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Esprits Criminels
#408 : Duel de maîtres

Scénariste : Edward Allen Bernero
Réalisateur : Paul Michael Glaser

Un homme se faisant appeler Professeur Rothchild contacte Rossi et Reid pour leur dire qu'il a déjà tué sept femmes, photos à l'appui, et que dans les heures qui suivent, cinq autres personnes qu'il a kidnappé vont mourir, à moins qu'ils ne parviennent à les libérer. Le compte à rebours a commencé et il ne leur reste que 10 heures pour les retrouver. Rossi prend l'affaire en mains, bien que Rothchild souhaite avoir affaire uniquement à Reid. 

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Duel de maîtres

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Spencer Reid Promotes the FBI - From Criminal Minds 4x08, "Masterpiece"

Spencer Reid Promotes the FBI - From Criminal Minds 4x08, "Masterpiece"


Criminal Minds 4x08 - Reid's Existentialist Joke

Criminal Minds 4x08 - Reid's Existentialist Joke


Photos promo

David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) discute avec un homme.

David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) discute avec un homme.

Le professeur Rothschild est en salle d'interrogatoire avec Rossi.

Le professeur Rothschild est en salle d'interrogatoire avec Rossi.

Professeur Rothschild (Jason Alexander).

Professeur Rothschild (Jason Alexander).

Derek (Shemar Moore) interroge à son tour Rothschild.

Derek (Shemar Moore) interroge à son tour Rothschild.

Les quatre hommes surveillent de près leur suspect.

Les quatre hommes surveillent de près leur suspect.

Derek sauve  in-extremis deux enfants pris au piège.

Derek sauve in-extremis deux enfants pris au piège.


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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Joe Mantegna ... David Rossi
   - Paget Brewster ... Emily Prentiss
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jareau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - Jason Alexander ... Professeur Rothchild
   - Meta Golding ... Jordan Todd
   - Nicholas Brendon ... Kevin Lynch
   - Ali Landry Monteverde ... Kaylee Robinson
   - Paul Michael Glaser ... Détective Garrity
   - Davis Cleveland ... Ricky
   - Tiffany Espensen ... Samantha
   - Brighid Fleming ... Jessica
   - Gina Garcia ... Gina
   - Ellery Sprayberry ... Chelsea Robinson
   - Nic Wegener ... Harrison

Kaylee Robinson: Amy!


Spencer Reid: Most of us have done extensive post-graduate work in areas such as abnormal psychology and sociology, as well as intensive study of relative case work and existing literature.

David Rossi: But that's after selection to the unit. First you have to be an agent, work in the field, and that's what we're here to talk about, for that, the academics are wide open, everyone in this room, once you graduate, regardless of your course study, is eligible to apply to the FBI.

Student 1: What did you study?

David Rossi: Criminal justice… But sports appreciation was all full up at my community college.

Spencer Reid: I hold doctorates in chemistry, mathematics, and engineering, as well as BAS in psychology and sociology.

Student 2: How old are you?

Spencer Reid: Uh, I'm 27. As of last month, I turned 27. I'm… I'm also completing an additional BA in philosophy, which reminds me that I have a joke. How many existentialists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

David Rossi: Don't.

Spencer Reid: 2. One to change the light bulb and one to observe how it symbolizes an incandescent beacon of subjectivity in a netherworld of cosmic nothingness… Um, an existentialist would…

David Rossi: Okay, before he does his quantum physics knock-knock joke… Do we have any other questions about opportunities in the FBI?

Student 3: Did you ever shoot anybody?


Jordan Todd: I'm going to present this information to the team, and if they're interested, I'll call you.

Garrity: If your team is interested?

Jordan Todd: It's not a matter of interest.

Garrity: You just said "interested."

Jordan Todd: Detective, that's not quite what I meant…

Garrity: Is it that it's only one victim, not enough bodies for you?

Jordan Todd: Not at all.

Garrity: My vic's aren't covered in peanut butter and decapitated?

Jordan Todd: They only need to be certain at they can help.

Garrity: They sure as hell couldn't hurt.

Derek Morgan: That's actually not true, sir. To take focus away from your investigation to build a profile could be a waste of your time and resources if you're already on the right track.

Garrity: The girl's been dead 3 months.

Derek Morgan: And you feel like if you don't do something to help her, no one will.

Garrity: The mom calls me 3 times a day.

