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Esprits Criminels
#214 : Péchés mortels

Scénariste : Edward Allen Bernero
Réalisateur : Gloria Muzio

Le bureau du FBI doit enquêter sur le meurtre d'un couple riche dans leur maison après une fête du Super Bowl. L'équipe se met à la poursuite de ce qui semble être des tueurs multiples. Ces derniers utilisent des webcams pour enregistrer les meurtres et les diffuser ensuite sur internet. Hotchner, Morgan et Prentiss découvrent bientôt que le coupable est en fait seul mais qu'il présente de multiples personnalités. Tandis qu'ils s'approchent du tueur, Reid doit faire face à une situation de vie ou de mort.

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Titre VO
The Big Game - Part 1

Titre VF
Péchés mortels

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Morgan/ Garcia - Criminal Minds 2x14 - Garcia watches Morgan Dance

Morgan/ Garcia - Criminal Minds 2x14 - Garcia watches Morgan Dance


Criminal Minds - The Big Game/Revelations Trailer

Criminal Minds - The Big Game/Revelations Trailer


Criminal Minds Season 2 Episode 14 - The Big Game

Criminal Minds Season 2 Episode 14 - The Big Game


Extrait VO - The Big Game - "Look at him move!"

Extrait VO - The Big Game - "Look at him move!"


Photos promo

Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson).

Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson).

Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) boit un verre avec ses collègues.

Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) boit un verre avec ses collègues.

Pendant une petite soirée entre amis, JJ (A.J. Cook) joue au fléchettes.

Pendant une petite soirée entre amis, JJ (A.J. Cook) joue au fléchettes.

Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) enquête sur la scène de crime.

Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) enquête sur la scène de crime.

Spencer Reid discute avec Jennifer Jareau.

Spencer Reid discute avec Jennifer Jareau.

Spencer et JJ sont partis interroger un suspect de leur affaire.

Spencer et JJ sont partis interroger un suspect de leur affaire.

Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) toute souriante.

Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) toute souriante.

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Acteurs principaux présents dans l'épisode :
   - Mandy Patinkin ... Jason Gideon
   - Thomas Gibson ... Aaron Hotchner
   - Paget Brewster ... Emily Prentiss
   - Matthew Gray Gubler ... Spencer Reid
   - Shemar Moore ... Derek Morgan
   - A.J. Cook ... Jennifer Jareau
   - Kirsten Vangsness ... Penelope Garcia

Acteurs secondaires et invités dans l'épisode :
   - James Van Der Beek ... Raphael / Tobias Hankel
   - Bill Smitrovich ... Détective Farraday
   - Meredith Monroe ... Haley Hotchner
   - Todd Grinnell ... Dennis Kyle
   - Jaime Ray Newman ... Lacy Kyle
   - Samantha Smith ... Helen Douglas
   - Cullen Douglas ... Dr. Wilson
   - Wolf Muser ... Samuel
   - Don Swayze ... Charles Hankel
   - McKinley Freeman ... Agent Franks
   - Karl. T. Wright ... Ken
   - Keisha Alfred ... Gayle
   - Kesun Loder ... Tobias jeune
   - Brian Appel ... Agent Anderson
   - Gina Garcia ... Agent Sharp
   - Dean Lemont ... Agent Green

Jim Nance: We're back in Miami. Welcome, friends. Jim Nance along with Phil Simms. Super Bowl XLI is in the books, and, Phil, as you look back on it now, what was the turning point?

Phil Simms: Well, like most games, Jim, especially super bowls, it's about turnovers. That's what happened here today. But when I talk about turnovers, I have a different take on it. I look at it as takeaways. The winning team is always the most physical. They hit the opposing quarterback, they make him throw interceptions, they hit the running back extra hard…


Dennis Kyle: Well, football is over until next year.

Lacy Kyle: Oh, which means I get Sundays with my husband back.

Dennis Kyle: I already miss it.

Gayle: Hey! Oh, no, you didn't!

Dennis Kyle: Oh! No, no, no. I didn't mean it that way.

Lacy Kyle: Well, then-then how did you mean it?

Dennis Kyle: Just that I'll miss the, uh- I don't know.

Ken: No, no, don't do it. Just beg for her forgiveness and move on!


Ken: Do you count what he drinks?

Lacy Kyle: Yeah, sometimes.

Dennis Kyle: Do you count my- my beers?

Gayle: What?


Tobias Hankel: I don't want to do this.

Raphael: The others are leaving now. Go around back.


Lacy Kyle: Well, get home safe, you guys.

Gayle: Oh, don't worry, I'm driving.

Ken: Didn't men use to the bosses?

Dennis Kyle: Hey, I'm already in trouble.

Lacy Kyle: Yeah. Smart boy.

