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Esprits Criminels
#320 : Jeu de Hasard

Scénariste : Chris Mundy
Réalisateur : Glenn Kershaw

La BAU se rend à New York afin d'aider les autorités locales sur une série de meurtres perpétrés de plein jour et dans des lieux publics. Très vite, les premières investigations montrent que les crimes n'ont pas été commis par un seul individu... Et, pour ne rien arranger, Kate Joyner, l'agent du FBI en charge de l'investigation, est sur la sellette : si elle ne résout pas cette enquête au plus vite, elle pourrait être remplacée par... Derek !

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Jeu de Hasard

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Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) court dans les rues de New York.

Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) court dans les rues de New York.

Hotch (Thomas Gibson) exprime les faits à ses collègues.

Hotch (Thomas Gibson) exprime les faits à ses collègues.

Spencer est en pleine discussion avec ses collègues.

Spencer est en pleine discussion avec ses collègues.

Jennifer Jareau (A.J. Cook) discute avec Hotch.

Jennifer Jareau (A.J. Cook) discute avec Hotch.

David Rossi (Joe Mantegna).

David Rossi (Joe Mantegna).

L'équipe de la BAU regarde une vidéo dans les bureaux de la BAU.

L'équipe de la BAU regarde une vidéo dans les bureaux de la BAU.

David (Joe Mantegna) avec Spencer et Derek (Shemar Moore).

David (Joe Mantegna) avec Spencer et Derek (Shemar Moore).

Les agents de l'équipe sont réunis autour du blessé.

Les agents de l'équipe sont réunis autour du blessé.

Prentiss est aux côtés de son ami et collègue blessé.

Prentiss est aux côtés de son ami et collègue blessé.

Hotch, Spencer et David regardent les infos.

Hotch, Spencer et David regardent les infos.


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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Joe Mantegna ... David Rossi
   - Paget Brewster ... Emily Prentiss
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jareau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Sienna Guillory ... Kate Joyner
   - Josh Stewart ... William LaMontagne Jr.
   - Erik Palladino ... Detective Cooper
   - Jack McGee ... Detective Brustin
   - Monique Daniels ... Lisa Bartleby
   - Arnie Farrell ... Shelly
   - Joaquin Perles ... Tom

Man: Taxi!


Announcer: Spring street, spring street station. Spring street...


Victim: Excuse me. Please!


Aaron Hotchner: Hotchner. No, I'm actually still at the office. I'm just getting some things-- Hold on, hold on, hold on. Start from the beginning… No, we're all familiar with the case. When was the latest murder? Has anything in the M.O. changed?


Jennifer Jareau: So, uh, what's your flight number? No, I'm gonna come pick you up. Yeah, exactly. I can't have you free to pick out a crib without me.

Aaron Hotchner: JJ, can you get the team together? We have a case.

Jennifer Jareau: Nothing's come across my desk.

Aaron Hotchner: This one came directly to me.

Jennifer Jareau: Uh, just… Don't head to the airport just yet. I'll call you as soon as I can. Bye.


Aaron Hotchner: Don't get comfortable. There'll be time to debrief on the plane.

Spencer Reid: Where are we headed?

Aaron Hotchner: New York.

David Rossi: 5 shootings in 2 weeks. It's about time we got the call.

Aaron Hotchner: I want to take Garcia with us. Hopefully they'll give us access to their surveillance systems.

Emily Prentiss: What do we know?

Aaron Hotchner: All the killings are mid-day. Single gunshot to the head with a 22.

Jennifer Jareau: Any witnesses?

Aaron Hotchner: No.

Spencer Reid: 22-caliber pistol's only 152 decibels. New York streets and subways are routinely well over 100. It could be people aren't even registering the gunshot until the unsub's already leaving the scene.

Derek Morgan: They sound like mob hits.

Aaron Hotchner: Except none of them have ties to organized crime.

Emily Prentiss: Do they have any connection to each other?

Aaron Hotchner: None they've found.

Derek Morgan: How about communication with the police? Has the unsub tried to make contact?

Aaron Hotchner: Surveillance cameras have captured video of 3 of the murders. This is the latest.

Jennifer Jareau: That's the best image they have?

Aaron Hotchner: They're all the same. He wears a hood and keeps his head down.

Emily Prentiss: This guy's bold. Crowded areas, broad daylight.

David Rossi: So they're completely random?

Aaron Hotchner: It seems that way.

Spencer Reid: Son of Sam all over again.