Derek Morgan: I've been there. Chicago PD. trust me, I get it… If there is something we can do to help you, we will.

Garrity: Cell number's on the report.

Derek Morgan: I'm supervisory special agent Derek Morgan. I'll call you personally.

Garrity: We'll see.

Derek Morgan: You really need to be careful how you phrase things…

Jordan Todd: What was that?

Derek Morgan: Excuse me?

Jordan Todd: I'll call you personally? I'm the liaison.

Derek Morgan: You can call if it…

Jordan Todd: And you didn't need to come in here and take over my consultation like that.

Derek Morgan: It was your first solo. I was simply trying to help you.

Jordan Todd: Well, from now on, supervisory special agent Morgan, if I need your help, I'll ask.

Derek Morgan: You're welcome, agent Todd.


Student: Thank you so much.

Spencer Reid: Oh, you're welcome.

David Rossi: Thank you. Bye. You do know we want them to actually join the bureau?

Spencer Reid: What?

David Rossi: We want these kids to think it's a cool place to work.

Spencer Reid: I understand that, yeah.

David Rossi: Existentialism?

Spencer Reid: Existentialism is… Yes? That was a funny joke. What do you mean?

David Rossi: Yeah, to Sigmund Freud.

Spencer Reid: I tell them I shouldn't-- they keep on sending me here. I don't know why.

David Rossi: Because you're young.

Spencer Reid: Young?

Rothchild: Dr. Reid? Wouldn't they sit in the dark and hope that the bulb decided to light again?

Spencer Reid: Excuse me?

Rothchild: An existentialist would never change the bulb. He would allow the darkness to exist.

Spencer Reid: Yeah, that's pretty good.

Rothchild: I'm professor Rothschild. It was a brilliant presentation. Brilliant. You're a remarkably effective recruitment tool. The FBI is very lucky to have you.

Spencer Reid: Thank you for saying that.

Rothchild: May I show you something?

Spencer Reid: Yeah, of course.

Rothchild: It's all right here.

Spencer Reid: I don't understand… What…What are these?

Rothchild: 7 homicide victims.

David Rossi: Homicide?

Rothchild: 7 women. The bodies have never been found. Not a fingernail, not a hair fiber… Acid is a very tidy way of disposing of something.

David Rossi: Acid?

Spencer Reid: Are you saying that you killed these women?

Rothchild: There is still time to save the others, though.

David Rossi: Others?

Rothchild: 5 more.

Spencer Reid: What do you mean?

Rothchild: In a bit less than 9 hours,5 other people are going to be dead… Unless, you can find a way to save them.


David Rossi: "Let us consider that we are all insane. It will explain us to each other. It will unriddle many riddles." Mark twain.

Jordan Todd: You're my boss, correct?

Aaron Hotchner: Excuse me?

Jordan Todd: I report to you.

Aaron Hotchner: That's right.

Jordan Todd: Has my job performance been to your satisfaction, sir?

Aaron Hotchner: It seems fine.

Jordan Todd: And if it weren't to your satisfaction, you'd tell me?

Aaron Hotchner: I can promise you that.

Jordan Todd: Because I can do this job.

Aaron Hotchner: I'm sorry, has somebody suggested that you can't?

Jordan Todd: Have they?

Aaron Hotchner: Not to me.

Jordan Todd: Thank you, sir.


Aaron Hotchner: What's wrong with agent Todd?

Emily Prentiss: I haven't really spent a lot of time with her.

Aaron Hotchner: Something's bothering her.

Emily Prentiss: I'll keep an eye on her. You wanted to see me?

Aaron Hotchner: Yes. The Houston case I'm missing the coroner's supplemental for victim 3.

Emily Prentiss: That's supposed to come in this afternoon. I just turned that in last night. When do you sleep?

Aaron Hotchner: Get me that supplemental so I can close the case.

Emily Prentiss: Yes, sir.

Aaron Hotchner: Thank you.


Aaron Hotchner: Hey, Dave.

David Rossi: Reid and I were just approached by some guy here with photos that he claims are 7 women he killed. These pictures have all been manipulated in some way that you can't really see what they are.

Aaron Hotchner: But he said he killed them?

David Rossi: 7 women so far.

Aaron Hotchner: So far?

David Rossi: There are 5 more live victims somewhere that we can save in 9 hours.