Gayle: Bye, you guys.

Lacy Kyle: Good night.


Dennis Kyle: Ah. Can we let this wait till morning?

Lacy Kyle: No, let's just do a little. Come on.

Dennis Kyle: All right. I'm gonna take the garbage out.

Lacy Kyle: Okay.

Dennis Kyle: Honey, did you leave the back door open?

Lacy Kyle: What?

Dennis Kyle: Nothing, never mind.


Dennis Kyle: Hey, Lena can finish the rest.

Lacy Kyle: Lena can barely finish what she has to do on a normal Monday.

Dennis Kyle: Come on, I want to go to bed.

Lacy Kyle: Oh, Dennis!

Dennis Kyle: Hey, I know how I can make up that horrible comment to you.

Lacy Kyle: You are kidding me, right?

Dennis Kyle: We can start on that special Sunday together.

Lacy Kyle: No, well, I could get you a football helmet that you could make out with.

Dennis Kyle: Oh, that's ridiculous.

Lacy Kyle: Come with me.

Dennis Kyle: I love it when you drink.

Lacy Kyle: A glass of champagne?


Dispatcher: 9-1-1, what's your emergency?

Tobias Hankel: I'm at 1527 chestnut drive.

Dispatcher: I know where you're calling from. What's the emergency?

Tobias Hankel: He thinks they're too greedy. They have too much.

Dispatcher: Too much what?

Tobias Hankel: Stuff, you know, possessions. Things they don't need. Hurry!

Dispatcher: You're calling because these people have too much stuff?

Tobias Hankel: No, I'm calling because Raphael-

Raphael: That's enough. I know why he's calling, because Raphael is going to kill the sinners that live here.

Dispatcher: I'm sorry, did you say someone is killing somebody? Sir? Hello?


Emily Prentiss: Face forward and be careful! Want to look back and check your wallet.

Derek Morgan: It's all right, I'll be a broke, happy man.


All: Cheers!

Haley Hotchner: How are they treating you at the B.A.U., Emily?

Aaron Hotchner: She means, am I being nice to you?

Emily Prentiss: Actually, everyone has been incredibly nice.

Haley Hotchner: Okay.

Penelope Garcia: Look at him move. It's like a cat.

Emily Prentiss: More like a dog!

Penelope Garcia: He did not ask them to dance. They asked him.

Emily Prentiss: Okay. Okay, he's a cat.

Haley Hotchner: An alley cat.

Aaron Hotchner: Come on, Haley, let's go show them how it's done.

Haley Hotchner: Oh! Game if you are!

Aaron Hotchner: Push it to the limit that is so sweet.

Penelope Garcia: I'm going to the loo. Do not let anyone steal my seat.

Emily Prentiss: I'll guard it with my life.


Jennifer Jareau: Oh! Another perfect toss!

Agent Anderson: How did you get so good at this?

Jennifer Jareau: Where I grew up, darts was like a national sport.

Agent Anderson: Seriously?

Jennifer Jareau: Yeah, we were too small for a bowling alley… Oh! Sorry, boys, you're gonna have to find someone else to humiliate you.

Agent Anderson: Oh, okay.


Spencer Reid: Ask me any, any question.

Agent Green: Return to tomorrow.

Spencer Reid: Return to tomorrow, season 2, production number 51, an alien entity, Sargon, takes over Kirk's body while 2 others kick over Spock and Dr. Mulhall.

Agent Green: Alien race or Terran?

Spencer Reid: Trick question. A race is never identified. Sargon is a disembodied mind.

Agent Sharp: What did Dr. Mccoy quote? 5... 4... 3... 2...

Spencer Reid: "I will not peddle flesh. I'm a physician." Drink!


Jennifer Jareau: I'm sorry. Will you say that again? Okay. Um, have the police fax over everything they have so far. I'll take care of the notifications, most everyone's here with me. Thank you.


Samuel: Last, but not least, a special treat for your annual super bowl visit.

Jason Gideon: Something new?

Samuel: As soon as it came in, I knew you'd want to see it… An original hand-coloured Audubon etching entitled Turdus polyglottus.

Jason Gideon: Or the mockingbird. It's gorgeous… See how they fight the rattlesnake for their nest? They have no concern for their own safety.

Samuel: I can see why you'd be drawn to it.

Jason Gideon: You know, they can emulate the cries of over 30 different species, from hummingbirds to eagles, other animals, even machinery. They are incredible… J.J… I'll meet you at the office.

Samuel: Rattlesnake in someone's nest?

Jason Gideon: I'm sorry we couldn't spend more time together. Thanks a lot.


Tobias Hankel: What did we do?


Tobias Hankel: It was redemption. It wasn't God's breath... What did we do?