Aaron Hotchner: Voltaire said, "The man visited by ecstasies and visions who takes dreams for realities is an enthusiast. The man who supports his madness with murder is a fanatic."


Penelope Garcia: How come I only get to travel with you guys like once every 2 years?

Derek Morgan: Trust me, it can get old.

Penelope Garcia: Oh, right, like the way that spa treatments in 5-star hotels can get old.

Emily Prentiss: Remember the time we got on board and they hadn't chilled the crystal?

Derek Morgan: I almost quit the B.A.U. that day.

Penelope Garcia: Okay, you know what? You guys can joke all you want, 'cause I am never leaving this plane.

David Rossi: The victims?

Aaron Hotchner: Each killed in a completely different neighborhood. Hell's kitchen, Murray Hill, Lower East Side, Chinatown, East Harlem.

Spencer Reid: It doesn't make any sense. There's no common victimology, no sexual component, no robbery, no geographical connection. Do the police have any leads?

Aaron Hotchner: He's killing roughly every 2 days. The press is having a field day, and it sounds like the mood on the street's getting pretty edgy.

David Rossi: It's a joint FBI-NYPD taskforce?

Aaron Hotchner: Kate Joyner heads up the New York field office. She's running point on the case and called me directly. JJ, would you tell them we're ready to go?

Jennifer Jareau: Right.

Aaron Hotchner: Kate's starting to butt heads with the lead detectives and wanted a fresh set of eyes.

Derek Morgan: Joyner, I know her. She's a Brit, right?

Aaron Hotchner: Well, dual citizenship. Her father's British, her mother's American. She was a big deal at Scotland Yard fore be coming to the Bureau.

Derek Morgan: I heard she can be a little bit of a pain in the ass.

Aaron Hotchner: I didn't think so.

Emily Prentiss: You know her?

Aaron Hotchner: We liaised when she was still at Scotland Yard.

David Rossi: And she's good?

Aaron Hotchner: I think we're lucky to have her.

Pilot: We're cleared for take off. Please take your seats.


Kate Joyner: Can you have someone run to my flat, get me an extra set of clothes? And tell forensics I don't want to just cross-check with Connecticut and New Jersey. I want Interpol as well.

Shelly: Okay.

Kate Joyner: Has the B.A.U. arrived yet?

Shelly: They should be here soon.

Kate Joyner: Shelly, can you get me the commissioner? Never mind. Hold the call.


Jennifer Jareau: Is it just me or does she looks exactly like Haley?

Aaron Hotchner: Kate.

Kate Joyner: Aaron. How have you been?

Aaron Hotchner: Well, thank you. This is my team. Kate Joyner, this is David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan, and Spencer Reid.

Kate Joyner: Thanks for being here. Anything that you need, just tell me. Please don't stand on protocol.

Penelope Garcia: What can you tell us about the city's surveillance system?

Kate Joyner: Um, it's run by the NYPD. It's still in the infant stages. It's been rather controversial. American privacy laws. Um, but they've had some success.

Penelope Garcia: And I'll have complete access?

Kate Joyner: They're already expecting you. Shelley?

Spencer Reid: I'd like to get a map of the borough. I want to do a comprehensive geographical profile of the area in order to ascertain the unsub's mental map before it's clouded by our own linkage blindness.

Brustin: I see you brought your own computer.

Kate Joyner: Detectives Brustin and Cooper. I'll let you do the introductions.

David Rossi: You caught the first shooting?

Cooper: They've all been in different precincts. It wasn't until the third murder that anyone even made the connection.

Brustin: I guess this is where we play nice and ask you what you need.

Kate Joyner: I'll let you all figure out what that is. I just ask that you run everything back through me. It's been my experience that having one butt on the line is enough.

Brustin: Yes, ma'am.

Kate Joyner: Can I have a word with you in private?

Aaron Hotchner: Sure. Excuse me.

Emily Prentiss: They, um... Liaised when she was at Scotland Yard.

Jennifer Jareau: Of course.


Aaron Hotchner: So you're getting resistance from NYPD?

Kate Joyner: It's nothing I wasn't expecting. They're good detectives, just no self-respecting cop wants to have his ass kicked by some broad with a posh British accent.

Aaron Hotchner: So what's going on?

Kate Joyner: What can you tell me about Derek Morgan?


Spencer Reid: Hey, so, uh, what's your partner's problem?