Aaron Hotchner: Is this guy for real, Dave? Is a confessor, wannabe?

David Rossi: I don't think so, Hotch. I get a hit off him. Something hinky. I'm bringing him in.

Aaron Hotchner: Okay, what can I do?

David Rossi: I'm sending shots of the photos to Garcia to start looking over.

Aaron Hotchner: I'll let her know to expect them.

David Rossi: I'll see you in about 45 minutes.

Spencer Reid: What is this?

David Rossi: Do not forget a word he says the rest of the time we have him.


Penelope Garcia: It's obviously Tank Girl.

Kevin Lynch: Tank Girl?

Penelope Garcia: Absolutamundo.

Kevin Lynch: Is she even a good guy?

Penelope Garcia: Um, "A," she's not a guy at all. Big plus, B, she is all about wild hair dye, flatulence, nose picking, spitting, explosive vomiting, occasional random sex, and more than occasional drunkenness and she has a tank. Her very own tank. And that, mon ami, is girl power.

Kevin Lynch: Superman can fly.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia.

Kevin Lynch: Uh, thank you for the help with the, uh, stuff thing.

Penelope Garcia: You don't have to lie, Kevin.

Aaron Hotchner: Kevin, if she's not busy, you can visit.

Kevin Lynch: Right, sir, sorry.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, Rossi's sending you some photos. I need you to analyze them, see if you can find anything identifiable. They're possible homicide victims.

Penelope Garcia: Possible?

Aaron Hotchner: Long story, most of which i don't know yet but the clock may be ticking.

Penelope Garcia: Yes, sir.

Aaron Hotchner: Kevin.

Kevin Lynch: Yes, sir?

Aaron Hotchner: She's busy now.

Kevin Lynch: Oh, right, right. Sorry.

Aaron Hotchner: Find something, Garcia. There may be 5 more victims out there.

Penelope Garcia: Yes, sir.


Spencer Reid: So you said you're a professor at Strayer?

Rothchild: No.

Spencer Reid: You didn't?

Rothchild: No.

Spencer Reid: I mean, you did introduce yourself as professor Rothschild, right?

Rothchild: Your degree in philosophy surprises me, Dr. Reid. It doesn't fit with mathematics and engineering.

Spencer Reid: I kind of like it because there's no right or wrong answers.

Rothchild: Without right or wrong, how would we recognize perfection?

David Rossi: Is this fun for you?

Rothchild: Excuse me?

David Rossi: Are you having fun?

Rothchild: It's quite a bit more complicated than that.

David Rossi: What do you mean?

Rothchild: You wouldn't understand.

David Rossi: Try me.

Rothchild: I read your books, David. You're not of the intellectual capacity to grasp what's going on here.

David Rossi: If you're trying to piss me off, it's not gonna work but if you killed 7 women without leaving a trace of evidence, why turn yourself in?

Rothchild: Imagine what the world would have missed if Da Vinci never showed his work.


Emily Prentiss: Hey, how's it going?

Jordan Todd: Why?

Emily Prentiss: Um, it's just a question.

Jordan Todd: I'm sorry. I just...

Emily Prentiss: Um, Jordan, as the last person to join this team, I know how overwhelming all of this can be. It really does get easier. I'm not exactly sure if that's a good thing, though.

Jordan Todd: I'm gonna manifest happiness and calm for the rest of the day.

Emily Prentiss: Happiness and calm? At the BAU? That's good luck with that.

Jordan Todd: Oh, did you need something?

Emily Prentiss: Oh, yeah. I'm waiting for a supplemental from the Houston field office so I can closeout a report. If you could just let me know when it gets here.

Jordan Todd: An internal report wouldn't come through me.

Emily Prentiss: Really?

Jordan Todd: Thanks for checking up on me.

Emily Prentiss: Yeah, okay. Well, if you need anything, I'm around.


Reporter: Earlier this morning, police were contacted and informed that Kaylee Robinson, who ran a daycare center out of her home, had been abducted along with 4 children. When a parent arrived at 9:30 this morning to drop off her child, she discovered the door...

Spencer Reid: What's going on?

Aaron Hotchner: He said there were 5 more victims we could save?

Jordan Todd: A woman was abducted this morning in Loretto, Virginia. She runs a home daycare center. She had 4 children with her.

Emily Prentiss: They're all missing.

Derek Morgan: All five.

