in the ass.

Emily Prentiss: Why would it?

Rick Ware: Why? Last thing I need is to spread fear that a dangerous black man running around this county.

Aaron Hotchner: Best way to solve your problem is to stay focused on what we need to do to catch this guy.

Rick Ware: Tell me… Tell me what to do.

Jason Gideon: We need to get the word out... Not just on the news. We need to talk to these kids face to face, gotta give them the profile.

Emily Prentiss: What about the talent show that Sandra Davis sang in at her high school, that could be where the unsub saw her sing.

Jason Gideon: That's a good idea. Talk to the kids at her high school. Set up a tip line.

Jennifer Jareau: Yeah, you got it.

Derek Morgan: Well, I hate waiting around. So, what do you say, ware? Want to join the patrols? Get back on the street? Pretend to be a beat cop again?

Rick Ware: Yeah. Beats waiting around here for more bodies, don't it?

Derek Morgan: Let's do it.

Jennifer Jareau: Tips have just started to come in. So far, we have fingers pointed at a minister...


Spencer Reid: You don't have to do this.


Jennifer Jareau: A janitor at his school, and... Oh! The reverend Jesse Jackson.

Jason Gideon: Is anything useful?

Jennifer Jareau: Not so much.

Jason Gideon: Keep digging.

Officer Cale: Hey, uh, I got someone who remembers seeing a black guy they didn't recognize driving around in a black Lincoln in front of our last victim's house yesterday.

Jennifer Jareau: That's the second sighting for that vehicle.

Spencer Reid: It fits the profile... Large, dark sedan.

Jason Gideon: Include it in the press release.

Jennifer Jareau: Yeah.


Derek Morgan: Yeah, I got it. Suspect may be driving a black town car.

Rick Ware: May be?

Derek Morgan: It's something… No, I'm good… For what it's worth, um... Took balls to stand up to the mayor like that.

Rick Ware: You would've done the same thing.

Derek Morgan: I don't have to work for the guy. I know that was a tough decision.

Rick Ware: Don't you ever wish it didn't matter?

Derek Morgan: It?

Rick Ware: Colour.

Derek Morgan: Hmph… Judge me by the content of my character.

Rick Ware: I mean, why does it even have to be part of the equation? People are dying. We need to get the bad guy that should be it. No half-cocked reverends running around, getting people mad about the wrong thing. No mayors so afraid of offending black folks, he doesn't even want to tell the community what to look out for… It's exhausting sometimes.

Derek Morgan: It's the way it's always been, man… Politicians, community leaders... They do what they do… You and me... We do what we do… We're the foot soldiers in these streets getting the job done.

Rick Ware: Hmph. Foot soldiers… Right.

Derek Morgan: Only ones who ever really get results, you know what I'm saying? Ware. Right there. It's a black town car.

Rick Ware: Yeah, just a few blocks from Sandra Davis' house.


Derek Morgan: He's turning right. Turn right here. There it is.


Derek Morgan: Coming?

Rick Ware: Yeah.

Derek Morgan: Nothing.

Rick Ware: You hear that?


Derek Morgan: Ware.

Rick Ware: Yeah.

Derek Morgan: It's a false alarm. It's just a car service.

Rick Ware: All right. I'll be right out.


Jeff: I got him! I got him!

Derek Morgan: What the hell are you doing?! Freeze! Put down your weapon. The cops, damn it. I'm FBI.

Jeff: What?

Derek Morgan: Listen to me. Do not shoot. I'm gonna reach in my back pocket and grab my wallet. All right? All right?! I'm FBI, man.

Jeff: I didn't know.

Derek Morgan: Give me your gun. Give me your gun! Call 9-1-1. This man needs help. Go! Call 9-1-1! Ware, nah, nah, nah. Come on, man. Nah. Hey. Look at me. Look at me. Ware, you're going to be all right. I'll get you some help, ware. Talk to me. Hey, just talk to me. I'm right here. Tell me about that family of yours. Huh? You got 2 kids, right? Yeah. I saw those pictures in your car. What's your little one's name? Huh?

Rick Ware: D-Dwayne.

Derek Morgan: Dwayne. All right, that's good. That's good. Come on. I got you, man. You ain't going nowhere. All right? All right? Tell me about Dwayne? How old is he?

Rick Ware: Uhh. Uh...