Cooper: Uh, well... Well, by the fourth murder the FBI was brought in. Good. We can use all the help we can get. But, uh, all of a sudden she's taking meetings with the mayor and calling in you all without us knowing anything about it.

Emily Prentiss: We're only here to help. Think of us as a resource.

Cooper: Okay. Profile me… What am I thinking?

Emily Prentiss: It's never gonna happen.

Cooper: No offense, but we've had 5 murders. Hope it gets better than that.


Lisa Bartleby: You must be FBI. Lisa Bartleby.

Penelope Garcia: Penelope Garcia. May I?

Lisa Bartleby: I hardly ever get visitors.

Penelope Garcia: You'll hardly know I'm here. What's your operating system?

Lisa Bartleby: Um, Linux OS with 6 gigs of ram.

Penelope Garcia: And a dual quad core 3 gigahertz processor with a Geforce 8800 ultra extreme vid card and a CISCO ASA 5500 firewall.

Lisa Bartleby: Yeah.

Penelope Garcia: Bitchin'. How many cameras?

Lisa Bartleby: Uh, 4,468, not including the ones that only run in the housing projects.

Penelope Garcia: And all the footage is stored?

Lisa Bartleby: Catalogued and digitized.

Penelope Garcia: Beautiful. 'Cause my boss man wants me to send him a file so he can run facial recognition software on each of the crime scenes.

Lisa Bartleby: Um, I've already enhanced all of the photos as much as I can.

Penelope Garcia: No, I'm talking about using it on the crowd immediately after the shootings. This is icky, but these creeps, they sometimes like to come back and watch the police deal with their handiwork. And... Voila.


Aaron Hotchner: Can I ask you a question? When was the last time you went home and got some sleep?

Kate Joyner: None of us are going to sleep until this is over.


Derek Morgan: Who in the hell thinks they can get away with murder in the middle of the day in new york city?

David Rossi: Someone patient who waits for the one who gets separated from the flock.

Derek Morgan: Bang.

Jennifer Jareau: Is that the spot?

Brustin: Yeah. There abouts.

David Rossi: Are we boring you? Look, I know you don't like SSA Joyner. Fine. I get it. But we're here to do a job.

Brustin: Have any of your people ever been cops?

Derek Morgan: Chicago.

Brustin: Then you'll understand. I take it real personal if something like this happens in my city. I was a beat cop during the Son of Sam. This is worse. He's not just going after one type. He's going after everybody and I need everybody working on this case, taking it personally.

Derek Morgan: You have that.

Brustin: We'll see.


Penelope Garcia: How long have you been doing this?

Lisa Bartleby: Uh, about 6 months.

Penelope Garcia: I wish I could tell you it gets easier.

Lisa Bartleby: Yeah, well, I'm used to pulling footage up for muggings, maybe robberies. Watching someone get shot in the head...

Penelope Garcia: You know what helps me? You make it your own. You know? You... Separate yourself from what you see on the screen.

Lisa Bartleby: This isn't exactly, uh... Regulation.

Penelope Garcia: Well, then thank god it's only us in here. Do you want to see a superfox? What camera's on the last crime scene? Derek Morgan... Lisa Bartleby. Lisa Bartleby, Derek Morgan.


Derek Morgan: This guy's definitely not afraid to get up close and personal.

Jennifer Jareau: Or be visible.

David Rossi: If you watch the tape, he ducks his head the second he steps off the train.

Jennifer Jareau: So he knows when he's being filmed.

Brustin: Well, we've had glimpses, but the... Descriptions have been sketchy. Some people said he's a light-skinned black man, Asian, Puerto Rican, basically every homeboy in the city.

Derek Morgan: Ballistics were the same for every shooting?

Brustin: We checked the records back 10 years. The gun's never been recycled.

Derek Morgan: 22s aren't exactly the weapon of choice these days.

David Rossi: Unless you're Israeli intelligence. That's what the Mossad uses for all their political assassinations.

Derek Morgan: All I know is this guy's organized. He studies the cameras, carries a gun that's easy to conceal. He knows what he's doing.


Spencer Reid: We're gonna need records over the last 6 months for any arrests on gun violence or gun possession in every borough except the ones where the shootings have taken place.

Cooper: I don't get it.

Spencer Reid: He won't strike near where he lives.

Cooper: What makes you so sure?

Emily Prentiss: It's anti-geographical profiling.

Cooper: Now it's anti-geographical profiling? Yeah, come on. You wonder why we're so sceptical?