David Rossi: Are those the 5 more?

Rothchild: Are you pissed off yet, David?


Rothchild: It's not your fault, you know. Your IQ is your IQ. It's not education, David, it's genetics.

David Rossi: What's this?

Rothchild: I need to explain what a pendant is?

David Rossi: What does it mean?

Rothchild: Mean? It's just something I found at a fair.

David Rossi: Sit down.

Derek Morgan: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you. You have the right to have an attorney present. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand your rights…

Rothchild: Genetics is the key to everything, David. If you're not born with the right…

Derek Morgan: Do you understand your rights?

Rothchild: Perfectly. I can have a lawyer. No, thank you. Some games are just intended to be played by higher intellects.

Derek Morgan: Harming a person weaker than you doesn't take any special ability.

Rothchild: Neither does slamming your fist down on a table but we all must do what we must do… Bring Dr. Reid back with you.


Spencer Reid: I never have any normal fans.

Derek Morgan: This guy loves the attention.

David Rossi: He has a god complex. Sooner or later he'll give up something important about Kaylee and the kids. Guys like him always do.

Derek Morgan: Before he hurts them?

Aaron Hotchner: 1:45. He said we had till 10:00.

David Rossi: We need a button to push.

Derek Morgan: The 7 original homicides could give us some leverage.

David Rossi: He says we'll never find any evidence so he has nothing to worry about on them.

Spencer Reid: He made of point of saying there are no bodies, no physical evidence.

Aaron Hotchner: We just have to show that a crime was committed. We can do that circumstantially.

David Rossi: We need to identify the original 7 women. Going back in there with names just might shake him up.

Spencer Reid: How do we do that?

David Rossi: Reverse profiling.

Aaron Hotchner: Learn everything we can about him and his methods and then profile it back to what kind of victim he would choose and from where.

Derek Morgan: From the unsub to the victim.


Kaylee Robinson: Okay, okay. Get this. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Go, go, go. Come on with me. Get to a mask. Hold your breath. Hold your breath.


Penelope Garcia: I went through VICAP. There are literally thousands of open missing women cases across the country.

Spencer Reid: It's not the entire country, though. Kaylee was abducted at 9:30 this morning. He had time to take them somewhere, hide them, and make it to Fredericksburg 2 hours later.

Emily Prentiss: He'd need a place with a lot of privacy to hide 5 victims.

Aaron Hotchner: A house.

David Rossi: He's local.

Spencer Reid: He was late for the presentation. You know, it was more like 2, 5 hours after the abduction. He got there around noon, which puts him somewhere around that radius.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, work up a map. We need the farthest point he could have taken Kaylee from Loretto and still gotten back to Fredericksburg by noon.

Penelope Garcia: Shouldn't be too hard.

David Rossi: All right, what do we know so far? He's obsessively neat and clean. He did research on Reid and me at least. He's abducted 5 people, and then gets to a scheduled recruitment session at a specific time. That's extensive pre-planning.

Spencer Reid: Did you find anything in those pictures, Garcia?

Penelope Garcia: I can't even positively say they're dead.

David Rossi: What about hair colour?

Penelope Garcia: All the ones that show hair, they appear to be brunettes.

David Rossi: So is Kaylee.

Penelope Garcia: I'll start there. Brunettes from central Virginia that are missing.

Derek Morgan: Identity got zip on his prints. He's not in any system. He's a ghost.

David Rossi: All right, if he hasn't been fingerprinted, he hasn't been arrested. Which also means he hasn't had a passport, driver's license, or been in the military.

Spencer Reid: Never been a teacher, either. You have to be fingerprinted to be a teacher.

David Rossi: So he's a professor who doesn't teach.

Jordan Todd: What kind of professor doesn't teach?

Spencer Reid: A researcher? Someone on a grant, maybe.

Aaron Hotchner: A grant would give him the time.

Penelope Garcia: There must be some sort of central grant database. I can't imagine the government just handing out money and not-- I'll look into it.

David Rossi: From past conversations, we know he's a narcissist and seemingly remorseless.

Derek Morgan: Psychopath.

Emily Prentiss: You know, we can eliminate a lot of these open missing persons cases if we could just figure out how he met them.

Aaron Hotchner: Jordan, contact the Loretto PD and get us invitation to consult on the Kaylee Robinson case. Be nice to them. They don't have to let us. And then you and Morgan go down there and find out what you can.