Derek Morgan: You know, it never fails. Just as I'm getting my groove thing going, bam. We're back at the B.A.U.

Spencer Reid: You know, statistically a case doesn't come in with any more frequency if you're at a party or a gathering and if you aren't. It's a trick of the mind. We merely remember the ones that came in that way more.

Emily Prentiss: So is it really that hard for you to get your groove "thang" going again?

Jason Gideon: Only when he's sleeping.

Aaron Hotchner: Where were you tonight?

Jason Gideon: I told you, I went to the Smithsonian.

Emily Prentiss: You missed a good time.

Jason Gideon: I had a good time.

Jennifer Jareau: Well, that's definitely over… Georgia. The Kyles Dennis and Lacy were murdered an hour ago in their suburban Atlanta home.

Aaron Hotchner: An hour ago?

Jennifer Jareau: Police were on scene unusually fast.

Derek Morgan: Why?

Jennifer Jareau: One of the unsubs called them and told them that the other was about to murder the victims.

Derek Morgan: You're kidding.

Jennifer Jareau: From inside the house. According to the dispatcher, the first male sounded terrified and begged them to get there before the other, who they both identified as Raphael, was about to kill the sinners that lived there.

Aaron Hotchner: Sinners?

Jennifer Jareau: The 9-1-1 center is going to send Garcia a copy of the tape.

Spencer Reid: How fast was the police response time?

Jennifer Jareau: 4 minutes,26 seconds. During which time... Raphael managed to do this.

Emily Prentiss: In 41/2 minutes?

Jennifer Jareau: Mr. Kyle is a dot com millionaire. His company is one of the largest employers in the community. There's gonna be media coverage. Also, when they arrived, the police found this displayed prominently on the bed.

Aaron Hotchner: Revelations chapter 6, verse 8.

Derek Morgan: They're killing sinners. These guys are on a mission.

Spencer Reid: And mission-based killers will not stop killing.

Aaron Hotchner: “And I looked in behold a pale horse, and his name that sat upon m was death.”

Jason Gideon: “And hell followed with him.”


Tobias Hankel: This isn't right.

Raphael: Ye shall walk after the lord, your God, and fear him and keep his commandments and obey his voice, and you shall serve him, and cleave unto him.

Tobias Hankel: You don't serve God that way.

Raphael: You don't question me, boy! Clean yourself up and quit whining. You done the lord's work today.


Charles Hankel: Hey!

Tobias Hankel: No, please!

Charles Hankel: Now you stay right there… Book tells us that we ain't to serve the lord until we are sealed, boy. Sealed with God's mark. Sealed in our forehead.


Jason Gideon: Condemned murderer Perry smith said of his victims, the clutter family: “I didn't have anything against them, and they never did anything wrong to me, the way other people have all my life. Maybe they're just the ones who have to pay for it.”


Emily Prentiss: This is a bad one, isn't it?

Derek Morgan: Unsubs with a cause are never good.

Penelope Garcia: Pets, I just got the 9-1-1 call from the Georgia state police.


Dispatcher: 9-1-1, what's your emergency?

Tobias Hankel: I'm at 1527 chestnut drive.

Dispatcher: I know where you're calling from. What's the emergency?

Tobias Hankel: He thinks they're too greedy. They have too much.

Dispatcher: Too much what?

Tobias Hankel: Stuff, you know, possessions. Things they don't need. Hurry!

Dispatcher: You're calling because these people have too much stuff?

Tobias Hankel: No, I'm calling because Raphael-

Raphael: That's enough. I know why he's calling, because Raphael is going to kill the sinners that live here.

Dispatcher: I'm sorry, did you say someone is killing somebody?


Emily Prentiss: Well, unsub one definitely sounds frightened. Maybe he's doing this against his will.

Jason Gideon: I doubt it. He whispered.

Aaron Hotchner: He could have called out to save them instead of calling 9-1-1.

Derek Morgan: Not if he had a gun to his head.

Jason Gideon: If he had a gun to his head, why would he have dialled 9-1-1?

Jennifer Jareau: The second unsub said Raphael was going to kill someone. Is there a third?

Spencer Reid: Referring to oneself in the third person is not uncommon for an unsub. Ted Bundy gave thoroughly detailed accounts of his murders, but he never actually admitted to doing it. He would just say, "the killer."

Penelope Garcia: Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and the name Raphael through the Georgia criminal databases as well as our own.

Aaron Hotchner: Thanks, Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: Ever so welcome, my liege.

Aaron Hotchner: We have a killing team on a mission in rural Georgia. We know what that means.

Derek Morgan: They're not gonna stop until the mission's complete.

Aaron Hotchner: We need to hit the ground running. J.J., we need an inside picture of the victims. Victimology can be critically important in a mission-based spree.