Derek Morgan: Come on. Ware, talk to me. Say it. Hey... Hey. Don't you leave me. No. Come on. Don't you do this. Ware! Ware! No. Come on, man. Ware! Ware!


Aaron Hotchner: What the hell happened?

Jeff: I didn't know he was a cop. We saw this black car parked in front of our house. This black guy with a gun sneaking around the yard.

Aaron Hotchner: So, you shot him?

Jeff: I... I was scared. I got a family.

Officer Cale: So did detective Ware.

Aaron Hotchner: Where's Morgan?

Officer Cale: Back here.


Aaron Hotchner: You okay? Yeah, JJ… You're kidding… Another girl just went missing… All right, we're on our way.


Jennifer Jareau: The girl's name is Ally Hadley. She told her mom she was sleeping over at a friend's house, but she never showed up there.

Jason Gideon: Well, I'm sure she's just out with some other friends or a guy or...

Jennifer Jareau: She says she never does this. She a...

Jason Gideon: Good girl.

Jennifer Jareau: Yeah. She's African-American. 15 years old. She loves to sing.

Spencer Reid: Guys we got a witness. A girl who saw the report on the news. She says a guy came up to her about a month ago, claiming to work for a record company. She's on the way in.

Jennifer Jareau: I'll call the others.


Gail: It was after choir practice at the church. He came up to me outside... This black guy told me he was an executive at some record company and he goes to churches in the area to scout talent. He said I had a great voice, and he'd like to record me.

Jason Gideon: What did you say?

Gail: I told him I wasn't interested… He gave me some kind of business card and told me to call him if I changed my mind. It didn't even have a company name on it... Just his name and a phone number… It looked so fake. How could anyone fall for that?

Jason Gideon: Do you have the card?

Gail: I didn't have to keep the card.

Jason Gideon: Why?

Gail: I knew him.


Penelope Garcia: I was beginning to think you guys had forgotten all about me.

Derek Morgan: Well, we need you now more than ever, hot stuff.

Penelope Garcia: Aww, it's like candy to my ears, sugar. Go.

Derek Morgan: All right, here's the scoop. The guy's a freelance musician, played keyboard for the girls' high school musical. We contacted the school, and they gave us a name...

Penelope Garcia: Terrance Wakeland. In the New York metropolitan area including Westchester County… Computer says 3.

Spencer Reid: He may work at a recording studio or record company.

Penelope Garcia: Okay, I'm going to cross reference with I.R.S. Records. Gotcha. Mount Vernon, just outside the Bronx, A&I studios... Looks like they went belly-up a few months ago… But he still works there as a security guard.

Derek Morgan: Thanks, mama. You're the best. Let's go.


Terrance Wakeland: You're lucky the studio was available tonight. You're not nervous, are you, Ally?

Ally Hadley: No.

Terrance Wakeland: Good. Good. Good. Don't you worry. I'll have you back before your parents even know you're gone. Hey. Let's go.


Dispatcher: All units to A&I studios, 5663 Vincent Boulevard. Mount Vernon.

Derek Morgan: What are the chances of us catching this psycho at time?


Terrance Wakeland: Oh, that was it. You killed that last take! I'll... I'll be right out.


Ally Hadley: I've never been in a real recording studio before.

Terrance Wakeland: Yeah. Well, you wouldn't know it. I mean, you're so comfortable. It sounded like you were in your own living room singing.

Ally Hadley: It felt good.

Terrance Wakeland: Yeah. Hey, I'm sorry. Your... Your throat must be tired. You want some water?

Ally Hadley: Sure.


Aaron Hotchner: Hey, our road's closed, construction.

Derek Morgan: Isn't there a faster way?

Officer Cale: Not that I know of, no.


Terrance Wakeland: Hey, you know not a lot of girls your age would have chosen a song like this.

Ally Hadley: Really?

Terrance Wakeland: Oh, yeah. And that look... That face you got, I mean, you got this real smokey kind of tone, like something you hear in a thirties Harlem supper club. I mean, do you have any idea what your music does to me.

Ally Hadley: No.

Terrance Wakeland: It takes hold. You get a song stuck in your head but for me, it gets stuck right here. Once it's there, there's just no letting it go. It's just... You’re all right? You’re all right?

Ally Hadley: Yeah. Just... A little dizzy.