Emily Prentiss: This unsub's organized. He strikes at the same time of day. He knows where the cameras are placed. That means he's doing his own pre-surveillance.

Spencer Reid: A need-motivated killer operates within his own comfort zone. An organized killer with some other motivation will make sure to strike outside that zone.

Cooper: Not where he lives.

Emily Prentiss: Exactly. Unfortunately, that means that every other neighborhood in the city has a reason to be terrified.


Man: Excuse me… Pretzel, no mustard.


Cooper: Uniforms are rounding up witnesses. It doesn't seem like anyone got a clean look.

Derek Morgan: It's over in a flash. He's probably gone before anyone even realizes what's happening.

Kate Joyner: Is this what it felt like during the Son of Sam?

Brustin: First we realized that if the violence was truly random, there was almost no way of stopping it. It seems like these people have figured that out.

Derek Morgan: From the placement of that camera, odds are the only view they're gonna get is the back of his head.

Kate Joyner: Let's not be too quick to decide what we do or don't have.

Brustin: The duchess of work has spoken.

Derek Morgan: You mind telling me why I'm catching attitude from her?

Aaron Hotchner: FBI brass has made it clear to her that if she doesn't bring this case home, she's gonna be reassigned. And you are at the top of the list to replace her.

Derek Morgan: You're kidding me.

Aaron Hotchner: Why should you be surprised? You're good at your job. People notice that.

Derek Morgan: What happened to the bureau patting itself on the back for stealing her away from Scotland Yard?

Aaron Hotchner: I don't know. Politics here are different. And you can see she doesn't pull punches.


David Rossi: 6 murders and he's finally communicating with us.

Cooper: What's that?

Derek Morgan: That's a tarot card. Death.

Cooper: Isn't that a little on the nose, even for a psycho?

Brustin: So we think this guy's into spiritual garbage?

Aaron Hotchner: If he is, he certainly doesn't know tarot. The death card doesn't actually signify physical death. It's more of a transformation from one place to another… A job promotion or a marriage.

Cooper: So if he's not telling us he's into fortune-telling, what's with the card?

David Rossi: The D.C. sniper left the exact same card at one of his scenes.

Kate Joyner: So this unsub must see himself in that role. He's thriving off creating a panic.

David Rossi: More important, he studies other cases. He's telling us... He knows we're here.


Aaron Hotchner: What have we got?

Jennifer Jareau: The latest shooting.

Emily Prentiss: This was the previous murder… Okay, do you see anything weird here?

Derek Morgan: He sprints off in one and walks calmly in the other. It's two entirely different demeanours.

David Rossi: 6 kills in, his behaviour should be set.

Spencer Reid: Look at this. Garcia, are you still there?

Penelope Garcia: Would I ever leave you? Okay, check it out. I did a digital perspective analysis rendering on the shootings where we have footage. Now, the first two are inconclusive, but the last two I found something tres weird. Your calm walking type, he is about 6'1". But your sprinter, he's like 5'9", 5'10", tops.

Aaron Hotchner: We've got more than one unsub.


David Rossi: So, we have more than one unsub. What does that tell us?

Spencer Reid: Most teams stick together. Uh, Ng and Lake, the Krays. Whittaker and Norris, they don't usually kill separately.

Derek Morgan: Could be some kind of gang initiation.

Emily Prentiss: Gangs will kill you if they encroach on your territory, not random people all over the city.

Jennifer Jareau: I'll coordinate with the gang taskforce, make sure we have an overview by morning.

Kate Joyner: Do you think we have enough for a working profile?

David Rossi: Broad strokes.

Aaron Hotchner: Dave, you and Reid talk to the agents here. Morgan and Prentiss, brief the police when each shift comes on duty tomorrow.

Derek Morgan: I think we should get out on the streets.

Kate Joyner: I brought you here to create a profile.

Derek Morgan: Which we can give in the morning, and then they can share it with the afternoon shift.

Kate Joyner: We've allocated every extra man we have. This is New York City. It's not like a few more people is going to blanket the city.

Derek Morgan: I understand it's a long shot, but these guys, they hit at mid-day. We could target ingress and egress to particular neighbourhoods. Position us near express stops… 14th, 42nd, 59th

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan, it's not your call.

Kate Joyner: I'd like to join you in the profile if that's not stepping on your toes.

David Rossi: No problem.

Aaron Hotchner: Let's see it again.


Emily Prentiss: Look at this. Late edition doesn't miss a beat.