Jennifer Jareau: Already on it.

Aaron Hotchner: Prentiss, go where the bodies are. Examine the wounds. They managed to kill 2 victims in 41/2 minutes. We need to know how.

Emily Prentiss: You got it.

Aaron Hotchner: I'm gonna set up at the Atlanta field office and go over case files from the state. It would be highly unusual for a first kill to be this efficient.

Jason Gideon: Reid, you and Morgan, come with me to the crime scene.

Aaron Hotchner: We land in less than an hour. Everybody try to get some rest.


Spencer Reid: You all right?

Jason Gideon: What?

Spencer Reid: You seem unhappy.

Jason Gideon: I am unhappy. Tired of people using religion to justify the terrible things they do.

Farraday: You're saying these killers are on a mission?

Spencer Reid: These unsubs believe they're either on a mission from God or that the bible was somehow guiding them.

Farraday: Unsubs?

Spencer Reid: That stands for unknown subjects. The killers, working as a team.

Farraday: It sounded to me like only one of them was into the mission.

Spencer Reid: It's usually more complicated than even that. In the case of Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, Perry was the subservient personality. Basically against even entering the clutter home, and yet he was the one who almost single-handedly slaughtered the entire family.

Farraday: Huh.

Jason Gideon: How many times was Mr. Kyle stabbed?

Farraday: Stabbed... Isn't exactly the word.


Dr. Wilson: They're all long, deep gashes. Each victim has virtually the same wounds both throats cut, a vertical gash up one arm from wrist to elbow, and a vertical gash down one leg from crotch to upper thigh.

Emily Prentiss: Major arteries.

Dr. Wilson: It's damned efficient.

Emily Prentiss: How much knowledge of anatomy would someone need to do this?

Dr. Wilson: Anyone with a basic understanding of the body knows where these arteries are.

Emily Prentiss: And do you have any idea which one of these wounds was delivered first?

Dr. Wilson: Um, there was a there was active blood flow from each of the wounds, so they're probably all delivered at about the same time. With any of these wounds, the victim would bleed out quickly, almost like an animal at slaughter… No. Exactly like an animal at slaughter. A deer or a lamb or a cow, something like that. You-you cut the throat first, then-then sometimes open up other major arteries to assist in draining the carcass.

Emily Prentiss: So, maybe a hunter?

Dr. Wilson: Or a farmer… Pretty much anyone in rural Georgia.

Emily Prentiss: Oh.


Jennifer Jareau: So, I just talked to the Gentries. They were the last couple to leave the super bowl party. According to them, the Kyles didn't have any enemies. They were good to their employees, more generous then they needed to be. They were just generally good people.

Aaron Hotchner: So why them?

Jennifer Jareau: Well, if the trigger's greed, they do have a nice house.

Aaron Hotchner: Yeah, but you can't tell that from the street. These people were chosen, and we need to know why and how.

Franks: I pulled everything we have unsolved in the last 2 years. Nothing even close to the M.O.

Aaron Hotchner: No murders involving a knife?

Franks: We have a lot of open cases involving knives, but they're in common type crimes, bar fights, robberies.

Aaron Hotchner: Well, this isn't their first contact. One of them has experience.

Jennifer Jareau: Is it ok if I go through some of your case files? Fresh eyes.

Franks: There's nothing there.

Jennifer Jareau: Help me out, okay? These guys, they're not gonna let me do anything else, and I flew all the way here, so...

Franks: I'll show you the file room.


Farraday: This is an unincorporated area. We're stretched pretty thin, manpower-wise. That's why we couldn't get here any faster after the guy called.

Jason Gideon: 4 1/2 minutes, that's a pretty good response time.

Spencer Reid: Yeah, that's on par with New York City's response time 4.3 minutes.

Derek Morgan: And they've got a hell of a lot more cops per capita.

Jason Gideon: This unsub was good. You didn't really have a chance.

Derek Morgan: Okay, I know my partner called 9-1-1. The police are on the way, so I don't have a lot of time. Now, assuming unsub one didn't actively participate, I gotta believe I entered the bedroom from here. I see Mr. Kyle on the other side of the bed. So I approach him… And I cut him first.

Farraday: Well, how do you know that?

Derek Morgan: A blitz attacker neutralizes the greatest threat first. In this case, it would be the man.

Jason Gideon: Plus a 9-1-1 call. Woman screamed.

Spencer Reid: You can't scream with your throat cut.

Derek Morgan: So Mrs. Kyle sees her husband murdered. She runs back into the bathroom… Excuse me, man… She tries to close the door behind her. I force my way in… And I kill Mrs. Kyle back here in the bathroom.

Farraday: We checked that smudge for prints. Nothing. Looks like he wore some gloves… Not with any pattern. Like latex maybe.