Derek Morgan: Let's go.

David Rossi: Prentiss, I need you to do something for me.

Emily Prentiss: Anything.

Spencer Reid: What's our strategy going to be in there with the interrogation?

David Rossi: You're not gonna be in the room.

Spencer Reid: What do you mean?

David Rossi: That's what he wants. He wants to play with you. We have to knock him off his game. That's all we have right now.

Aaron Hotchner: He's right.


Penelope Garcia: Okay, how far could he have gone from Loretto and make it back to Fredericksburg by noon? There must be some sort of mathematical equation to do this. Should have paid more attention in algebra… Note to self, get Dr. Reid in here asap… What the? Golden rat? Oh, no.


Rothchild: Where's Dr. Reid?

David Rossi: Busy.

Rothchild: You have something going on more important than me?

David Rossi: My dry cleaning is more important than you.

Rothchild: That's very, very hostile.

David Rossi: I think you're just a big-mouth wannabe who doesn't have the guts to do anything at all about this.

Rothchild: Well, then I guess I'm free to go. I didn't spend the last 5 years of my life working on a masterpiece just to fold to a bad bluff, especially to someone who doesn't even have a hand to play.

David Rossi: Agent Prentiss, this is professor Rothschild.

Emily Prentiss: May I?

David Rossi: A god like you doesn't have a problem with women, does he?

Emily Prentiss: Do I make you nervous?

David Rossi: It's okay, agent. I think we have everything we need to know. This is not a man who can confront a woman on equal footing. He sneaks up on them. Gets them from behind. Blitz attacks. The original 7 victims, oh, they were alone when they came up missing. They had a routine, and he watched them. Hiding in the weeds like a snake. Like... A coward.

Rothchild: That was a waste of precious time.

David Rossi: Oh, it's all part of the game now, isn't it?

Rothchild: You think you know what game you're plan, David? You aren't even able to grasp what questions to ask.

David Rossi: Such as?

Rothchild: How about asking what the rules are, David?

David Rossi: Rules?

Rothchild: 2:00 and then there were four…


Rothchild: I told you that in less than 10 hours another 5 people would be dead. I never said they would die at the same time.

Kaylee Robinson: It's okay.

Rothchild: I wonder which one it was… The woman or one of those precious babies.


Rothchild: You have to know the rules to play the game, David.


Rothchild: Every 2 hours, one of them will die.

Kaylee Robinson: Chelsea!

Rothchild: In the end, they will all be gone.

Kaylee Robinson: Chelsea, honey!


David Rossi: Is there something else I need to know?

Rothchild: Only that I'm rooting for you... David.


Penelope Garcia: It just popped up on the screen. It's them.

Aaron Hotchner: There are only 3 children.

Penelope Garcia: There were four when I went to go get you.

Emily Prentiss: What is this on their faces?

Aaron Hotchner: They look like gas masks.

Emily Prentiss: Why would you fill a place with gas and then provide gas masks?

Aaron Hotchner: Well, maybe the gas serves another purpose.

Penelope Garcia: Such as?

Aaron Hotchner: Well, look how evenly they're spaced out and the hoses are stretched as far as they can go without coming off.

Emily Prentiss: The masks are to keep them in specific positions.

Spencer Reid: He said one of them is already dead.

David Rossi: One of the five.

Aaron Hotchner: There are only 3 children.

Spencer Reid: Is this them?

Penelope Garcia: An anonymous site emailed to me.

David Rossi: He said one will die every 2 hours, not all five in ten. When he said 10 hours, I just assumed…

Spencer Reid: It's a chess game, he's 2 moves ahead.

Aaron Hotchner: Let's not get diverted. How we doing with the seven missing women?

Penelope Garcia: So far I've got 39 missing brunettes in Central Virginia.

Aaron Hotchner: Okay, 30 years old like Kaylee. Narcissists tend to be extremely preferential.

Penelope Garcia: 28.

David Rossi: He said he's been working on this for 5 years.

Penelope Garcia: Over the last 5 years, 17.

Aaron Hotchner: All right, if he thinks he's going to jail for even one of the original 7 homicides, maybe he'll tell us where the rest of them are and give himself some deal room. How long do we have until the next one?

Spencer Reid: One hour, 48 minutes.

Aaron Hotchner: Dave, can I speak to you for a second?