Spencer Reid: JJ.

Jennifer Jareau: Will.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Took a shot and flew to D.C., but that didn't work out. I figured a train ride to New York was only a few more hours.

Aaron Hotchner: Detective.

William LaMontagne Jr.: I'm sorry for showing up like this. I know you're working. But, um... I can't stand you being on this case and me not being there. Not with what's going on.

Aaron Hotchner: Is there a problem?

Jennifer Jareau: I'm pregnant.

Emily Prentiss: Oh, my god! JJ! Congratulations!

William LaMontagne Jr.: I've asked JJ to marry me.

Spencer Reid: Will.

William LaMontagne Jr.: We're working out some kinks.

Aaron Hotchner: We'll, uh, give you both some privacy.

Jennifer Jareau: Hotch.

Aaron Hotchner: JJ, you could have told me.

Jennifer Jareau: I know.

Aaron Hotchner: I understand if you need to take some time.

Jennifer Jareau: No, I-- I want to be here.

Aaron Hotchner: Okay. 7 a.m.


Jennifer Jareau: Are you crazy? I told you I couldn't get any personal time.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Come back to D.C. with me tomorrow.

Jennifer Jareau: Oh, you're not serious.

William LaMontagne Jr.: They know now. They'd understand.

Jennifer Jareau: Will, w-we're covering a case with 6 murders.

William LaMontagne Jr.: Exactly. Your job is too dangerous now.

Jennifer Jareau: Yeah, exactly like yours. What, are you gonna give up your shield? Look, I love the gesture, and I love the romance, but... We're both gonna be parents, will. Neither one of us has, you know, exactly a typical job.

William LaMontagne Jr.: The first thing a cop does when she gets pregnant is she takes herself out of the field.

Jennifer Jareau: Okay, you know what? We only have until 7:00. So can we just argue about names and cribs?

William LaMontagne Jr.: Only if you let me win.

Jennifer Jareau: Not a chance.


Derek Morgan: Okay, let's start with what we know. With these unsubs, it's not personal. It's not about sex, it's not about greed.

Emily Prentiss: Which is why we think there's something bigger at play here. This isn't random. There has to be a motive.

Derek Morgan: Now, our first theory is that we're dealing with a team.


David Rossi: In the case of the D.C. snipers, there was actually one intended victim.

Spencer Reid: John Muhammad wanted to kill his ex-wife, but he knew if he did, he'd be the prime suspect, so he created a spree in order to mask his primary motivation.

Kate Joyner: Muhammad and Malvo also left a death card at one of their scenes, just like this unsub.


Emily Prentiss: We believe our unsubs have studied that case. They're opening a line of communication.

Officer: Hold on. So now we got these guys playing games just 'cause you're here?

Emily Prentiss: We're just saying the unsubs are sophisticated enough to study other crimes.

Joe: That doesn't answer the question.

Cooper: Joe. Easy. Hear them out.

Joe: Hey, I got requests for gun permits up 200% in my precinct. This whole city's about to go off, and we all need to deal with that.

Derek Morgan: Hey, listen. You're right. If the card was left because of us, then yes, they are playing games. But what that tells us is at least one of them has some intelligence.

Emily Prentiss: And like I said, they know about other cases. He's also studied the placement of the surveillance systems well enough to avoid detection.


Spencer Reid: Most teams have a dominant and submissive member. Because of the relative intelligence of these unsubs and the fact they stick to a set time pattern, we believe at least one of them has a steady job.

David Rossi: We've asked the police to canvass their precincts, check businesses that open and close around the time of the shootings. We're hoping someone will be able to identify a father-son or co-workers that fit the dominant-submissive profile.

Cop: And what's the other theory?

Spencer Reid: It's less likely, but it could be some sort of gang initiation.

David Rossi: We've asked the police to put every available undercover on the streets.

Spencer Reid: These are all known gang members in Manhattan. Most of them are out of Chinatown and Clinton. We'd like you to study these and keep an eye out for anyone who looks suspicious.

Kate Joyner: I'll also be detailing a number of you as well. Stay behind when the agents have finished and I'll give you your assignments.


Brustin: Like they said, we think there's something bigger at play here. So talk to the people on your beats, see if something sparks, and pray this thing ain't random.


Penelope Garcia: How many site we watch?

Lisa Bartleby: Surveillance cameras aren't designed to prevent crime, they're supposed to help us catch the perp after the fact. I got one.

Penelope Garcia: Is there anyone nearby?