Derek Morgan: That doesn't make any sense at all.

Farraday: It doesn't?

Spencer Reid: Unsubs suffering from a psychopathy, a delusion, like a message from God, or what we could classify as being disorganized. They don't generally clean up after themselves.

Derek Morgan: You know, maybe unsub one, the frightened one, made sure they didn't.


Derek Morgan: Yeah, talk to me, baby girl.

Penelope Garcia: Are you at the crime scene?

Derek Morgan: Yep.

Penelope Garcia: Is there like a- a burgundy settee against one wall?

Derek Morgan: Um, if a settee is a little couch.

Penelope Garcia: Oh, my lord.

Derek Morgan: What? What's wrong?

Penelope Garcia: I just got a viral video emailed to me by a friend.

Derek Morgan: A viral what?

Penelope Garcia: It's a video that someone posted online that someone thinks is novel in some way, and so they send it to everyone on their email lists, and so on and so on. This one seems to be pretty popular judging by the string of names on the forward.

Derek Morgan: Garcia, is there some point to all of this?

Penelope Garcia: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a video of your crime scene. More specifically of your crime, most specifically of Mr. Kyle being murdered.

Derek Morgan: Garcia, there's a video of this murder posted on the internet?

Penelope Garcia: Yeah. Shot from directly across the room from the... Little couch.


Tobias Hankel: It says, that the world is a cesspool of greed. Lust. Disease.

Emily Prentiss: That sounds like unsub number one.

Tobias Hankel: He says redemption must be sought. We must all repent.

Aaron Hotchner: And he referred to being Raphael?

Jason Gideon: Or God.

Derek Morgan: It's not God. It's someone sitting right there next to him telling this guy what to say.

Raphael: As lord God spoke in Leviticus…

Derek Morgan: That's a new voice.

Emily Prentiss: A third unsub?

Raphael: And if you will not yet for all this I will punish ye 7 times more for your sins.

Derek Morgan: Could just be recorded from a religious program or sermon.

Jennifer Jareau: Punish ye 7 times.

Jason Gideon: 5 more victims.

Derek Morgan: These images were shot from the exact spot on the dresser where that computer sat.

Aaron Hotchner: So, if this video came from that computer's camera, then what? Did the unsubs bring it with them?

Spencer Reid: As far as we can tell, this computer belonged to the Kyles. Garcia can do a better analysis, but it has their banking statements, vacation photos.

Aaron Hotchner: One comes into the room and immediately goes after Mr. Kyle. What, did the other unsub turn the camera on?

Jason Gideon: We might be asking the wrong questions. This video, this message, it's important. Clearly they want the world to see this. They need it. But they didn't bring a camera with them.

Spencer Reid: Agent Franks? Does this building have wireless internet?

Franks: Yeah. Why?

Spencer Reid: That camera's on right now.


Raphael: Did you see that, boy?

Tobias Hankel: What's going on?

Raphael: I told you, the armies of Satan were gonna rise against us.


Spencer Reid: The computer's connected itself to the internet. It's streaming a video feed somewhere.

Aaron Hotchner: Can we trace this stream to the destination?

Spencer Reid: Keep it open, Garcia might be able… It turned off.

Aaron Hotchner: So they're controlling it remotely?

Emily Prentiss: Is that even possible?


Penelope Garcia: Yeah, you can totally access someone's computer remotely. It's actually done a lot today. When a mortal calls for tech support, instead of like giving you instructions, the tech can work on your computer from wherever she is.

Aaron Hotchner: And they maintain the access even after the work is done?

Penelope Garcia: They're not supposed to, but I suppose you could install a Trojan horse during a service.

Spencer Reid: Something left in the computer to be turned on later. Same way that websites get pop-up adds onto your computer.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia, can you check the Kyles' phone records and see if they called for tech support in the last 6 months?

Penelope Garcia: Right-O. Oh, and if you get me the Kyles' laptop, I can search the drive for anything implanted there.

Aaron Hotchner: Fast as we can.

Penelope Garcia: By the way, this video, it's gone crazy viral.

Jason Gideon: What does that mean?

Penelope Garcia: That means it's the most downloaded video on the entire internet, worldwide. And judging by the responses embedded in the files, people seem to think it's pretty cool.

Aaron Hotchner: Call us if you find anything on the Kyles' computer.

Penelope Garcia: Yeah.


Jason Gideon: Murder as entertainment.

Jennifer Jareau: They probably don't even realize it's real. People see so many images online every day, they might assume it's marketing for a horror film or something.

Derek Morgan: The unsubs are right about one thing... The world is pretty screwed up.


Tobias Hankel: What? No! No! This is warning, not a show. What is wrong with you people… Tech support.