Aaron Hotchner: How do you think it's going in there?

David Rossi: All right.

Aaron Hotchner: Do you feel like you're making progress?

David Rossi: Some.

Aaron Hotchner: I was thinking maybe we should give Reid a shot.

David Rossi: You think he's smarter than me?

Aaron Hotchner: No.

David Rossi: Intelligence is just part of the profile.

Aaron Hotchner: We're not talking about intelligence.

David Rossi: We're not changing in midstream, Hotch. I have a rapport. This is my interview.

Aaron Hotchner: Okay… Let me know if there's anything we can do.


Jordan Todd: Thanks, ma'am, we're around the corner. The husband and the local PD are all at the crime scene. They're waiting for you.

Derek Morgan: Us.

Jordan Todd: What?

Derek Morgan: Us. They're waiting for us. You told that detective this morning that you would present his case to the team, and if they were interested, you would call him.

Jordan Todd: Look, interested wasn't the right word. I get that. I won't make that mistake again.

Derek Morgan: Jordan... You are a member of this team. There is no "they." It's "we." It's important for you to know that.


Rothchild: Do you know that I was born with an extra Y chromosome?

David Rossi: So?

Rothchild: You don't know what that means?

David Rossi: It doesn't mean anything.

Rothchild: It means... I was born to be a killer.

David Rossi: Now that's funny.

Rothchild: Oh, no, no, no. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. I have an extra Y, it makes me a killer.

David Rossi: That's junk science; a joke. It was debunked years ago.

Rothchild: So you don't believe that killing is genetic?

David Rossi: It's not a matter of me believing it. It isn't true. Killing someone or not killing someone is a choice. If those people die, it's because you chose to make it happen.


Aaron Hotchner: Margaret Peters, another Gloucester point. Disappeared in 2006 on her way to work. Last seen at the coffee shop she went to every morning.

Penelope Garcia: Check.

Spencer Reid: That's number six. We need one more.


Derek Morgan: Husband?

Jordan Todd: I'll go talk to him.

Derek Morgan: You want me to, um...

Jordan Todd: I'll be fine.

Derek Morgan: Right.


Derek Morgan: All these toys were left just like this?

Tech: We didn't move them.

Jordan Todd: Husband doesn't know anything. He was at work. Doors were found open when somebody tried to drop another child off.

Derek Morgan: These kids are 6 years old, right?

Jordan Todd: All four of them.

Derek Morgan: It's just an odd pattern for kids to leave toys in.

Jordan Todd: Mean anything to you?

Derek Morgan: Not to me.


Kaylee Robinson: Ricky, Ricky, look at me! Run all the way here for me. Can you do that? Okay? Come on! Okay, come on! Run, run! Run, run, run! Stay, stay, stay.


Spencer Reid: She put herself closest to the end, farthest from the camera.

Emily Prentiss: Why?

Aaron Hotchner: Maybe she knows something we don't, like she doesn't have a lot of time. Let's continue.

Emily Prentiss: Uh, Lindsay Connor, she was last seen when she stepped out to have a cigarette while having a blown tire fixed.

Spencer Reid: Doesn't sound like something routine.

Aaron Hotchner: Lisa McDaniel, Saluda, went missing early 2008 while on her daily jog.

Emily Prentiss: Oh, she fits.

Aaron Hotchner: That's seven, including Kaylee, that makes 8… They're all incredibly beautiful.

Spencer Reid: Almost unnaturally.

Penelope Garcia: What are the chances that three out of our seven victims are from the same town?

Emily Prentiss: What's the population of Saluda?

Spencer Reid: Middlesex County is small, but it's near water. A lot of people have boats there and weekend homes.

Aaron Hotchner: And two from Gloucester point.

Spencer Reid: Morgan just sent this to me from the Robinson house.


Rothchild: Without right or wrong, how would we recognize perfection?


Spencer Reid: Perfection.


Rothchild: Analytical minds such as ours...


Emily Prentiss: What does that mean?


Rothchild: Dr. Reid...

Spencer Reid: I know where to find them.


Spencer Reid: Garcia, can you put the map of Virginia up on screen? It's an irrational number known as "phi." It's based on the ratio of line segments to each other and of the whole. It's called the golden ratio.

Penelope Garcia: Golden rat-- that's the web address, Goldenrat. Net.