Lisa Bartleby: Negative. This is the surveillance command center. We have a possible murder suspect at the subway platform on 59th and Lex. Okay.


Aaron Hotchner: Hotchner. Does he look like he could be one of our guys?

Derek Morgan: What's going on?

Aaron Hotchner: We've got eyes on one of them. He's on the subway platform at 59th and Lex.

Derek Morgan: 59th? We could have been right there.

Penelope Garcia: He's got a gun.

Lisa Bartleby: Oh, my god.

Penelope Garcia: He shot her.

Kate Joyner: Where the hell are the police? This is Kate Joyner with the FBI. We have a murders suspect, subway platform, 59th and Lex.

Penelope Garcia: He's getting away.

David Rossi: Garcia, can you get eyes on him aboveground?

Penelope Garcia: He's headed west on 59th street.

Kate Joyner: If he makes it to the park, we've lost him.

Lisa Bartleby: We've lost the visual.

David Rossi: Are the police on the scene?

Penelope Garcia: Negative.

Derek Morgan: We could've had that guy.

Kate Joyner: Even if we were on that platform, odds are he would have moved on to somewhere more isolated.

Derek Morgan: Maybe, but it was worth taking a shot.

Kate Joyner: We had every available man on the street.

Derek Morgan: And I suggested to you that you use this team.

Aaron Hotchner: Second-guessing doesn't do us any good right now.

Derek Morgan: Hotch, how am I supposed to look these cops in the eye and tell them that we're actually here to help them?

Aaron Hotchner: We're here to present a profile. That's what we need to do.

Derek Morgan: I said to put us at express stops 14th, 42nd, 59th and that's exactly where they hit.

Aaron Hotchner: It's not your place to have this discussion.

Derek Morgan: My place?

Aaron Hotchner: You need to back off.

Derek Morgan: We got 7 bodies, man.

Aaron Hotchner: Which is exactly why we need to stay focused.

Derek Morgan: Focused. From where I'm standing, all your focus is on her.

Aaron Hotchner: Take a walk, now.


Derek Morgan: I know. I was out of line.

David Rossi: You get too emotionally involved sometimes. I know the feeling.

Derek Morgan: I just felt like Hotch was taking her side.

David Rossi: There are no sides here.

Derek Morgan: I know.

David Rossi: The word is, they have an eye on you if SSA Joyner gets canned. People talk. But if she were to get fired, it would be because we didn't solve this case.

Derek Morgan: Rossi, I hope you're not saying you think I want her to fail.

David Rossi: Of course not but I've never seen you push a superior like that before… So would you take the job?

Derek Morgan: I don't know. It might be nice to finally be the one making the calls.

David Rossi: And dealing with the politics of running a field office? That doesn't seem like you.

Derek Morgan: B.A.U. wears people out, man… Look at Gideon. That man was the best, and in the end, he simply ran away… I mean, Hotch hasn't even thought about cracking a smile in over a year. That man has to take a personal day just so he can have a conversation with his own kid… What about you? How many times you been married?

David Rossi: I get it. But I'll make you a deal. If I think you're losing it, I'll pull you out myself. But right now, I see someone who wants to get back on the job… Or is there another reason why you haven't even touched that beer?


Derek Morgan: Listen, um... About before...

Kate Joyner: You spoke your mind. I respect that.

Aaron Hotchner: JJ, Reid, and Prentiss went to the crime scene with the detectives.

David Rossi: This is the first time they've killed 2 days in a row. They're speeding up.

Kate Joyner: Your analyst went over the latest footage. This is a different shooter from the last two.

David Rossi: There's 3 of them now?

Derek Morgan: Who the hell are these guys?

Kate Joyner: I want you all out on the street tomorrow.

David Rossi: What are we missing?

Aaron Hotchner: When we first saw this case, what did it remind us of?

David Rossi: Son of sam.

Aaron Hotchner: Same kind of unsub. Random shootings, not need-driven, no sexual component.

Derek Morgan: Except that Berkowitz admitted that he would return to the scenes of his crimes days later to masturbate.

Aaron Hotchner: Exactly.

Kate Joyner: So you're thinking if the dominant unsub has a similar M.O...

Aaron Hotchner: We get Garcia to study the footage and see if the same person keeps returning to the crime scene in the days following the shootings. All we've been looking at right now are the immediate aftermaths of the crimes.

David Rossi: It's worth a shot.