Client: Uh, I just got this computer yesterday and I can't seem to get the damn sound to work.

Tobias Hankel: All right, I think I can deal with that, sir. What kind of computer do you have?

Client: I don't know, big?

Tobias Hankel: I didn't mean the size, sir. I meant, do you have a P.C.?

Client: Um, my wife gave it to me for my birthday.

Tobias Hankel: Does your computer have a camera installed in it?

Client: I think so. But it's my sound that's messed up.

Tobias Hankel: All right, I can help you with that, sir. I'm gonna need you to allow me remote access to your computer.

Client: Okay, sure. Whatever that means. As long as it gets fixed.

Tobias Hankel: No. No, no, no, no, don't!

Raphael: That whore! That Jezebel!

Client: What? What do you mean, no?

Tobias Hankel: No, she made a mistake. We don't have to…God is about love and forgiveness.

Raphael: What the hell do you know about God?


Aaron Hotchner: So what have we got so far?

Emily Prentiss: Well, the killings are clinically efficient. They had the ear marks of a slaughter, as in an animal.

Derek Morgan: Or a sacrifice.

Aaron Hotchner: Haven't been able to find anything in federal or state databases that suggest similar crimes. As far as I can tell, it's the first in a series.

Spencer Reid: At least one member of the team may believe he's killing in the name of God, suggesting a psychopathy that should display extreme levels disorganization. Yet there are forensic countermeasures and somebody in control enough to do complicated computer work. One member of the team's organized, the other's extremely disorganized. But what's strange is that the one that we would consider as being most in control, the one that made the phone call, can't seem to stop the other one from killing. Usually the frenzied personality takes direction from the cooler head.

Derek Morgan: All right, so let's look at that. Unsub one called the police before the killing, but he didn't leave time for him to get there. Is the phone call just a guy working on a defense in case of capture? I mean, maybe he didn't want to stop the other, but he did whatever he had to do to cover himself.

Jason Gideon: So... What do we have so far? Not enough.


Dispatcher: 9-1-1, what's your emergency?

Raphael: “Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and then I commit adultery with her to bring tribulation.”

Dispatcher: Excuse me?

Raphael: 22 smith road. Raphael must teach more sinners the way of the lord.


Jennifer Jareau: So, Franks is right, none of the open knife cases fit.

Aaron Hotchner: Tell me there's a but.

Jennifer Jareau: Well, I looked at it a different way. I looked for unsolved home invasions. 3 months ago, there was a prowler called in directly outside of the Kyles' house.

Spencer Reid: A prowler?

Jennifer Jareau: The witness was walking his dog in a nearby park. Going back to his car, he saw a man in dark clothing go over the back wall and start sneaking up to the house. By the time the state police got there, prowler was gone.

Aaron Hotchner: Only one man?

Jennifer Jareau: Apparently.

Spencer Reid: Was the witness able to describe him?

Jennifer Jareau: If he did, it's not in this case file.

Aaron Hotchner: Is there a name and address for the witness?

Jennifer Jareau: Tobias Hankel. Lives about an hour from here.

Aaron Hotchner: It's a long shot, but he might be able to give us a description. Why don't you and Reid go out there, see if you can find Mr. Hankel and see if he remembers something.

Spencer Reid: On it.

Franks: Agent Hotchner.

Aaron Hotchner: Yeah?

Franks: State just responded to another murder.


Farraday: See if you can get the coroner out here right away.

Aaron Hotchner: Detective.

Farraday: Yeah. Well, he called again. This time it was different. Only one of them spoke.

Aaron Hotchner: Which one?

Farraday: Pretty sure it was Raphael. I wrote down what he said, and I got a recording being brought out here. Took almost 11 minutes to respond. We only had but the one unit close.

Derek Morgan: Could the unsub know that?

Farraday: Lack of police presence out here has gotten some local media attention recently. 9-1-1 call wasn't the only thing that was different. This particular scene is weird in another way. The male victim, upstairs... Throat cut.

Jason Gideon: Go. Why is that weird?

Farraday: He doesn't live here. He's a local handyman.

Aaron Hotchner: Who lives here?

Farraday: The Douglases. I just talked to Mr. Douglas a little while ago. He's on his way back from a business meeting down state. And according to him, he wasn't having any handy work done on the house. And his wife was supposed to be home.

Aaron Hotchner: But she's not?

Farraday: She seems to be missing. But her car is here. Keys, wallet, purse. I got a description out on the field.

Jason Gideon: So did you copy down what the caller said?

Farraday: Yeah. "Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and then that commit adultery." Oh.

Aaron Hotchner: So adultery is the sin, but they kill him and not her. They abduct her.

Farraday: You think she's still alive?

Aaron Hotchner: Well, we never assume otherwise unless there's evidence.