Spencer Reid: It's a ratio found all through life. In fact, many people that we find conventionally attractive are proportioned based on that ratio. He, uh, he made a reference to Leonardo Da Vinci, remember this? Da Vinci used it in a lot of his paintings. A matter of fact, the last supper…

Aaron Hotchner: Reid, Reid, how do we find them?

Spencer Reid: The whole concept is represented by this pendant, including the logarithmic spiral created by using a Fibonacci sequence. Follow me on this. You can manipulate this image, right?

Penelope Garcia: Tell me what you need.

Spencer Reid: Pull up all the towns that the missings are from… Wonderful. We had one in Richmond. One in Dinwiddie, then two in Gloucester point, and three in Saluda, and finally 5 in Loretto this morning. 1-1-2-3-5 is a Fibonacci series. Each number added to the number before it. It's what his ticks mean. He's subconsciously counting off the Fibonacci sequence in his head over and over again. Now geometrically, it can be expressed as a spiral. It's called a logarithmic spiral. Can you put the spiral up on the map? Thanks. Okay, now flip it 180 degrees… Now make it bigger. Bigger, just a little bit bigger. Stop, stop, stop. The pendant is like a key… Chester, Virginia.

David Rossi: You're sure?

Spencer Reid: With his level of obsession with these numbers, the ratio will have permeated his entire life. If we took a city map of Chester, the location where Kaylee and her children are being held will follow one of these points on that map as well. The ratio works with any scale at all.

Aaron Hotchner: Morgan and Todd are closer. Call them and tell them to get to Chester. I'm gonna get a chopper ready. Reid and Prentiss, get a city map and you're with me.

David Rossi: There's still something... Bugging me about this.


David Rossi: Chester, Virginia.

Rothchild: What?

David Rossi: The whole team is going there.

Rothchild: I see.

David Rossi: They'll be there before 4:00; before the next deadline. You lose… Explain something to me… This is all about a geometric pattern?

Rothchild: Phi is much more than a geometric pattern, David.

David Rossi: Killing all those women… Kaylee Robinson, the first seven? You killed them because they were beautiful?

Rothchild: You mean hypothetically?

David Rossi: Well, I'm just trying to understand this math thing.

Rothchild: All animals desperately need a way to detect others of their species. Dogs have scent, dolphins have sound. Golden ratio is a subconscious identifier of perfect humanness… If I had done all these things, it wouldn't be because they were beautiful. It would be because they were perfect examples of humanity.

David Rossi: Because they're human?

Rothchild: Hypothetically speaking.

David Rossi: This doesn't make any sense to me. Killing a human because they're human?

Rothchild: Do you know what homo sapiens sapiens actually means, David? Its literal translation?

David Rossi: No.

Rothchild: Man, wise, wise. Think about that. We named ourselves doubly wise. We are twice as wise as every other creature on the planet… The hubris, the arrogance… Humans are a blight. We should all be eradicated.

David Rossi: You hate humanity?

Rothchild: Every bit as much as you do.

David Rossi: I don't hate humanity.

Rothchild: I told you, I read all of your books. It's in there, every one of them. Your hatred… Your first book, chapter 3,page 89, 1, 3... 89. All Fibonacci numbers. "The first time I saw one of William Grace's victims, I knew I was looking at the residue of pure evil. I would never again feel completely safe around a human being."

David Rossi: This is all about my books?

Rothchild: Like you, I know exactly what human beings are capable of.

David Rossi: I can hate the things people do, but have pity for who they are.

Rothchild: Pity? You pity them?

David Rossi: Any man who feels that the only way to have power or purpose is to hurt others deserves pity.

Rothchild: Your fifth book, chapter 13,page 144. "I know it makes little sense to try and deter violence with more violence but deterrence is not why I believe in the death penalty. There are some people that are so violent, so evil, that society has no choice but to be done with them. Vengeance is something that society needs from time to time, if, for no other purpose, than to keep the rest of us sane." Where is the pity?

Penelope Garcia: Sir, they found the house. You were right. They're going inside now.

David Rossi: Thank you.

Rothchild: Vengeance keeps us sane. What a fascinating statement. You may have your vengeance, as I am about to have... Mine.

David Rossi: What?

Rothchild: They're never going to make it out of that house, David. It was never about that perfect woman or those wonderful children. It is about your team. Your merry band of five… They complete my sequence.