Aaron Hotchner: We'll hit the street tomorrow. Dave, will you grab Reid and go over the profile and make sure we didn't leave anything out? Thanks.


Penelope Garcia: Okay, people, talk to me. Mousketeer roll call-- 59th street?

Emily Prentiss: Check.

Penelope Garcia: Herald Square.

Jennifer Jareau: Check.

Penelope Garcia: Chambers street?

Agent 1: Check.

Penelope Garcia: 72nd street?

Agent 2: Check.


David Rossi: Detective... The Son of Sam-- this case still pisses you off like it was yesterday.

Brustin: Yeah, it does.

David Rossi: There have been a lot of killers in this city. Why him?

Brustin: He was laughing at us and we couldn't catch him. The only way we grabbed him was through a parking ticket.

Spencer Reid: What are you thinking?

David Rossi: He hasn't contacted us again.

Brustin: So?

David Rossi: This doesn't fit. These unsubs are organized. They use pre-surveillance. They strike in the heart of the day and yet they haven't done anything to seek out media attention… And then this.

Brustin: You said it was to tell you they knew you were here.

David Rossi: We profiled that he was trying to open a line of communication, create panic, but if that was the case, his correspondence should escalate.

Spencer Reid: After they left their death card, Muhammad and Malvo demanded an ATM card with a million dollars in a bank account just to taunt the police. Berkowitz wrote rambling letters about hunting the city, describing himself as a monster.

David Rossi: These unsubs are more disciplined than that. The fact that they haven't contacted the press tells me... That this was private. It's only for us.

Brustin: So what does that mean?

David Rossi: They're ramping up to something, and they want us to know that they're watching us.

Spencer Reid: If you saw all of these traits completely out of context, what would be the first profile to pop into your head?

David Rossi: Who do we have out on the streets?


Penelope Garcia: Talk.

Spencer Reid: Garcia, do you have eyes on everyone on the team?

Penelope Garcia: I can get them.


Cooper: So, uh... If we're undercover, maybe we should, uh, you know, act like a couple.

Emily Prentiss: Are you still working this tired sexual tension angle?

Cooper: I don't know. You're the fortune-teller. You tell me.

Emily Prentiss: You want to know what profiling is, really?

Cooper: Why do I have a feeling I'm gonna hear no matter what I say?

Emily Prentiss: It's just noticing behavior.

Cooper: I'm about to hear about mine. Is that the deal?

Emily Prentiss: Okay. When we first met, when your partner was sarcastic and said "yes, ma'am," you instinctively reached for your detective shield, as if you were protecting it. That tells me you don't like him disrespecting the chain of command. But you're also loyal, so you didn't say something to him. I'd say you were military, probably an officer. Praise in public, censure in private, right? You're right-handed, but you have two different color pen marks on your left hand. I'd guess you have a toddler at home just learning how to draw. You don't wear a ring. And you were quick to flirt with me. So you're happy to let people think you are a player. But if I took you up on it, you would run for the hills, because you love your wife and you would never actually cheat on her.

Cooper: We might just solve this case yet.


Lisa Bartleby: Okay, this is not good.

Penelope Garcia: What's going on?

Lisa Bartleby: I'm doing what you asked. I'm looking at the footage to see if I see the same person coming back to the crime scene in the days after the shootings. So I find the camera with the widest angle on the scene.

Penelope Garcia: So you have to sift through hundreds.

Lisa Bartleby: Exactly, but…

Penelope Garcia: Someone's hacked in.


Emily Prentiss: Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: I'm on it, I'm on it. 16th and Broadway. He's running east on 16th.

Emily Prentiss: He's headed our way.

Cooper: Move! Move! Get out of the way!

Emily Prentiss: Cooper? Garcia we've got an officer down. 16th west of union square. Let me see. You're gonna be okay. Garcia, can you see us? We have an officer down. Cooper, stay with me. Okay, you're gonna be okay. Cooper, stay with me.


Derek Morgan: Are you okay?

Jennifer Jareau: Is he gonna make it?

Emily Prentiss: I don't know. He lost a lot of blood.


David Rossi: He's not gonna live to tell us anything.

Spencer Reid: Any I.D. on him?

David Rossi: Nothing.

Spencer Reid: This is not good.


Emily Prentiss: I shouldn't have had to shoot him.

Derek Morgan: Emily, he shot a cop. You did what you had to do.

Emily Prentiss: No, no, not that. I mean, he-- he was ahead of us. He would have gotten away, but he stopped and waited.