Jason Gideon: "I will cast her into a bed." It's from revelation again. It's about Jezebel. She was an adulterer, whore, false prophetess. She's the most reviled woman in the bible.

Aaron Hotchner: The unsubs knew she was having an affair. There was a laptop here.


Derek Morgan: Don't look now, but we're on candid camera.

Emily Prentiss: Uh-huh.


Mrs. Douglas: Please!

Raphael: Tie her hands there and there.

Mrs. Douglas: Please, don't hurt me!

Tobias Hankel: We don't have to do this.

Raphael: Tie her hands and shut up! Insolence! I sometimes hate looking at my son!

Mrs. Douglas: Please don't hurt me!


Derek Morgan: There's a laptop set up on the dresser upstairs.

Emily Prentiss: With a pretty good view of the room.

Derek Morgan: Garcia's trying to trace the camera's feed back to its destination.


Raphael: I gave her space to repent of her fornication, and she repented not.

Mrs. Douglas: No, I do! I repent! Please!

Tobias Hankel: Look, she repents! It's in the book, Luke 15:10,"I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth."

Mrs. Douglas: I'm sorry, I do! I repent. Please.

Raphael: Tape her mouth.


Aaron Hotchner: So let's work this out. What does the new behaviour tell us?

Emily Prentiss: That there was only one unsub this time? Uh, Raphael? Alone?

Aaron Hotchner: Not if he's the psychotic. He wouldn't be capable of operating this efficiently. Someone was here who could control himself. Make sure no evidence was left behind.

Derek Morgan: At the first crime, unsub one called the police, right? This time it was Raphael. Why? It's like the phone call is necessary. It's part of the signature.


Jason Gideon: "Power was given unto them "over the fourth part of the earth. To kill with sword, with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

Farraday: See anything new?

Jason Gideon: No.

Farraday: Revelations. Lot of bad stuff happens in that book.

Jason Gideon: Raphael called alone this time?

Farraday: Sounded like it.

Jason Gideon: This thing doesn't act like anything we've ever seen. Someone's clearly a dominant personality and a clearly subservient one… They don't swing back and forth like this. Just don't take on each other's roles.

Farraday: Meaning?

Jason Gideon: You know they can emulate the cries of over 30 different species? From hummingbirds to eagles, other animals, even machinery. Ever heard of the archangel Raphael?


Tobias Hankel: God preached mercy for sinners.

Raphael: Don't you try to tell me about the lord, boy. Now you just get yourself in front of that camera, and make our message to the world.

Tobias Hankel: "Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication."


Aaron Hotchner: Have we ever seen this in case history?

Derek Morgan: A mixture of extreme psychosis in a controlled individual? No. One of the most common indicators of extreme psychosis is solitude.

Emily Prentiss: They don't exactly play well with others.

Jason Gideon: Was Garcia able to find anything on a Raphael in the records?

Derek Morgan: Not yet.

Jason Gideon: So why is he naming himself? Twice? Certainly not worried about us getting that name. In fact, he wants us to know it.

Emily Prentiss: An alias?

Jason Gideon: Or Raphael doesn't actually exist.

Derek Morgan: So we're not looking for a team?

Jason Gideon: Raphael's the name of one of the archangels.

Emily Prentiss: Meaning?

Jason Gideon: We may have one unsub, suffering from a delusion that he's actually an archangel. Maybe that first phone call was not 2 people, but one.

Emily Prentiss: What about the third voice?

Jason Gideon: That I don't know about yet.

Aaron Hotchner: If Mrs. Douglas is Jezebel, there is an especially unpleasant death in her future.


Tobias Hankel: "This is the word of the lord, that he spake by his servant, Elijah, the Tishbite, saying, in the portion of Jezreel shall dogs eat the flesh of Jezebel."


Derek Morgan: Garcia's running voice analysis on the first 9-1-1 call to see if there are actually 2 voices. She's also going to peel the third voice off the videotape and see if that gets anything.

Farraday: We should have a copy of that latest call brought over here within the hour.

Aaron Hotchner: Thanks.

Franks: Hotchner. Your tip from chronicles is on the phone.

Aaron Hotchner: Garcia.

Penelope Garcia: Jeez, don't you people answer your cell phones anymore?

Aaron Hotchner: We were driving back to Atlanta through the countryside. Spotty cell signal.

Penelope Garcia: If you think that first video went viral fast, the second one's going through the stratosphere.

Aaron Hotchner: Second video?

Penelope Garcia: Yeah, there's a new video from our psycho. I'm downloading it myself right now. Some of these upload sites get more than a million hits a day.

Aaron Hotchner: Get it on the monitor here as soon as you can.

Penelope Garcia: Right.


Charles Hankel: There isn't time, boy.