David Rossi: Garcia, get Hotch on the phone, now!

Rothchild: It's too late, David. The minute they stepped into that house, they were dead. I knew if I kept prodding you that you would rise to my challenge.

Penelope Garcia: Hotch isn't answering.

David Rossi: Try Morgan.

Rothchild: I knew... That you would insist on being in the room alone with me; that you would try to beat me. I knew you would send them all out there.

Penelope Garcia: No, nothing.

David Rossi: Try Prentiss or Reid! It's a trap, stop them!

Rothchild: But you're not just filled with hatred, David. You're also filled with arrogance. Hubris, just like every other human being. Just like me.

Penelope Garcia: I can't reach anyone!

David Rossi: Try again!

Rothchild: They're never going to answer. You lose.

David Rossi: Why? What did I ever do?

Rothchild: William Grace. The man you called the face of pure evil… My brother. My life ended the day you arrested him. Every time people talked about William Grace, they always talked about his parents and his brother Henry because no one could believe that anyone that evil could possibly hide in the darkness. Surely someone must have seen, someone must have known… Surely his own brother. I had a fiancé, David. A beautiful woman. A perfect woman. She sent the ring back to me. She said she was afraid to give it to me in person. She was afraid of me.

David Rossi: She was a brunette.

Rothchild: So then I started getting these thoughts, these ideas, these images inside my head. I couldn't… I couldn't escape them. And then I realized, my brother hadn't been alone in the darkness. I shared the same genetics you so casually dismiss. I started a second life. No one knew, but something... Was missing. I couldn't figure it out. And then... David Rossi, the man that ruined my life. And suddenly, I knew what it was that was missing. Because you... Have written it… Vengeance… Vengeance.

David Rossi: You murdered all those women just because of me?

Rothchild: That's right. I killed 12 people... 'Cause of you. You took my family… I take yours.

David Rossi: Did you get all that?

Penelope Garcia: Every word, boss.

David Rossi: Well, make copies before we give it to the US attorney. This might make a pretty good teaching aid.

Penelope Garcia: Yes, sir.

Rothchild: Teaching?

David Rossi: Yeah. I teach interrogation at the FBI Academy… Hotch... Garcia said I got it right?

Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, about everything. We found the acid tanks around back. The acid would have covered the whole area outside the room. There were spigots everywhere. The entry was booby-trapped.

David Rossi: And what about Kaylee and the kids?

Aaron Hotchner: They're fine. Oh, they're fine. You were right about them. They were just one of the decoys.

David Rossi: That was Reid who figured out his obsession with those numbers. He wasn't about to kill 10 people this afternoon. That's not in the pattern.

Aaron Hotchner: You get your confession?

David Rossi: Took some doing. Thank you… You'd be charged with kidnapping, but Kaylee and the kids, they're all safe. You'll only face murder charges on the original seven women.

Rothchild: With no evidence?

David Rossi: Yeah. You, uh, you mentioned that when we first met, that we would never be able to get you on those… But I think you'll discover that the videotaped confession has the power to move a lot of jurors… You waited until I turned my back, didn't you, Henry? Just like you did with those women. Don't give me a reason to hurt you! And one more thing… I'm going to be there when they strap you down for that lethal injection and just before they hit the plunger, I'm going to lean in really close and tell you to say hello to your scumbag brother.


Derek Morgan: First solo case.

Jordan Todd: They don't always turn out so well, do they?

Derek Morgan: I wish.

Jordan Todd: I was out of line with you this morning.

Derek Morgan: No, you weren't. You were right. I should have never jumped in like that. And it won't happen again.

Jordan Todd: So what do you think?

Derek Morgan: What do I think about what?

Jordan Todd: The other case.

Derek Morgan: What case?

Jordan Todd: Told that detective that you'd take a look at it and give him a call.

Derek Morgan: Jordan, are you serious? I've been a little busy.

Jordan Todd: The man is waiting for a phone call. You told him you'd call him personally.

Derek Morgan: Am I ever gonna catch a break with you?

Jordan Todd: I can dial the number if you'd like. I mean, aren't you supervisory special agent Morgan?

Spencer Reid: This is going to be interesting.

Emily Prentiss: Yeah.

Jordan Todd: I want you to speak when you mean it. That's what I want you to do.


Agent: Sir.

David Rossi: "Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love." Martin Luther King, Jr.

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