Terrance Wakeland: What I'm saying is that it's so beautiful. Ally, I just can't... Let it live. You ever feel that? Like there's something so beautiful... So beautiful you can't let it live to show you... To remind you of how ugly you are?

Ally Hadley: I... I don't feel so good.

Terrance Wakeland: Son of a bitch! You think I'm ugly? Aah!


Ally Hadley: Help! Somebody help!


Officer Cale: I'll cover the door.


Aaron Hotchner: Right there. Go.

Derek Morgan: Check the back.

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan!

Derek Morgan: Yeah… Door are wide open, lights are on. Somebody left in a hurry.

Aaron Hotchner: There was definitely a struggle.

Derek Morgan: So, maybe she's still alive.

Aaron Hotchner: They were here and maybe she tried to flee. She could be in the neighbourhood, trying to get away.

Derek Morgan: Hotch, look at this. It's the voices, man, his souvenirs.

Aaron Hotchner: Let's go.


Cop: That's your problem.

Ally Hadley: Help me.

Cop: What's the matter?

Ally Hadley: Where... Where am I?

Cop: Whoa. What did you take?

Terrance Wakeland: Ally! Ally, there you are!

Cop: You know this girl?

Terrance Wakeland: Thank you, officer. This is my baby cousin. Her parents are out of town, and I'm taking care of her right now and, uh, she snuck out and obviously got herself some kind of wasted. I'm very, very sorry. Come on, Ally. Come on. Party's over. Hey, you want me to tell your parents what you've done? I mean, look around you. This is a dangerous neighbourhood, Ally. You could have gotten yourself killed.

Cop: You know this man?

Terrance Wakeland: Again, officer, I'm very, very sorry. She's... She's really out of it. Come on, Ally, you can sleep it off when you get home.

Stacy: Can I go now? Or am I gonna have to stand here all night while you mess with this kid?


Derek Morgan: There they are.


Derek Morgan: Wakeland, FBI! Don't move!

Terrance Wakeland: Whats going on?

Aaron Hotchner: Let her go.

Terrance Wakeland: What did I do?

Aaron Hotchner: Let her go.

Terrance Wakeland: I know you think this is about those murdered girls, Right?! Right?

Officer: He won't let her go.

Officer Cale: He could be armed.

Derek Morgan: Just calm down!

Cop: Hey, what the hell are you waiting for?!

Derek Morgan: Do not shoot! I want you to calm down, put your weapons down so we can move in. Do it! Do it! Wakeland, get away from the girl. Turn around. Hands on your head… Let's go.


Emily Prentiss: You all right?

Derek Morgan: I was just thinking. I know what it's like to grow up without a father.

Emily Prentiss: Their father died a hero.

Derek Morgan: So did mine. Doesn't make it any easier.


Spencer Reid: "The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." Cicero.


Emily Prentiss: Oops! Sorry.

Derek Morgan: Oh, wait a minute. No, you didn't. Where did you find this?

Emily Prentiss: In the airport. Can you believe it? Haven't read this in fift... Like... 12 years.

Derek Morgan: Okay, that's funny. Hmm. Chapter 3's where it starts to get good.

Emily Prentiss: Okay. I will let you know when I get there.

Derek Morgan: All right, you do that.


Derek Morgan: You all right? Reid.

Spencer Reid: Hmm?

Derek Morgan: I said, are you all right?

Spencer Reid: I'm fine. Thanks for broadcasting it.

Derek Morgan: Hey, talk to me. Whatever you say to me in confidence is between us. You know that right?

Spencer Reid: I don't have anything to tell you.

Derek Morgan: Reid, listen to me… What you went through out there, nobody expects you to rebound...

Spencer Reid: I can still do my job, all right. I'm not gonna freak out.

Derek Morgan: You think I don't know that.

Spencer Reid: It's the crime scene photos.

Derek Morgan: Crime scene photos?

Spencer Reid: The dead girls in the leaves.

Derek Morgan: Reid, we've seen worse.

Spencer Reid: I know. I know we've seen worse, but... For the first time, I know. I look at them, and... I look at them and I... I know what they were thinking and I know what they were feeling, like, right before.

Derek Morgan: That's called empathy and it's a good thing.

Spencer Reid: It's not. It's got me all messed up. I don't know how to focus. I can't do my job as well… So, what do I do?

Derek Morgan: You use it… Let is make you a better profiler... A better person.

Spencer Reid: A better person.

Derek Morgan: Hmph.

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