Tobias Hankel: No, no, daddy, I don't want serving the lord ain't about what you want to do.

Charles Hankel: Serving the lord is a duty.


Tobias Hankel: "That he spake by his servant, Elijah the Tishbite, saying, in the portion of Jezreel shall dogs eat the flesh of Jezebel."

Penelope Garcia: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, no!


Jason Gideon: Jezebel's death.

Emily Prentiss: My God.

Aaron Hotchner: You can turn it off.

Farraday: Oh, wait.

Derek Morgan: You hadn't seen enough?

Farraday: Those dogs. Those 3 dogs attacked someone a couple of months ago. I would have had them impounded, but the victim knew the owner. A neighbour. He didn't want to press charges.

Jason Gideon: You sure?

Farraday: As God is my witness.


Farraday: 3 mangy mixes. I knew those dogs looked sick. I called animal control, I don't know if they ever followed up on it. Here it is.

Aaron Hotchner: You have the owner's name?

Farraday: Hankel.

Aaron Hotchner: Hankel?

Farraday: Tobias Hankel.


Jennifer Jareau: Hi, Mr. Hankel?

Tobias Hankel: Um... Yeah?

Jennifer Jareau: Mr. Hankel? FBI, I'm Agent Jareau, this is Agent Reid.

Tobias Hankel: FBI?

Spencer Reid: May we come in?

Tobias Hankel: Um... I'm sorry, I don't let anyone in the house.

Spencer Reid: Actually, I, uh, really have to, um... You know, go?

Jennifer Jareau: You do?

Spencer Reid: For 30 minutes.

Jennifer Jareau: Why didn't you say something in the car?

Spencer Reid: Uh, do you mind?

Tobias Hankel: I'm sorry. My father doesn't like it.

Spencer Reid: Your father? You're, like, 30.

Tobias Hankel: At what age can one start disrespecting the wishes of their parents?

Jennifer Jareau: You witnessed something a few months ago, that might be very helpful to us.

Tobias Hankel: I did?

Jennifer Jareau: You saw someone go over a wall into a yard, you called the police?

Tobias Hankel: Me?

Jennifer Jareau: You didn't?

Tobias Hankel: Sorry.

Jennifer Jareau: Is there another Tobias Hankel here?

Tobias Hankel: Just me and my father. Charles.

Jennifer Jareau: There's a report on file that lists you as calling 9-1-1. You were walking a dog.

Tobias Hankel: No, that's wrong, I don't have a dog.

Jennifer Jareau: Oh. All right, well, sorry to bother you, sir.

Spencer Reid: Are you sure I can't just quickly use the sorry.

Tobias Hankel: Have a good night.


Jennifer Jareau: That's weird. Why bother calling the police in the first place if later, you're just going to pretend you didn't?

Spencer Reid: To gauge the response time.

Jennifer Jareau: What?

Spencer Reid: If you were going to kill somebody, but you wanted to call the police first, what would you need to know?

Jennifer Jareau: How long it takes them to get there… Reid.

Spencer Reid: J.J.! Get back here! He's the unsub! He's in the barn! Come on.


Spencer Reid: He's in here.

Jennifer Jareau: You sure?

Spencer Reid: You ever seen me pull this thing out when I wasn't? Call Hodges.

Jennifer Jareau: We're in the middle of nowhere, Reid. We have no cell service.

Spencer Reid: Right. Of course we have no service.

Jennifer Jareau: What do we do?

Spencer Reid: I don't know. He's definitely in here. You cover the front, I'm gonna go around back. Hotch knows we came here. He'll come looking for us. We'll just wait him out.

Jennifer Jareau: No, Reid, are you sure we should split up?


Spencer Reid: J.J.! J.J., he's out back!

Jennifer Jareau: What? Reid?


Jennifer Jareau: Reid.


Raphael: Why are you running from them devils, boy?

Tobias Hankel: They're FBI

Raphael: They're devils! You're doing the lord's work. You got nothing to be afraid of!


Jennifer Jareau: Reid!


Tobias Hankel: I don't wanna do this anymore!

Raphael: Don't you disrespect me, boy.

Tobias Hankel: I'm sorry.

Raphael: You don't got no choices when the lord summons you to do his work.

Tobias Hankel: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


Spencer Reid: J.J.! Wait, wait, wait.

Tobias Hankel: I couldn't stop him by myself.

Spencer Reid: Okay, okay.

Tobias Hankel: I tried to warn everyone.

Spencer Reid: Just relax, Mr. Hankel, all right?

Raphael: Shoot him!

Tobias Hankel: I don't want to!

Raphael: I said, shoot him, you weakling. He's a Satan.

Tobias Hankel: He didn't do anything.

Raphael: I won't tell you another time, boy. Shoot him!

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