Jennifer Jareau: So he felt trapped, figured he'd shoot his way out.

Emily Prentiss: I don't know.

Derek Morgan: Tell me about his behavior. Was he acting panicked? Was he winded?

Emily Prentiss: His hands were steady. His eyes were dead calm. I mean, these guys have been hyper-vigilant, organized. They do pre-surveillance. I mean, what are the odds they would shoot somebody 2 blocks from where me and Cooper are standing?

Jennifer Jareau: You think he deliberately shot someone where he could be caught?

Emily Prentiss: What if he did? What if they chose this spot be we use ‘cause were here?

Derek Morgan: What are you thinking?

Emily Prentiss: He had no I.D. on him. He waited until we caught up to him. He was strangely calm-- it's almost like suicide by cop.

Derek Morgan: Why? Why would he do that?

Emily Prentiss: I don't know. Maybe to make us think everything was finished.

Derek Morgan: We need to walk back through this profile.


David Rossi: We think we might have a serious problem.

Aaron Hotchner: What is it?

David Rossi: We have multiple unsubs. They're disciplined. They're using counter-surveillance. They know the FBI movements. There's a hierarchy. What does that usually equal?

Aaron Hotchner: Terrorism.


Derek Morgan: So how does this work?

Spencer Reid: The murders simulate a bombing. From there they station someone to watch and gauge police response time.

Derek Morgan: At which point they know when to bring in a second bomb.

Kate Joyner: The goal is always to take out the first round of civilians, followed by a second wave of emergency responders.

Spencer Reid: It's crazy, but it's ingenious. They get a practice run and if someone catches the shooter, they think they just have a murderer. The cell isn't compromised.

Kate Joyner: It's lo-fi. Smartest way to plan for a terrorist event.

Aaron Hotchner: Creating panic ensures that they see the most urgent response times short of a bombing.

Jennifer Jareau: So there's been 7 different shooters?

David Rossi: Having followers do the shootings would ensure they're willing to kill or be killed for use cathe.

Emily Prentiss: It fits the profile. There is something larger at play. It's similar to gang initiation.

Aaron Hotchner: Especially if they're home-grown. They haven't had a chance to prove themselves.

Spencer Reid: I think they're targeting points of entry. All the murders have taken place near a bridge or a tunnel.

Emily Prentiss: Holland Tunnel, Midtown Tunnel, Manhattan Bridge.

Jennifer Jareau: If bombs went off, emergency response would shut down any ability to get in or out of the city. It's like people would be trapped on the island.

Aaron Hotchner: Keep in mind it's still a theory, just like any profile.

Derek Morgan: Talk to us, Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: We got a problem. I went through and checked all 4,468 cameras. They hacked into the surveillance system. They've got footage of every crime scene. They've been watching since the beginning.

Aaron Hotchner: How could we not have caught that?

Penelope Garcia: They were smart. It wasn't syst-wemide. You had to check each camera individually.

Emily Prentiss: And this is from every crime scene?

Penelope Garcia: If I'm raid so. They hacked into one camera at every scene.

Derek Morgan: Thanks, Garcia.

David Rossi: So much for theory.

Kate Joyner: We need to hit the ground running.

Emily Prentiss: I'm gonna head to the hospital. I'll check on Cooper and brief detective Brustin.

Aaron Hotchner: Good. Dave, will you go talk to the commissioner, and, Morgan, you brief homeland security.

Spencer Reid: JJ and I will talk to the port authority police.

Aaron Hotchner: Kate and I will go talk to the mayor and we'll meet back here as soon as possible.

Kate Joyner: One advantage that we have right now is that they don't know we know they're watching.


Shelly: Agent Jareau.

Jennifer Jareau: Thank you.

Spencer Reid: From Will?

Jennifer Jareau: He's going home to New Orleans tonight.

Spencer Reid: Okay.

Jennifer Jareau: He doesn't want to be in the way.

Spencer Reid: He's quitting his job?

Jennifer Jareau: Do you need everyone in the field?

Aaron Hotchner: Reid, you can go brief port authority police by yourself. JJ, you run point from the office. Why don't you go back to the hotel, tell will what's going on, and then get back here straight away.

Jennifer Jareau: Yes, sir.

Aaron Hotchner: And JJ... Congratulations.


Emily Prentiss: How's Cooper doing?

Brustin: He's still in surgery. It doesn't look good.

Emily Prentiss: We think we know what this is about.

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